The Jills Zeder Group: Nº1 Luxury Property Specialists in real Trends 2021 Rankings
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The Jills Zeder Group: Nº1 Luxury Property Specialists Miami in real Trends 2021 Rankings

The Jills Zeder Group: Nº1 Luxury Property Specialists Miami in real Trends 2021 Rankings

In real estate, there are numerous firms and agencies claiming to be number one in their market. But only a few can back their claims with recognition from trusted industry authorities – and The Jills Zeder Group in Miami is one of them.

Ranked by RealTrends as the #1 Real Estate Team for 2021, The Jills Zeder Group, Coldwell Banker Luxury Property Specialists has firmly established themselves among the top Realtors not only in the Miami area, but also throughout Florida and the entire United States.

Get to Know The Jills Zeder Group

The Jills Zeder Group is the combination of two of the most powerful real estate brokerage teams in South Florida – The JILLS® and The Zeder Team. Realizing they’re driven by the same goals and business ethics, the teams joined forces in March, 2019, and quickly went on to create real estate history.

The team’s logo features three palm trees, symbolizing the three families that make up the core of this regional powerhouse. The JILLS® Team is represented by Jill Hertzberg and her children Danny Hertzberg and Hillary Hertzberg, as well as by Jill Eber and her sister Felise Eber. The Zeder Team is led by Judy Zeder and her children Nathan Zeder and Kara Zeder Rosen.

Together, this formidable group has 150 years of collective experience and $2 billions of dollars in sales just in 2021. Prior to their merger, their combined sales totaled $6 billion, some of which were achieved through their collaborative work on high-profile luxury sales.

The group specializes in upscale real estate throughout Miami-Dade County, representing buyers and sellers in the sale of multimillion dollar estates, high-end condominiums, and stunning waterfront properties.

Their affiliation with the Coldwell Banker Realty offices in Miami Beach and Coral Gables gives them access to a wide range of regional, national, and international clients across 43 countries, as well as to cutting edge resources and technology.

The group is also affiliated with the International Luxury Alliance and Hamptons International – London, expanding their reach to ultra high net worth individuals from anywhere in the world.

Unifying their varied strengths, the two generations of experts in The Jills Zeder team provide unparalleled service to match the needs and preferences of their highly discriminating clientele.

The #1 Real Estate Team in the United States in RealTrends’ 2021 Rankings

For 2021, The Jills Zeder Group was ranked the number one large real estate team in sales volume by RealTrends, as featured in Wall Street Journal. This means that, in 2020, among real estate teams in the country with 11 to 20 sales professionals, The Jills Zeder Group achieved the highest sales volume.

The team leads an elite list of what RealTrends describes as “the top one-tenth of one percent of more than 1.4 million licensed Realtors nationwide.” The Jills Zeder Group leads the top 250 real estate teams in the United States, with their closed sales volume of $1,236,209,506 and closed transaction sides (buying or selling) of 214.6 in 2020.

In addition, RealTrends data show that The Jills Zeder Group was the first non-team owned brokerage to have achieved sales of over $1 billion in just one year, an achievement the group was able to accomplish just a few months after the merger.

What it Means to Stakeholders

Coldwell Banker president and CEO called the group’s accomplishment “a testament to the team’s expertise, professionalism, and constant dedication to serve their clients as their trusted advisors.”

Buying or selling a luxury property in Miami-Dade County often involves multimillion dollar transactions. With so much at stake, you want to make sure you’re represented only by proven and tested professionals.

It’s important to have the guidance of experts who will see to it that your interests are protected, no matter which side of the transaction you’re in. Your Realtor should be someone who has the capability to guide you and steer the transaction toward a seamless and worry-free closing.

The Jills Zeder Group’s track record, both collectively and separately, speaks volumes about their performance, earning them the trust and confidence of high net worth individuals from around the world.

Their #1 ranking from RealTrends serves as a seal of confidence, affirming the group’s expertise, abilities, and commitment to achieving their clients’ goals.

What is RealTrends?

RealTrends is an independent and privately held communications, publication, and consulting firm specializing in residential real estate. They provide a range of services to the residential real estate industry, including valuations, M&A, and technology and marketing. In addition to realtors and brokers, their consulting clients include mortgage providers, title companies, tech service providers, and other professionals and companies involved in the real estate business.

Stakeholders in the industry look to RealTrends for updated market reports and analyses, which the organization bases on the financial data provided by hundreds of RealTrends Association Network members.

RealTrends also conducts surveys and studies to get the latest pulse of the market and uncover current industry trends. These reports are accessed through RealTrends’ monthly newsletter and other publications.

The organization also stages Gathering of Eagles, an annual event where leading real estate professionals can get the latest information and insights about the industry. RealTrends Association members also get access to association president Steve Murray’s podcasts, webinars, and one-on-one consultations.

