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Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

It’s time to get inspired to renovate your home decor with these Luxury Rooms ideas. Over the past years, LUXXU has ambitiously envisioned a series of luxury rooms that are reigned by singularity and luxury but always keep comfort a priority. LUXXU Blog is proud to present the ultimate collection of these inspiring interiors, gathered in one single book to stimulate your senses. Discover more in this new article!

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Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Welcome To A Luxurious Way Of Living

The Most Amazing Living Rooms

The high ceilings allow one to completely appreciate each design’s splendour. The Thomson sofa draws interest with its elongated and beautiful design. The Magna Chandelier is the focal point of this deluxe mansion’s living room. The idea for this piece came from the organic shapes of nature and the stunning mountain view that is associated with this home’s location. Finally, the Lloyd Bookcase makes a strong statement with its classic and subtle forms.

Magna Chandelier
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Thomson Sofa
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Lloyd Bookcase
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

In this contemporary and neutral living room setup, the Algerone Long Side Table behind the sofas is blended into the design while still radiating refinement and distinction.

Algerone Long Side Table
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Galea Armchair
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Algerone Bookcase
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

This living room acquires classical proportions with column features, and marble accents as well as patterned and geometric designs being an instrumental part of the decor. Taking the lead is two Senzu sofas, modern leather pieces with integrated side tables with a Kenya black marble top and a stainless steel base. The Majestic chandelier illuminates the central area, offering a more romantic yet daring atmosphere.

Senzu Sofa
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Majestic Chandelier
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Dining Rooms To Die For

Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

This elegant dining room, though small, is filled with ostentatious design elements. Additional items that add to comfort and luxury are the Algerone Rectangular Dining Table and Chairs. For the area’s lighting, the Waterfall Rectangular Suspension was selected. This piece creates the appearance of waterfalls in the dining room. It is made of ribbed fine tubes of crystal glass and gold-plated brass. The Nubian Sideboard, which was positioned right next to the window, contains additional geometric details. The wooden flooring and translucent accents are examples of these details.

Algerone Rectangular Dining Table
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Algerone Dining Chair
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Nubian Sideboard
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

A breathtaking dining space, just like private rooms at luxury restaurants in Los Angeles. Around the magnificent custom, Littus oval dining table are, of course, 14 Charla dining chairs, the first Charla piece ever. It already feels like Hollywood! The Shard Suspension is the perfect lighting fixture for this exclusive dining room design.

Littus Oval Dining Table
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Charla Dining Chair
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Shard Suspension
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Entryways To Luxury
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

LUXXU chose to decorate this luxury mansion in Texas with a closed hallway. A contemplative setting that perfectly combines comfort and luxury. The Scarp console, Algerone mirror, and Nubian ottoman all transform into the perfect places to unwind after a long day.

Scarp Console
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Algerone Mirror
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Nubian Ottoman
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

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Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

The white walls of this entryway contrast with the golden accents, revealing the interior’s richness. LUXXU chose the Babel chandelier to make a statement, a lighting fixture with delicacy via its crystal teardrop glass and a tremendous presence. The Nubian console, an enriched quintessence of luxury and exquisite elegance, pairs nicely with the gold-plated brass. Two Tenor ottomans with the best upholstery were placed to compliment the doorway.

Babel Chandelier
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Tenor Ottoman
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Bedrooms For The Perfect Slumber

Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

This master bedroom is a stunning place that has been carefully created with the highest-quality materials and exquisite finishing. The proper choice of luxury lighting fixtures, as well as furniture pieces with classic gold elements and sophisticated finishes, will take this design to the next level once more. The Charla XL Bed, Waltz Dresser, Charla Nightstand, and Tenor Ottoman were the only pieces of furniture that could produce this look.

Charla XL Bed
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Waltz Dresser
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

The Algerone Bed was first altered to show how this item can be adjusted to whatever needs any family may have. The Algerone Nightstand is the ideal bedside table because of its marble countertop, which offers the greatest beauty and is situated exactly in the middle of the bed. The Liberty Small Table Lamp that rests on top of it gives this bedroom an endless amount of elegance and charm, and the Liberty Slim Pendants that hang on each side of the beds are a feast for the eyes and perfect for anyone who likes illuminating details.

Algerone Bed
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Liberty Small Table Lamp
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Offices With The Most Stylish Concepts

Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

The Charla Office Chair is the perfect upholstery solution for a modern home office with its timeless lines and ultimate comfort. For this Hong Kong penthouse office, LUXXU selected the Tycho Collection to brighten the room with the table lamp, the suspension lamp, and the floor lamp.

Charla Office Chair
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Tycho Suspension
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

This office space is the perfect room for those who love to work with comfort, a luxury aesthetic, and a breathtaking view. A project that reunites luxury and sophistication with functionality and comfort. A perfect symphony between LUXXUs pieces: the timeless design of the Charla Office Chair, the functional sophistication of the Apotheosis Desk; the beautiful lines of the Lloyd Bookcase, the charming gold details of the Pharo III Table Lamp, and the Skyline Suspension that irradiates smooth lighting throughout.

Apotheosis Desk
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Skyline Suspension
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

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Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Timeless Bathrooms
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

This modern bathroom has a decor like no other, with details that provide a new sense of luxury. The Pharo Small Pendant Lamp brings richness to the atmosphere through the golden brass, as the custom version of the Empire Mirror completes the decor with LUXXU’s most iconic lines.

