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Uboatworx: el Super Sub es el submarino más hidrodinámico del mercado.

Uboatworx – el Super Sub es el submarino más hidrodinámico del mercado.

Distinguido por una cola larga y un diseño avanzado de alas, el Super Sub es el submarino más hidrodinámico del mercado. El mejor sistema de propulsión de su clase con cuatro potentes propulsores ofrece un total de 60 kW, lo que permite subidas e inmersiones empinadas de 30 grados.

El resultado es la experiencia submarina más suave y estimulante, capaz de sumergirse a profundidades de 300 metros, todo mientras se mantiene una vista de casi 360 grados.

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Dynamiq goes behind the scenes of the 50-metre GTT 160’s timeless design

Dynamiq goes behind the scenes of the 50-metre GTT 160’s timeless design

Dynamiq presents the video encapsulation of what the revolutionary GTT 160 model is all about.

The short film includes statements from Dynamiq, the expert naval architects at Van Ossannen and the cult design guru Claudio Pironi, the mastermind behind GTT 160’s exquisite interiors.

The avant-garde, all-aluminium 49.5-metre vessel represents what Dynamiq thinks is essential for modern superyachts – cool looking, efficient, and focused on a healthy lifestyle. The GTT 160 is aimed at today’s active owners who can’t imagine their holidays without gourmet cuisine, sport, and well-being.

It’s a yacht for owners who like to spend most of their time on deck, in the open air and close to the water, as well as those who want to experience different destinations or cross the Atlantic quickly to enjoy endless summers in the Med and Caribbean on a more manageable and economical size of yacht.

 The GTT  160 is complete with bespoke, minimalist interiors by Claudio Pironi, which maximize space and allow you to feel luxury regardless of where you choose to sail.


Dynamiq was founded in Monaco in 2014 by experienced yacht broker and designer Sergei Dobroserdov, who assembled a ‘dream team’ of world thinkers, engineers and naval architects to turn the next-generation superyacht concept into reality. “I simply believe we can propose something better that offers owners more choice: versatile yachts perfect for any occasion, whether it’s relaxing family cruising, vibrant deck parties and exploring the remotest destinations. Fast but with ocean-going range, easy to order and customise with top world brands,” says founder and CEO Sergei Dobroserdov. Dynamiq is the first company in the superyacht industry to introduce an online configurator, allowing the yacht to be easily and transparently customised down to the last detail. Dynamiq unveiled its first launch, 39m Jetsetter, at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show to wide acclaim. The following project, the GTT 115, was developed in conjunction with the renowned design firm Studio F.A. Porsche and successfully unveiled at the 2017 MYS.  The GTT 135 Stefania (41m), will be delivered in autumn 2021.

Dynamiq has established the most advanced approach in the industry; the yacht can be completely configured online with all necessary extras and options.

Prices and delivery dates are available online at www.bedynamiq.com.

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Candela C-8 Simply a better experience

Simply a better experience

In order to make a truly compelling electric craft, we had to rethink boats.

Instead of punching its way through the waves, C-8 flies silently above the surface. Instead of fitting a bigger engine, we went for dramatically improved efficiency by developing a pod motor optimized for hydrofoils. Instead of creating huge swells, we made a craft that leaves no wake behind.

To this, we added the best user interface ever seen in a boat, over-the-air upgrades, and all the amenities and comfort you would expect from the world’s best leisure boat

Racing car meets flying carpet

Pull the wheel hard, and you’ll feel the driving sensation of a racing car, thanks to instant feedback, fly-by-wire steering. Combined with the hydrofoil’s silent, magic-carpet ride in rough conditions, the C-8 offers a superior experience at sea.


Candela C–POD

The Candela C-POD is the most efficient and longest-lasting boat motor ever built.

Submerged, direct-drive electric motors provide an absolutely silent ride while eliminating transmission losses.

The Candela C-POD is built to last a human lifetime, without maintenance.