The RealTrends Ranking Programs

RealTrends has several ranking programs designed for specific segments of the real estate industry. These include:

  • The RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand RankingsIn this program, RealTrends, in collaboration with Tom Ferry International, invites individuals and teams to submit their production information. RealTrends will then verify the data and rank the entries accordingly.The Thousand team rankings program is broken down into four categories:
    • Small – for teams with 2 to 5 licensed agents
    • Medium – for teams with 6 to 10 licensed agents
    • Large – for teams with 11 to 20 licensed agents
    • Mega – for teams with 21 or more licensed agents

    For the RealTrends 2021 rankings, The Jills Zeder Group topped the Large Team category with sales volume of over $1.2 billion.

  • America’s BestThis ranking program recognizes the top individual real estate professionals by state.
  • RealTrends Five HundredStarted 34 years ago, the RealTrends Five Hundred rankings is considered the definitive ranking program for the largest residential real estate brokerage firms. It has several categories, including:
    • 500 By Volume – This ranks the country’s top brokerage firms by closed sales volume per year.
    • Billionaires’ Club – This ranks the top brokerages that closed at least $1 billion worth of transactions for the year
    • Nation’s Best – Includes brokerage firms that closed at least 500 transaction sides for the year but did not rank in the RealTrends Five Hundred category
    • Average Sale – This ranks brokerage firms according to the average sales price closed for the year
    • Independents – This honors the top independent brokerage firms in the country.
    • Top Movers – This recognizes brokerages with the biggest increase in closed sides for the year.
  • The RealTrends Market LeadersAs with the RealTrends Five Hundred rankings, RealTrends Market Leaders ranks the largest residential brokerage firms in the United States, but breaks down the rankings by metropolitan area.
  • RealTrends Website RankingsThis program ranks the top real estate websites in the United States. It includes six categories highlighting the facets that make a website effective:
    • Best Overall
    • Best Design
    • Best Community
    • Best Mobile
    • Best Property Detail
    • Best Video

    In the RealTrends 2021 Website Rankings, The Jills Zeder Group’s website ranked highly in several categories, including #3 in Best Overall, #2 in Best Design, and #1 in Best Mobile.

Why a RealTrends Ranking is Significant

In real estate, recognition from RealTrends is considered a badge of honor and an affirmation of a Realtor’s or real estate team’s ability to produce outstanding results. As an independent and unbiased authority in the industry since 1987, RealTrends’ rankings and awards are considered as benchmarks in defining excellence in the industry.

The organization’s ranking programs are participated in by thousands of real estate professionals and brokerage firms from around the country, who have to meet strict qualifications before their entries can be considered. To be ranked by RealTrends means the Realtor or brokerage has truly made it to the top of the heap.

With its #1 ranking, The Jills Zeder Group has achieved a remarkable milestone that speaks to the team’s expertise, dedication, and hard work.

One of the highlights of RealTrends’ The Thousand program is the publication of the results in the Wall Street Journal, giving it an added layer of significance and prominence. In fact, the program is often casually referred to as the WSJ Real Estate Ranking, although WSJ is not involved in the production of the rankings.

Other Achievements by The Jills Zeder Group

In addition to its #1 Ranking by RealTrends, The Jills Zeder Group has been recognized by other prestigious organizations and publications in 2021.

  • The #1 Team for Coldwell Banker RealtyIn March, 2021, Coldwell Banker Realty named The Jills Zeder Group as the firm’s number one top-performing large firm nationally in 2020, outperforming more than 96,000 Coldwell Banker sales professionals. The group was also named the #1 Coldwell Banker Realty Team, besting more than 45,000 sales professionals, and the #1 Team within Coldwell Banker Florida.The team got the top spot for the second year in a row, coming in on the back of their outstanding sales achievement of over $6 billion for 2020.

    Along with this, the group also earned the Society of Excellence designation, which is given to the top 1% of Coldwell Banker sales agents throughout the country.

  • Variety’s Showbiz Real Estate Elite 2021The iconic entertainment magazine Variety has named Jill Eber, Jill Hertzberg, and Judy Zeber among its Showbiz Real Estate Elite – a designation given to the top performing real estate professionals who count showbiz celebrities and business leaders among their clients.
  • SFBJ’s 2021 Power Brokers in Real Estate
  • South Florida Business Journal - Meet 2021 Power BrokersThe South Florida Business Journal has once again included Jill Eber, Judy Zeder, and Jill Hertzberg in its annual list of residential Power Brokers throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, citing The Jills Zeder Group’s outstanding sales achievement.

In addition, the agents at The Jills Zeder Group have been featured in numerous publications, TV shows, podcasts, and other far reaching venues, where they shared their expert industry insights and formidable market knowledge. You can find them individually or collectively in widely-circulated magazines, newspapers, and TV shows, including The Wall Street Journal, South Florida Business Journal, The Real Deal, Forbes, Modern Luxury, and so much more.

High-Profile Luxury Sales

The Jills Zeder Group also brokered a number of high-profile and record-breaking sales in 2021, further boosting their reputation as the go-to real estate powerhouse in Southern Florida.

These are just a few of their noteworthy accomplishments:

Partner with the #1 Real Estate Team in the United States

Together, merging their traditional expertise and contemporary outlook, The Jills Zeder Group continues to receive the highest rankings and accolades from around the globe, the U.S., Florida, and various cities. The Jills Zeder Group is — quite simply — an intergenerational formula for success.