Pharo Small Pendant
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Empire Mirror
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

The tortoise suspension cabinet and the Empire Plafond make this a dream bathroom. White and golden colours show a marvellous piece, contrasting with the golden tap and sink and black legs. Highly functional, yet beautifully designed.

Empire Plafond
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Outdoors That Are Real Paradises

Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

The Hampton Sunloungers near the pool in this outdoor area offer the ultimate comfort and revive the art of lounging. In the back, the Charla Wood dining chairs and Vertigo dining table combine flawlessly in an outdoor dining setting, and the Nebo floor lamp adds a dash of sculptural charm to the area.

Hampton Sunlounger
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Vertigo Dining Table
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Anyone will appreciate the amenities of this private outdoor space, which provides residents and visitors with a comfortable retreat even on the hottest days. In a roomy atmosphere, unwind with friends or read in the Hampton Wood Armchairs and Hampton Wood Sofas from MYSA. When night falls the unique fire pit in the middle table may be lit for everyone’s comfort.

Hampton Wood Armchair
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Hampton Wood Sofa
Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home Decor

Did You Feel Inspired By These Luxury Rooms?

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Luxury Rooms: Inspirations For Your Home
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Get Ready For Miami Art And Design Week 2022

Miami Art And Design Week 2022 is fast approaching, and collectors, dealers, and art enthusiasts are readying their wallets, presentations, and schedules. World-renowned and emerging fairs will draw the biggest names in contemporary art and design to the sandy beaches, palm tree-lined streets, and Art Deco hotels for which Miami is famous.

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The main events of the week are Art Basel in Miami Beach, New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA), Untitled Art, Design Miami/, Scope and Art Miami present ideal opportunities to discover new artists and build your collection, at a variety of price points. While Miami truly has something for everyone, this curated selection of fair highlights will help you guide your week, complete with dates and locations for each exhibitor mentioned below.

Discover Everything You Need To Know About Art Basel Miami HERE

Untitled Art

Where: Ocean Drive & 12th Street, Miami Beach

When: Tuesday, November 29 – Saturday, December 3

Directly on the sands of Miami Beach, Untitled Art is a highlight of the week because of both the art on view and the prime location. Untitled features established contemporary art dealers who show a strong selection of emerging and mid-career artists with international reach. The curation is always top-level.

This year’s edition of Untitled includes an impressive presentation of Ukrainian artists from the Kyiv-based Voloshyn Gallery. Mixed-media works by Nikita Kadan will be on view, reflecting on the memory and history of war at large, in order to better understand the current conflict with Russia.

Another highlight will be Asya Geisberg Gallery’s booth, with new works by Marjolijn De Wit, Melanie Daniel, Rebecca Morgan, and Shane Walsh. Particularly captivating are De Wit’s paintings, which are filled with ceramic objects that explore man’s relationship with nature and the built environment.

Making its Untitled debut is Carvalho park, which is showing large, luminous paintings by Yulia Iosilzon and Maximilian Rödel. Carvalho Park’s booth will exhibit Rödel’s soft pastel renderings of dreamy skies and sunsets.

The fair will also feature events, panels, and performances throughout the week, including Her Clique’s “What Can Art Do?” conversation series with leading artists and curators such as Zoë Buckman and Hank Willis Thomas, who will explore art as a political and social tool.

Several special projects will also draw viewers. Artist Rachel Garrard, for example, will mount a site-specific installation of large, rusted steel sculptures that appear to emerge from the sand, connected by drawn lines and mounds that create patterns and geometric symbols. Mexico-based Collector is responsible for this installation, named Pathways Beyond Time.

New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA)

Where: Ice Palace Studios, 1400 North Miami Avenue, Miami

When: Wednesday, November 30 – Saturday, December 3

Celebrating its 20th edition, the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) Miami fair brings together small and mid-size galleries presenting an exciting selection of emerging and mid-career artists. Located in Downtown Miami, the fair embraces the warm climate with outdoor lounging areas where visitors can relax and enjoy a robust series of panels, music performances, workshops, and artist talks.

A highlight of the fair will be Sapar Contemporary’s booth, featuring a new series of acrylic prints by Zinaida, entitled “She.”. The artist completed these works in Kyiv in June 2022 under constant bombing and limited access to electricity. The woman in “She” wears a costume that symbolizes eternal, divine feminity and contains references to Ukrainian, Greek, Berber, Arabic, Bulgarian, and Jewish cultures. Another highlight will be Shulamit Nazarian’s booth, which celebrates gallery artists with recent or upcoming career milestones.

NADA will also host its third Curated Spotlight section, featuring eight solo presentations of artists from NADA galleries, selected by a renowned curator. This year’s grouping was selected by Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels, director of Jack Shainman Gallery and founder of the gallery We Buy Gold. Included in the Curated Spotlight is Olympia, which will present new dreamy, eff tempera paintings by Lee Maxey.

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Get Ready For Miami Art And Design Week 2022

Art Miami

Where: 1 Herald Plaza, NE 14th Street & Biscayne Bay, Miami

When: Wednesday, November 30 – Sunday. December 4

Located downtown, across Biscayne Bay, is Art Miami, the city’s longest-running art fair. Now in its 32nd edition, it shares space with partner fair Context. With windows overlooking the palm tree-lined bay, Art Miami celebrates the city’s tropical climate. The fair features emerging and established galleries that exhibit an eclectic range of media. Installation and digital art are on view alongside more traditional examples of modern and contemporary art.

