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Vivian Stauffer es la directora ejecutiva de Hamilton, un nombre icónico en la relojería de precisión desde que se fundó en Lancaster, Pensilvania en 1892. Sus relojes se ganaron su reputación al sincronizar los primeros ferrocarriles y luego proporcionaron las muñecas de soldados, aviadores y estrellas de Hollywood. haciendo más de 500 apariciones en la pantalla grande. Hamilton ha estado a la vanguardia de las innovaciones en diseño, tecnología y artesanía, lanzando el primer reloj eléctrico del mundo en 1957 y el primer reloj digital LED en 1970. Miembro del Swatch Group, líder mundial en fabricación y distribución de relojes, Hamilton combina su Espíritu americano con verdadera precisión suiza.

Vivian Stauffer, de nacionalidad suiza, obtuvo su maestría en Ingeniería Química en la Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Un entusiasta de las actividades al aire libre, es un piloto experimentado y también disfruta del esquí gratuito, el ciclismo de montaña y el senderismo. Comenzó su carrera en Swatch, una marca del Swatch Group, en 2002, donde pasó cinco años como miembro de su equipo deportivo y comercial.

En 2007, se unió a Hamilton como Regional & Travel Retail Sales Manager y actuó como Brand Manager de Suiza entre 2010 y 2013. También fue nombrado Jefe de Ventas en 2011, desarrolló e implementó la estrategia de distribución y ventas internacionales para 24 subsidiarias y 40 distribuidores alrededor del mundo. Abrió las primeras boutiques de Hamilton en Japón y Suiza y encabezó el crecimiento de Hamilton en China como gerente de marca interino durante un año y medio.

CEO de Hamilton desde 2020, supervisa la estrategia y el desarrollo global de la marca en más de 75 países.

American 1921 Pièce unique: The iconic American 1921 watch faithfully recreated as if in 1921
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Vacheron Constantin | American 1921 Pièce unique: The iconic American 1921 watch faithfully recreated as if in 1921

Vacheron Constantin | American 1921 Pièce unique: The iconic American 1921 watch faithfully recreated as if in 1921

  • To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the American 1921, Vacheron Constantin has faithfully created this emblematic model from the Roaring Twenties while safeguarding its original attributes.
  • This exceptional one-of-a-kind creation symbolises the Manufacture’s commitment to the transmission and enhancement of traditional skills.

Geneva, May 25th 2021 – To mark the 100th anniversary of the American 1921 watch, Vacheron Constantin has delved into its archives and its horological expertise to offer a faithful reproduction of the timepiece emblematic of an era. Stemming from an impressive technical and human epic saga pushing the limits of fine craftsmanship excellence, the creation of the American 1921 Pièce unique watch mobilised the remarkable expertises of the Maison’s Restoration workshop and the Heritage department for an entire year. This approach might be a first in the watch industry, reflecting Vacheron Constantin’s commitment to the conservation, transmission and continuous enrichment of its heritage and of traditional skills.

Only 24 pieces of the reference dated 1921 were originally manufactured. Today only one of them is part of Vacheron Constantin’s private collection, making it an extremely rare and sought-after timepiece for collectors and watch connoisseurs. Some watches tell stories, inviting us to travel back in time, to retrace origins and immerse oneself in bygone eras. Faithfully recreated as if in 1921, the American 1921 Pièce unique watch presented this year is a case in point, offering a journey into the creativity of the Roaring Twenties and reviving the beauty of artisanal skills as practiced a century ago. More than a jubilee watch, it is the fruit of a fascinating odyssey into the heart of the artisanal know-how cultivated by Vacheron Constantin for over 265 years.

American 1921 Pièce unique: The iconic American 1921 watch faithfully recreated as if in 1921

American 1921 Pièce unique: The iconic American 1921 watch faithfully recreated as if in 1921

Heritage and Restoration departments’ commitment to perpetuate the art of high watchmaking

When the idea of faithfully recreating an American 1921 model from the Vacheron Constantin private collection first took shape, the project looked set to be both exciting and ambitious.