A luxury home in Miami-Dade County is one of the biggest investments you can ever make. Don’t leave the success of such a major undertaking to chance. Partner with The Jills Zeder Group and get peace of mind knowing you’re working with the best of the best.

Call the team today at 305.722.5721 (Coral Gables) or 305.341.7447 (Miami Beach). You may also send an email to cg@jillszeder.com (Coral Gables) or mb@jillszeder.com (Miami Beach), or leave a message here.


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Diseño minimalista 2022, una tendencia de verano para el interior de su hogar de lujo


Diseño minimalista 2022, una tendencia de verano para el interior de su hogar de lujo

El diseño minimalista es cada vez más apreciado y utilizado, ya sea porinterioresodiseñadores entusiastasEl diseño minimalista no es solo unaelección estética, es unapráctica que demuestra un increíble rigoryse enfocaenlas decisiones de decoración, y verás esta forma de vivir a lo largo del artículo.

¿Qué es el diseño minimalista?

El diseño minimalista es la antítesis del diseño maximalista , y su esencia misma es centrarse en unos pocos elementos seleccionados específicamente. El diseño minimalista involucra solo uno o dos colores en la habitación, una fuerte inclinación hacia los muebles y los motivos geométricos, y muebles de usos múltiples : menos piezas en la habitación significan que aquellos que hacen el corte tienen que trabajar más.

Diseño minimalista: sala de estar

En otras palabras, el diseño minimalista se caracteriza por la sencillez , las líneas limpias y una paleta monocromática con el color como acento. En este estilo de decoración , por lo general se puede encontrar un plano de planta abierto , mucha luz y muebles funcionales , y se centra en la forma , el color y la textura de sólo un puñado de elementos esenciales .

Cómo crear un diseño minimalista, habitación por habitación

El diseño minimalista puede estar presente en varios tipos de diseños de interiores, como el japonés , el moderno y el escandinavo .

Un dormitorio minimalista privilegia un somier bajo sin cabecero ; puede ser tapizado o de madera , pero debe estar limpio y sin adornos evidentes.

Diseño minimalista- Dormitorio
Diseño minimalista- Dormitorio

Los muebles de cabecera en un diseño de dormitorio minimalista , ya sean gabinetes cúbicos o un estante flotante, deben tener la misma altura que la cama.

Diseño minimalista- Dormitorio

La cuestión de la luz es muy relevante, ya que debe ser en forma de aplique integrado o de lámpara única . Los armarios pueden ser empotrados o, en su lugar, de una sola pieza de almacenaje, como una cómoda.

Diseño minimalista- Dormitorio
Sala de estar minimalista

Para crear un diseño minimalista en la sala de estar, debe comenzar por elegir la misma forma de muebles para toda la habitación.

Diseño minimalista: sala de estar

Una sala de estar minimalista puede tener un par de sillones cúbicos que se sientan junto a un sofá elegante y alargado que comparte la misma altura de los brazos , el respaldo bajo y los contornos nítidos.

Diseño minimalista: sala de estar
Diseño minimalista: sala de estar

Los espejos de forma cuadrada y las formas cuadradas en las mesas de café deben estar a la altura más baja posible para permitir que el ojo lo encuentre a su debido tiempo.

Diseño minimalista: sala de estar
Comedor minimalista

Un comedor minimalista sigue las mismas reglas que el resto de las zonas de estar. Los muebles lacados y brillantes con siluetas sencillas son una excelente elección.

Diseño minimalista - Comedor
Baño Minimalista

El diseño minimalista abarca todo tipo de baño , desde suites de lujo hasta baños familiares.

Diseño minimalista - Baño

Un diseño minimalista favorecerá las baldosas de mayor formato, ya que hay menos líneas divisorias y lechada que complican el aspecto.

Diseño minimalista - Baño

Un flujo continuo del mismo material, como el concreto que se desliza desde la pared hasta el piso, incluso el borde de la bañera puede tallarse en él, mantiene el movimiento amplio y fluido. O el mármol de Carrara , que es lujoso sin ornamentación superflua .

los recién llegados

DELFIN TOWER – El concepto de lujo moderno a la venta de pisos en Benidorm


El concepto de lujo moderno a la venta de pisos en Benidorm

La finalización de esta edificación supone un hito para el sector residencial de lujo en la ciudad costera, donde la demanda de viviendas en propiedad de alto standing todavía es


Benidorm, 21 de julio de 2022. Benidorm da un paso más como destino residencial de lujo gracias a la inauguración de Delfin Tower. La apertura del edificio, concebido desde su inicio como un hito arquitectónico y de sostenibilidad, marcará el sector inmobiliario de la ciudad, ya que supone el impulso del concepto de lujo moderno en un mercado donde la demanda en propiedad de alto standing todavía resulta incipiente.