A highlight of the fair will be Hillis Taggart’s two booths. The gallery is exhibiting a stunning selection of colourful, abstract paintings by contemporary artists Hollis Heichemer, Alex Kanevsky, and Bill Scott. Particularly engaging are Kavensky’s abstracted domestic scenes and figurative works, as well as Heichemer’s poetic paintings, which are inspired by the environment surrounding her New Hampshire home.

Seoul-based Pyo Gallery is bringing work by a selection of leading Korean artists including Chun Kwang Young, whose predominant medium is the handmade Korean paper called hanji. Chun is known for his unique “aggregation” works, which are three-dimensional objects wrapped and tied with hanji.

Reflecting on the current war in Ukraine, Art Miami is also featuring several artists who are donating portions of their sales to support various Ukrainian fundraisers. British printmaker Phil Shaw, for instance, has made a limited-edition run of charity prints, “Solidarity”, which will be on view with Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery. Exhibitors will also show their support by highlighting Ukrainian artists, such as Avant Gallery exhibition of Kyiv-based Lina Condes’ stainless steel sculpture The Thinker.

Design Miami/

Where: 1800 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach

When: Wednesday, November 30 – Sunday, December 4

Design Miami/ features some of the biggest names in contemporary design, as well as noteworthy emerging designers and dealers. This year’s fair will mark the 18th edition of Design Miami/ with a special theme: “The Golden Age: Looking to the Future.” Selected by the fair’s curatorial director Maria Cristina Didero, the uniting concept expands on that of this summer’s Design Miami/ in Basel, “The Golden Age: Rooted in the Past.” The idea is to explore the stylistic and metaphorical concept of a golden age that can be a utopian, hopeful future or an idealized history.

Highlights include the Design Miami/ debut of Superhouse. The gallery is presenting “Dreamroom,” a booth from the Curio section that takes the form of an immersive bedroom scene with wild forms and bold colours, featuring designs by Ellen Pong, Kim MupangilaïRyan Decker, and Sean Gerstley. In line with the cutting-edge and exploratory ethos of the Curio section, Superhouse’s designs include a futuristic, playful side table and lamp by Pong that is part horse, part dolphin.

Throughout the fair, mirrors aboundEmma Scully Gallery, in its Design Miami/ debut, will present a Curio booth entitled “Reflecting Women,” dedicated to mirrors by female designers; and Gallery All will bring several new cast bronze peach mirrors by The Haas Brothers, including one whimsical, splashy design entitled Mirrorianne Boesky, after the duo’s gallerist Marianne Boesky.

The fair is also known for its luxury partners such as Audi, Perrier-Jouët, and Fendi, which will present a range of exclusive new projects and immersive experiences throughout the week. Particularly exciting is Come Stai?, a new chair by Gaetano Pesce with Matthieu Blazy for Bottega Veneta, in the luxury brand’s first partnership with Design Miami/.


Where: Ocean Drive & 8th Street, Miami Beach

When: Wednesday, November 30 – Sunday, December 4

Like Untitled Art, Scope is located on the sands of Miami Beach. Celebrating its 21st edition this year, the fair provides a platform for artistic innovation, embracing artists and exhibitors who are diverse and experimental. Scope aims to showcase contemporary art with a global lens and engage in critical issues and global politics.

A highlight of Scope will be the booth for Knowhere Art Gallery, a Black-owned space based in Martha’s Vineyard. The gallery will present new paintings from rising star Charly Palmer’s “Infinite Black” series, which is inspired by Black power, pride, and strength. Also of note is Imago, a gallery based in Lugano, Switzerland, which will show works by Andrea Gallotti, Matteo Pugliese, and Tom Vack. New abstract, mixed-media paintings by Gallotti will showcase the artist’s explorations of colour, material, and gesture.

Also embracing mixed media is The Contemporary Art Modern Project, based in Miami and Westport, Connecticut, which is presenting several mixed-media and fibre works including Sherene, a vibrant new figurative collage by Brazilian artist Silvana Soriano. The piece exemplifies Soriano’s interest in using art to explore narratives, poems, and personal stories.

Scope also features The New Contemporary, an experiential, multidisciplinary program in the atrium where daily events will occur. Included in this year’s program are musical performances, panel discussions, and morning healing and meditation sessions.

Going To Attend Miami Art And Design Week 2022?

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Get Ready For Miami Art And Design Week 2022
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The AD100 2023: The Icons Of Architecture, Interior & Landscape Design

Every year Architectural Digest launches a list of the architects and interior designers who stood out the most during the year – it’s that time of the year! From the United States and around the world, AD1002023 is a list that includes the top talents in Interior Decoration, Architecture, and Landscape Design. Inspiration And Ideas bring you the 100 icons and the fabulous list of the AD100 Hall of Fame.

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The AD100 2023: The Icons Of Architecture And Interior Design

The goal of every designer is, of course, to exceed their client’s expectations. But when a project attracts editorial attention, the result is exceptionally rewarding. These AD100 designers have all graced the pages of Architectural Digest with the most amazing projects.


Making their debut on the AD100 list in 2023 we have great names. From New York (US), Bories & Shearron Architecture, Hadley Wiggins, Josh Greene Desing, Neal Becjstedt Studio, Young Huh Interior Design and Studio Mellone. From Brooklyn (US), Alexis Brown, SO-IL and Halard-Halard Design. Decada straight out of Mexico City, JP Demeyer & Co. from Belgium and Rita Konig from London.

Why Should We Keep An Eye On The 2023 AD100 Talents?

