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Lazzarini Sovrano – Luxury yacht concept

Lazzarini Sovrano – Luxury yacht concept

Lazzarini Sovrano – goes big for its next concept. Spanning 555 feet, the Sovrano teeters toward a private cruise ship with its 50-person capacity.

210421-N-FC670-1062 PACIFIC OCEAN (April 21, 2021) Zumwalt-class guided-missile destroyer USS Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001) participates in U.S. Pacific Fleet’s Unmanned Systems Integrated Battle Problem (UxS IBP) 21, April 21. UxS IBP 21 integrates manned and unmanned capabilities into challenging operational scenarios to generate warfighting advantages. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Shannon Renfroe)

The five-story brute features a three-level atrium with a retractable roof that opens to a pool and garden.

It’s flanked by two platforms on the main deck that can act as dual helipads, swimming pools, or lounge areas, while four electric winches can lower the platform below to the waterline.

ATLANTIC OCEAN (April 21, 2016) The future guided-missile destroyer USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) transits the Atlantic Ocean during acceptance trials April 21, 2016 with the Navy’s Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV). The U.S. Navy accepted delivery of DDG 1000, the future guided-missile destroyer USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) May 20, 2016. Following a crew certification period and October commissioning ceremony in Baltimore, Zumwalt will transit to its homeport in San Diego for a Post Delivery Availability and Mission Systems Activation. DDG 1000 is the lead ship of the Zumwalt-class destroyers, next-generation, multi-mission surface combatants, tailored for land attack and littoral dominance. (U.S. Navy/Released)

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El campeón del almacenamiento: Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept

El campeón del almacenamiento: Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept

  • Audi exhibe concepto para un Avant de clase ejecutiva con sistema de propulsión eléctrica
  • Diseño inconfundible para la era eléctrica
  • Carga rápida con 270 kW – 300 km (186 millas) de alcance en solo 10 minutos

Foto estática,
Color: Valle de Neptuno

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Cadillac Halo Concept 2022

Cadillac Halo Concep Introduces InnerSpace Autonomous Concept at CES 2022

Two-person electric luxury concept offers vision of future personal mobility focused on elevating the passenger experience, grows Cadillac Halo Concept

Today, Cadillac expanded its vision of personal autonomous future mobility with the InnerSpace concept — a dramatic, two-passenger electric and autonomous luxury vehicle.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance the passenger experience along with the increased personal time enabled by fully autonomous mobility, InnerSpace grows the Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio of vehicles envisioned to not only move passengers in a luxurious environment but enhance their well-being. The Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio represents future possibilities with a range of personal autonomous options and advanced connected vehicle features.

“The vehicles of the Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio are designed to provide effortless travel through extraordinary means,” said Bryan Nesbitt, GM executive director, Global Advanced Design and Global Architecture Studio. “They are visions for the next decade and beyond, showing the possibilities enabled by General Motors’ comprehensive approach to autonomous drive technology with the goal of a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.”

Cadillac introduced the first two Halo concepts last year at CES: the PersonalSpace, a single-seat, personal vertical takeoff and landing concept designed to literally move its passenger above the din and congestion of ground traffic, and the SocialSpace, a roomy, autonomous vehicle for up to six, designed to help passengers relax and recharge.

Conceptually, the portfolio repurposes how passengers use their time while traveling, providing a space for solace and respite. Full autonomy relinquishes the responsibility of vehicle control while dramatic design and advanced technologies maintain the sensation of arriving in a Cadillac.

In fact, technologies such as biometric input and AI machine learning are harnessed and complement Cadillac’s signature luxury environment to support unique wellness experiences. Through software-defined features and advanced vehicle connectivity, the Cadillac Concept Halo Portfolio could offer each passenger a truly personalized experience made possible by GM’s Ultifi software platform. Ultifi enables seamless delivery of software updates to customers over the air. The experiences showcased within the Halo Portfolio demonstrate the potential as both Ultifi and autonomous technology continue to evolve.

The PersonalSpace and SocialSpace will join the InnerSpace in GM’s virtual CES experience this week, along with a video glimpse of future luxury travel with another concept — the OpenSpace — to be introduced later.

“Electrification and autonomous driving will fundamentally change the role of vehicles and the experiences customers have with them,” said Nesbitt. “We’re exploring where that will go with these innovative concepts, envisioning mobility as an ally of wellness, giving customers the ultimate luxury, more personal time rather than taking it.”

Reimagining the luxury experience

Early in Cadillac’s history, compact and personal Runabout models enabled customers to explore new and wider horizons. The new InnerSpace concept reimagines that vision, with a fully autonomous experience that allows two passengers to focus on their journey and not driving.

The vehicle’s fully autonomous capability means they could explore more of the world around them, as well as inside the vehicle, with more personal and tailored experiences that add new dimensions to Cadillac’s signature luxury experience. AI-driven biometric input and interfaces, accessible via a large, immersive and panoramic SMD LED display, allow passengers to select from Augmented Reality Engagement, Entertainment and Wellness Recovery themes for their drive. Thanks to Ultifi, Cadillac engineers and authorized third parties will be able to innovate additional themes and features that can be added over the air.

With the Ultium Platform’s wireless battery management system, the battery modules are spread about the concept vehicle, which allowed designers to optimize the cabin for spaciousness and serenity. This design freedom also allowed for a low-profile floor, providing an extremely low, sports car-like seating position.

On the exterior, the dramatically designed InnerSpace features expansive, panoramic glass on the roof and part of the body sides for almost unimpeded views. The roof opens with the doors for more comfortable entry and egress, and the seats also pivot outward when the doors are opened, enhancing the effect.

Even the InnerSpace’s tires are designed to contribute to its solace. Developed by Goodyear for electrified vehicles, they feature SoundComfort technology designed to help mitigate soundwave resonance within the tire for a quiet ride, while soybean oil and rice husk-based silica replaces petroleum-based oil as a key ingredient in their construction. And because autonomous driving takes away some of the driver’s connection with the road, Goodyear SightLine, Goodyear’s tire intelligence technology, conveys important information about pressure, temperature, load and other performance factors.

Virtual exhibit

The new InnerSpace concept and the other vehicles in the Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio can be viewed online, along with the rest of the General Motors display at GMExhibitZero.com.

El BMW Concept XM: Potencia y lujo más allá de lo convencional

El BMW Concept XM: Potencia y lujo más allá de lo convencional

ACTUALIZACIÓN CON MATERIAL GRÁFICO – El BMW Concept XM da un anticipo del que será el modelo de BMW M más potente que jamás se haya fabricado en serie, cuya producción comenzará a finales del próximo año. Al mismo tiempo, el BMW Concept XM muestra los aspectos más destacados de la marca M.