Con 98 metros de altura, 22 plantas y 39 viviendas (33 de ellas ya vendidas), este rascacielos se configura como el último edificio residencial de apartamentos en venta en Benidorm en primera línea de playa que verá la luz en muchos años. Por ello, con el objetivo de poner punto final a su proceso de edificación y dar comienzo a su nueva etapa como rascacielos exclusivo de referencia en la localidad, Goya Real Estate, promotora que ha levantado la construcción del inmueble, celebró ayer la inauguración del edificio y procedió a su apertura. Esto significa que la torre residencial ya está disponible para sus propietarios actuales y futuros.

“Queríamos crear un edificio icónico que destacara sobre el resto. En una ciudad como Benidorm, conocida por todos como ‘la ciudad de los rascacielos’, era un auténtico reto levantar una torre que no pasase desapercibida. Sin embargo, aplicando los más altos estándares en cuanto a diseño, innovación y sostenibilidad, lo hemos conseguido”, indica Sergio Vidal, CEO de Goya Real Estate. “Todos los proyectos que llevamos a cabo desde nuestra promotora se basan en cuatro aspectos clave: arquitectura vanguardista, sostenibilidad, producto inmobiliario prime y solidez financiera.

Delfin Tower, representa, sin duda, todos ellos”, añade. Edificio a la vanguardia de la innovación y la sostenibilidad Su emplazamiento junto al mar Mediterráneo es solo una de las múltiples particularidades destacadas que caracterizan a Delfin Tower. Hay otros muchos aspectos que sitúan a este rascacielos residencial a la vanguardia del diseño, la innovación y la sostenibilidad:

• Arquitectura llamativa. Caracterizado por una peculiar forma de vela, la doble curvatura de la fachada del edificio no sólo ha supuesto un auténtico reto arquitectónico, también ha permitido que cada piso tenga un carácter único, alejándose del concepto de superposición de plantas repetidas.

• Construcción con sello sostenible, gracias a su certificado Leed Gold. Se trata de la primera torre residencial de Benidorm en contar con este estándar. Dicha distinción avala sus elevados
estándares en cuanto al uso de materiales sostenibles y de calidad, eficiencia energética e hídrica o calidad del aire interior.

• Intimidad y confort. Para su diseño, se han tenido en cuenta diversos aspectos: gran espacio entre planta y planta para lograr una mayor sensación de amplitud, mucha iluminación natural, vistas ininterrumpidas a la playa y al mar, terraza individual, gran nivel de intimidad, ya que el primer piso de viviendas se corresponde realmente con una 4ª o 5ª planta, etc.

Así es Soho Valdemarín, la exclusiva promoción de Quantum Homes que ha enamorado a la Jet Set Madrileña.
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Así es Soho Valdemarín, la exclusiva promoción de Quantum Homes que ha enamorado a la Jet Set Madrileña.

Así es Soho Valdemarín, la exclusiva promoción de Quantum
Homes que ha enamorado a la Jet Set Madrileña.

  • 19 exclusivas viviendas a 7 minutos de Madrid y en el mejor suelo de Valdemarín.
  • A partir de 360 m2 con un precio en primera fase de 1,8 millones de euros.
  • Contarán con seguridad 24h y un rooftop único en la zona.

Soho Valdemarín, que inició su venta desde el pasado 14 de febrero, nace como un proyecto único en el conocido como “barrio del millón de euros” donde, gracias a la seguridad y tranquilidad de la zona, pasean ex presidentes del Gobierno, futbolistas y una parte importante de la élite financiera madrileña.

Así es Soho Valdemarín, la exclusiva promoción de Quantum Homes que ha enamorado a la Jet Set Madrileña.

Así es Soho Valdemarín, la exclusiva promoción de Quantum
Homes que ha enamorado a la Jet Set Madrileña.

Ubicado en un entorno natural con inmejorables vistas al skyline de Madrid, Soho Valdemarín contará con 19 viviendas rodeadas de cuidados espacios ajardinados, a 7 minutos del centro de la capital y con todos los servicios necesarios de un barrio que, sin duda, se ha convertido en el preferido de los VIPs.

Así es Soho Valdemarín, la exclusiva promoción de Quantum Homes que ha enamorado a la Jet Set Madrileña. 19 exclusivas viviendas a 7 minutos de Madrid y en el mejor suelo de Valdemarín.
A partir de 360 m2 con un precio en primera fase de 1,8 millones de euros.

Contarán con seguridad 24h y un rooftop único en la zona. “Con este proyecto queremos redefinir el concepto de exclusividad y elevarlo a un nuevo estándar de calidad, bienestar e innovación arquitectónica. Estamos muy orgullosos de haber sido capaces de reunir a los mejores arquitectos, ingenieros y diseñadores para crear una experiencia de vida única, en el mejor suelo del barrio de moda de Madrid.” apuntan desde el equipo de Quantum Homes.

El proyecto arquitectónico cuenta con el sello del estudio FH2L que no solo ha creado un diseño exterior vanguardista, sino que ha sido capaz de crear un espacio interior de doble altura único en Valdemarín, que ilumina toda la vivienda con luz natural y mejora la calidad ambiental. Cuentan, además, con un jardín privado, piscina y un impresionante rooftop con cocina propia y vistas al skyline de Madrid.

El equipo fundador de Quantum Homes lleva años trabajando en proyectos de rehabilitación integral de viviendas en zonas prime de Madrid mientras que su equipo gestor acumula una experiencia en promoción de obra nueva que supera las 1.000 viviendas en España.

El proyecto arquitectónico cuenta con un espacio interior de doble altura que ilumina toda la vivienda con luz natural y mejora la calidad ambiental.


The GV70, the X Concept, the Genesis EV Home Charger and the Genesis Wireless EV Charging System
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SEÚL, COREA, 2022  — Genesis anunció el martes que cuatro de sus creaciones obtuvieron reconocimiento en los Good Design Awards 2021, una prueba más del destacado liderazgo de la marca en la escena mundial del diseño. El GV70, el X Concept, el  Genesis EV Home Charger y el Genesis Wireless EV Charging System se llevaron todos los honores en la categoría de transporte.

Los Good Design Awards, presentados anualmente por el Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design y Metropolitan Arts Press, han reconocido la competitividad del diseño de la marca por séptimo año consecutivo. Genesis también ganó premios Good Design en 2015 por el G90, en 2016 por Vision G Concept, en 2017 por G80 Sport y GV80 Concept, en 2018 por G70 y Essentia Concept, y en 2019 por G90 y Mint Concept. En 2020, los elogios fueron para el G80, el GV80 y el tema Copper Design utilizado en el sistema de información y entretenimiento Genesis.

El GV70 es un SUV inspirado en la filosofía de diseño de Génesis de “Elegancia atlética”. La línea parabólica que comienza en la parte superior de los faros cuádruples y corre hábilmente a lo largo del costado del SUV crea un contraste dramático con los guardabarros traseros musculosos. La elegante línea del techo estilo coupé y la línea cromada que se inclina hacia el pilar C ayudan a darle al vehículo una apariencia distintiva que es a la vez deportiva y poderosa.

En la parte trasera, los faros cuádruples súper delgados forman las dos líneas por las que la marca es conocida. Con todos sus elementos funcionales integrados en el parachoques, el SUV logra un aspecto limpio y ordenado. La parte trasera también presenta detalles sutiles, como un patrón G-Matrix en el parachoques.

El interior del GV70 exhibe una filosofía de diseño llamada “la belleza del espacio en blanco”, que busca maximizar la comodidad y conveniencia de los pasajeros.

El Genesis X Concept es una versión eléctrica del concept car Gran Turismo. Utiliza el elemento de diseño central de Genesis, las dos líneas, para presentar una visión del futuro del diseño de vehículos eléctricos. El diseño Two Lines se puede ver en todo el interior y el exterior del automóvil, incluso en el puerto de carga eléctrica.

El frente del Genesis X Concept es bajo y ancho. Armoniza con la Crest Grille, los faros Two-Line y los parachoques de doble capa. Las lámparas cuádruples de dos líneas ejemplifican lo mejor del diseño y la tecnología líderes de la marca.

El lateral sigue el diseño tradicional del modelo Gran Turismo con un cofre largo y una parte trasera corta, y las luces de dos líneas que conducen a los faros y las luces traseras son impresionantes. La Línea Parabólica que recorre el lateral crea una impresión dinámica y elegante con el voluminoso guardabarros. La cuña ovalada en la parte trasera del automóvil emana una elegante sencillez.

El interior presenta un diseño inspirado en la cabina, lo que significa que los sistemas operativos y las pantallas rodean al conductor. La belleza del espacio en blanco también es evidente aquí.

El Genesis X Concept también demuestra lujo sostenible al incorporar restos de cuero reciclado del proceso de producción del vehículo en los cinturones de seguridad, el volante y las cubiertas de las bolsas de aire.

“Nos sentimos muy honrados de ser reconocidos por los Good Design Awards por estos importantes vehículos e innovaciones”, dijo SangYup Lee, vicepresidente ejecutivo y director del Genesis Global Design Center. “Este honor habla del excelente trabajo de nuestro equipo de diseño de ensueño, que puso su pasión y su corazón en este proyecto, y también de nuestros ingenieros del centro de I+D. Hicieron este logro juntos. También refleja la competitividad de la identidad de diseño de Genesis Two Lines en el mercado global”.

Mientras tanto, el sistema de carga inalámbrico para vehículos eléctricos Genesis y el cargador doméstico para vehículos eléctricos Genesis fueron reconocidos por su diseño centrado en el ser humano. El sistema de carga Genesis Wireless EV ofrece una experiencia perfecta con una aplicación que brinda información en tiempo real sobre el estado de carga y más. El cargador doméstico Genesis EV refleja el aspecto característico de la marca y ofrece una comodidad sin igual. Al agregar un carrete para que el cable se pueda rebobinar sin problemas, Genesis ha hecho que el dispositivo sea más seguro que otros en el mercado. Las características de diseño funcional, como la capota, el soporte ajustable para adaptarse a conductores de diferentes alturas y la autenticación RFID, hacen que se destaque aún más.

