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Blockchain platform for trading cards – Forward31 launches start-up Fanzone

Blockchain platform for trading cards

Forward31 launches start-up Fanzone

Berlin. Porsche drives its digitization strategy forward: through its company builder Forward31, the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer is launching the start-up Fanzone. The young company develops and operates a platform for digital trading cards. Thus, Porsche is opening a new business area in online gaming and digital entertainment.

The Berlin-based start-up offers an online marketplace for trading cards. Sports fans can collect and exchange digital player cards over Fanzone and use them in different game variants. The special feature of this interactive offering is that the company uses blockchain technology for the platform. This enables the creation of so-called non-fungible tokens (NFTs), i.e., digital objects that cannot be copied. NFTs guarantee the rarity and identity of collectables. Thanks to verifiable ownership, fans can benefit from value increases, for example, for limited editions. Fanzone’s first partner is the German Football Association (DFB).

New marketing channels for sports institutions and managers
“The demand for classic trading cards and albums has been unbroken for decades,” says Christian Knörle, Head of Company Building at Porsche Digital. “With Fanzone, we are now digitizing this promising market. We look forward to strategically supporting Fanzone and the team with Dirk Weyel, Björn Hesse, and Claudio Weck on this journey.” The founders bring along many years of experience in gaming, sports marketing, and blockchain technology.

In addition to the offering for fans, the platform also provides new marketing channels for sports institutions and officials – as the digital collectables are to depict various sports and leagues in the future. Currently, football player cars for the German women’s and men’s national teams, the U21 youth team, and players from the German third league can be collected. Further partnerships are being planned.

“We are convinced that innovative, digital interaction platforms between sports fans and their favourite teams offer huge growth potential,” says Dirk Weyel, Chief Executive Officer of Fanzone. “That’s why we’re excited to be able to build such a platform sustainably with a strong partner like Forward31.”

Porsche’s start-up ecosystem
Porsche is consistently driving the expansion of its start-up ecosystem forward to strategically increase its innovative strength. In addition to creating start-ups through the company builder Forward31, the sports car manufacturer uses various other instruments: the company invests directly in promising young businesses through its investment unit, Porsche Ventures. With the APX accelerator programme, a joint venture between Porsche and the media company Axel Springer, Porsche focuses on further developing companies that are in an earlier start-up phase. Porsche is also a partner of the open innovation platform “Startup Autobahn”.

About Forward31
The company builder Forward31 is a business unit of Porsche Digital. The focus is on building a portfolio of promising start-ups that tap into new target groups and value chains beyond the core automotive business. Jointly with entrepreneurs, these are founded and further developed as independent companies. Further information can be found at: www.forward31.com

Blockchain project wins Startup Autobahn innovation award
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Blockchain project wins Startup Autobahn innovation award

Blockchain project wins Startup Autobahn innovation award

The final round of Europe’s largest innovation platform, Startup Autobahn, was taking place in virtual form for the first time. Porsche was involved in five projects this time, supporting the founders with experienced mentors.

More than 30 start-ups from all over the world are presenting their ideas for future mobility online as part of the eighth Expo Days.

CarbonBlock – a sustainability project by the Berlin start-up CircularTree – has also won the Global Innovation Award of the American accelerator Plug and Play. Porsche set up this project as a pilot together with the suppliers BASF and Motherson. The blockchain application developed by CarbonBlock makes the greenhouse emissions of supply chains transparent. It provides companies with “smart contracts”, which make it possible to digitally forward the CO2 emissions of components along the supply chain, in order to quantify a product’s carbon footprint in a standardised way.

The other projects with Porsche participation in the eighth round

Circularise tracks plastics from raw material through to finished car

Porsche has developed a prototype app together with the Dutch start-up Circularise and the suppliers Covestro, Domo Chemicals and Borealis. The app uses blockchain technology to make information about the sustainable production of components and materials visible to customers. It does this by enabling the individual plastic content of product parts to be tracked.