En el marco del salón Art Basel 2021 de Miami Beach, BMW M GmbH presenta por primera vez a nivel mundial un nuevo y expresivo concepto de vehículo. El BMW Concept XM da un anticipo del que será el modelo de BMW M más potente que jamás se haya fabricado en serie, cuya producción comenzará a finales del próximo año. Al mismo tiempo, el BMW Concept XM muestra los aspectos más destacados de la marca M.

La electrificación es la base de una experiencia de conducción extraordinaria, que permite al conductor desplazarse en silencio y disfrutar de las emociones que provocan sus prestaciones, al estilo M. El BMW Concept XM da un avance del que será el nuevo diseño del frontal de los próximos modelos de la clase más alta de BMW. También presentará a su público una versión muy moderna y distintiva del diseño de la gama X de BMW y un concepto totalmente novedoso de lujo y sensación de espacio interior.

El modelo de producción en serie -el BMW XM- se fabricará a partir de finales de 2022 en la planta de BMW Group en Spartanburg (Estados Unidos), el que será a su vez el mercado más importante para el nuevo modelo de altas prestaciones. Así, BMW M presentará su primer vehículo independiente desde el legendario BMW M1 en el año en que celebra su 50 aniversario. El BMW XM estará disponible únicamente en versión híbrida enchufable y exclusivamente como modelo M.

El atrevido diseño exterior del Concept XM refleja las excepcionales prestaciones del coche: dinamismo, agilidad y precisión, además de una autonomía totalmente eléctrica de hasta 80 km. El nuevo sistema de propulsión M Hybrid del BMW Concept XM combina un motor V8 con un motor eléctrico de altas prestaciones para desarrollar una potencia máxima de 550 kW/750 CV y un par máximo de 1.000 Nm. El primer vehículo electrificado de BMW M GmbH en el segmento de las altas prestaciones dibuja el camino hacia el futuro de la marca.

“El BMW Concept XM reimagina el segmento de los coches de altas prestaciones”, dice Franciscus van Meel, CEO de BMW M GmbH. Subraya la capacidad de BMW M GmbH para romper con lo convencional y superar los límites con el fin de ofrecer a los seguidores de la marca la experiencia de conducción definitiva”. El coche de producción en serie -el primer BMW M puro desde el legendario BMW M1- también muestra cómo estamos abordando la electrificación en nuestra marca”.

BMW M sigue su propio camino en el segmento de lujo.

Con el BMW Concept XM, BMW M GmbH está dibujando un nuevo camino en el segmento de lujo. El exterior del coche se centra en la presencia y en una apariencia llamativa. En el interior, el puesto de conducción, con la típica orientación hacia el conductor que ha dado fama a los modelos M, se combina con un nuevo diseño de la parte trasera del habitáculo: con sus confortables asientos y su escultural revestimiento interior iluminado, el M Lounge ofrece a los pasajeros un lujoso habitáculo.

“El diseño del BMW Concept XM es una extravagante declaración de BMW M directa al corazón del segmento de lujo”, dice Domagoj Dukec, Jefe de Diseño de BMW. “Tiene una identidad única y da forma a una experiencia distinta a la de cualquier otro modelo de la gama de BMW”.

El frontal: diseño progresivo para una presencia superlativa.

El BMW Concept XM estrena el nuevo y progresivo diseño frontal de los modelos de lujo de BMW, un concepto que se conocerá por primera vez en 2022 como parte de la ofensiva de modelos de BMW para el segmento de lujo. Los faros se han dividido en dos módulos separados, una nueva característica de diseño que crea un llamativo aspecto visual. La firma lumínica de la luz de conducción diurna en el estilizado módulo superior es especialmente llamativa. Los riñones frontales están colocados entre los faros y se estrechan hacia los bordes exteriores, produciendo un contorno prácticamente octogonal que potencia el carácter dinámico del vehículo. Los elementos negros de la parrilla con los riñones están encerrados en un complejo marco y simulan flotar libremente sobre una superficie en acabado negro brillante. Las lamas dobles típicas de M en el interior de la parrilla aumentan la sensación de anchura. La llamativa iluminación de los contornos da protagonismo a la parrilla, garantizando que el llamativo conjunto formado por los riñones y las luces de conducción diurna sea reconocible también en la oscuridad. El nuevo logotipo XM instalado en la parrilla con los riñones y las grandes tomas de aire dan un aviso de la potencia del motor V8, que se une al motor eléctrico para formar el sistema M Hybrid.

Los detalles específicos M delatan un rendimiento sin concesiones.

La superficie acristalada del BMW Concept XM se eleva verticalmente, acentuando la imponente sensación de fuerza del frontal. El color del techo contrasta con el acabado negro de los pilares A. El parabrisas parece tener una inclinación aún mayor, lo que aporta un moderno dinamismo al frontal. En el techo, por encima de los pilares A, se han integrado unos finos faros LED. El capó, cuidadosamente esculpido, prolonga los contornos de la parrilla formando dos cúpulas. Un par de entradas de aire en el capó replican el aspecto de los faros LED del techo y añaden un toque dinámico adicional. Enmarcando el borde inferior de la escultural carrocería están las limpias superficies negras del faldón delantero. Las láminas triangulares en el color de la carrocería situadas en los bordes exteriores dan protagonismo a las tomas de aire verticales, al tiempo que subrayan la postura deportiva y musculosa del BMW Concept XM.

La vista lateral: una inconfundible expresión de dinamismo.

Las poderosas y marcadas proporciones del BMW Concept XM subrayan la identidad del coche y atraen la atención hacia las formas Coupé de su carrocería. El llamativo frontal, el alargado capó y la estirada e inclinada línea del techo presentan un característico diseño de dos volúmenes con un contorno distintivo. El diseño de las ventanillas se va estrechando significativamente a medida que se acerca a la parte trasera, haciendo que la vista lateral sea más dinámica.

La pintura bicolor del BMW Concept XM pronuncia aún más sus distintivas líneas: la parte superior está pintada en color Gold Bronze con acabado mate, mientras que la parte inferior luce el tono Space Grey metalizado. Bajo las molduras de las ventanillas, una amplia línea en negro brillante separa los dos colores exteriores formando “el cinturón negro (Black Belt)”. Los retrovisores exteriores M confieren al coche un aspecto limpio y tecnológico, conservando todo el carácter deportivo. El conector de carga instalado por detrás de la rueda delantera izquierda recuerda que bajo el capó se encuentra el sistema de propulsión M Hybrid.