The Flight Controller uses different types of sensors to measure the boat’s position, speed, and acceleration in six degrees of freedom to create a precise and stable hydrofoiling experience.

After 10,000+ hours of simulations, design iterations, and sea trials, our software provides the safest and most thrilling boating experience.

Foil system

Hydrofoils are the key to a long all-electric range at sea.

Candela’s electric hydrofoil system reduces water friction by 80% compared to a planing boat and makes for a completely different – and better – ride.

The hydrofoils are constantly and automatically adjusted by the onboard Flight controller, to maintain a superbly stable ride in all weather conditions.


Superior interior

The cabin in C-8 sleeps two adults and two children. The optional Premium Sound System with subwoofer and six speakers allows for a unique concert experience onboard the most silent electric craft ever made.

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Sunseeker HAWK 38 – Thrill of the Chase

Sunseeker HAWK 38 – Thrill of the Chase


Never one to rest on their laurels and following several years of speculation, Sunseeker announces the forthcoming launch of a brand new high performance day boat – the Hawk 38. Sunseeker has returned to its performance roots to deliver an exciting and dynamic stepped hull in conjunction with Fabio Buzzi Design, winner of 43 World Speed Records and 55 World Championships!

Whilst the incredible design, features and equipment delivers ultimate day-boat appeal, its searing performance will ensure it’s always first to the best anchorage or beach restaurant. With a choice of paint finishes and upholstery, it will also make the ultimate superyacht chase boat; no two boats are ever likely to be the same.

Drawing on the company’s racing heritage, the new high performance model will be capable of a leisurely 70mph (62kts) ‘out of the box’ with standard twin Mercury 400R outboards mated to Mercury Racing Digital Zero Effort throttles. The hull has been optimised to take advantage of the latest outboard engine technology giving not only performance benefits but also low cost maintenance for clients.

Sunseeker has always dominated this area and will continue to do so with this technologically advanced cutting-edge new model.

ESLORA 11.85 M 38’ 11”
MANGA 3.01 M 9’ 9”
PESO 5,000 KG 11,020 LB
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D28 de Antonio Yachts CUPRA

D28 de Antonio Yachts CUPRA

Introducing the

We are proud to introduce you the D28 FORMENTOR, a unique piece of design and comfort that will delight nautical and automotive enthusiasts.

The perfect layout

The D28 FORMENTOR has the entire deck at the same level offering different sunbathing areas with seats and tables both fore and aft. The high level of space utilization provides an incomparable feeling of spaciousness.

Even with a maximum capacity of up to ten people, the D28 is the ideal day boat. Also, the boat features a 400 hp Mercury outboard engine, hidden under the stern sundeck, for very comfortable cruising at cruising speed.

A path for the future

Both companies are leaders in their respective industries, so this first collaboration is a commitment to the future that lays the foundations of a synergistic relationship in which the best talent of their creative teams is united. That is why 2021 will be full of novelties for the two Spanish brands, which are already working on hybrid versions of their products and new launches for 2022.

MORE: de Antonio Yachts



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Earth 300 research superyacht, next-generation platform for state of the art science at sea


Earth 300.
On a Mission.

Our ambition for Earth 300 was fearless from the start: we wanted to build the Olympic Torch of global science, to expand our knowledge and understanding of the universe, both above and below the ocean’s surface.

The result is a collaborative, next-generation platform for state-of-the-art science at sea. Our radical design – iconic, intelligent, aesthetically-pleasing – is intentional. It’s a 300-metre fabrication of the future. The 13-storey Science Sphere and cantilevered Observation Deck are the most obvious and eye-catching examples.

Carbon Free

One hundred percent emission free.

We have a choice of what kind of difference we want to make in the world. One of the choices we need to make is to become carbon free. We’ve found a way to get there.

It’s called the Molten Salt Reactor, a new generation of atomic energy that’s safe, sustainable and 100% emission free. The marine version of the Molten Salt Reactor will be small, with few moving parts, and provides the sustainable, clean energy needed to move ocean transportation into the future. Earth 300 is the first research vessel to be pursuing this revolutionary new technology.