A bridge between the past and future of the Maison, the Vacheron Constantin Heritage department has a place of its own within the Manufacture. Spanning an exceptional timeline that began in 1755, and overseeing a unique collection, it is anything but a dusty museum. The research and expertise of the teams working there on a daily basis are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the creation of new collections and a masterful reference for the Restoration workshop. The department preserves 800 machine tools, workbenches and sets of watchmaking tools, along with substantial documentary and iconographic archives. No less than 420 linear metres are taken up by an infinite wealth of production and accounting registers comprising foreign sales, correspondence between associates, suppliers and clients, various documents and photographs. All contribute to shedding both historical and artistic light on Vacheron Constantin’s activity through the years and centuries. They represent a sum of written instruments serving to ensure the traceability of a creation since its origins, given that all the models produced are systematically referenced in the production registers. This unprecedent heritage helped retrace the history of the creation of the American 1921 and provided a solid basis for the Restoration workshop teams. The latter thus took up the authentic challenge of reviving some forgotten skills and combining today’s techniques with yesterday’s know-how.

Few Manufactures are able to restore all the watches that have come out of their workshops for centuries. That is why Vacheron Constantin makes it a point of honor to pass on this watchmaking know-how and to ensure that the great history of each of its timepieces continues. The skill and style of the Restoration artisans thus consists in showing respect for ethical considerations in their work. To achieve this, they can draw upon a substantial stock of components, adjust component blanks or entirely remake them – the latter being the most delicate task of all and calling for particularly complex size calculations. Experts in the art of maintaining Vacheron Constantin’s oldest timepieces without altering their nature, the Restoration workshop’s seasoned watchmakers are thus accustomed to combining a historian’s perspective with scientific analysis, but until now they had never undertaken to reproduce an antique watch in its entirety. This unprecedented work of reconstitution, respectful of ethics because it is faithful and precise down to the smallest detail, called upon the multiple competencies of these artisans, who pursued an empirical approach throughout this year-long project.

American 1921 Pièce unique: The iconic American 1921 watch faithfully recreated as if in 1921

American 1921 Pièce unique: The iconic American 1921 watch faithfully recreated as if in 1921

Several months of research in the Manufacture’s archives, weeks of reflection and observation, numerous experiments, as well as unsuccessful attempts and successful trials were necessary to produce such a work. The American 1921 Pièce unique will be in the spotlight throughout 2021 through prolonged exposure in Vacheron Constantin boutiques around the world.

Antique machines and tools

In order to reproduce the hand-crafted operations performed back in the day, artisans had to work with some historical tools from Vacheron Constantin’s Heritage. A late 19th century facing lathe enabled them to faithfully recreate the elements composing the case; a rounding-up (topping) tool from the latter half of the 19th century served to modify the profile of wheel teeth and to adjust their diameter. Watchmakers used an 18th century upright drilling accessory to drill through the movement’s mainplate. To drive the jewels into their settings, they resorted to an early 20th century staking tool.

These vintage machines were complemented by tools specially made for this project, such as custom-made milling-cutters and riveting tools in line with those of the early 20th century, enabling the artisans to work in a manner attuned to that period and closely reproducing the operations and development techniques of the time. The result of this remarkable stylistic exercise is an exceptional collector’s item symbolising Vacheron Constantin’s unwavering commitment to the transmission, enhancement and continuous enrichment of its production skills.

Rebirth of a vintage movement

While the watchmakers in Vacheron Constantin’s Restoration workshop fully master the art of bringing back to life the most exceptional timepieces produced by the Manufacture in the course of its long history, never before had they been called upon to rebuild a vintage calibre from scratch.

They began by disassembling and examining every single component of the original 11-ligne Calibre Nouveau powering the original model. Apart from the bridges and mainplate which had to be recreated, the Restoration workshop’s stocks proved to be a goldmine for the artisans who thereby had access to all the necessary blank parts. This involved extremely laborious research, since a vintage case could contain an infinite number of components, all different in terms of size and shape. In order to identify them one by one, the first stage consisted in taking the measurements and dimensions of each of the 115 components of the original movement. This meticulous work of observation and comparison subsequently led watchmakers to make plans and mock-ups of the calibre, a particularly delicate task requiring extremely complex sizing calculations.