En toda la vista lateral, las líneas de acentuación tienen una fuerte presencia en su nacimiento y se van desvaneciendo paulatinamente, acentuando la sensación de agilidad y modernidad del coche. Las expresivas luces traseras se extienden hasta los flancos del coche y crean una llamativa transición hacia la parte trasera. Las molduras negras por encima de los pasos de rueda y en los faldones laterales, típicas de los modelos de BMW X, están muy bien definidas y confieren a la carrocería un aspecto elevado. La alargada carrocería se asienta sobre unas llantas de aleación ligera de 23 pulgadas, que aportan un extra de presencia y solidez a la vista lateral.

La parte trasera: una estatura poderosa y un diseño recién interpretado.

El diseño de la parte trasera también acentúa la poderosa estatura del coche, y el BMW Concept XM tiene una figura baja y deportiva desde este ángulo. La luneta trasera se integra a la perfección en la zaga. La nueva interpretación del diseño también se aprecia en el logotipo de BMW, que está grabado con láser en la luneta por debajo de cada uno de los dos travesaños del techo. Se trata de un homenaje estilístico al BMW M1, el único modelo desarrollado de forma independiente por BMW M GmbH hasta la fecha.

Más abajo, en la parte trasera, los pasos de rueda ensanchados dan forma a la poderosa imagen del coche en la carretera. Los faros traseros, extremadamente finos y en forma de L, se extienden por casi todo el ancho de la parte trasera para pronunciar aún más este efecto. Las propias luces tienen un aspecto oscurecido cuando no están encendidas, dando paso a un tono rojizo y uniforme cuando se encienden. El protagonismo en el faldón trasero es para los característicos tubos de escape dobles de los modelos de BMW M. El sistema de escape de doble bifurcación y dos salidas reduce la contrapresión de los gases en el motor V8 y genera una emocionante banda sonora característica de la gama M que acompaña a la imponente entrega de potencia del motor. La disposición vertical y el diseño hexagonal de los tubos de escape dan una nueva vida a esta clásica característica.

El diseño interior: altas prestaciones y exclusividad.

En el interior del BMW Concept XM, el conductor encontrará un diseño típico de M con la consola central orientada hacia el conductor. Las líneas y el diseño de las superficies del cuadro de instrumentos, la consola central, los revestimientos de las puertas y los asientos confieren al ambiente de la parte delantera una sensación de modernidad gracias a su disposición y a sus materiales de alta calidad. El cuero marrón de aspecto vintage, el cobre y la fibra de carbono crean un nexo entre la exclusividad y el Motorsport. Una atrevida moldura de acentuación hace una clara separación visual entre la zona del conductor y el resto de secciones del coche.

En el interior del habitáculo, una superficie decorativa en fibra de carbono con un hilo de cobre entrelazado crea una base deportiva y exclusiva para los indicadores, las salidas de climatización y los elementos de control y manejo. La nueva agrupación de pantallas BMW Curved Display, instalada en la parte superior, crea un equilibrio perfecto entre la conducción tradicional y la moderna a través de la digitalización. Los pespuntes rojos en el volante y en la consola central son guiños específicos de M a la deportividad del coche. Un trío de figuras verticales en los colores del logotipo de BMW M dan forma al corazón de la consola central.

Espacioso y lujoso: el M Lounge.

La típica orientación de la consola central hacia el conductor contrasta con el ambiente extravagante y lujoso de la parte trasera del BMW Concept XM. Los materiales especiales, las llamativas superficies y los detalles expresivos convierten los asientos traseros en el exclusivo M Lounge, y los cristales laterales traseros tintados en negro subrayan la sensación de privacidad que se respira. Mientras que el cuero de color Warm Brown domina el puesto de conducción, la parte trasera está recubierta con el llamativo color Petrol. La amplia banqueta del asiento trasero, con sus profundos huecos, da forma a un espacio que invita a relajarse. Únicamente la zona en forma de diamante de los reposacabezas, que cumple la función de sujeción ya conocida en los asientos deportivos M de otros modelos, está revestida de cuero. La parte inferior de los asientos ofrecen un gran confort y un exclusivo carácter de sofá gracias a su lujosa tapicería de terciopelo y su acolchado en forma de diamante. La moqueta de pelo grueso con un patrón de rombos contribuye a la impresión de exclusividad.

Iluminado y escultural: el revestimiento interior del techo.

El elemento visual más destacado del habitáculo es el revestimiento del techo, con un diseño en forma de prisma tridimensional. Una combinación de luz indirecta y directa produce una estructura en relieve que convierte al techo en una exclusiva obra de arte. En conjunto con la iluminación ambiental, destaca el equilibrio entre lujo y confort que ofrece el BMW Concept XM. La iluminación ambiental puede configurarse en los tres colores BMW M.

BMW Curved Display con una interfaz de usuario específica de M.

Basado en la última generación de BMW iDrive, la versión específica M del sistema operativo transporta el carácter deportivo del BMW Concept XM al universo digital. La interfaz de usuario, que se presenta en los tres colores de M, es el complemento perfecto para disfrutar de una experiencia de conducción deportiva. Muestra los modos del sistema de propulsión híbrido, así como el modo de conducción puramente eléctrico, con una estética cautivadora. BMW Curved Display es el escenario perfecto para mostrar este diseño creado específicamente para el modelo y adelanta la que será la nueva interfaz de usuario que aportará un extra de emoción a la experiencia de conducción de los futuros modelos de BMW M.

El Grupo BMW

Con sus cuatro marcas BMW, MINI, Rolls Royce y BMW Motorrad, el Grupo BMW es el principal fabricante del mundo de automóviles y motocicletas premium y también ofrece servicios financieros y de movilidad premium.  La red de producción del Grupo BMW incluye 31 sedes de producción y ensamblaje en 15 países y la empresa tiene una red de ventas global en más de 140 países.

En 2020, el Grupo BMW vendió más de 2,3 millones de vehículos de pasajeros y más de 169.000 motos en todo el mundo. Los beneficios antes de impuestos en el año fiscal 2020 fueron de aproximadamente 5,222 mil millones de euros con ingresos de aproximadamente 98,990 mil millones. A 31 de diciembre de 2020, el Grupo BMW tenía 120.726 empleados.

El éxito del Grupo BMW se ha basado siempre en planificación a largo plazo y acciones responsables. La compañía fija el rumbo hacia el futuro en una etapa temprana y consecuentemente la sostenibilidad y la gestión eficiente de los recursos son fundamentales para la dirección estrategia, desde la cadena de suministros, producción hasta el final del ciclo de uso de todos los productos.


Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, el coche de carreras virtual del futuro
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Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, el coche de carreras virtual del futuro

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, el coche de carreras virtual del futuro

Porsche y la empresa japonesa de desarrollo de videojuegos Polyphony Digital Inc., subsidiaria de Sony Interactive Entertainment, presentan un espectacular prototipo virtual.

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, el coche de carreras virtual del futuro

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, el coche de carreras virtual del futuro

Porsche está presente en la serie de videojuegos “Gran Turismo” desde 2017. Entre sus modelos más recientes figura el Taycan Turbo S. Para el lanzamiento de la séptima entrega de la saga, Porsche, por primera vez, ha desarrollado un vehículo exclusivo para el mundo virtual.

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, el coche de carreras virtual del futuro

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, el coche de carreras virtual del futuro

El Porsche Vision Gran Turismo es el primer concept car del fabricante de automóviles deportivos creado de manera específica para su uso en juegos de ordenador. Se podrá ver únicamente en el Gran Turismo 7, que se lanzará al mercado el 4 de marzo de 2022 para PlayStation 4 y PlayStation 5.

Al asociarse con Polyphony Digital Inc., Porsche muestra su enfoque futurista y demuestra una vez más el alto nivel de experiencia de sus diseñadores, quienes, liberados de las limitaciones que impone la producción en serie, han podido dar rienda suelta a sus ideas a la hora de crear un prototipo para el videojuego.

“Un vehículo diseñado exclusivamente para el mundo virtual nos abre posibilidades emocionantes que, de otro modo, están fuertemente reglamentadas en un automóvil de fabricación en serie”, dice Michael Mauer, Director de Diseño de Porsche. “Proyectos como el Porsche Vision Gran Turismo son especialmente valiosos para nosotros en el proceso creativo. Desarrollar aún más nuestro ADN Porsche claramente definido e intercambiar opiniones con diseñadores de otras industrias es una parte importante de nuestro trabajo”.

Elementos de diseño tradicionales orientados hacia el futuro

El Vision Gran Turismo presenta rasgos de diseño de Porsche que resultan familiares, aunque con una clara orientación al futuro. El concept car exhibe las proporciones típicas de la marca, con una relación altura/anchura especialmente deportiva, un capó extremadamente bajo y unos pasos de rueda muy pronunciados. Los faros y las tomas de aire integrados en un frontal purista, crean un vínculo con el lenguaje de diseño del Taycan, en un claro guiño a la conducción eléctrica. En la parte trasera destaca la franja de luz estrecha, que recuerda a la firma lumínica de los modelos 911 y Taycan.

El claro énfasis en la identidad de marca continúa en el interior, con la pantalla de la instrumentación de diseño curvado hecha a la medida del conductor, que parece flotar sobre el volante. La posición baja del asiento pone el acento en el dinamismo, mientras algunas superficies de apariencia realista que definen el habitáculo también juegan un papel clave. “Estuvimos mucho tiempo decidiendo el material adecuado, que al final resultó ser una mezcla de carbono y titanio. El objetivo era reducir el peso y aumentar las prestaciones”, dice Markus Auerbach, Director de Diseño de Interiores de Porsche. “Además, la sostenibilidad es fundamental en cualquier proyecto que mire hacia el futuro. Por eso solo usamos materiales completamente veganos en el concept car”.

“El atractivo de un Porsche proviene de su diseño purista”, dice Kazunori Yamauchi, Presidente de Polyphony Digital. “Y en términos de experiencia en ingeniería, tanto nuestra empresa como Porsche seguimos la misma filosofía basada en la perfección. Compartimos la misma pasión por las carreras y miramos hacia el futuro del automóvil”. Además de los temas puramente relacionados con el diseño, también hay nuevas funciones que contribuyen a que los jugadores sientan la deportividad en sus manos. Por ejemplo, a través de la respuesta háptica del controlador, que imita las reacciones naturales del volante y recuerda, por su rapidez y precisión, a la dirección de un coche de carreras real.

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, el coche de carreras virtual del futuro

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, el coche de carreras virtual del futuro

La expansión de las actividades de juegos también tiene un significado estratégico para Porsche. “Podemos situar a jóvenes usuarios digitales en el lugar donde nacen sus sueños automovilísticos: el mundo de los videojuegos”, dice Robert Ader, Vicepresidente de Marketing de Porsche AG. “La asociación con Polyphony Digital y ‘Gran Turismo’ encaja perfectamente con Porsche, porque el deporte del motor, ya sea real o virtual, es parte de nuestro ADN”. La integración del primer automóvil deportivo Porsche desarrollado exclusivamente para el espacio virtual es un hito importante en la asociación estratégica entre Porsche y Polyphony Digital Inc.

Porsche es sinónimo de experiencias auténticas y emocionales. En este contexto, los videojuegos y el mundo virtual ofrecen nuevas oportunidades para hacer que los coches deportivos sean interactivos y que conducirlos sea una experiencia accesible. Por esta razón, la marca ha estado cooperando con varias empresas de la industria del videojuego durante varios años y estas actividades son ahora una parte integral de sus acciones de marketing. El objetivo primordial es crear una experiencia de marca duradera.

Acerca de Gran Turismo™

Gran Turismo™ es un videojuego desarrollado por Polyphony Digital Inc., subsidiaria de Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Lanzado en Japón por primera vez en 1997, está considerado como el mejor y más auténtico simulador de conducción debido al realismo de sus gráficos, a la tecnología que reproduce la física y al cuidado por el detalle. Polyphony y su famoso creador Kazunori Yamauchi han revolucionado el género de los juegos de carreras.

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BALTASAR REVOLT – the track electric revolution.


the track electric revolution.

BALTASAR has presented an innovative concept with outstanding performance. An electric supercar for the track and road legal, specifically focused on the driving experience and pleasure: the Baltasar REVOLT. Being the first of its kind, as a fully electric road legal track day car with FIA compliance and designed from scratch without compromises and not taking any existing platform as a reference, the Baltasar REVOLT is the track electric revolution. A revolution because not only it is the most radical electric car but it has unique specs that beats any combustion engined super car in terms of pure driving pleasure with its 500bhp, 1000Nm torque and only 770kg.

The company states that this car does not come to compete against any other existing car. Baltasar offers a new and exciting concept for those car lovers who look for new experiences without forgetting the finest and purest driving sensations.

The project has been developed in secret during years because the company did not want to make a public presentation of just a project of a future new brand but to present a reality surprising everybody with a completely developed and ready to market full electric super sports car.

All the technology implemented in the Baltasar Revolt, whose, even its name has been kept in secret up to the exact moment of the World Premiere, is 100% developed in house, including the sophisticated battery pack, that is one of the key systems and has been engineered in combination with the Spanish high performance battery manufacturer MILLOR BATTERY.

The company is accepting orders through its webpage Baltasar.com and all the Baltasar Revolt units will be manufactured by hand according to customer’s configurations that will ensure the exclusivity of each peace.

The founder of the company is the automotive engineer and tech entrepreneur Baltasar López.

World Premier transcription:

Hello. Thank you all for being here and welcome to the Baltasar world premiere. Today after years of secret development not only are we presenting a new car brand but we are presenting a sports car that is the first of its kind and that will represent the track electric revolution.

Since I was a child, my dream has always been developing cars, so being here today sharing with you this project is like a dream come true.

But first of all, I would like to thank all the people that made this possible, especially the team, the family, the friends, the bosses, the partners, and especially the teachers that had me thinking that impossible was possible. Thank you all.

Baltasar cars are the first track day electric supercars. cars especially conceived for having fun in the circuit, the track, but while still being road legal Cars for just having fun, having pleasure. Cars for Carpe Diem. That’s the philosophy of the company and that’s why we can find a C and D in the logo. When we started the project many years ago, in fact maybe too many years ago, the design started from scratch not using any previous platform and with new and specific technologies in mind All we had was a clean blank sheet of paper for writing down the concept requirements. For example.

With all these requirements translated into numbers, we designed this amazing car Every single component of the car that we are going to unveil in a few minutes has been specifically designed and engineered for this supersport car Looking for perfection in terms of lightness and performance. Here we are going to show you an example that we are very proud of And it’s very important in an electric vehicle. It’s the battery pack.

Design and manufactured in combination with Millor Battery It’s a 700V system. Twice the typical voltage in nowadays electric vehicles and it gives us more than 600km range and 40min in racing conditions. It only weighs 250kg and integrates Millor Battery hybrid cooling And one of the best things, it allows you to charge 100km range in only 5min. That’s quite cool and its something we are proud of. In order to fulfill the lightness requirement nearly everything in the Baltasar super sports cars is made of carbon fiber The whole bodywork, interiors, the driving seat, the steering wheel, the dash, the diffuser. But remember that Baltasar cars are not only road legal Remember that Baltasar sports cars are not only road-legal but track-focused, that’s why we also fulfilled the safety requirements stated by FIA. Integrated into the frame we can see the main roll hoop, the front roll hoop, and the side impact structures integrated into the same frame.

The driver seats here, very low, in a Formula 1 style position, and with all the safety given by the external and internal carbon fiber panels and the mandatory FIA structure. I could be hours explaining to you hundreds of details about this amazing car. For example that all the suspension components are made of aeronautical aluminium, Kevlar, and carbon fiber Or that everything is made by hand in-house. You would prefer to see the car, don’t you? Do you like the Revolt? well, wait for a second because you are going to love it. Rear-wheel drive with two independent electric motors, one for each wheel with torque vectoring. And about numbers: 500bhp, nice. 1000 Nm torque About the acceleration 0 to 100 km/h in only 2.5s That figures are very important when accelerating but what about the mass, that is the key factor when braking or cornering Take note, 770kg. Only 770kg That’s not only the best for an electric car but long better than any other combustion sports car. High power, even more torque, instantaneous acceleration, and minimum mass. That’s why this is the electric revolution.

Everything is made of carbon fiber and from here you can appreciate the clean shapes, the clean aerodynamics of the whole design In the front axle, we have this innovative system that integrates the cooling of the front brakes with this air intake and at the same time we have downforce through this Surface Also, through the interior of the lateral panels, this cold air is running to the battery pack. We also have these lateral intakes where we have the cold air up to the rest of the powertrain.

And finally, in the rear, the hot air is flowing out through these open blades, freely Also, we do have this massive and fully functional, fully carbon fiber rear diffuser for extra downforce without adding drag As you can see, all the lines, all the design is very fluid and very simple and fully functional. You like it, you love it but you want to drive it. Here you have the cockpit with all the controls, driver-orientated. First of all, to get into the car you remove the steering wheel.

Depending on your physiognomy you don’t need to remove the steering wheel but it’s always easier to get inside without it. This quick release helps a lot to do it in a fast way. We connect the 6 point racing harness and once you have everything connected. Wow! That’s amazing. Once you are here you really feel like a Formula one driver

It doesn’t mind you don’t even need to switch on anything. Just because of the driving position you know you are going to have real fun with this thing Here you have the power selector mode, from eco, practice, race, and qualifying the hardest one. On the left side, we have the selector for the regenerative braking level, from the maximum to the minimum That’s really really comfortable for having some track days.

Ok, it’s time to finish but I know you still have at least two questions. One is how much does it cost and the other one is when can you have yours The price tag is 230.000€ before taxes and you can buy it now from our website


First deliveries will be during the second half of next year, That’s the Baltasar Revolt, that’s the track electric revolution. Thank you very much.

First road legal track day electric supercar

Not based in any existing platform or powertrain

Length:                      3.950 mm

Width:                        1.850 mm

Height:                       880 mm (1.110 mm considering FIA main roll hoop)

Wheelbase:               2.420 mm

Front track:               1.546 mm

Rear track:                1.603 mm

Weight:                      770 kg

Fully electric Rear wheel drive

Motors:                      Mid mounted 2 independent motors with torque vectoring

Voltage:                     700 V

Power:                       500 bhp

Torque:                     1.000 Nm

Range:                       >600 km WLTP / 40 min @ track conditions

Charging:                  100 km range in 5 minutes

Full carbon fiber prepreg body and interiors FIA compliant tubular safety cell

Aeronautical aluminum Double wishbone with adjustable anti roll bars Inboard racing dampers with 4 vias regulation Carbon fiber and Kevlar push rods Fully configurable with open set-up Advanced multifunctional aerodynamics with front integrated spoilers and rear diffuser Removable carbon fiber steering wheel with integrated controls (Driving modes: eco/Practice/Race/Qualy. Regeneration levels: 4 modes) Fully carbon fiber racing seats with F1 style driving position 6 points racing harness

Pininfarina – Teorema Virtual Concept Car

Pininfarina – Teorema Virtual Concept Car

Enjoy the Journey

Pininfarina paves the way to the future through a futuristic and daring Virtual Concept Car, TEOREMA, completely developed by using VR technologies. An all-new interpretation of fully electric, autonomous mobility in the name of user experience and technology, studied to create a sense of community and foster interactions amongst passengers and the outdoor environment.

Pininfarina has always looked to the future using concept cars as an innovation tool to chart the direction and introduce new visions in terms of usability and technology in the automotive industry. TEOREMA, in particular, wants to give people back the pleasure of living the car, driving and travelling, without the frustrations of increased congestion and other compromises, all while integrating AI, 5G and the latest technology to drive passengers towards new incredible experiences along the journey.

Kevin Rice
Chief Creative Officer

Shaping Design with the Language of Experience
Entering the TEOREMA is not much different than entering a living room. As the passenger walks in, the rear opens, the roof extends upwards and forward, and the floor lights up guiding passengers to their seats. The car interiors provide different experiences and moments including areas of privacy where passengers can isolate themselves to sleep or rest.

Autonomous Drive to Reinvent the Car Experience

TEOREMA can easily switch across different driving modes according to passengers’ preferences and different driving situations:

AUTONOMY MODE: the vehicle is completely autonomous so actually needs no driver. In this mode the driver faces the other four passengers, leaving enough distance between each other to give everyone the feeling of having their own private cocoon.


DRIVE MODE: in this mode there is a community feeling and everything that happens in the motion of the vehicle is shared. The different areas of the interiors become of the same color, providing a subconscious connection holding all the occupants to a shared experience.

REST MODE: when the car is in rest mode, the whole interior becomes a social space where people can move to any position they want. The internal environment and the smart seats automatically changes to allow people to socialize or lounge back.


A New Paradigm in User Experience Enabled by Innovative Technologies WayRay for True Augmented Reality

Crisp and vivid virtual images with unprecedented color depth are aligned with the real world and allow passengers to be informed about the relevant traffic information, the places of interest and curiosities. They appear behind the car’s windshield and side glasses. Passengers also have a possibility to interact with the information displayed in order to learn more or share it with other people onboard.

Continental Engineering Services for Smart Surfaces and Intelligent Glass

Continental’s competences on Smart Surfaces and Intelligent Glass provides TEOREMA with important features in terms of both user experience and safety. Pop-up buttons are hidden under the car’s interior surfaces and only emerge when the driver passes his hand over them. Each button has a slightly different shape, allowing the driver to easily recognize them without taking the eyes off the road. The use of Smart Glass in the rear part of the car allows passengers to enjoy their privacy and to regulate the light that enters from the outside, giving then the possibility, also thanks to the foldable flat seats, to create a comfortable cocoon in which to rest.

Poltrona Frau for Seats

The seats were designed together with Poltrona Frau to ensure maximum relaxation and to allow passengers to stretch out and dose off. The seats of TEOREMA are able to fold down flat, turning into a bench or a cot providing for the possibility either to face each other, in a moment of conviviality, or to lie down, during a more intimate time.

BENTELER for the Rolling Chassis

TEOREMA is based on a platform solution built on the BENTELER Electric Drive System (BEDS). This is a very efficient solution and an enabler for setting up new electric vehicles very fast, with reduced complexity and high quality, thanks to its scalable and modular design. With its low construction the Rolling Chassis allows the car to have space on its inside and still keep a relatively low height.

THE SOKUDO – The latest builds in the M.H.C. Collection are here!

The latest builds in the M.H.C. Collection are here! Edition 014

THE SOKUDO. Personally this build was one of the more challenging of the collection, I wanted it to be something extremely pure and unique and something that hasn’t been seen before… which as we all know is a very challenging task in a highly saturated market. We decided to try something a bit different with these builds…entering into the wild world of motorcycles. I have always been fascinated with the design of motorcycles, the raw form/function simplicity has always captivated me.

When I approached Carlos about us potentially doing motorcycles for our next builds he was equally excited so we jumped right in and began building. It was somewhat new creative/design territory for us both. I have designs a few bikes in the past (for a particular franchise I can speak of once its out 03.04.22) and another for Lost Boy but I wanted to try something a bit different with this one.

The more I get into crafting a world/elements in CGI the further I want to push my abilities and shape/form language. Not only am I interested in how things look but also how they could potentially function. These are all just concepts but its so fun to think about how these things could all come together and actually be a workable prototype at some point. That is why I put the Tesla logo on this build as its an EV concept and actually owning and driving a Tesla of my own I know how incredibly powerful the future of the electric vehicles really is. Big thank you to @andreas_ezelius for his amazing Ducati model that we purchased and pulled apart to use bits and pieces for our builds this really helped accelerate the process. Also a massive thank you to @colorsponge

for constantly pushing me and motivating me and for being there to support when the project has its ups and downs (there were many on this build). Over the next few weeks I will be discussing other parts and aspects to The Sokudo but for now here are a few renders 🙂


World Premiere of the CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept: CUPRA’s most rebellious interpretation of an urban electric car

World Premiere of the CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept: CUPRA’s most rebellious interpretation of an urban electric car

  • The CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept pushes the limits to deliver a radical interpretation of the company’s future urban all-electric car
  • The racing concept mixes electrification, sustainability, performance and the exciting aesthetics of the virtual world
  • The CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept hints at the future design language of the urban electric vehicle, which will be launched in 2025
  • It will be unveiled at the preopening of the new CUPRA City Garage in Munich, during the IAA Munich International Motor Show

Martorell, – CUPRA is pushing the limits with its most radical interpretation of an urban electric car, the CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept, which will be launched in 2025.

Racing is at the core of CUPRA’s DNA and that’s why the company decided to present the vision of its 100% all-electric urban vehicle first as a race car with bold and sharp looks: the CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept.

The CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept is a radical interpretation of the company’s urban electric car, due to be launched in 2025. This racing concept gives an idea of the design language of the future street-car and will inspire its creation,” said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA. “The urban electric car is a key strategic project not only for our company, but also for the Volkswagen Group, as our aim is to produce more than 500,000 urban electric cars per year in Martorell for different Group brands. The urban electric car will democratise and make accessible electromobility to the masses.

The CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept builds on the design foundations of the 100% electric urban vehicle that will be launched in 2025. The road version will mix astonishing design with supreme dynamics and will be based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB short platform.

It represents a revolution in the brand towards a more progressive design language, while maintaining the values that identify each CUPRA model: its sportiness and character making it an unconventional challenger brand.

Emotional and radical
The CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept injects a gamification look to the racing car, projecting a radical interpretation of the company’s urban electric car,” said Jorge Diez, CUPRA Design Director. “Each contoured line and sculpted surface in the design is brought to life by a livery that uses kinetic particles to add movement to the surface as light shifts across it.

This racing version will influence the road version of the urban electric car, but the core elements are enhanced to give the vehicle an even more rebellious character.

The CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept is rooted in the design philosophy of CUPRA: an emotional and genuine design that stands out thanks to striking and athletic lines, a bold expression, with a gender-neutral approach and amplified by the electric era.

This is demonstrated in the design identity of the CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept:

  • At the front, the shark nose was created using a negative surface. The front face is also emphasised by the new triangular signature in the headlamps.
  • Its wrap-around window graphic generates the visual effect of a helmet – as in the CUPRA Tavascan Concept – and gives continuity between the windows around the whole car to deliver the effect of a floating roof.
  • Moving to the side, the car reveals athletic proportions, thanks to the wedge line – from the C-pillar to the front door – with diagonal sculptural surfaces, that create contrast.
  • The rear view of the UrbanRebel Concept shows a bold approach and a new interpretation of the design seen in the CUPRA Formentor.
  • The rear features an iconic design thanks to horizontal proportions. On top of that, the large spoiler – a nod to racing cars seen in the virtual world – gives it an imposing sharp look underlined by the negative surface beneath it.

With a total length of 4,080mm, a width of 1,795mm and a height of 1,444mm, the car teases the proportions of the future urban electric car in a racing disguise.

The CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept delivers 250kW of continuous power and up to 320kW at its peak. It can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in only 3.2 secs.

The CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept mixes pure electrification, sustainability and performance with exciting aesthetics influenced by the digital era. It gives an idea of the future design language of the urban electric vehicle, that will be launched by the company in 2025.

The CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept will be unveiled at the preopening of the new CUPRA City Garage in Munich, during the IAA Munich International Motor Show.


CUPRA is an unconventional challenger brand based on stimulating style and contemporary performance that inspires the world from Barcelona with progressive cars and experiences. Launched in 2018 as a stand-alone brand, CUPRA has its own corporate headquarters and a racing car workshop in Martorell (Barcelona), in addition to a network of specialized points of sale around the world.

In 2020, the brand maintained its upward trend with an 11% growth and 27,400 vehicles sold, thanks to the strong performance of the CUPRA Ateca and the CUPRA Leon as well as the market entry of the CUPRA Formentor, the first model uniquely designed and developed for the brand. In 2021, CUPRA aims to prove that electrification and sportiness are a perfect match with the launch of the plug-in hybrid versions of the CUPRA Formentor and its first 100% electric model, the CUPRA el-Born.

CUPRA will participate this year in the off-road electric SUV’s competition Extreme E. Additionally, it is also FC Barcelona’s official automotive and mobility partner and World Padel Tour’s premium sponsor. The CUPRA Tribe is made up of a team of ambassadors who share the brand values, such as the German goalkeeper Marc ter Stegen, the Swedish driver Mattias Ekström and five of the best padel players in the world, among others.

Premiere of the Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS
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Premiere of the Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS – a look forward at the first fully electric Maybach series model

Premiere of the Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS – a look forward at the first fully electric Maybach series model

Stuttgart/Munich, September 05, 2021

Mercedes-Maybach is expanding its product portfolio with a luxurious all-electric SUV based on the modular architecture for luxury- and executive-class electric vehicles

With the Concept EQS, Mercedes-Maybach is providing a clear preview of the first fully electric series-production model for the tradition-steeped luxury brand. The SUV concept vehicle is based on the modular architecture for luxury- and executive-class electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and takes the exclusivity of Maybach into a locally emission-free future. The near-production one-off shows identifying features that are characteristic of Maybach – such as the elaborate two-tone paint finish – but with its innovative drive technology, also takes a step towards a significantly more progressive way of presenting the brand. In the interior, the rear becomes a comfortable place to work or rest thanks to Executive seats and the Chauffeur Package. Added to this are exclusive details such as the new door panels, the armrests of which are designed like high-quality sideboards. There are also trim elements in white piano lacquer and materials in deep-sea blue, which create a feel-good atmosphere on board as if on an elegant yacht.

The Mercedes-Maybach brand has always stood for state-of-the-art technology, handcrafted precision and exclusivity. It is considered a pioneer in defining luxury, style and status. Mercedes-Maybach is a legend that is constantly reinventing itself. In 1921, Wilhelm and Karl Maybach began building cars with the goal of creating “the very best of the very best”. It is this claim that has been defining the unique aura of Mercedes‑Maybach for 100 years now.

Maybach customers are looking for something special, and the aim here is to exceed their expectations with the highest standards of exclusivity and individuality, elegant design and consummate craftsmanship as well as state-of-the-art technology. Because customers in the core markets of China, Russia, South Korea, the U.S. and Germany are becoming younger on average, the definition of luxury is also changing.

“Many of our Mercedes-Maybach customers are digitally connected to a high degree and place the highest demands on our digital solutions. They also expect the brand of their choice to stand up for sustainable values and take responsibility for the environment. The Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS fulfils all these points and embodies sophisticated luxury in a more progressive way: the all-electric powertrain not only makes consistently sustainable mobility possible, but also enables a new level of calm and relaxation for passengers,” said Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG, responsible for Marketing & Sales.

“The Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS represents the transformation of the tradition-rich luxury brand into a more progressive, all-electric future. Like every Maybach, it stands for Sophisticated Luxury in all its facets. The near-production concept car represents proof that state-of-the-art electric drive technology and pioneering infotainment with MBUX Hyperscreen combine perfectly with hallmark Maybach craftsmanship and an exquisite interior. This passionate combination of meticulously perfected details creates a unique automotive luxury experience. With the future all-electric SUV series model, we’re extending our leadership aspirations in the high-end segment to the area of electric mobility, too,” says Philipp Schiemer, Head of Top End Vehicle Group at Mercedes-Benz AG and Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Progressive luxury in brand-characteristic design

The concept car is instantly recognisable as a member of the Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes-EQ families and provides a preview of the first all-electric SUV in the luxury segment. Based on a purely electric vehicle architecture, the design consistently follows the concept of “purpose design”. A dynamic silhouette extends the entire length of the vehicle, starting with a low front end, flowing tautly over the sloping A-pillar and roof contour and incorporating the airflow break-away edge of the rear spoiler. The transition to a new technological era is recognisable at first glance.

Continuous transitions, without breaks and edges, characterise the seamless design. The expressive surface modelling and muscular shoulders are further characteristic features. And numerous chrome applications set brand-characteristic accents. The pronounced wheel wells with cladding in high-gloss black emphasise power and emotionality.

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler Group: “With the Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS, we’re transforming the brand into an electric future after 100 years. The futuristic design consists of an emotional integration of surfaces and shapes. The front, with its progressive Maybach grille, follows the principle of integration and gives the brand a completely new appearance. In conjunction with the new-style aerodynamic SUV proportions, we’re completely redefining the luxury SUV of the future.”

Chrome-plated Maybach pinstripes at the front and rear

The upright black panel front also flows seamlessly into the wraparound bonnet and headlights. The LED light units showcase the lighting with individual diamond blocks framed with a fine-knit mesh of the Maybach emblem. The filigree, vertical Maybach pinstripes in an elegant, three-dimensional effect are chrome-plated and characterise the cooler with its new, innovative Black Panel technology. Elegantly chrome-plated, filigree louvres are also found on the air intake in the bumper. This eye-catching design element is taken up again below the licence plate holder in the bumper at the rear. The classic Maybach lettering on the front bonnet, the upright Mercedes star and the longitudinal chrome-plated trim strip in the centre of the bonnet are a tribute to tradition.

Exclusive two-tone finish and subtly positioned brand emblems

Another key distinguishing feature is the brand’s signature two-tone paint finish in obsidian black metallic and zircon red metallic with a fine pinstripe in chrome as a visual dividing line. Generous chrome surfaces not only extend over the air intakes and diffuser at the front and rear, but also frame the side windows with a dynamically flowing chrome surround in a 3D design. The B-pillars are also chrome plated and have been exclusively finished with a subtle brand emblem pattern. The Maybach “M” can also be found on the D-pillar.

The aerodynamically optimised side running boards bear a customised inlay with the Maybach emblem. Generously dimensioned 24-inch light-alloy wheels in the Maybach “bowl” design – with five short spokes and a flat centre section – as well as Maybach lettering, emphasise the exclusive appearance of the all-electric SUV.

At the rear, the sparkling highlight is provided by the rear lights with their continuous helix light strip. The animation here runs from the outside in. The chrome roof spoiler acts as a sporty, aerodynamic trim element.

Another exclusive equipment option is provided by the automatic comfort doors front and rear. When the user approaches the vehicle, the door handles first extend. As the driver approaches further, the driver’s door opens automatically. Via MBUX, the driver also has the option of opening the rear doors remotely.

Virtual interior as an emotional and stylish statement

The interior of the Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS is just as emotional and stylish a statement as the exterior – realised completely virtually. The lounge character promises luxurious travel at the highest level. The front seats show parallels to the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. The First-Class rear suite with two generous individual seats – also inspired by the S-Class – as well as the High-End Rear Seat Entertainment System guarantee the highest level of comfort on board. And because the SUV concept allows for more seat height, the calf rest could be made even larger. It lets the passenger’s feet float above the “faux fur” floor covering.

Floating centre console in the rear and plenty of freedom of movement

The centre console appears to float like a continuous ribbon from the cockpit to the rear seats, creating a particularly light and elegant impression of space with plenty of freedom of movement. In combination with many indirect and direct ambient lighting features, the impression of space and interior components appear visually lighter and also seem to float. The standard vase insert invites you to bring seasonally appropriate floral decorations and thus nature into the interior of the Maybach. Underneath, a large storage area offers plenty of space for utensils or for individual equipment options such as folding tables, a box of champagne goblets or a refrigerated compartment.

Newly designed door panels with floating armrests and controls with the appearance of elegant sideboards emphasise the simultaneously luxurious and modern character of the interior. The concept for colours and materials has been inspired by the world of fashion. Perfect craftsmanship, high-quality materials and extraordinary details show a new level of exclusivity. The colour combination of white and a deep, dark blue creates a spacious and technically sophisticated environment. A special highlight is the trim element in a white chrome look. Its rosé gold-coloured pilaster strips follow the shape perfectly. Additional rosé gold-coloured accents create an ideal contrast and contribute significantly to the luxurious feel of the interior.

Another unexpected contrast is brought to the interior by a fashion-inspired, progressive textile of the highest quality. It is used generously around the rear-seat area, while flashes of it also appear in further details in the interior. A progressive graphic printed on leather in the roof liner area demonstrates the perfect fusion of a traditional luxury material with modern technology.

MBUX Hyperscreen with Maybach-specific display styles

Another special eye-catcher in the interior is the MBUX Hyperscreen with Maybach-specific display styles and content. This large, curved screen unit extends almost from A-pillar to A-pillar. Three screens sit under a glass cover and appear to merge into one. The 12.3-inch OLED display for the front passenger gives them their own display and control area. There, the entertainment functions are only available while the car is being driven in accordance with the country-specific legal regulations. If the interior camera detects that the driver is looking at the passenger display, this is automatically dimmed when certain content is showing.

With adaptive software thanks to artificial intelligence, MBUX adapts completely to its user. It makes personalised suggestions for numerous infotainment, comfort and vehicle functions. With the zero layer, the most important applications are always offered on the top level within the field of vision, according to situation and context. Searching through submenus is no longer necessary.

In the high-resolution display of the infotainment system, there is an EQ tile in the main menu that serves as a central access point to the specific displays and settings. These include the charging current, departure time, energy flow and consumption histogram. In addition, the navigation and driving programs can also be operated via the media display. EV-specific navigation services and functions are also offered in conjunction with Mercedes me connect. These include, for example, the display of charging stations, the electric range and optimised route planning, taking into account the charging status, the weather and the traffic situation.

In addition, round air vents in high-gloss chrome, galvanised trim elements and the multifunction steering wheel from the VISION EQS with flattened top and bottom sections emphasise the high-quality and sophisticated look. The ambient lighting system, which can be adjusted in many ways, also creates a stylish atmosphere.

Modular architecture also serves as basis for another electric SUV

The Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS is based on the modular architecture for luxury- and executive-class electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. A further all-electric model is also set to appear on this basis, the EQS SUV, which will go into series production in 2022, even before the Maybach. Here, too, the electric powertrain ensures exceptionally smooth and quiet running and provides for a new level of calm and relaxation in the interior. According to WLTP, ranges of around 600 kilometres are planned for the Mercedes EQS SUV architecture.