Project after project they deliver defying innovation. They share with us a peculiar picture of the world – the shapes, colours, and narratives only accessible through their eyes. They build new cities and establish new ways of living and expressing themselves.


Apartment 48 – New York, USA 

The Archers – Los Angeles, USA 

Ash – New York, USA

Ashe Leandro – New York, USA

Atelier AM – Los Angeles, USA

Beata Heuman – London, UK

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group – Copenhagen, London, New York, Shenzhen, and Barcelona

Billy Cotton – New York, USA

Carlos Mota Inc. – New York, USA

Casiraghi – Paris, France

Charlap Hyman & Herrero – New York and Los Angeles, USA

Charles & Co. – New York and Los Angeles, USA

Charles de Lisle – Sausalito, California, USA

Clements Design – Los Angeles, USA

Commune Design – Los Angeles, USA

Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates – New York, USA

Dan Fink Studio – New York, USA

Darryl Carter Inc. – Washington, D.C., USA

David Kleinberg Design Associates – New York, USA

David Netto Design – Los Angeles, USA

Dimorestudio – Milan, Italy

Elizabeth Roberts Architects – Brooklyn, USA

Elliott Barnes Interiors – Paris, France

Flack Studio – Melbourne, Australia

Francis Sultana – London, UK

Frank de Biasi Interiors – New York, USA, and Tangier, Morocco

G.P. Schafer Architect – New York, USA

Gachot- New York, USA

Green River Project – Brooklyn, USA

Hallworth Design – Toluca Lake, USA

Jake Arnold – Los Angeles, USA

Jamie Bush + Co. – Los Angeles, USA

Jeffrey Bilhuber LLC –  Bayville, New York, USA

Jeremiah Brent Design – Los Angeles and New York, USA

Joseph Dirand Architecture – Paris, France

Joy Moyler Interiors – New Rochelle, New York, USA

Julie Hillman Design – New York, USA

Justina Blakeney – Los Angeles, USA

Kelly Behun Studio – New York, USA

Ken Fulk Inc. – San Francisco and New York, USA

Kravitz Design – New York and Los Angeles, USA

LAPLACE – Paris, France

Leyden Lewis Design Studio – Brooklyn, USA

Mandy Cheng Design – Los Angeles, USA

Mark D. Sikes – Los Angeles. USA

Markham Roberts Inc. – New York, USA

Marmol Radziner – Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, USA

Martin Brudnizki Design Studio – London, UK, and New York, USA

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design – Los Angeles, USA

Michelle Nussbaumer Design – Dallas, Texas, USA

Miranda Brooks Landscape Design – Brooklyn, USA

Monique Gibson Interior Design – New York, USA

Nate Berkus Associates – Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, USA

Nicole Hollis – San Francisco, USA

Olson Kundig – Seattle and New York, USA

Peter Pennoyer Architects – New York and Miami, USA

Pierce & Ward – Los Angeles and Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Pierre Yovanovitch – Paris, France, and New York, USA

Rafael de Cardenas Ltd. -New York, USA

Reath Design – Los Angeles, USA

Redd Kaihoi – New York, USA

Robert Stilin – New York, USA

Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors – New York, USA

Romanek Design Studio – Los Angeles, USA

Rose Uniacke – London, UK

RP Miller – New York, USA

S.R. Gambrel- New York, USA

Sawyer | Berson – New York, USA

Sheila Bridges Design – New York, USA

Steven Harris Architects – New York, USA

Studio Gang – Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, USA and Paris, France

Studio Giancarlo Valle – New York, USA

Studio KO – Paris, France and Marrakech, Morocco

Studio Peregalli – Milan, Italy

Studio Shamshiri – Los Angeles, USA

Studio Volpe – San Francisco, USA

Studio Zewde – New York, USA

Terremoto – Los Angeles and San Francisco, USA

Tiffany Brooks Interiors – Grayslake, Illinois, USA

Veere Grenney Associates – London, UK

Victoria Hagan Interiors – New York and Palm Beach, USA

Vincent Van Duysen Architects – Antwerp, Belgium

Vincenzo de Cotiis -Milan, Italy

Virginia Tupker Interiors – Darien, Connecticut

Waldo’s Designs – Los Angeles, USA

WHY – Los Angeles and New York, USA

Workstead – Brooklyn, USA

Yellow House Architects – New York and Miami, Florida, USA

A list published annually since 1990, Architectural Digest’s AD100 names a select group of the world’s preeminent architects and designers for the coming year. The exclusive list gives us the names of the inspiring men and women who shape the way we live one building, house, and room at a time. With both firms and designers listed, making the lists gives the career-changing credentials every designer and architect strives for.


Sir David Adjaye – Accra, Ghana, London, UK, and New York, USA

Tadao Ando – Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan

Howard J. Backen – Montecito, Los Angeles, St. Helena, Sausalito, California, USA