Working together for the world.

Earth 300 represents an unparalleled opportunity for academia and private enterprise to collaborate on the most pressing challenges of our time. We’re bringing 160 of the brightest minds into our Science Sphere and equipping them with a level of technology never before seen on an ocean-going research vessel.

Science First

Science always.

We believe that scientists deserve to be treated like rock-stars, because they are; they are the ones who are at the frontlines of all discovery and advancement, they invent vaccines and protect our health; they allow us to move humanity forward.

Advanced Capabilities

Sea the future.

Oceans are our future. They are the beating heart of the planet, regulating everything from crops to climate to providing us with every second breath we take.

Our vessel promises to reframe what a floating research laboratory can achieve. The capabilities that our scientists will have at their disposal are exceptional: artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, real time data processing. We will also have the latest quantum computer on board, the first to take to the high seas.


Citizen science.

We are combining exploration with education so that consumers become contributors. The interaction is immediate and constant. Imagine embarking on one of the most exhilarating and meaningful voyages of a lifetime where you’ll witness the cutting edge of science – you’re sitting under the tree with Newton when the apple falls, you’re walking on the moon with Armstrong and Aldrin, you’re holding Galileo’s telescope with one hand and a fine libation with the other. You will create and imagine with some of the most eminent thinkers of the day. You’ll make history.

Next Generation

Future proofing.

We love life and want to ensure that humanity survives the future. It’s why we are representing tomorrow by setting aside berths for some of the world’s most promising young students. We want to inspire and empower the next generation of global leaders to step up and help lead us into the future.

The two different concepts of the VAIARO project with the names “Floating Platform” and “Passage”
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The two different concepts of the VAIARO project with the names “Floating Platform” and “Passage”


The two different concepts of the VAIARO project with the names “Floating Platform” and “Passage”

In 2019, Master´s students of industrial design at Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design (Simeon Ortmüller, Tobias Gehrke, Vincent Steinhart-Besser, Yigang Shen and Jingyue Chen) developed design concepts for a new form of mobility on water and gave the CAPTN project its first visible identity.

The students have dealt with the question: What is the future of public transport on the Kiel Fjord? Kiel grows and urban mobility needs attractive offers to make it easier to avoid the car and to achieve ambitious climate targets.

The fact that ferry traffic in this context connects the west and east bank over a longer period of time during the day and at a tighter frequency and that the connections to bus traffic play a central role is obvious.

The two different concepts of the VAIARO project with the names “Floating Platform” and “Passage” are characterized by pragmatism and radicalism in equal measure. For this purpose, leitmotifs for intelligent mobility and a new landmark in Kiel were developed. The project was designed as a cooperation from the beginning: Partners from Kiel University and from the University of Applied Sciences are working in their respective fields on the realization of an autonomous ferry.

The parties involved were thus present at regular intervals for presentations, in the course of which the drafts and their own position were repeatedly reviewed and adjusted. In this way, indications of the desired qualities could be obtained. What is meant to be in the drafts is basically quite simple to grasp: When I come to Kiel, I absolutely have to take the new ferry!


Die Finanzierung des Projekts erfolgt aus Eigenmitteln der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.


  • Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design
  • Kiel University
  • Kiel University of Applied Sciences
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CUPRA lleva su ADN de alto rendimiento al mar con el De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor

CUPRA lleva su ADN de alto rendimiento al mar con el De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor

La marca presenta el diseño del showboat en colaboración con el astillero barcelonés

  • El diseño del yate está inspirado en los elementos y los colores icónicos del CUPRA Formentor, el primer modelo 100% de la marca
  • Este showboat es el preludio del lanzamiento de una edición especial limitada del D28 que saldrá a la venta a finales de 2021
  • El De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor tiene más de ocho metros de eslora y una potencia máxima de 400 CV
  •  Griffiths, tras disfrutar de las primeras millas a bordo: “Este es solo el primer proyecto de muchos: ya estamos estudiando la creación de un yate e-HYBRID para el próximo año”