Desde su creación en 1950, los Good Design Awards han reconocido la excelencia en el diseño en todo el mundo. Su objetivo es crear conciencia sobre el diseño contemporáneo, para honrar a los innovadores en diseño y fabricación, así como a sus productos.

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Satoshi Island is now ready to be developed into a real-world crypto economy and blockchain based democracy

Satoshi Island is now ready to be developed into a real-world crypto economy and blockchain based democracy

Satoshi Island is a 32 million square foot private island, located in the tropical paradise of Vanuatu, tucked between Australia and Fiji. The island, which is owned by Satoshi Island Holdings Limited, is intended to become home for crypto professionals and enthusiasts, with a goal to be considered the crypto capital of the world. After years of preparation, a green light from the Vanuatu Prime Minister and Minister Of Finance and all approvals in place, Satoshi Island is now ready to be developed into a real-world crypto economy and blockchain based democracy.

Own a real piece of the island

Turn your crypto into a physical asset with Satoshi Island NFTs

Island design & development

The master planning and development process is provided by world renowned architectural firm, James Law Cybertecture.

Modular development is the future of city building, instead of decades they will be completed within a few short years” – James Law 2010

Made for the crypto community

Satoshi Island is poised to become the crypto capital of the world, intended to bring together thousands of crypto professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

Continue Reading

Continue reading to learn more about how Satoshi Island will serve the crypto community.

Advanced NFT Security

As Satoshi Island is a real place and what holders do with their NFTs effect the future of the island, owning a Satoshi Island NFT requires a level of responsibility not usually associated with NFT ownership. With this in mind, Satoshi Island NFTs come with additional security features to help keep them in the right hands in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Public Opening
Q1 2023

Building Homes in Metaverse

With infrastructure and module installation complete on at least one area of the island, home owners will be able to begin residing on the island or renting out their homes to short and long stay visitors.

Opportunities for you and your business

Crypto Projects
Satoshi Island has vast amount of land reserved for projects interested in setting up a base on the island. Companies of all sizes are welcome and we have dedicated co-working space to suit start-ups, all the way up to entire campuses where large projects can build satellite offices, company retreats or even permanent headquarters.
Anyone can own a piece of Satoshi Island by purchasing Land NFTs. Buy a whole block and build a property for yourself or for rental purposes, or buy with others and decide together what to do with the block. Share usage with your co-owners and enjoy time on the island or lease out your property to other Satoshi Islanders… The choice is yours!
Blockchain Events
Satoshi Island is the perfect place to hold blockchain events and has ample space to host them. Organizers who wish to make Satoshi Island their venue of choice will benefit greatly from the targeted community on their door step. Whether a new or existing event, Satoshi Island provides a setting like no other.

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CM Studio Paris’ Co-Founder Jonh Coury Gives Exclusive Interview – Unravelling Magical Interiors


Design Limited Edition had the opportunity and the privilege to talk with the amazing and talented Jonh Coury, the co-founder of CM Studio Paris. Together with Florent Maillard, the interior designers give life to timeless interiors, with a taste of French elegance. We had a chance to discover all the details behind his outstanding work, are you ready to find out?

Jonh Coury and Florent Maillard founders of CM Studio Paris.
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When asked about the studio’s main mission, CM Studio Paris‘s co-founder shared that the goal is “to magnify the life of their customers by designing for them timeless and magical interiors. We want them to feel comfortable in refined environments that will remain perennially fashionable.”

A Paris Apartment On Île De La Cité
A Paris Apartment On Île De La Cité

Currently working on new and exciting projects, in France, the UK, Croatia, Serbia, and so on, Jonh Coury believes in the importance of social networks, rising in recent years, as a way to promote their work, and to keep a relationship with their audience, that goes behind continents, until Brazil!

A Paris Duplex In Le Marais

We believe that people are getting really bored with minimalism and that there is a real new interest for “twisted classicism”! “Nothing is more modern than antiquity” used to say Karl Lagerfeld.

Jonh Coury

Timeless interiors that magnify existence through eclecticism and poetry.

CM Studio Paris

French elegance and refinement are probably the aspects that best characterize CM Studio Paris, and what their clients feel more attracted by. “Most of our customers this year are Foreign customers for whom we are renovating apartments in Paris but also big properties in the French countryside and abroad”.


When it comes to the importance of craftsmanship, and its quality, Jonh Coury believes it gives them a competitive advantage, explaining why foreign customers are starting to approach CM Studio Paris to realize projects outside of France.

A Paris Duplex In Le Marais

The wonder duo keeps standing out with the most ostentatious and bespoke settings in the interior design world. According to the interior designer, in terms of upcoming design trends, maximalism is the way to go. “We believe that Light, shining metals, natural materials, round shaped furniture, and maximalism will be more and more attractive in the years to come. And CM Studio Paris has a role in promoting those trends to a brand new category of customers.”

A Paris Duplex In Le Marais

All images – courtesy of CM Studio Paris

Luxury Furniture For An Arabic Interior Design


Be inspired by Boca do Lobo´s new arrivals and give your home top-notch interior design. These luxury furniture pieces embrace the exclusive lifestyle of the middle east and will certainly make an impact with their timeless design!


Luxury Furniture For An Arabic Interior Design voltaire walnut sideboard 04 boca do lobo 1 776x1024

A contemporary sideboard enveloped by manually sculptured panels with decorative elements finished in high gloss black lacquer. The statement twist lies on the asymmetrical hand-hammered fitting of a golden polished brass sheet on the right side of the top, and base detail.

Luxury Furniture For An Arabic Interior Design voltaire walnut sideboard 05 boca do lobo

This luxury furniture piece was conceived to enrich any living space, a masterpiece that carries centuries of history and finest craftsmanship into a contemporary design.

Luxury Furniture For An Arabic Interior Design voltaire black sideboard 01 boca do lobo 1

With both the Walnut and Black version, these luxury furniture pieces give the perfect Arabic vibe to any interior design project in the middle east. The Voltaire embraces perfectly the middle eastern luxurious and exclusive lifestyle and their timeless design reflects that.

Heritage Sideboard boca do lobo news pieces 2


Luxury Furniture For An Arabic Interior Design imperfectio modular sofa 09 boca do lobo

The Imperfectio Modular Sofa is the expression of unexpected aesthetic, the appeal of that which is authentic art that is truer to life. This luxury furniture piece praises artisanal work as the ultimate form of functional yet exclusive design and fits perfectly in a middle eastern villa with an interior design fit for a king.

Luxury Furniture For An Arabic Interior Design imperfectio modular sofa 02 boca do lobo

Imperfectio modular sofa is composed of a linear L-shaped sofa paired with an upholstered ottoman. The solid wood structure of this luxury furniture piece is enveloped by irregular polished brass, founded on elegant slim brass feet.

Luxury Furniture For An Arabic Interior Design imperfectio modular sofa 02 boca do lobo 1

Available in a wide selection of natural and bright colors.
Surprisingly comfortable, This luxury furniture piece is a high-quality and statement sofa perfect for sophisticated living areas of a large family, or a person who loves to gather their loved ones.


Luxury Furniture For An Arabic Interior Design hera round ii suspension lamp 03 boca do lobo

This luxury furniture piece lighting fixture is molded to resemble the features and look of a round golden branch, with two different tiers with pendant lights hanging from around the structure.

Luxury Furniture For An Arabic Interior Design hera round i suspension lamp 01 zoom boca do lobo

Handmade from cast brass, this chandelier has an organic shape and intricate contemporary details to create an adjustable arrangement in a harmonious ensemble. Suitable for luxury villas and upscale rooms.

Luxury Furniture For An Arabic Interior Design hera round ii suspension lamp 02 boca do lobo

Both versions of the Hera will offer your middle eastern interior design project the elegance and luxury they deserve. Both luxury furniture pieces shine an Arabic vibe upon your home.

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Boca Do Lobo – Luxury Exclusive Design Furniture


Boca Do Lobo – luxury Exclusive Design Furniture – Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home

Modern Design Trends For Your Hallway

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home guggenheim cabinet 01 boca do lobo

This handcrafted, extremely versatile and unique piece is ideal for storing glassware and fine silver collectables – a great complement to any classic or modern interior setting.

Modern Design Trends For Your Reading Corner

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 2

A dark room decorated with one-of-a-kind pieces such as the Imperfectio Armchair.


Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home imperfectio armchair 01 boca do lobo
Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 2

A mid-century corner with a customized armchair. Picture this: getting home from work, and pick that book that is waiting for you on the shelf!

Modern Design Trends For Your Dining Room

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 3

Dining tables are synonymous with celebration. Besides that, these wonderful elements will add depth and sophistication to your dining room – it can be simple and it can be complex, depending on your own personal style. For us, Fortuna will always have a special place in our hearts.

Modern Design Trends For Your Living Room

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 4 1 scaled

Through a passionate explosion of romance and drama, the Venice Mirror stirs emotion in anyone that catches its eye. Hand cut and carved by an experienced artisan whose passion for glasswork goes back as far as his childhood, Venice represents Boca do Lobo’s ambition to bring value to true craftsmanship through contemporary design.

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home venice mirror 01 boca do lobo
Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 4 2 scaled

The creativity and rich decoration of the Versailles Palace contributed to the inspiration of the creation of this exuberant sofa. Boca do Lobo opens the way to freedom and the need of bringing extravagant creations to life.


Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home versailles sofa 02 boca do lobo
Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 4 3

Modern furniture is all about clean lines, a restrained palette and stripped-down simplicity.

Modern Design Trends For Your Office

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 5 2

Every home office area should strive for the ultimate fusion of functionality and beautiful design.

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 5 1

The Boulevard modern desk is a highly desirable classical piece. Perfect for your home office, or for a private space in your modern house, where you wish to register your thoughts and your ideas.

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home boulevard desk 01 boca do lobo

Modern Design Trends For Your Master Bedroom

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 6 5

Surround yourself with luxury and highlight all the best fixtures of any room with exquisite lighting designs.

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 6 6

The perfect setting for a modern master bedroom!

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 6 8

A minimal corner to rest and relax, with soft tones and simple pieces, that make this bedroom a marvellous space.

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 6 2

Pink interiors have something special and lovely about them, right?

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 6 3 1 scaled

After you see it you will never unsee this delicate and carefully handmade armchair especially drawn for the little ones.

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 6 1

With beautiful brown tones and gold embellishments, this cosy bedroom area is perfect for reading a book or simply relaxing.

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 6 11

A beautiful bedroom space and an amazing view, with stunning pieces and neutral tones.

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 6 9

A magical bedroom that will make you daydream! Without a doubt, the monochromatic style helps to enhance the incredible lighting set. Looks like someone is going to sleep under the stars!

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 6 10

We simply can’t get enough of this gorgeous blue kid’s bedroom décor. Blue can be simultaneously as bright and vivid as it is a complimentary neutral. That’s why it’s one of our top picks for bedroom palettes.

Modern Design Trends For Your Master Bathroom

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 6 7

A glamorous idea is the white and golden combination. A pure white bathroom design can be enhanced by golden drawer hardware that can fit any elegant bathroom. The hardware design should be considered an important part of your bathroom decor renovation.

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 7 1 1

This beautiful item features a cluster of gold plated brass asymmetrical bars enveloping a black leather structure, that results in a blend of artful and stout personality.

Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 7 2

A beautiful blue-coloured stone wall and golden details are our favourite ingredients for a luxury bathroom design! Through a passionate explosion of romance, the Venice Mirror awakens an emotion in anyone who catches your eye. The Eden Freestanding and Towel Rack pieces represent our ambition to add value to true craftsmanship through contemporary design.


Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home eden freestanding 01 boca do lobo
Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 7 3

A striking powder room that will amaze your guests! The Newton Washbasin is a unique wonder with spheres handcrafted one by one and looks fabulous with the Magma Mirror and its exquisiteness.


Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home newton washbasin 01 boca do lobo
Modern Design Trends For A Contemporary Home 7 1

A white bathroom sets our hearts aflutter every time we see one. All-white bathrooms scream classic, clean, and cool, but you don’t want them to be too cold. So how do you add warmth to a colourless place? By playing with different materials and finishes!





BUGATTI and TIDAL Audio are united in a shared philosophy: to strive for perfection without limits in order to perform with exceptional design, effort and uncompromising spirit. The two companies, leading in their respective fields of exclusive luxury automotive design and premium audio systems, will set a new standard for home music systems – introducing ‘the BUGATTI of home audio’. The two companies will work to establish a new category of sound systems, underpinned by unrivalled exclusivity and high quality like no other.

The partnership between BUGATTI and TIDAL Audio begins with the “Royale” range of speakers that lead the way for luxury in the home audio sector. Technical avant-garde meets a passion for design, the perfect finish and outstanding results – with the visual promise of the breathtaking performance that follows. Just as the engine of a Bugatti hyper sports car releases power and emotions, this unrivaled sound impresses with its finest definition and incredible power.

The superlative quality becomes its own metaphor and redefines the parameters of audio equipment design. Just as the BUGATTI models on four wheels give an almost infinite number of possibilities for customization, the options list for this new standard of home audio is equally as unique. As for the design there are two main themes: Monocoque and Duotone. One can select between piano finishes or avant-garde color and material combinations. Each “Royale” loudspeaker pair can be customized with carbon fiber, fabrics, leather, polished stainless steel, dark aluminum or precious metal surfaces.

The front of the speakers show the BUGATTI logo plaque, finished in polished stainless steel and curved to accommodate the shape of the unit up to the brand’s qualities for personalization and performance – every set of speakers by TIDAL for BUGATTI is subject to a very personal bespoke ordering process, allowing the customer to share their precise vision of the best audio system in the world. And the plaque at the backside, branded ‘TIDAL for BUGATTI’, underlines the exclusive cooperation.

The “Royale” is deploying four subwoofer drivers per speaker and a 3-way front unit with a midrange-driver and tweeter with diamond diaphragms. The diamond diaphragm tweeter can be also found in our cars. The Royale is an active speaker with housing extremely powerful amplifier channels inside. The matching music controller allows to connect to all kinds of sources, including music streaming services and TV and can be controlled with smart devices.

The start of the partnership manifests itself in the ‘Edition Noir’ and ‘Edition Blanc’, each limited to only 15 pairs.

About TIDAL Audio:
TIDAL Audio was founded in Germany 1999 by entrepreneur and music enthusiast Jörn Janczak with a clear vision of building the finest audio systems in the world. From the beginning TIDAL Audio pursued single-mindedly the ambition to redefine quality in the sphere of sound systems. TIDAL Audio systems are a combination of passion and professionalism never sparing any efforts to reach new heights in audio quality and design aspirations. TIDAL Audio serves prestigious clients around the world and has received multiple awards from leading reviewers and magazines.

TIDAL Audio GmbH
Immendorfer Str.1
50354 Hürth
+49 2233 9669225