Louis Benech – Paris, France

Deborah Berke – New York, USA

Robert Couturier – New York, USA

Madison Cox – New York, USA

Ilse Crawford – London, UK

Ellie Cullman – New York, USA

Thierry Despont – New York, USA

Diller Scofidio + Renfro – New York, USA

Jamie Drake – New York, USA

Mica Ertegun – New York, USA

Norman Foster – London, UK

Jacques Garcia – Paris, France

Frank Gehry – New York, USA

Jacques Grange – Paris, France

Alexa Hampton – New York, USA

Kengo Kuma – Tokyo, Japan, Paris, France, Beijing, China, and Shanghai, China

India Mahdavi – Paris, France

Peter Marino – New York, USA

Lee Mindel – New York, USA

Juan Pablo Molyneux – New York, USA, and Paris, France

Toshiko Mori – New York, USA

Jean Nouvel – Paris, France

Renzo Piano -Milan, Italy

Daniel Romualdez – New York, USA

Annabelle Selldorf – New York, USA

Stephen Sills – New York, USA

Michael S. Smith – New York, USA

Bill Sofield – New York, USA

John Stefanidis – London, UK

Robert A.M. Stern – New York, USA

Rose Tarlow – Los Angeles, USA

Axel Vervoordt – Antwerp, Belgium, and Hong Kong

Kelly Wearstler – Los Angeles, USA

Bunny Williams – New York, USA

With designers of all kinds making it onto the list – some cutting-edge, some classicists, and some raising the bar in international design – each recognized member has a clear vision to bring to the industry. In such a competitive industry coloured by amateurs and short-lived trends, being listed in the AD100 is one of the most gratifying experiences a designer or design firm can have.

Stay With Us To Discover More About AD100!

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The AD100 2023: The Icons Of Architecture And Interior Design
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Antonio Yachts | D50 Coupé, the new flagship of the Barcelona-based brand

D50 Coupé, the new flagship of the Barcelona-based brand

De Antonio Yachts will present the D50 in its new Coupé version at the Düsseldorf Boat ShowDuring the Düsseldorf Boat Show, De Antonio Yachts will present the World Premiereof the new D50 Coupé model, a unique design that exceeds all expectations in its lengthand reinvents the walkaround concept.

Based on the D50 Open and inheriting thewaterlines of its predecessor the D46, European Boat of the Year winner, it offers impressivesailing performance in a perfect combination of sportiness and efficient cruising powered by hidden outboard engines in 4-unit 350hp or 400hp or 2-engine 600hpcombinations.

The new flagship of the Barcelona brand stands out for its stylised superstructure, whichfurther highlights its avant-garde architecture, offering its occupants an encloseddrivingarea for greater comfort and allowing its central part to open up thanks to the retractable canvas roof.

Its deck layout offers impressive sunbathing areas for relaxation, outdoor galley andgenerous deck spaces, without renouncing a very spacious and customisable interior layout with 2 or 3 cabins, one of which can be adapted for a crew cabin or servicecabin. Likewise, the interior can also contain up to two bathrooms, adapting to the needs of each owner. Elegant, sporty, spacious and cabrio, this is the D50 Coupé. Its world premiere will take place at Boot, the Düsseldorf International Boat Show, from21 to 29 January at the brand’s stand (Hall 5/Stand no. 5B20)

Antonio Yachts

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 Lamborghini has opened a spectacular floating pop-up Lounge at the Pearl Doha

Temporary Lounge at The Pearl Doha until the end of December

Sant’Agata Bolognese, November 2022 – Lamborghini has opened a spectacular floating pop-up Lounge at the Pearl Doha. The invite-only Lounge is accessible from the exclusive Marina at Marsa Arabia: VIP guests and Lamborghini owners can experience the world of Lamborghini from 21st November to 18th December.  An official opening event and exclusive presentation of the Urus Performante with 100 guests has been hosted by Automobili Lamborghini management, together with its Middle East & Africa dealer partners from around the Region.

“Lamborghini is a global brand attracting clients from myriad cultures, and we look forward to welcoming diverse international audiences in our various Lounge locations around the world,” said Chairman and CEO Stephan Winkelmann. “The Lamborghini Lounge concept gives us the opportunity to meet up with clients and friends of the brand: we have an established and growing dealership presence in the region, and we look forward to coming together with many owners both from the Middle East and more than 50 markets across the world as we showcase this unexpected and bold project.”

The floating Lounge covers a total of 320 square meters over two floors, with direct views out to sea and back to the Pearl Doha. Displayed on the outside deck is the new Urus Performante, the bar-raising new Lamborghini Super SUV, while exclusive Lounge events will include hosting of the first media and then customers to drive both new Urus Performante and Urus S on roads in the city’s surroundings.

Throughout the Lounge’s unique sojourn at the Pearl Doha guests can enjoy a 360-degree experience: Lamborghini hospitality is offered throughout the day and evening while a recreation of the original Ad Personam studio in Sant’Agata allows owners to customize their new Lamborghini in virtually limitless permutations.

Inside and outside the floating structure, Lamborghini style is perceptible at every angle. Trademark Italian furnishings from Living Divani garnish each indoor and outdoor area. While taking an Italian espresso from the bar, the guests can admire the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 scale model – the luxury speed boat inspired by the performance of the brand’s super sports cars and the design of the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37.  While on the second floor visitors can have a deep immersion into the World of Roger Dubuis and explore the avant-garde watches of the brand that has been Lamborghini’s partner since 2017.

The opening of the Doha Lounge has also seen the Middle East and Africa debut of the Urus Performante, which is raising the bar in every respect.  The Super SUV features increased power of 666 CV and sets the best weight-to-power reference in its segment with a new lightweight, aerodynamic design, chassis set-up and sporty driving dynamics with semi–active suspension and specific drive mode calibration. A new Rally drive mode, dedicated to the Performante version of the Urus, allows the driver to experience supreme driving fun on loose surfaces. The Urus Performante delivers 850 Nm of torque at just 2,300 rpm, acceleration of 0-100 km/h in just 3.3 seconds, and a top speed of 306 km/h.