At this stage, the archive documents safeguarded by the Heritage department proved extremely valuable, notably in recreating the bridges and the mainplate according to the specificities of this vintage movement. How could each component be adjusted and calibrated prior to assembly? How should the vintage machines be regulated? How could the jewels be set on the movement, whereas they are now generally driven in? How could the exact colour of the gilding on the wheels be achieved? At what distance and at which height should they be placed in order to be faithful to the original calibre? These were all issues that the watchmakers had to resolve by assembling the components one by one, as any potential error could jeopardise the entire project.

Setting the jewels on the movement was also a real tour de force. Since the 1940s, it has been customary to drive in the jewels, and while the watchmakers in Vacheron Constantin’s Restoration workshop are accustomed to replacing damaged jewels on very old timepieces, until now they had never had the opportunity to make the settings themselves. Successfully hollowing out the metal to the exact depth required to fit the stones to the nearest hundredth required multiple trials. Not to mention the patient research work required to develop the system for reproducing the unique ribbed pattern which, alongside various manual engravings, adorns the movement in the same way as was done at the time.

A dial and case distinguished by sophisticated craftsmanship

Accurately reproducing the exterior of the American 1921 also represented a real feat of manual workmanship. Here again, Vacheron Constantin’s watchmakers had to provide answers to numerous technical questions by observing the 1921 timepiece in minute detail, while comparing it with archive documents, and then individually crafting each element of the case and dial.

Some period components were available in the stocks of the Restoration workshop, such as rough blanks of the crown and hands. Others had to be entirely recreated, starting with the 31.5 mm case, according to the dimensions of the original American 1921. It was crafted by a Restoration workshop goldsmith from the specific gold alloy used for the historical model (18K 3N yellow gold), identified with the help of a spectrometer in order to reproduce its exact colour. Only a laser engraving applied to the case back, for customs purposes, distinguishes the American 1921 Pièce unique watch from its ancestor.

The creation of the dial also called for highly specialised expertise on the part of the artisan responsible for restoring the grain and unique beauty of the original dial. Crafted in Grand Feu enamel, an ancestral technique considered to be one of the most delicate in the field of watchmaking ornamentation, it required numerous firings in the kiln at a temperature of over 800°C. It features vintage numerals and logo, along with slender open-tipped hands that have been hand-blued by the Restoration workshop using the production techniques of the time.

And since no detail is left to chance, the exercise in style has continued right the way through to the end of the strap, whose pin buckle in 18K 3N yellow gold (the same alloy as the original model) was also produced in the Vacheron Constantin workshop.

A tribute to the art of wearing a watch in 1921

Because it retains all the original properties of the original American 1921, this unique, identically recreated timepiece reflects a historian’s approach.

It subtly mirrors the social and cultural context of the 1920s, the effervescence and the wind of freedom blowing across the United States and Europe at the dawn of the Roaring Twenties. Its distinctive design illustrates the stylistic creativity of Vacheron Constantin which revelled in expressing its “classic with a twist” style through multiple case shapes.

It also tells the story of the early days when the wristwatch began to become more widespread. At that time, men’s wristwatches were only just beginning to take precedence over pocket watches, until then regarded as more robust and accurate. Despite the considerable progress made by watch manufacturers in terms of movements’ resistance, reliability and miniaturisation, water-resistance requirements as we understand them today were not yet a reality. Choosing to wear time on the wrist thus meant exposing the watch to more risks in terms of shocks and external aggressions such as dust, humidity or water. In order to avoid any possible damage, watch owners took numerous precautions, notably including placing their wristwatch on the edge of the washbasin when they washed their hands. The watch was regarded as a life companion that was taken care of and had to be wound every day by hand.



Enriched by a heritage based on the transmission of watchmaking expertise and stylistic research through generations of master artisans, Vacheron Constantin continues to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the American 1921 by recreating this emblematic model from scratch. From the 11-ligne Calibre Nouveau to the gold case along with the decorations and exterior components, the American 1921 Pièce unique watch reproduces the original properties of its ancestor created a century ago. This highly complex and unprecedented process involved the most experienced watchmakers in the Restoration workshop and the Vacheron Constantin Heritage team, who spent a year reviving old tools and forgotten know-how in the course of a passionately exciting human and technical adventure. The result is an exceptional one-of-a-kind timepiece, a symbol of the Maison’s attachment to its heritage and to the continuous enrichment of traditional know-how.