Barcelona, 05-05-2021 – CUPRA sigue adelante en su objetivo de crear un universo de experiencias alrededor del coche. Tras anunciar su asociación en el evento digital del CUPRA Anniversary del pasado mes de febrero, la marca que desafía lo convencional y De Antonio Yachts presentan al mundo su primera colaboración. Ambas marcas han trabajado conjuntamente en el diseño del De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor, un yate de alto rendimiento inspirado en el primer modelo diseñado y desarrollado específicamente para la firma automovilística, el CUPRA Formentor. Este showboat es un ejercicio de diseño único que sienta las bases para el lanzamiento de una edición especial limitada del D28 con los colores y acabados icónicos de CUPRA que saldrá a la venta a finales de 2021.

El resultado de la primera colaboración entre CUPRA y el astillero barcelonés es un showboat de 400 CV de potencia, capaz de alcanzar una velocidad máxima de 40 nudos. El diseño exterior se distingue por sus líneas sencillas y su carácter dinámico, el color Petrol Blue y los acabados en color cobre, que aportan elegancia y deportividad. El De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor se exhibe estos días en el Marina Vela del puerto de Barcelona junto al CUPRA Formentor VZ5, una edición especial limitada del crossover SUV de alto rendimiento con 390 CV y un motor de cinco cilindros, del cual se producirán únicamente 7.000 unidades.

Tras disfrutar de las primeras millas a bordo del De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor, el Presidente de CUPRA Wayne Griffiths afirmó: “CUPRA es mucho más que una marca de coches, es un estilo de vida. Es vivir experiencias únicas, desafiar el status quo y sentir emociones. Nuestra cooperación con De Antonio Yachts es solo una prueba más de ello, ya que compartimos los mismos valores y ambición: inspirar al mundo desde Barcelona. El De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor, inspirado en nuestro CUPRA Formentor VZ5, es solo el primer proyecto de muchos. Ambos estamos comprometidos con la movilidad sostenible y ya estamos estudiando la creación de un yate e-HYBRID para el próximo año”.
Griffiths estuvo acompañado de los co-fundadores de De Antonio Yachts, Marc de Antonio y Stan Chmielewski, y del Director de Estrategia, Desarrollo de Negocio y Operaciones de CUPRA, Antonino Labate.

La combinación perfecta entre rendimiento y diseño

El De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor tiene 7,99 metros de eslora, con posibilidad de añadir una plataforma de popa de medio metro. El diseño exterior se distingue por el color del casco Petrol Blue, numerosos detalles en negro y fibra de carbono junto a elementos distintivos que añaden elegancia y deportividad a la timonera.
El diseño de su casco en forma de V permite alcanzar una velocidad máxima de hasta 40 nudos con la máxima motorización, así como una cómoda navegación a velocidad de crucero. Su generosa distribución de manga y peso proporciona una amplia habitabilidad en cubierta, aportando estabilidad al fondear. La disposición de los volúmenes permite una cómoda circulación periférica siguiendo el concepto de “walk-around”. Este modelo tiene toda la cubierta a un mismo nivel dividida en diferentes áreas de solárium con asientos y mesas tanto en proa como en popa, además de incluir un baño completamente equipado. El alto nivel de uso del espacio ofrece una sensación incomparable, con una capacidad máxima de hasta diez personas.
Marc de Antonio, co-fundador de De Antonio Yachts, declaró “De Antonio Yachts nació de la pasión por el mar y el interés por innovar y construir yates deportivos con un diseño contemporáneo. CUPRA comparte este mismo espíritu; ambos somos de Barcelona y creemos en el potencial de la ciudad como referencia mundial del diseño cosmopolita”.
Stan Chmielewski, co-fundador de De Antonio Yachts, señala: “Tanto en De Antonio Yachts como en CUPRA apostamos por un alto desarrollo tecnológico en nuestros productos, y en esta colaboración trabajaremos para aplicar la innovación en su máximo exponente en el mundo náutico. Estamos muy orgullosos de este primer showboat como el inicio de una prometedora colaboración”.