1 Fuel consumption and emission values of Urus Performante; Fuel consumption combined: 14,1 l/100km (WLTP); CO2-emissions combined: 320 g/km (WLTP)

2 Fuel consumption and emission values of Urus S; Fuel consumption combined: 14,1 l/100km (WLTP); CO2-emissions combined: 320 g/km (WLTP)



Brand Finance at Zenith Effectiveness Week

Brand Finance at Zenith Effectiveness Week

28 November 2022, 10:00–10:30 UK Time

Zenith’s Effectiveness Week runs from the 28th Nov – 2nd Dec, and involves a week’s programme of 30-minute virtual presentations discussing how organisations can make their advertising more effective.

At 10am every morning they will host a speaker to lead a topical debate around making advertising work harder, followed by Q&A. Expect provocative takes on advertising and unique insights into the best work from across the industry.

Annie Brown, General Manager of UK Consulting at Brand Finance, leads the first session of the week at 10am on Monday 28th November, presenting on the topic: Why Brands Matter 2022 – New Big Picture Evidence.

Register your interest for the event here.

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Gunni & Trentino te ofrece la mejor selección de electrodomésticos de alta gama para cocinas,

Frigoríficos, neveras y congeladores de diseño

Electrodomésticos para cocinas de lujo con diseños modernos y clásicos

Gunni & Trentino te ofrece la mejor selección de electrodomésticos de alta gama para cocinas, manteniendo el catálogo permanentemente actualizado con las innovaciones más recientes.

Podemos suministrar cualquier modelo de electrodoméstico que desee incluir en su cocina y también asesorarle en su elección. No solo contamos con grandes productos sino también con pequeños electrodomésticos como cafeteras, exprimidores, y otros accesorios de cocina.

De nada sirve tener una cocina de diseño si no tenemos electrodomésticos que conserven la calidad de los alimentos que vamos a preparar en este espacio ideal. En Gunni & Trentino tenemos una extensa gama de frigoríficos, neveras y congeladores modernos, de alta gama, de las firmas de lujo referentes en el mundo del diseño de interiores para que tus alimentos estén siempre en estado óptimo de conservación y listos para ser preparados.

Un frigorífico o nevera de alta gama se convierte en un lujo ya que te puede cambiar la vida al sacarle todo el provecho para el que está diseñado. Distribución de los espacios, posibilidad de tener diferentes temperaturas en las diferentes secciones de un frigorífico, programación para conservación de sabores y nutrientes y en algunos casos hasta preparación de la lista de la compra, son algunas prestaciones de las neveras y congeladores que puedes encontrar en una cocina Gunni & Trentino.

Dependiendo de tus necesidades, en Gunni & Trentino podemos ofrecerte frigoríficos y congeladores de tamaño americano o de dimensiones estándar con las mejores garantías y calidades que puedes conseguir .

Los electrodomésticos de refrigeración son clave en la cocina para mantener los ingredientes más frescos. En Gunni & Trentino tenemos productos con zonas de climatización separadas y un rendimiento excelente.

Durante los últimos años el departamento de cocinas de  se ha preocupado por la estética de estos electrodomésticos y es por ello que nuestras cocinas cuentan con un diseño que permite integrarlos en un mobiliario hecho a medida. Si estás buscando los frigoríficos y neveras más exclusivos estás en el lugar correcto.


Fundada en 1970, Gunni & Trentino es una empresa española, referente en el sector de la decoración y el diseño, especializada en el interiorismo del lujo, con una extensa experiencia en proyectos de todo tipo a nivel internacional. Abarcan todos los estilos de decoración y en sus tiendas comercializan cocinas, baño & spa, mobiliario de hogar, mobiliario exterior, pavimentos y revestimientos, armarios y puertas, iluminación, mobiliario de oficina, menaje y textiles. Cuentan con sus propias líneas de producto en Cocinas, Baños, Armarios y Vestidores, Piedra Natural y Maderas, y, al mismo tiempo, son distribuidores de las mejores firmas internacionales de diseño, con una selección de más de 600 marcas de élite. Sus tiendas se pueden encontrar en Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao y Marbella, además de en el extranjero (Doha-Qatar).


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Paradox DB7 Video Doorbell agrega protección de vigilancia a la seguridad del hogar o la empresa.

Paradox DB7 Video Doorbell agrega protección de vigilancia a la seguridad del hogar o la empresa.

Audio alto y nítido. Finalmente, hablar y comprender.

Paradox DB7 Video Doorbell agrega protección de vigilancia a la seguridad del hogar o la empresa. Integra seguridad con estilo en tu día a día. Con el DB7, obtendrá la verificación de cada visitante a la entrada de su propiedad. El DB7 le permite ver y escuchar claramente quién está en su entrada las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana, y los servidores de Paradox mantendrán los eventos de sus visitantes hasta 60 días (se aplica un cargo mensual).

El DB7 proporciona video FHD (1920×1080) y altavoz de comunicación bidireccional compatible con una potencia de 2,5 W rms y un altavoz de alta calidad, lo que brinda conversaciones nítidas. El DB7 captura grabaciones previas al evento de 5 segundos, con video excepcional en condiciones de oscuridad, complementado con iluminación IR nocturna. Los eventos push pueden alertar si alguien se acerca, incluso si no tocan el timbre, con PIR y/o detección de video.

Integrado con los sistemas Paradox, la apertura de una puerta se puede configurar fácilmente con un panel PGM o con el control de acceso Paradox. Los datos de video y audio están encriptados con AES. El DB7 usa compresión de datos de video H.264 para ahorrar ancho de banda.

Agregar un timbre inalámbrico interno en cualquier lugar del sitio es fácil con el timbre inalámbrico DBC5 opcional.

BlueEye Application

The newly designed Paradox BlueEye mobile app in conjunction with the Swan server, manages the alarm system, access, lights and garage doors, and also answer calls or connect anytime to the DB7 to view, listen, and talk when desired. Swan service keeps the history of recordings for 60 days when subscribed to recording services. History files can be viewed, downloaded, and protected from editing while in Paradox video format. The BlueEye application is used to configure easily and customize the DB7.

Cifrado de vídeo

Los videos DB7 están encriptados con encriptación TLS de 256 bytes. Paradox no puede descifrar los videos almacenados en nuestros servidores de grabación, solo los usuarios autorizados pueden optar por descifrar y compartir archivos de video desde la aplicación. Seguro, protegido y privado.

La instalación funciona con los cables de timbre existentes, pero NO admite timbre en serie, amplio rango de suministro de 12-24 Vac o CC y 500 mA / 7,5 W mínimo. Se conecta a través de WiFi. El timbre inalámbrico interno se puede agregar fácilmente con el accesorio DBC5.

El DB7 es un dispositivo para exteriores; en caso de robo o vandalismo, Paradox ofrece un programa de seguro. Cuando se inscribe, el DB7 se reemplaza una vez al año, sin preguntas, y dos veces más al año a un costo de $50. Todos los DB7 robados o dañados se incluirán en la lista negra y ya no se podrán utilizar.



  • Contestar llamadas de audio/video con altavoz
  • Ver y escuchar en cualquier momento
  • Módulo de timbre inalámbrico interno opcional (DBC5)
  • Grabe eventos por hasta 60 días en la nubeResolución de vídeo FHD (1080×1920)
  • Audio de alta fidelidad con comunicación bidireccional nítida y clara
  • Modo Día/Noche con iluminación nocturna IR
  • Disparador de eventos con PIR y/o procesamiento de video
  • Notificaciones push
  • Conexión wifi
  • Resistencia al agua/polvo IP65
  • Soporte de montaje en ángulo DB7 (opcional)
  • plan de protección contra robos

Una aplicación
Seguridad, videoportero,
Acceso, Salidas y más.

Soporte de montaje en ángulo DB7
Especificaciones técnicas

Resolution 1920 x 1080 Inverted Full HD, H.264, 15 FPS

DB7 view cam

Night Vision Infrared, 10 FPS, IR Filter when active, Anti-Glare detection
Audio HD, Class D amplifier 2.5W RMS
Power Connection 12-24 AC, DC 500mA / 7.5W minimum (Supply connection
is NOT supporting bells in series)
Detection Type Image recognition and/or PIR detection
Pre-event Recording 5 seconds before event
Field of View 155° Vertical, 94° Horizontal
WiFi 2.4 GHz, supports 802.11b/g/n
Battery Rechargeable Lithium-ion up to 10 hours in normal use
Tamper Wall
Operating Temperature -20 to 45 °C (-4 to 113 °F)
Operating Humidity 80%
Dimensions (H x W x D) 16 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm (6.3 x 2.5 x 1.5 in.)
Weight 180g (6.3 oz)
Color Options Black and white
Certifications CE, FCC, IP65
Installation Requirements Paradox panel produced on or after 2017 with IP150,
IP150+, or PCS265LTE.
All latest FW. Power (two wires), WiFi 2.4 GHz
Internal Chime (optional) DBC5, 433 MHz, 1 per doorbell, up to 100 ft, 8 chime
Cloud Recording
Unlimited event recordings/storage for 60 days, for all calls
(2.5 minutes file length), movement detection up to 30 sec.
and Cooldown 30 sec. All videos include 5 sec. pre-event.
Subscription activation needed via application.
Theft/vandalize Insurance
Insurance purchase available upon registration via BlueEye
mobile application.
Conditions apply.
Warranty 2 years, see full warranty conditions on paradox.com/terms


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Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Choosing the right Round Dining Tables will help you to create a cosy and modern decor. The dining room is that room in your house where comfort must reign after all is where you’ll spend memorable moments. Have you thought that round tables are perfect to gather friends and family, talking and laughing? That is why Inspiration And Ideas show you today a selection of 5 round dining tables designed to welcome and celebrate with your guests.

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Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Let’s Get Inspired By These Round Dining Tables 

Choosing your dining table design sets the tone for the whole room, so make sure you choose wisely from these round dining tables‘ selection. When you’re picking your dining room pieces, you’re blessed with a wealth of different dining tables and dining chairs, the options are limitless and so are the inspirations we have for you.

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Representing the essence of empowermentsophisticationmystics and enticementFortuna features a one-of-a-kind design, with a unique table surface texture and an incredible finish. The statement piece you’ve been waiting for so long is here! This bright ambience gives us a sense of peace with a mix of gold and nude tones.

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor
Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor
Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Extreme simplicity and seductive power – these are the characteristics reflected in each detail that will make you fall in love at first glimpse. Lapiaz Dining Table relates to Boca do Lobo’s tradition of furniture which is inseparably combined with the innovation and vanguard of contemporary art. What are your thoughts?

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor
Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Just like the overall style of the Round Dining Tables design, its materials must be chosen carefully, not only to complement that same style but also to serve the needs of the homeowners. Rustic interior design styles usually look best with wooden furniture, whereas more modern styles usually include glass or marble surfacesPatch Dining Table has an intricate wood veneer top and sculptural base for adding sophistication to any kind of home setting.

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor
Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

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Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Round Dining Tables take up less space than rectangular ones while still being able to fit a decent amount of guests, depending on the size you buy. Round Dining Tables allow guests to face each other during the mealmaking them talk more and be more comfortable overall. On the other hand, rectangular tables take up more room and increase the guest’s personal space.

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor
Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor
Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

The decorations are the perfect touch that will complete your desired Round Dining Table design style. According to the table you chose, the chairscenterpieces and lighting fixtures should complement it and keep the same style. For contemporary homes, a chandelier would suit the area best, along with no tablecloth and only individuals to place the plates. Made in wood and polished brass, this upscale Empire round dining table is an elegant composition of two scaled organic brass tubes.

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor
Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor
Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

Stay With Us To Discover More Round Dining Tables!

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Eclectic Round Dining Tables For Your Home Decor

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Enamórate de los azulejos: la nueva tendencia en muebles de lujo

En Boca do Lobo, más que la creación de los mejores muebles de lujo, nos enorgullece abrazar nuestro patrimonio cultural portugués, y eso significa que tomamos el conocimiento y la artesanía de los más grandes artesanos portugueses, utilizando técnicas antiguas para crear algo espectacular y, sin embargo, , atemporal. Descubra este elemento notable de la arquitectura portuguesa, así como el máximo diseño contemporáneo en estos muebles de lujo con azulejos pintados a mano.

Luxury Furniture


Uno de los aspectos clave de la arquitectura portuguesa y la identidad cultural es el “azulejo”, o azulejos pintados a mano, que se pueden encontrar fácilmente en todo Portugal en diferentes tipos de edificios, tanto en el interior como en el exterior. El Azulejo es una pieza de plato de barro o cerámica, generalmente de forma cuadrada decorada con coloridos diseños que consisten, en la mayoría de los casos, en motivos moriscos. Sin embargo, estos azulejos pintados a mano también suelen representar escenas de la historia portuguesa, como episodios de la era de los Descubrimientos, que recuerdan recuerdos de un pasado lejano e inmortalizan la herencia portuguesa.

Luxury Furniture

El proceso es muy complejo. El dibujo está hecho en papel pergamino que se dibuja con un bolígrafo de graffiti y se estampa con un lápiz de carbón en el azulejo. La pintura se realiza con pintura al agua; un polvo que se mezcla con agua para trabajar la densidad.

Luxury Furniture
Luxury Furniture

El proceso de pintura requiere conocimiento: no demasiado acuoso ni demasiado fuerte. El contorno se hace con el pincel de contorno y luego el fondo se pinta con un pincel de franja para resaltar la pieza. El azulejo pintado a mano va al horno y el resto del carbón desaparece. El proceso está completo.

Luxury Furniture
Luxury Furniture
Luxury Furniture

Heritage Collection honra la tradición, cuenta la historia y eleva cualquier diseño icónico, llevando las técnicas antiguas y la artesanía excepcional a un nivel completamente nuevo.

Luxury Furniture
Luxury Furniture

Fuertemente inspirado en la historia y la cultura portuguesas, Dom Heritage es un cruce entre dos de las piezas de diseño más icónicas de Boca do Lobo, manteniendo la forma del Gabinete Dom Manuel, con el uso del acabado de azulejo que se encuentra en las piezas Heritage.

Luxury Furniture

El Dom Heritage es un homenaje a la gran época del país, así como a su artesanía tradicional que Boca do Lobo busca mantener viva. Inspirada en el estilo manuelino clásico, esta pieza de muebles de lujo presenta elementos de diseño notables.

Luxury Furniture
Luxury Furniture

El aparador Heritage es un viaje magnífico a través del legado portugués. Cubierto de Azulejos, azulejos tradicionales pintados a mano y una de las formas de arte más representativas de la cultura portuguesa, este aparador contemporáneo retrata diferentes escenas de la era de los Descubrimientos del país. El ejemplo perfecto de muebles pintados a mano.

Luxury Furniture

Siglos de historia se reúnen en un solo panel final, y cada capa se ve realzada por espejos verticales en las superficies laterales. El toque de deambular por el rico legado continúa cuando las dos puertas se abren a un interior revestido de pan de oro brillante y un adorno clásico que hace que esta pieza de mobiliario de lujo se distinga por su opulencia.

Luxury Furniture
Luxury Furniture

Dando color a la icónica Consola Lapiaz de Boca do Lobo, Lapiaz Tiles nace de una artesanía excepcional y lleva el diseño a un nuevo ámbito. Esta consola contemporánea está magistralmente cubierta por azulejos tradicionales pintados a mano, combinados con su característica orgánica lograda a través de la colocación manual de la hoja de latón pulido.

Luxury Furniture

La consola Lapiaz Tiles es una pieza de diseño excepcional que luce magnífica en cualquier habitación de lujo. Esta consola contemporánea, magistralmente cubierta por azulejos blancos y azules, es la última adición a su diseño de interiores de lujo.

Luxury Furniture
Luxury Furniture

Una bañera llamativa cubierta con azulejos tradicionales pintados a mano, la bañera Heritage lleva la artesanía y el diseño excepcionales a un nuevo ámbito. Con una lágrima pintada en oro terminada con barniz de alto brillo, refleja la cultura portuguesa de una manera elegante y sofisticada a través de su lujoso diseño contemporáneo.

Luxury Furniture
Luxury Furniture
Luxury Furniture
Luxury Furniture
Luxury Furniture