American 1921 Pièce unique

Reference 1921H/000J-B949

Developed and crafted by Vacheron Constantin Mechanical, manual-winding
24.8 mm (11‘’’) diameter, 4.31 mm thick
Approximately 30 hours of power reserve
2.5 Hz (18,000 vibrations/hour)
115 components
16 jewels

Hours, minutes
Small seconds

18K 3N yellow gold, same alloy as the 1921 original timepiece
Hand-crafted in the Vacheron Constantin restoration workshop
31 mm in diameter, 8.75 mm thick

White, Grand Feu enamel
Blued steel open-tipped hands – blued in our workshops

Brown calf leather, hand-sewn, tone-to-tone stitching, Calf lining

18K 3N yellow gold pin buckle, same alloy as the 1921 original timepiece

Hand-crafted in the Vacheron Constantin restoration workshop


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Car Designer Ian Callum Reimagines the Iconic Eames Lounge Chair

If anyone knows how to design a comfortable chair for your home or lounge, it would be British designer Ian Callum. Having made his mark on Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Ford rides, he has turned to furniture as a new creative outlet, and offers us his vision of the renowned Eames lounge chair.

The Callum Designs Lounge Chair takes a definitive stamp from the original mid-century chair, but has a sleek new look that is reminiscent of sports car upholstery. The hand-finished lounge chair features leather, or your choice of fabrics, and wide variety of Pantone colors.

The team at Callum Designs finally accents the chairs with finishing details in carbon fiber, and wood for a successful new take on this lounge chair with sportscar seat sensibility.

Visit Callum Designs online to learn more about customizing and ordering your own.

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TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph Calibre Heuer 02

Mientras el relojero de lujo celebra su 160 aniversario, el icónico TAG Heuer Carrera, cronógrafo de carreras original, se relanza con una gama de cronógrafos deportivos que devuelven la colección a sus raíces.

TAG Heuer da un paso adelante con los Carrera Sport Chronograph Calibre Heuer 02, cuatro versiones de producción regular que reúnen un excelente diseño con la mejor mecánica de la firma.

TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph Calibre Heuer 02

La Chaux-de-Fonds, Suiza – Julio de 2020: a lo largo de su 160 aniversario, la marca de relojería de lujo suiza presenta los rediseñados modelos TAG Heuer Carrera que funcionan con el sofisticado movimiento interno Calibre Heuer 02. Después de dos piezas de aniversario de edición limitada, las Ediciones TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Silver y Montreal Limited, ahora es el momento de revelar cuatro nuevos modelos emblemáticos que se unirán a la colección perenne de la marca. En septiembre les seguirán otras cuatro novedades principales, así como dos ediciones especiales antes de fin de año.

Elevado al rango de ícono de reloj a través de décadas de sorprendentes interpretaciones, el TAG Heuer Carrera, cronógrafo de carreras original desde 1963, ha sido reinventado nuevamente en una gama de modelos contemporáneos pero atemporales. Caracterizados por las capacidades de cronometraje de alto rendimiento y un aspecto que irradia elegancia y conducción, estos nuevos modelos marcan el comienzo de una nueva era para el TAG Heuer Carrera.

La colección ha jugado un papel central en el ilustre pasado de TAG Heuer. Su historia única y sus lazos con el mundo del automovilismo se expresan sutilmente en los llamativos diseños de los nuevos modelos presentados hoy.

La historia única de la creación más orgullosa de Jack Heuer

En 1962, el CEO en ese momento Jack Heuer escuchó la historia de la legendaria carrera Carrera Panamericana. La palabra Carrera, español para “carretera”, “carrera”, “carrera” y “curso”, llamó su atención, y supo de inmediato que sería un nombre perfecto para un nuevo reloj. Al año siguiente, los primeros cronógrafos TAG Heuer Carrera salieron de la fábrica. El TAG Heuer Carrera es la creación más orgullosa de Jack Heuer. El diseño audaz y seguro refleja

Su pasión por la acción y su comprensión de que, en las carreras como en otros lugares, la legibilidad es crucial. Supremamente confiable y excepcionalmente elegante, se convirtió en el instrumento elegido para conducir leyendas como Jo Siffert y toda la Scuderia Ferrari.