ClimaCell extends Porsche Roads app to include real-time air quality

US start-up ClimaCell has further developed the ROADS by Porsche app so that detailed information on air quality is now available in real time. ClimaCell has based this on a “weather of things” approach and uses several hundred million virtual sensors. These include satellite signals as well as data collected using Car-to-X technology, traffic monitoring cameras or mobile devices. A traffic light system informs drivers about the air quality on their route.

Monk pioneers lightning-fast inspections by smartphone

A project from the French start-up Monk, supported by Porsche, speeds up the return and assessment of rental cars and lease vehicles. Monk has developed a software application that allows fast analysis of possible damage on these vehicles. Using a smartphone, the user takes photos so that the scope of potential damage to different areas of the car can be analysed by artificial intelligence.

Clear and precise speech recognition: Hi.Auto cuts out background noise

Together with Porsche, the Israeli start-up Hi.Auto has developed an audiovisual speech recognition system. The user speaks in the normal way via a microphone, while a camera simultaneously observes lip movements. This information is evaluated by means of a deep learning algorithm and enables speech and background noise to be separated more clearly than with previous purely audio-based methods.

About Startup Autobahn

Porsche has been a partner of Startup Autobahn since the beginning of 2017. The innovation platform acts as an interface between industry-leading companies and technology start-ups in Stuttgart. The programme enables corporate partners and start-ups to jointly develop prototypes to evaluate possible further collaborations between the two parties, and to test the technology and initiate production-ready implementation. The projects are set up to run for a period of six months and a number of companies have joined the platform. Alongside Porsche, these include Daimler, the University of Stuttgart, Arena 2036, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology, ZF Friedrichshafen and BASF. So far, Porsche has realised more than 70 projects with Startup Autobahn. Around a third of the results are incorporated in series development.

Congreso America
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Las empresas más importantes a nivel global como Google, Huawei, Telefónica, Oracle, entre muchas otras, protagonizan más de 100 conferencias y 2.000 reuniones de negocios para la transformación digital de Latinoamérica, valorada sobre los 100 billones de dólares.


Telecom – 5G – IOT – Big Data – Cloud – FintechBlockchain – Smart City – eCommerce – Marketing Digital – AI

22 países llegan a Chile para el Congreso de
Tecnología y Negocios más relevante de América Latina

Este 13 y 14 de Mayo se dan a conocer las ideas más revolucionarias y ambiciosas del mercado tecnológico en el 5º Congreso Latinoamericano Tecnología y Negocios America Digital 2020, donde
se congregan más de 5.000 gerentes de diferentes niveles, autoridades de gobierno y tomadores de decisiones de las 1.000 empresas mas influyentes en la transformación digital de América Latina.

Delegaciones empresariales de 22 países como: México, EEUU, China, India, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia se presentan en un ambiente imponente de 10.000 mt2 con más de 200 stands en el Centro de Eventos Espacio Riesco, ubicado en Santiago de Chile. Los diferentes líderes tendrán la posibilidad única de participar en la Rueda de Negocios para celebrar más reuniones en un día que en todo un año de viajes, acordando soluciones efectivas en pro de la calidad de vida, la rentabilidad de las industrias y el crecimiento de la región.

Además, 100 conferencistas locales e internacionales repartidos en 6 Fórums Especializados comparten las claves más codiciadas y productivas que hay en el espectro de los negocios y la
tecnología como: 5G, IOT, TIC, Big Data, Telecom, Blockchain, Fintech, Cloud, Smart City, IA, e-Goverment, e-Commerce, Marketing Digital, Venture Capital, entre otras.
Es así como estallan un sinfín de soluciones tecnológicas sobre un mercado latinoamericano que asciende a los 100 billones de dólares en transformación digital para el desarrollo de los Gobiernos y las principales industrias de: Telecomunicaciones, Banca, Energía, Alimentos, Seguridad, Finanzas, Retail, Comunicaciones, Consultoría, entre otras.