El universo lifestyle de CUPRA

CUPRA tiene como objetivo colaborar con marcas que hablen su mismo idioma de diseño y compartan su forma de crear experiencias. En su apuesta por crear colecciones de productos exclusivos y limitados que representen el estilo de vida de la marca, CUPRA también ha colaborado con la empresa de iluminación Marset para crear Chispa by Marset for CUPRA, una lámpara de diseño portátil, recargable y sin cables, que ya se encuentra disponible en el mercado.

CUPRA también lanzó una colección exclusiva de sneakers junto a la marca internacional de moda Mikakus. La cápsula Mikakus x CUPRA también está inspirada en el diseño del CUPRA Formentor. Además, la marca ha desarrollado colecciones exclusivas de bolsos, accesorios y gafas de sol con las marcas TRAKATAN y L.G.R.
CUPRA es una marca desafiante y alejada de lo convencional, basada en un estilo estimulante y en el rendimiento contemporáneo, que inspira al mundo desde Barcelona con vehículos y experiencias vanguardistas. Lanzada en 2018 como una marca independiente, CUPRA cuenta con su propia sede corporativa y con un taller de coches de competición en las instalaciones de Martorell (Barcelona), además de contar con una red de puntos de venta especializados alrededor del mundo.

En 2020, la marca mantuvo su tendencia positiva con un crecimiento del 11% y 27.400 vehículos vendidos, gracias al buen rendimiento del CUPRA Ateca y del CUPRA León y de la entrada en el mercado del CUPRA Formentor, el primer modelo específicamente diseñado y desarrollado para la marca. Para 2021, CUPRA quiere demostrar que la electrificación y la deportividad son una perfecta combinación con el lanzamiento de las versiones híbridas enchufables del CUPRA Formentor y de su primer modelo 100% eléctrico, el CUPRA Born. El CUPRA Tavascan será el segundo modelo eléctrico de la marca y llegará al mercado en 2024.

Cristina Vall-Llosada
Responsable de Comunicación Corporativa
M/ +34 646 295 296
Sergio Ripollés
Comunicaciones de CUPRA
M/ +34 683 121 236

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De Antonio Yachts presents the D28 De Antonio CUPRA

De Antonio Yachts presents the D28 De Antonio CUPRA, a unique piece of its successful D28 Open with a customized look by the automotive brand.

• The 8.5-meter boat has already received numerous awards for its design and innovation
• Both companies are working to customize the D28 prototype, which will feature sportier styling and CUPRA DNA finishes
Two companies from Barcelona with a wide international projection and a differentiating product ally to launch the D28 De Antonio CUPRA, a unique piece born from the renowned De Antonio Yachts D28 Open in collaboration with the automobile brand. The 28-foot boat presents exceptional performance and maximum comfort in more than eight meters in length. Its design is the result of a commitment to innovation in the nautical sector and its fine and avant-garde lines characterize this model that exudes contemporaneity.
The D28 has the entire deck at the same level offering different sunbathing areas with seating and tables both fore and aft. The high level of space utilization provides an incomparable feeling of spaciousness. Even with a maximum capacity of up to ten people, the D28 is the ideal day boat. In addition, the boat features a 400 hp Mercury outboard engine, hidden under the stern sundeck, for very comfortable cruising at cruising speed.

The perfect touch for the sportiest is provided by CUPRA’s customization, offering special Petrol Blue paint finishes with the carmaker’s iconic graphics and elements. It is complemented by distinctive upholstery, lighting details and a unique roof finish that adds extra sportiness and style.

The result is a spectacular model in every way that will delight nautical and automotive enthusiasts. A boat that leaves no one indifferent and will set a precedent in the sector, being an exclusive collector’s item.

Both companies are leaders in their respective sectors, so this first collaboration is a commitment to the future that lays the foundations of a synergistic relationship in which the best talent of their creative teams is united. That is why 2021 will be full of novelties for the two Spanish brands, which are already working on hybrid versions of their products and new launches for 2022.
Marc de Antonio- Co-founder and head of design at De Antonio Yachts. “It is a collaboration that makes us especially excited to be two brands born in Barcelona, two companies that are committed to design and innovation as the cornerstones of our business. We are very pleased to be able to unite the talent of our teams to project the best of CUPRA and De Antonio Yachts.”
Stanislas Chmielewski- Co-founder and Sales Manager at De Antonio Yachts “The D28 De Antonio CUPRA unique edition will bring us visibility as a brand beyond the yachting sector and will strengthen us in our international expansion. It is undoubtedly the beginning of a very special collaboration that will give us both companies positioning and will project the lifestyle we share.”
Antonino Labate, Director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations at CUPRA. “The shared vision between CUPRA and De Antonio Yachts to inspire the world from Barcelona knows no boundaries. With this collaboration we are moving the high performance of our vehicles from the street to the sea, with unique styling and design to generate emotions. This is just the beginning, because our future ambition is to work together on the creation of a hybrid boat.”

More about De Antonio Yachts De Antonio Yachts was born in 2012 from the passion of its founders, Marc de Antonio and Stan Chmielewski, for the sea and design, with the interest to innovate by creating boats with simple and avant-garde lines.

Offering new solutions such as innovative concealed outboard engines for all models and applying concepts that improve efficiency, ease of use and performance, De Antonio Yachts is a trendsetter in the yachting industry. As a result, the company has expanded internationally with a presence on five continents and a wide network of exclusive distributors. In addition, the shipyard has made a notable impact in the sector and has achieved a great development in a short time with a range of 12 models in 4 lengths, achieving 3 nominations and 1 award winner of the European Power Boat of the Year.

More about CUPRA

CUPRA is a challenging and unconventional brand, based on exhilarating style and contemporary performance, inspiring the world from Barcelona with cutting-edge vehicles and experiences. Launched in 2018 as an independent brand, CUPRA has its own corporate headquarters and a competition car workshop at the Martorell (Barcelona) facility, as well as a network of specialized points of sale around the world.

In 2020, the brand maintained its positive trend with 11% growth and 27,400 vehicles sold, thanks to the good performance of the CUPRA Ateca and CUPRA Leon and the market entry of the CUPRA Formentor, the first model specifically designed and developed for the brand. By 2021, CUPRA wants to demonstrate that electrification and sportiness are a perfect match with the launch of plug-in hybrid versions of the CUPRA Formentor and its first 100% electric model, the CUPRA el-Born.

This year, CUPRA will participate in the off-road electric SUV competition Extreme E. It is also the official automotive and mobility partner of FC Barcelona and the premium sponsor of the World Padel Tour. The CUPRA Tribe is made up of a team of ambassadors who share the brand’s values, such as German goalkeeper Marc ter Stegen, Swedish driver Mattias Ekström and five of the best padel players in the world, among others.

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The TRITON 3300/6 is a leisure-focused derivation of the venerable TRITON 3300/3 MKII design.

Building upon the industry’s most successful series-production platform, the TRITON 3300/6 is the first submersible to feature the world’s largest spherical acrylic pressure hull. Six passengers will experience a level of space and comfort never before found in a submersible capable of diving to any depth, let alone 1,000 meters / 3,300 feet.

For the ultimate in comfort, the TRITON 3300/6 can be configured to accommodate four passengers.

The TRITON 3300/6’s streamlined design brings an elegant aesthetic to a configuration that has been tightly optimised for deployment from a superyacht. Uniquely for a 1,000 meter-rated submersible, it can be deployed using standard tender lifting arrangements – greatly reducing the handling head-height typically required from such a capable submersible.