Bienvenido a una nueva era de los icónicos relojes TAG Heuer Carrera

Como amante del diseño limpio y moderno, Jack Heuer quería que la estética del cronógrafo TAG Heuer Carrera fuera limpia y bien proporcionada, características que hacen que el reloj sea perfecto para los conductores que necesitan ver el tiempo de un vistazo durante las carreras de alto octanaje. . Décadas más tarde, esta nueva versión de Carrera lleva la colección a las raíces de su historia única con un diseño atemporal que se complementa con un rendimiento sobresaliente. La nueva línea contará con dos estilos de cronógrafos llamativos, el segundo se lanzará en septiembre, con un diseño distintivo y una identidad inconfundible.

Cuatro reinterpretaciones del TAG Heuer Carrera con un esmalte puro y deportivo.

Los cronógrafos deportivos presentados hoy son refinados y atemporales, pero aún audaces y llamativos. Encarnan el espíritu de resistencia. Con orejetas más cortas para una mayor comodidad, la caja de acero inoxidable de 44 mm presenta acabados pulidos y cepillados que hacen que el reloj parezca más elegante y delgado. La integración mejorada del vidrio y el ligero bisel también mejoran su estética.

La esfera del nuevo TAG Heuer Carrera tiene un acabado circular cepillado y está disponible en azul profundo con un bisel de cerámica a juego, verde oliva apagado con un bisel de acero inoxidable o una de las dos versiones negras, cada una con un elegante bisel de cerámica negra. La brida está biselada y los índices se inclinan hacia el centro del dial, atrayendo la atención del usuario hacia la hora y permitiéndole leerlo de un vistazo. Los tres subdiales son perfectamente legibles, como lo es la ventana de fecha a las 6 en punto. El contador de horas a las 9 en punto ahora presenta los números 12, 4 y 8, ofreciendo un equilibrio visual al contador de minutos a las 3 en punto. El nuevo brazalete en forma de H es más delgado, lo que lo hace un poco más ligero y más ergonómico.

La pieza destacada de estos nuevos modelos deportivos es el TAG Heuer Carrera negro y oro rosa. El bisel de cerámica negra está lleno de laca de color oro rosa, la primera para el relojero de lujo, y la corona y los botones están hechos de oro rosa macizo de 18 quilates. El peso oscilante del movimiento, visible a través del fondo de la caja de cristal de zafiro, está hecho de latón recubierto de PVD negro con impresión en oro rosa. Este reloj se usa en una correa clásica de cuero negro.

Rendimiento excepcional con el movimiento de fabricación Calibre Heuer 02

La línea TAG Heuer Carrera siempre ha presentado la tecnología de relojería más avanzada de la marca. Los modelos rediseñados son impulsados por el movimiento Calibre Heuer 02, visible a través del fondo transparente de la caja. Esta sofisticada innovación interna es completamente suiza en la fabricación de Chevenez de TAG Heuer. Este movimiento consta de 168 componentes, que incluyen una rueda de columna y un embrague vertical, firmas de cronometraje mejorado del cronógrafo y movimientos de fabricación de alta calidad, y cuenta con una impresionante reserva de marcha de 80 horas.

Un pilar de las colecciones de la marca desde su creación en 1963, el TAG Heuer Carrera original era un “tablero de carreras para la muñeca” de alta precisión, diseñado para satisfacer las demandas técnicas únicas de los mejores conductores del mundo, y para reflejar su elegante estilo. Hoy, la nueva colección TAG Heuer Carrera es un homenaje auténtico y contemporáneo a este ícono atemporal, con un nivel de lujo sin precedentes a la vanguardia de la innovación relojera. Simple, refinado y legible: rara vez la estética y la funcionalidad se entremezclan tan perfectamente como con los nuevos cronógrafos TAG Heuer Carrera.

