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Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment


The moment fashion designer Pierre Hardy and his husband Christopher Turnier (CEO of Hardy’s eponymous brand) set foot inside the Seine-gazing 17th-century hôtel particulier on Île Saint-Louis, they knew it would be their home. Vincenzo de Cotiis was the couple’s obvious choice for revamping such a historic location.

Even totally empty the approximately 2,000-square-foot apartment was bursting with life—elaborate mythological frescoes covered almost every inch of its soaring, nearly 15-foot ceilings. Apollo, robed in crimson, harp in hand, looked down upon the entrance hall. In the living room, Juno, wife of Jupiter, and Aeolus, the Greek god of wind, lounged in the clouds, while Aurora, Roman goddess of dawn—resplendent amid a magnificent medley of cherubs and horses—presided over another room. The masterworks, attributed to the artist Bon Boullogne, best known for his easel paintings found at Versailles and the Louvre, were a serious selling point.

Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 1
Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 2
Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 3

Hardy, a creative director at Hermès who also designed shoes for Dior and Balenciaga before founding his own brand of high-concept kicks, had always decorated his own homes. But for this place, so steeped in history, the couple called on the Milan-based Vincenzo De Cotiis—whose work they had long admired—to usher the interiors into the 21st century.

Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 4
Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 5
Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 6

Architecturally, there was what Turnier calls “a big cleaning.” They removed additions from the apartment’s most recent update in the 1970s and restored it to something closer to its original. Original parquet floors, elaborate bas-reliefs, and carved mouldings were refurbished. But Vincenzo De Cotiis balanced that 17th-century classicism with distinctly modern touches: coating walls in plaster, cladding the petite galley kitchen in matte black fibreglass, lining floors in travertine. Perhaps most significant, silvered brass wainscoting was added to many of the rooms, which, along with a slew of mirrors, new and old, could reflect natural light as well as the surrounding architectural wonders.

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Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu
Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 7
Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 8
Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 9

Vincenzo De Cotiis took pains to create a home that would mesh with Hardy and Turnier’s lifestyle. The couple preferred spaces that could transform, day to day, so Vincenzo De Cotiis carved out a series of salons—large, transitional areas for working, relaxing, eating, and entertaining—where they spend the most time.

Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 10
Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 11
Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 12

The couple’s personal things lean rather minimalist, making them excellent foils to a handful of 18th-century antiques and slick custom furniture pieces designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis. In the bedroom, a cherub hovers in the clouds above prints by Sol LeWitt and a monumental custom bed Vincenzo De Cotiis made of hand-painted fibreglass. In the grand salon, custom brass-and-fibreglass tables mix with 18th-century armchairs, a silvered brass sofa, and marble 1960s lamps by Tobia Scarpa. The Daniel Arsham painting that gazes out from above the sofa feels like an apt metaphor for the whole place: history, refracted through a modern lens.

Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 13
Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment Vincenzo De Cotiis Mixes Old And New In Luxury Paris Apartment 14

Hardy and Turnier found their creative match in Vincenzo De Cotiis. He was happy to spend long hours discussing the precise shade of black leather for the living-room sofa and recommended hand-painting a window-side sofa’s upholstery fabric to perfectly reflect the colour of the Seine.

Stay with us to discover more about Vincenzo De Cotiis

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Oakley’s new Kato Sunglasses

Oakley’s new Kato Sunglasses

Built to sit as close to the face as possible, Oakley’s new Kato Sunglasses provide a mask-like feel. The frameless, wrap-around Prizm lens bends around the nose, allowing it to sit closer to the face. An adjustable rake mechanism tilts the lens to the ideal angle for the wearer and joins three different no-slip Unobtainium nose pads to ensure a customized, seamless fit.

Professional cyclist Chris Froome was spotted rocking a pair of previously unseen Oakley sunglasses during the Vuelta an España, a 21-stage Grand Tour race that winds around the Iberian peninsula. The sleek, all-black shades bore Oakley’s signature wraparound design but seemed to lack a frame entirely — and included a unique extension of the one-piece lens over the bridge of the nose.

True to speculation, the Kato is strange — mask-like and completely frameless. Oakley figured out how to get rid of the extra plastic and instead put frame-mimicking points of rigidity right in the lens — notice how the lens gets thicker and flares outward at the forehead, like a frame. Oakley says that building the glasses this way brings the lens closer to the face.

The Kato’s feature set doesn’t stop with the frameless design either. It has a place for rubberized nose pads that is seemingly stuck right onto the back of the lens and comes with three different sizes. Plus, its sidearms rotate, changing the tilt of the glasses to accommodate variations in face shape while maintaining the close fit.

Price: $291

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Samsung Launches New High-Resolution 2021 Monitor Lineup

Samsung Launches New High-Resolution 2021 Monitor Lineup

First ‘TÜV Intelligent Eye Care’ Certified Displays Offer Life-Like Picture in Convenient Ergonomic Package for Unrivaled Professional Performance

Samsung Electronics today announced its new full lineup of 2021 High-Resolution monitors. This year’s portfolio delivers life-like picture quality and enhanced convenience with advanced ergonomic design, making it the perfect complement for any workspace or at-home setup.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses and consumers who require excellent picture quality and comfortable, ergonomic design, Samsung offers 12 different High-Resolution monitors across three series – the S8, S7 and S6. All models deliver more than 1 billion colors for a vivid and vibrant image, enhanced by HDR 10 technology. The displays feature color vividness and clarity through a 178-degree wide viewing angle designed for professional work environments, delivering an uncompromising viewing experience from any angle.

“As demand for higher resolution monitors continues to increase, Samsung plans to continue to lead the market by unveiling new products that meet our customers’ needs.” said Hyesung Ha, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Our 2021 High-Resolution lineup delivers dazzling picture quality and powers enhanced performance, all the while ensuring user comfort with a streamlined, eco-conscious design.”

Additionally, all monitors are Intelligent Eye Care certified from TÜV Rheinland, the first in the industry to receive this recognition. Adaptive Picture eye care technology optimizes picture quality for any viewing environment by automatically adjusting brightness and color temperature in response to room conditions. This ensures the most comfortable viewing experience in any environment, reducing eye strain even after extended use. The monitors also feature a special eye-saver mode to reduce blue light emissions which can cause eye strain, and Flicker Free, protecting the user’s eyes from any flickering on the screen.

The lineup has also been acknowledged for energy efficiency thanks to Eco Saving Plus technology, in addition to receiving the Swedish Confederation Of Professional Employees (TCO) display certification for next-gen sustainable products, the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) ecolabel certification for electronic products, and an Energy Star certification for energy-saving products. Eco Saving Plus technology reduces up to 10% of power consumption by adjusting the brightness of black sections automatically while maintaining bright and vivid picture quality.

S8: Superior Visuals and Ergonomic Design

As the flagship model in the High-Resolution monitor lineup, the S8 is packed with key features for both businesses and creative professionals. This model provides Ultra-High Definition (UHD) resolution and is available in 27- and 32-inch options. In addition to supporting UHD and over 1 billion colors, the S8 delivers a 99% sRGB color gamut for users to enjoy more vivid content.

The S8 is capable of blazing fast 10Gbps data transmission through its USB-C type port, while the S80UA specifically offers up to 90W charging. The S8 also provides a variety of connectivity features including USB 3.0 and a USB hub to provide enhanced usability and versatility. The flat borderless design maximizes comfort and minimizes distractions while enabling near-seamless dual-monitor setups. Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) mount compatibility and Height Adjustable Stand (HAS) offer a variety of tilt, swivel and pivot control points, allowing users to mount their monitor in any environment. The slim metal stand and narrow depth also take up less desk space for a cleaner, seamless work setup.

S7 & S6: Simple and Seamless for Any Setup

Like the S8, the S7 series delivers UHD resolution in 27- and 32-inch sizes, with ultra-slim stand, 178-degree wide viewing angle panel and vibrant color gamut. The virtually borderless design empowers users to stay focused on their work, supported by a convenient tilting function.

The S6 series is available in 34-, 32-, 27- and 24-inch sizes, supporting not only QHD (2,560×1,440) resolution, but also PBP (Picture By Picture) and PIP (Picture In Picture) features, enabling users to multitask effortlessly and efficiently. The S60UA monitors not only support Daisy Chain technology, allowing extended multiple screen and screen reproduction, but also LAN cable (RJ45 compatibility), transforming the monitor into a Docking Station Hub. Built-in Wake On Lan (WOL) functionality allows the connected computer to be powered on remotely from another device.

The S65UA 34-inch monitor in Ultra-Wide Quad High-Definition (UWQHD) offers a 1000R curvature, further enhancing productivity with a 21:9 aspect ratio for optimal multi-tasking. The S6 series is also supported by customizable swivel, tilt and rotation functionality, allowing users to find their perfect viewing angle as they can swivel the screen and even rotate between portrait and landscape modes.

The Samsung High-Resolution monitor lineup is available in a variety of models, sizes and specifications. Please see the specification table for further information about each model. For more information please visit: https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/monitor/detail/1789/S27A800U

Model S8 S7 S6
(32″, 27″)
(32″, 27″)
(32″, 27″, 24″)
(32″, 27″, 24″)
Resolution UHD
(3,840 x 2,160)
(3,440 x 1,440)
(2,560 x1,440)
Color Support 1.07B
sRGB 99% Support 99% Support
FreeSync AMD FreeSync
Design Bezel 3-side borderless
Stand HAS, Pivot,
Swivel, Tilt
Tilt HAS, Pivot,
Swivel, Tilt
Flat/Curved Flat 1000R
Connectivity USB-Hub 3.0 x 3ea 3.0 x 3ea,
2.0 x 1ea
3.0 x 3ea,
2.0 x 1ea
3.0 x 3ea
(up to 90W Charging)
Yes Yes
Etc. Certificate Energy Star, EPEAT, TCO
Eco Package Yes
Eye Care
The Concept EQT – pioneer of a new class for families and leisure active private customers
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The Concept EQT – pioneer of a new class for families and leisure active private customers

The Concept EQT – pioneer of a new class for families and leisure active private customers

Mercedes-Benz Vans is unveiling the new Concept EQT in an extensive Media Special on the Mercedes me media platform on Monday, 10 May 2021 at 11.00 a.m. (CEST). This concept vehicle is the forerunner to the new T-Class in the small-van segment. In keeping with the “Electric first” strategy, the battery-electric version is first out of the starting blocks in the concept vehicle. A video clip featuring legendary professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, which will go online on several social media channels simultaneously, provides surprising insights into the forthcoming family and leisure vehicle. Furthermore, Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler Group, and Marcus Breitschwerdt, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, will be presenting the highlights of the Concept EQT – with a look ahead to the electric future in the small-van segment.

The near-production Concept EQT offers a clear glimpse of the electric version of the forthcoming T-Class. With the completely newly developed city van, Mercedes-Benz Vans is transferring the winning formula of the V-Class people carrier to a compact format and bringing a new level of quality to the small-van segment. The Concept EQT combines a spacious and variable interior with attractive design and Mercedes’ hallmark high standards of comfort, connectivity, value and safety.

Emotion and intelligence are the key elements of the Mercedes-Benz Design philosophy “Sensual Purity”. Using this bipolarity, the Concept EQT creates a new holistic design in the small van segment. With this first premium small van, Mercedes-Benz Vans is expanding its portfolio for private customers, offering an attractive entry-level model that will allow families and leisure active private customers to step into the Mercedes-Benz world.

InsideTracker Mobile App
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Introducing the New InsideTracker Mobile App — Pioneering the Next Generation of Personalized Human Performance

Introducing the New InsideTracker Mobile App — Pioneering the Next Generation of Personalized Human Performance

It’s here. It’s arrived—the new InsideTracker mobile app.

After years of spirited debates, thousands of hours of scientific research, and countless iterations of designs, we are very proud to announce the achievement of a significant milestone for InsideTracker – the launch of our new iOS mobile app.

Now, InsideTracker customers can experience a new pinnacle of potential, personalization, and performance from your ultra-personalized nutrition system.

With this first of its kind, customer-exclusive app, you can now integrate real-time physiomarker data from your fitness tracker with your existing blood and DNA biomarker data. This unprecedented combination of Blood + DNA + Fitness Tracking data adds an exponential level of precision and customization to your InsideTracker Action Plan.

Fundamentally, it’s a simple equation with profound results. The more data you put into it, the more impact you get out of it.

Finally, a real-time and complete picture of your health and wellness

When we set about to design this new app from the ground up, we knew we had an ambitious task ahead of us, but one that would successfully realize our company vision. Integrate more and more scientifically proven biometric data inputs to deliver real-time, holistic health & wellness insights.

As a super performer, conscious achiever, and longevity seeker, you are actively looking to not only add more fidelity and deeper insights to your plans but also centralize all the growing and disparate sources of quantified data about your bodies. You wanted to measure more precisely, see more clearly, and act more confidently. In the end, understand the relationship, causation, and correlation between these different data points. You spoke, we listened, and it is here!

Additionally, as we dug deeper, our team of InsideTracker behavioral scientists unearthed more insights to inspire and inform our approach.

Building new habits that stick is a tall order for anyone. You must understand conceptually and intellectually “how” to get it done and be inspired, maintain & sustain, and have a systematic routine if you want to make progress in your health journey. The seeming complexity of orchestrating all these elements to drive desired behavior change can be overwhelming all on your own. And while you may have the goal in mind (e.g., strength, endurance, healthy aging), it can seem out of reach to visualize and realize the steps needed to reach that goal.

But with any challenges or speed bumps that come our way, we see opportunity. So we set about to create an elegant, mobile-first solution that addresses these problems head-on and puts the inherent power of InsideTracker right at your fingertips.

The app was created around a simple idea – provide limitless access to your health and wellness data, helping to keep you on track and build the sound habits you need to reach your health & wellness goals.

A host of brand new features were purpose-designed to provide a clearer & comprehensive picture of your health profile, real-time & immediate feedback, and put more customization & control in your hands.

Fitness tracking integration = more precision and personalization

We know that you, our insatiably curious InsideTracker customers, are measuring more and more data from a growing set of sources such as blood, DNA, and physiological biomarkers.

While all of these tell valuable, in-depth, and nuanced stories about what’s going on inside your body, the truth is they come at different times and frequencies.

Blood reflects what’s going on right now, but it’s just not practical or realistic to test daily. DNA can reveal your body’s potential for certain wellness traits, but your genetic blueprint is stable, unchanging and testing is genuinely only a once in a lifetime occasion. Physiological data, such as resting heart rate and sleep, provide motivating reminders of your daily activity and help monitor regular progress, but don’t effectively translate that data to simple, tangible, and effective “So now what?” actions.

The InsideTracker mobile app’s inherent power is its capability to make the whole truly greater than the sum of these individual parts. The simple act of adding fitness tracking data to your blood and genetic biomarkers unlocks never-before-seen dimensions of your InsideTracker Action Plan. Blood biomarkers now come with genetic and physiological insights. Our trusted, science-backed recommendations to improve your blood biomarkers now show how they will help you physiological markers and how your genetics impact both of them.

Sync your Fitbit to InsideTracker to automatically update your latest data, and you are on your way to seeing inside yourself from an entirely new perspective. A note to “other” fitness tracker fans. Yes, we are launching with Fitbit; however, Garmin and Apple Health integrations are next in line coming in early 2021, and more devices in the queue.

Daily and continuous optimization

At the heart of the new InsideTracker iOS app is the PULSE. This dynamic dashboard home base of the app integrates your daily Action Plan with your existing habits. It helps you visualize and plot your InsideTracker recommendations with easy guidance on how and when to incorporate them throughout your day.

These daily readings also feed into your WELLNESS SCORE, a newly calculated metric exclusive to our app that provides a daily snapshot of your progress towards optimizing your body. As you log actions according to your plan and change key physiological markers, you can track and monitor these changes reflected in your Wellness Score. InsideTracker’s data science team designed this proprietary algorithm to apply relative weight to critical changes and actions. Optimizations in your blood biomarkers will have a relatively more substantial effect on your Wellness Score. In contrast, improvements in physiological markers or daily check-ins on your Action Plan will have a somewhat smaller effect. Be sure to monitor your improvements because even those little changes in your Wellness Score will fuel feelings of reward and positively motivate you towards your goals.

And finally, you’ll get hyper-targeted PROTIPS to keep you on track towards your goals. Delivered daily, these nuggets of wisdom are a single, easy to follow, laser-focused recommendation that will have the most significant impact on improving your performance. Currently, PROTIPS are based on simple physiological recommendations, but soon we will be expanding PROTIPS to include nutrition and blood biomarker-based guidance.

More customization and control

InsideTracker’s behavioral science team was hard at work once again, reimagining the levels of flexibility, customization, and control you have over your InsideTracker Action Plan.

Go ahead and start by picking your goal. With thirteen (13) different goals to choose from, you can select the one you want to focus on, and we’ll help guide you to success. Because your body is dynamic, feel free to change your goal at any time.

New to the mobile app, you can now pick an Action Plan approach that fits your style. Do you want to build healthy habits one small step at a time? Choose the “Focused” approach to steadily zone in on your single highest-impact area. Or do you want to maximize your potential with a multi-step plan and make significant progress ASAP? Then choose “Strive” to fast track your plan by hyper-focusing on the top five highest-impact recommendations.

If it feels like there are too many recommendations, then go ahead and remove some. If you feel the spark to take on a few more, go ahead and add some. We put the power in your hands to design your own personal Action Plan’s pace, style, and robustness.

All of this customization culminates in another new key metric, the IMPACT SCORE. Your Impact Score shows you the strength and effectiveness of each recommendation specifically for you, guiding you to select the best habits to follow. The higher the score, the more influential the recommendation. The Impact Score is based on the number of biomarkers impacted by this recommendation, the strength of the science behind it, and the biomarkers’ importance to your goals.

Note that once you have successfully created your Action Plan on the new InsideTracker mobile app, we encourage you to look forward, not backward, because your Action Plan will now only live in your pocket where it rightfully belongs. Additionally, the new data provided by the app’s exclusive WELLNESS SCORE and IMPACT SCORE has created a dramatically improved Action Plan experience with deeper insights and more accountability.

Buy Ultimate + DNA Kit at 25% off— receive a free Fitbit!

he journey is just the beginning

Like your own exploration of personal performance and health & wellness, our commitment to being a beacon of truth in a murky world of misinformation is continuous.

A massive thank you goes out to all the designers, developers, creatives, and scientists whose hard work and dedication developed this novel experience specifically for you.

But more importantly, a huge thank you goes out to you, our intrepid truth-seekers, who inspired us to push the boundaries of possibilities and create something truly novel that has never been seen before.

With open arms, we invite you to join us in the next phase of this revolution and realize your body’s true potential for longer, healthier life.

  • The InsideTracker mobile app integrates data from blood, DNA, and fitness trackers to give you a real-time, holistic snapshot of your health & wellness.
  • New daily, actionable ProTips using your body’s real-time data will be delivered via the InsideTracker mobile app to help you stay on track every day of the week.
  • New Wellness Score provides an instant, digestible view of your progress towards your health and wellness goals.
  • New Impact Scores quantify each recommendation’s effectiveness on improving your biomarkers—specific to your body and goals.
  • The InsideTracker Action Plan that’s always been your guide has been redesigned. Fully customize it, create an approach and style that meets your needs—and have it with you in your pocket at every turn.
  • Currently, the InsideTracker mobile app is available on any iOS device. We are actively developing the Android version for launch in 2021.


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Jaeger-LeCoultre announces a new book: Reverso

Jaeger-LeCoultre announces a new book: Reverso

Jaeger-LeCoultre announces the publication of a new book, Reverso, launched in collaboration with luxury publisher Assouline. This richly illustrated volume traces the story of one of the world’s most recognizable wristwatches through archive images and original photography, together with an evocative text by noted author historian journalist and horological specialist Nicholas Foulkes.

Born in 1931, at the height of the Art Deco period, the Reverso was created in response to the challenge of designing a wristwatch that could withstand the rigours of polo matches. It captured the essence of the time – a period when the spirit of modernity changed everything, from social mores to architecture, music, sport and every field of design. Epitomizing this spirit with its sleek form and unique reversible case, the Reverso has remained an eternal expression of modernity for 90 years, continually reinventing itself while never compromising its identity. Its blank metal flip side, which began as a purely functional solution, became a canvas for creative expression, decorated with enamel, engravings or gemstones.

As well as tracing the history of the watch and its evolution over the past nine decades – with more than 50 calibres and several hundred dials – the book explores the social milieu and cultural changes that provided the backdrop to the creation of the Reverso and, later, its continued reinvention. It shares the stories of more than a dozen Reverso owners who have personalized their watches in deeply meaningful ways. And it also tells the fascinating story of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s founders, their inventions that have had a profound impact on horological history, and the Maison’s development as an integrated Manufacture with 180 skills brought together under one roof.


11 x 14 in – 28 x 35.5 cm | 200 pages | 150 illustrations | Hardcover in a luxury slipcase

ISBN: 9781614289555 | Text by Nicholas Foulkes | Published by Assouline | $195

February 2021



In 1931, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a timepiece that was destined to become a classic of 20th-century design: the Reverso. Created to withstand the rigours of polo matches, its sleek, Art Deco lines and unique reversible case make it one of the most immediately recognisable watches of all time. Through nine decades the Reverso has continually reinvented itself without ever compromising its identity: it has housed more than 50 different calibres, while its blank metal flip side has become a canvas for creative expression, decorated with enamel, engravings or gemstones. As the Reverso celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2021, it continues to epitomise the spirit of modernity that inspired its creation.


Founded by Prosper and Martine Assouline in Paris twenty-five years ago, Assouline is the first luxury brand on culture. The brand’s story began with the desire to create a new, contemporary style of book, using the couple’s experienced eye for visually rich stories and compelling narratives.

Guided by their passion for knowledge, culture and travel, the Assoulines have since expanded their vision to fifteen hundred titles in six main collections and have curated some of the world’s most aspirational private libraries. Throughout the last quarter of a century, the brand has established a family of international boutiques in prominent places across the globe, with each location contributing to their vast collection of titles, as well as their personal curations of rare books and objects—creating the perfect cabinets de curiosités.

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La nueva colección Versace Home irradia Glamour Refinado

Combinando lujo con diseño de interiores, la nueva colección Versace Home abarca líneas extensas para cada pulgada de su vivienda, desde el dormitorio hasta la sala de estar, el comedor, la biblioteca y la oficina.

La nueva colección Versace Home irradia glamour refinado

Traduciendo el encanto de Versace en un concepto de estilo de vida, la nueva colección Home de la marca presenta muebles excepcionales que combinan lujo y diseño de interiores.

Hecho a mano con maderas lujosas, mármol y cuero, cada diseño evoca la sensación de llevar un codiciado bolso Virtus, la sofisticada línea Virtus presenta el emblemático hardware Barocco V enriquecido con acentos de hojas de acanto, líneas elegantes, acentos dorados y tapicería lujosa.

Versace Home Collection 


Denotada por detalles y contornos en forma de Medusa, la colección Medusa Carezza presenta líneas curvas acentuadas con herrajes dorados, junto con diseños clave elaborados por expertos en cuero, terciopelo y tapicería de jacquard estampada.

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Nuevo híbrido Ghibli: el primer vehículo electrificado en la historia de Maserati

  • El primer vehículo híbrido en la historia de Maserati
  • Desarrollado por el Laboratorio de Innovación Maserati de Módena
  • El vehículo será producido en la planta Avvocato Giovanni Agnelli (AGAP) en Grugliasco (Turín)

Nuevo híbrido Ghibli: el primer vehículo electrificado en la historia de Maserati

Módena, 16 de julio de 2020: la chispa de la electrificación enciende el futuro de Maserati: con el nuevo Ghibli Hybrid, la marca Trident ingresa al mundo de la electrificación.

El nuevo Ghibli Hybrid representa uno de los proyectos más ambiciosos para Maserati, que después del anuncio del nuevo motor para el superdeportivo MC20 ahora establece el sello en otro paso adelante hacia la nueva Era de la marca.

La elección de introducir la tecnología híbrida en el sedán Ghibli no es una coincidencia: este modelo, con más de 100,000 unidades producidas desde su lanzamiento en 2013, encarna perfectamente el ADN del fabricante con sede en Módena.

De hecho, el desafío que enfrentó Maserati fue ingresar al mundo de la electrificación sin alterar la filosofía y los valores centrales de la marca. ¿El resultado? La creación del mejor híbrido posible. Además, Ghibli Hybrid conservará el sonido inconfundible que siempre ha distinguido a todos los Maserati.

La llegada del nuevo híbrido Ghibli amplía así la gama Maserati, que ahora es aún más competitiva y responde a las demandas del mercado.


El Ghibli Hybrid es inmediatamente reconocible, gracias en parte al nuevo diseño tanto del exterior como del interior. El denominador común del rediseño, desarrollado por el Centro Stile Maserati, es el color azul, elegido para identificar todos los automóviles con tecnología híbrida y el nuevo mundo que representan.

En el exterior, el color azul caracteriza los tres conductos de aire laterales icónicos, las pinzas de freno y el rayo en el óvalo que encierra el Trident en el pilar trasero. El mismo color azul reaparece dentro del automóvil, en particular en las costuras bordadas de los asientos. El nuevo Ghibli Hybrid también presenta nuevos contenidos estilísticos, a partir de la nueva parrilla frontal, con barras rediseñadas para representar un diapasón, un dispositivo musical que emite un sonido de extrema pureza y que también evoca el símbolo Trident. Hay cambios significativos en la parte trasera del automóvil, donde los grupos de luces se han rediseñado por completo, con un perfil tipo boomerang inspirado en el 3200 GT y el concept car Alfieri.

Híbrido leve

En perfecta armonía con su ADN, Maserati ha elegido una solución híbrida centrada principalmente en mejorar el rendimiento, al tiempo que reduce el consumo de combustible y reduce las emisiones.

La tecnología híbrida explota la energía cinética que el automóvil acumula cuando está en movimiento, recuperándola y transformándola en electricidad durante la desaceleración y el frenado, y almacenándola en una batería.

El innovador tren motriz, resultado del trabajo de desarrollo de ingeniería en profundidad por parte de los técnicos e ingenieros del Laboratorio de Innovación Maserati en Módena, combina un motor de combustión interna (4 cilindros, turbo, desplazamiento de 2.0 l) con un alternador de 48 voltios y un adicional Sobrealimentador eléctrico (e-Booster), soportado por una batería. Esta solución es única en su segmento, y es la primera en una nueva generación de trenes motrices, con el equilibrio perfecto entre rendimiento, eficiencia y placer de conducción.

La batería está montada en la parte trasera del automóvil, con beneficios en términos de distribución de peso mejorada.

Esta versión pesa unos 80 kg menos que el Diesel.

Gracias a la potencia máxima de 330 hp y al par de 450 Nm entregados a solo 1.500 rpm, los datos de rendimiento del nuevo Ghibli Hybrid son muy impresionantes: velocidad máxima de 255 km / hy aceleración de 0 a 100 km / h en 5,7 segundos.

Los ocupantes híbridos de Ghibli aún se deleitarán con el sonido inconfundible que caracteriza a todos los modelos Maserati, gracias al escape optimizado, que incluye resonadores especialmente diseñados.

Ghibli Hybrid también marca el debut del nuevo programa Maserati Connect, que permite una conexión constante con el automóvil: el intercambio de información continúa cuando está en movimiento, para mejorar los servicios ofrecidos al conductor. Además de actualizar los paquetes de software, el sistema realiza verificaciones en el automóvil y monitorea los servicios de Seguridad y Seguridad en emergencias.

El sistema multimedia Maserati Intelligent Assistant es de última generación, basado en entradas digitales de Android Automotive, un software que ofrece una experiencia de usuario innovadora totalmente personalizable según las preferencias personales del conductor. La pantalla HD del sistema multimedia, con nuevos gráficos, más fácil de usar y sin sonido envolvente, aumenta su tamaño de 8 “4 a 10” 1. También se presenta un nuevo panel de instrumentos con dispositivos digitales y nuevos gráficos.

Electrificación al estilo Maserati
El nuevo Ghibli Hybrid representa el primer paso en un plan que conducirá a la electrificación de todos los nuevos modelos Maserati. Los primeros autos totalmente eléctricos de la marca serán los nuevos GranTurismo y GranCabrio, programados para 2021.

Maserati S.p.A.
Maserati produce una gama completa de autos únicos con una personalidad increíble, inmediatamente reconocible en cualquier lugar. Con su estilo, tecnología y carácter innatamente exclusivo, deleitan los gustos más exigentes y exigentes y siempre han sido un referente de la industria automotriz. Los embajadores de este patrimonio son el buque insignia de Quattroporte, el sedán deportivo Ghibli y el Levante, el primer SUV de Maserati. Una gama completa, con motores de gasolina y diésel, tracción trasera y tracción total, los mejores materiales y una ingeniería excepcional. Una tradición de autos exitosos, cada uno de ellos redefiniendo lo que hace un auto deportivo italiano en términos de diseño, rendimiento, confort, elegancia y seguridad.

DeLorean DMC-12
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Original 1981 Delorean Commercial

Uno de los comerciales originales de DeLorean para lo que se convertiría en un clásico instantáneo y legendario en la historia del automóvil.

Los fans de “Regreso al futuro” y los amantes de los coches cuadrados de acero inoxidable pueden estar de regocijo. El DeLorean DMC-12 podría estar de vuelta ahora que los talleres de bajo volumen como Icon, Singer o Superformance puedan establecerse como fabricantes y beneficiarse de las nuevas regulaciones que se ciernen sobre los Estados Unidos..

Desde enero de 1981 hasta diciembre de 1982, poco más de 9,000 DeLorean DMC-12 salieron de la línea de ensamblaje en Belfast. Poco después, DeLorean estaría en bancarrota y una historia sensacional de solo en los años 80 que involucra drogas, arrogancia y grandes ideas se convertiría en titulares en todo el mundo. Y luego, Regreso al futuro sucedió y lo que habría sido una nota de pie de página automotriz de culto se convirtió en una superestrella mundial, y ahora, casi 40 años después, el DMC-12 está a punto de comenzar la producción nuevamente. Stephen Wynne comenzó a restaurar DeLoreans en 1995 y finalmente adquirió las marcas comerciales y las existencias de las piezas sobrantes de la fábrica y los distribuidores.

El “nuevo” DeLorean DMC-12 sería una versión actualizad del original, que se vendió entre 1981 y 1983. La carrocería mantendría el acero a la vista, pero con los faros actualizados. También obtendrían un nuevo motor V6 de 350 CV, más del doble del rendimiento que ofrecía el cepo bloque de PRV, con un interior, sistema de audio e incluso conectividad de última generación. Sin embargo, la capacidad de viajar en el tiempo seguirá sin estar disponible desde fábrica.

Según Hagerty, también se podrían incluir otras moderneces como ABS, control de tracción, y es probable que haya mejores discos y pinzas de freno. Los coches también podrían obtener servicios como la navegación o asientos con calefacción. Debería costar alrededor de 100.000 dólares, unos 90.500 euros. James Espey, presidente y CEO de DeLorean Motor Company le dijo a la publicación estadounidense que, probablemente, producirán uno o dos coches por semana.

DeLorean Motor Company comenzará la producción en sus instalaciones con sede en Houston, Texas. En lugar del anémico V6 que se encuentra en el motor original de 350 caballos de fuerza y ​​una gran cantidad de suspensiones y actualizaciones de control de calidad, los nuevos DMC-12 serán lo que originalmente debían ser: un auto deportivo verdaderamente único. DMC espera comenzar la producción en los próximos años, dependiendo de los registros pendientes de la NTSA, con uno o dos que se hacen por semana.