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Samsung and Iconic Fashion Brand Thom Browne Collaborate on Limited Edition Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung and Iconic Fashion Brand Thom Browne Collaborate on Limited Edition Galaxy Z Flip

Introducing Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition—An Exclusive Smartphone Experience with Sartorial Style

NEW YORK, USA  February 11, 2020 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Thom Browne today revealed Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition, an exclusive collaboration from the leading technology company and iconic New York fashion brand. Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition draws on Samsung’s all new Galaxy Z Flip device and the fashion brand’s bold, timeless style to introduce a groundbreaking foldable smartphone experience.

“Partnering with Samsung to create Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition was an incredible opportunity to reimagine how consumers express themselves through their smartphone,” said Thom Browne. “We designed Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition just like I do my collections—with proportion, individuality and aesthetic in mind—to create the perfect blend of art and technology.”

Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition was created for those who are not afraid to make a statement—and who want their technology to be as iconic as their wardrobe. It features distinctive Thom Browne signature brand colors on a pebble grey exterior, pulled right from the runway and offering all of the same innovative features as Galaxy Z Flip. To complete the look, the special edition version also comes with custom designed Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Watch Active2.

“Working with Thom gave us the opportunity to make this stylish device even more covetable, bringing together Samsung’s latest technology innovations with Thom’s signature aesthetic inspired by his suits —the precision tailoring, the intentional use of materials, the elevated style that is uniquely his own,” said Stephanie Choi, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing Team of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition is a marriage of our shared desire to delight people down to the finest details.”

Signature Style and Design
A grey Thom Browne suit transforms into the sleek Galaxy Z Flip exterior. The limited edition smartphone is the first-of-its-kind to be encased in glass while still having a matte look that is soft to the touch and effortless to hold. Classic longwing brogues take a modern form with a grey pebble leather phone case, featuring the distinctive Thom Browne signature brand colors down the center. And, when unfolded, Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition reveals even more design details inside. Iconic blinds—a reference to the mid-century office aesthetic at the center of the Thom Browne world—appear onscreen every time the phone is turned on and off. App icons, labeled in classic text, create an elemental Thom Browne uniformity. And sound cues—a typewriter for the keyboard, an analogue ringtone, a shoe tap on a marble floor—create a unique soundtrack for the device. Custom Thom Browne wallpaper ties the entire experience together.

Coordinating Wardrobe of Accessories
From the minute they open the box, Galaxy fans are transported to a world of luxury and high style. Like opening a drawer to reveal a cache of treasured items, faille grey folding paper and Thom Browne’s signature brand colors create an all new fashion experience. Inside, consumers will find a Galaxy Watch Active2 with a grey leather strap and a Thom Browne custom watch face that lets you personalize your wellness with style. And for a complete connected look, Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition is finished off with Galaxy Buds+ in matching grey for a cohesive and connected experience on the go, as well as a specially designed leather phone case infused with Thom Browne’s iconic style.

A limited quantity of Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition devices will be available in select markets. Pre-orders for the device will begin Feb. 14 on Samsung.com and Thombrowne.com, as well as at NET-A-PORTER and MR PORTER. The official launch will be in March.

For more information, please visit www.thombrowne.com, news.samsung.com/galaxywww.samsungmobilepress.com or www.samsung.com/galaxy.

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. The company is redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, digital appliances, network systems, and memory, system LSI, foundry and LED solutions. For the latest news, please visit the Samsung Newsroom at http://news.samsung.com.

About Thom Browne
Thom Browne is widely recognized for challenging and modernizing today’s uniform: the suit. By questioning traditional proportions, Browne’s designs consistently convey a true American sensibility rooted in quality craftsmanship and precise tailoring. In 2001, Browne began his business with five suits in a small “by appointment” shop in New York City’s West Village and, in the years following, expanded his business to include complete ready-to-wear and accessories collections for both men (2003) and women (2011). Browne has also become known for his highly conceptual runway presentations which have gained global attention for their thought provoking and dramatic themes and settings. The brand is currently offered in over 300 leading department store and specialty boutique doors across 40 countries and through 31 directly operated flagship stores in New York, London, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul.