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Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah, the iconic artificial island in Dubai, is a true showcase of the city’s exclusive lifestyle. Celebrating 20 years, this human-made engineering masterpiece provides luxury experiences in the city to its citizens and visitors alike.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة Palm 807x400 1

From its luxurious hotels, amazing restaurants, and top-notch interior design projects this island will amaze you. Find out more about Palm Jumeirah with Boca do Lobo!


To truly embrace Palm Jumeirah luxury experience, stay on the island. There is no lack of options concerning exclusive hotels to enjoy your stay, They provide you with a full luxury experience, having some of the best places to eat, stunning interior design, breath-taking architecture, and spectacular views of Dubai’s paradise landscape.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة FPJD FIVE Palm Jumeirah Higher Res
Five the Palm

The Five Palm Hotel is one of a kind and a major example of what Palm Jumeirah can offer in terms of hospitality. This luxury hotel provides you with plenty of luxury experiences, ranging from an exclusive beach, top-notch food provided by world-class chefs, amazing spa sessions, and karaoke parties.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة Five The Palm7 1
Five the Palm – Interior Design Project By Bond Interiors

The location of the hotel is, of course, one of its main assets. The 20 years old Palm Jumeirah offers any hotel resident an exclusive view of the landscape. Its interior design is simple and elegant, making you comfortably enjoy this luxury experience while planing the next one on this breathtaking island.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة Al Habtoor city
The St. Regis Dubai, The Palm

The St. Regis hotel is another place where you can experience the splendor of Palm Jumeirah. The hotel connects directly to Nakheel Mall, Palm Monorail station, and Dubai’s latest attraction, The View at The Palm. With its bold and stunning architecture, this exclusive hotel offers a luxury experience fit for kings.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة dxbpx meal resturant 1636 hor feat 1
The St. Regis Dubai, The Palm

St. Regis has 4 restaurants and lounges. Cordelia, the specialty restaurant offers a handcrafted menu inspired by seafood. The hotel caters to both leisure and business travelers. Conveniently located to discover the main attractions, malls, and business districts with easy connectivity to and from Sheikh Zayed Road, it is an ideal starting point to explore all that Dubai has to offer.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة 1648521 v4
One & Only The Palm

If you find yourself looking for a tranquil escape then the One & Only provides the perfect luxury experience for you. Located on a beachfront peninsula on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, this opulent exclusive resort on the Gulf is set in gardens and comprises a manor, mansions, and villas.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة 5a63291c z 1
One & Only The Palm

The exquisite guest rooms, suites, and villas at the resort are designed with a fusion of Moorish and Andalusian architecture, with sophisticated furnishings and state-of-the-art facilities.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة 23b0e4b31e26a9adeb8e882122b0f33d
One & Only The Palm

Palm Jumeirah offers you amazing options regarding where to stay and these exclusive hotels are an important part of what makes this iconic island so successful throughout its 20 years. Providing any visitor the luxury experience that they seek in Dubai, these hotels embrace the city’s lifestyle perfectly and will certainly make you love even more this paradise island.

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Restaurants & Bars

For a full luxury experience, great accommodation is not enough, and the hotels and other venues in Palm Jumeirah provide you with some of the best exclusive restaurants in Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة 6 4 jumeirah zabeel saray restaurant lalezar interior 02 1
Al Nafoorah

Regarding exclusive restaurants, one of Palm Jumeirah’s best luxury experiences is the Al Nafoorah. You can truly embrace middle east cuisine in this amazing venue. This authentic Lebanese restaurant serves classic grilled dishes and mezze in an ornate setting. Its interior design certainly matches the luxurious vibe of Dubai and will make you feel part of the island while tasting the best dishes.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة ibn al bahr club vista mare the palm jumeirah 1
Ibn Al Bahr

Hidden away on a small private beach on the shore of the Palm Jumeirah, Ibn AlBahr is a true gem to be found and an exquisite place to have a meal.
The view of the beach, a table full of exceptional mezze, and grilled fish along with the company of family or friends makes this one of the best luxury experiences you can have in Palm Jumeirah.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة 74bd462dd882fc42e593512566459c4a 1
A Cappella

If you are looking for a more groovy and fun luxury experience, A Cappella offers guests to experience the chefs & mixologists working together in the same space, live, creating an exclusive experience unlike any. Music forms the core at A Cappella, offering a high-octane vibe, elevating the overall experience.

Lamps Boca do Lobo bl lamps 750

Interior Design Projects

Palm Jumeirah embodies Dubai’s spirit of luxury, but also its bold and innovative nature. Offering its visitors not only amazing landscapes but also top-notch interior design. As such, you can find all over the island amazing interior design projects to inspire you and make you feel like living a truly exclusive luxury experience.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة 01 Informal Reception 01 1
One Palm Apartment By Elicyon

Elicyon designed the concept of the interior for the apartments within the prestigious One Palm development at The Palm Jumeirah. Exquisite patterns and metalwork screens make a contemporary reference to mashrabiya screens and form a theme across the apartment, while tone-on-tone interiors to suit the panoramic beach views create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living that creates a remarkable luxury experience.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة Zen FrondN73a01 e1619953590989 1

In Palm Jumeirah you can also be inspired by this amazing interior design project by Zen Interiors. The passion for superior products and professional services makes this company deliver perfect results and luxury experiences in every room. This stunning living room project is a great inspiration for a small but luxurious interior.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة FROND N 4 1

This Private Villa at Palm Jumeirah is designed by XBD and carries an air of sophisticated elegance. Every element is carefully chosen to reflect and give the luxury experience that you seek in its interior design. The choice of a subtle and uncomplicated color scheme is the finishing touch that gives the space its quiet but unwavering confidence.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة aerial view of dubai palm jumeirah island united arab emirates 1097789900 b6c44835cb3945f481427a612f2cdd0b 1

Palm Jumeirah is a true grand masterpiece in all of its aspects. Amazing hospitality, stunning views, spectacular architecture, and interior design projects, the best places to eat and have fun, all of this while offering an exquisite luxury experience to its visitors. Celebrate its 20 years by enjoying this iconic island and living it to its full extent.


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El legendario patio de recreo de la elite de la música y el cine presenta el perfecto brunch de verano para disfrutar de gloriosos días al sol al más puro estilo Balearic en su célebre piscina con música ‘all day long’.


Ibiza, 9 junio 2021- Hedonista, musical, magnético y especial. Pikes Ibiza es uno de esos lugares privilegiados donde se respira el auténtico espíritu de Ibiza. Patio de recreo de la elite artística y musical aficionada a la isla, en esta finca rústica situada sobre las hermosas colinas de San Antonio la magia de Ibiza se celebra cada día. Dormir en la habitación favorita de Grace Jones, broncearse junto a la piscina donde se rodó el vídeo ‘Club Tropicana’ de Wham!, conversar una noche cualquiera de verano con Irvine Welsh o desayunar, como solía hacer Freddie Mercury, con champagne. Pikes Ibiza es el lugar del que nunca querrás salir.

Abierto cada día desde las 11.00 de la mañana hasta la madrugada, ser genuino y feliz es la consigna de este refugio que Sunday Times Travel ha catalogado como uno de “100 mejores lugares del mundo”.

Ya se trate de una estancia en la mejor compañía en alguna de sus 25 habitaciones y suites, un brunch en la piscina regado con Absolut Elyx, una tarde de cocktails y bailes en el Club Tropicana Pool Bar, una sesión de electrónica al ritmo de la puesta de sol en el Sunset Terrace Bar o de una cena en Pamelas con música en vivo a cargo de la Pikes House Band: Pikes Ibiza es una institución ibicenca impregnada de la historia del rock ‘n’ roll y rebosante de personalidad.

Gastronomía: Con un toque de rock ‘n’ roll 

Alegre y radiante, el color rosa es el favorito de Pikes, un color que sabe a verano y define su personalidad. En el ambiente, la decoración y la comida, el rosa es también el color de Pamelas, el sofisticado restaurante de aires bohemios e inspiración 70’s dirigido por el chef galés Lee Milne. Los techos de sabina, las bolas de espejo, los mesas de cristal y un menú celestial: Pamelas es un lugar digno de Tanit, diosa ibicenca de la feminidad. En sus dos ambientes a dos alturas, combinado con una exuberante coctelería, las noches en Pikes Ibiza proporcionan el elixir de la felicidad.

Durante el día, Pikes Ibiza presenta este verano 2021 un nuevo concepto de brunch a cargo de la chef Tess Prince. Delicioso, nutritivo y definitivamente memorable, Love Food Ibiza at Pikes propone una apetecible selección de platos eclécticos contemporáneos con influencias ayurvédicas y macrobióticas basada en productos mediterráneos de temporada con toques del medio y lejano oriente y una dosis imprescindible de rock ‘n’ roll. El perfecto brunch de verano para disfrutar de gloriosos días de sol al más puro estilo Balearic con música all day long.

Espíritu balear: Musica ‘all day long’

Freddie Mercury era un asiduo de Pikes, donde solía alojarse en sus visitas a la isla. En Pikes celebró su épica fiesta de 41 cumpleaños; corrió el champagne y aquella noche aún se recuerda.


La música siempre ha estado ligada a este lugar, favorito de artistas como The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim o DJ Harvey. Durante el verano de 2021, los huéspedes e invitados disfrutarán de un calendario semanal de eventos y de DJ-sessions desde las once de la mañana, comenzando el día junto a la piscina en el Club Tropicana, el corazón de Pikes. Por la noche la acción se traslada al renovado Sunset Terrace Bar, estrenando un mural del artista Blue Logan que cuenta la genial historia del hotel, desde su fundador, el legendario Tony Pike, a su nueva era bajo la dirección artística de Dawn Hindle, creadora de un universo fascinante.

Inconformistas, soñadores, melómanos, amantes del sol, party lovers e isleños con gusto por la frivolidad se reúnen en este lugar fantástico, bohemio, glamuroso y divertido por igual, donde los días soleados se convierten en mágicas noches mediterráneas para celebrar el verano cocktail en mano. Porque Pikes y cocktails son indisociables.

Un poco rústico, un poco rock ‘n’ roll, mucha diversión, buena comida, gente extravagante, música de la mañana a la noche y sol. Sí, ¡Pikes Ibiza es el epicentro de la felicidad!

Pikes Ibiza
Abierto hasta finales de octubre.

Dirección: Camí Sa Voreda, 07820 Sant Antoi de Portmany, Ibiza
T. +34 971 342 222

Sobre Pikes Ibiza

Inaugurado a principios de la década de los 70 por Tony Pike en una finca rural en las afueras del pueblo de Sant Antoni de Portmany, Pikes Ibiza es un referente de la vida social y cultural de Ibiza y un destino internacionalmente querido por la industria de la música, la hospitalidad y el showbusiness. En 2010 fue adquirido por Ibiza Rocks Group y completamente restaurado manteniendo su esencia original. Bajo la dirección artística de Dawn Hindle, Pikes Ibiza se enorgullece de representar el genuino espíritu de Ibiza y ser un espacio de reunión y encuentro entre la comunidad local y su distintiva clientela internacional. Catalogado como uno de los “100 mejores lugares del mundo” por Sunday Times Travel, Pikes Ibiza es un hotel y un carismático patio de recreo que ha dejado impresa su huella en la historia del cine, la moda y la música. Un singular “Ibiza Walk of Fame” sinónimo de creatividad, magia y libertad. www.pikesibiza.com

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The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands welcomes you to embrace island life.  A distinguished ‘Aris Meeha’ or butler refined by the Ritz-Carlton service tailors a journey of meaningful moments. Immerse into Maldivian stories as Sangu shells are blown, and Boduberu drums are crafted. Transition from a day full of discoveries in North Malé Atoll into an evening of indulgence in your overwater villa and the resort surroundings.


Set above azure waters or nestled along beach coves, the villas at The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands blend island living with modern design. Blurring the line between indoors and out, each villa offers water views, an infinity pool, a sundeck and the attention of an Aris Meeha personal butler.

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Eco-Floating Hotel, A Luxurious Revolving Hotel in Qatar by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS)

Eco-Floating Hotel, A Luxurious Revolving Hotel in Qatar by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio

A Turkish architectural studio has come up with an amazing design for a Floating hotel that would float and spin in the ocean to generate power. The design has been created by the famous Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS), which plans to build a futuristic hotel off the coast of Qatar. HAADS has shared the design and GIF visualization of the proposed hotel on its website, where the main structure can be seen revolving with a vortex on top.

image © Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio

This project, which started working on it in March 2020 and lasted 6 months, adopts the motto of minimum energy loss and zero waste as a principle according to the design approach it has put forward. Due to its characteristic moving feature it generates electrical energy by rotating around its position according to the water Current and provides users with different perspective experiences. Created as a 5 – Star Hotel, The Eco-Floating Hotel has a construction area of 35000 m² and a total of 152 rooms.

image © Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio

The eco-floating hotel is inspired by the sea with which it is associated in the first degree in terms of form and design principle. At this point, it is worth mentioning that the project will work efficiently in areas where there is a continuous and certain Current. However, the sea which gives the structure physical and tangible power and receives the return it needs in a mutualistic form also directs the shape of the structure with the idea of the vortex. If it is accepted that the water formed and disappeared by itself forming a rotation around itself in a regular Current and the shape is considered to have risen with its borders and evolved into a platform, it will give a transparent mass silhouette. It was this image that fed and supported the project.

image © Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio

In a project aimed at maximum benefit to ecological balance, the element used in terms of green energy production is called vawtau (vertical axis wind turbine and umbrella) which works as a wind turbine on the vertical axis and it has a function as a sun umbrella on the coastal band. 25 kW of electrical energy can be obtained from each of the 55 vawtau modules. Vawtau uses wind Current caused by temperature difference in sea and land as its working principle.

image © Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio

Another point considered in terms of energy production is the effective use of green areas and rainwater. In this sense, it is aimed to work in a way that is appropriate to the design identity and effectively when processing the project landscape. The hotel’s top cover inspired by the vortex also performs the function of collecting rainwater in its form. The water that will be obtained from here can be used as gray water by treatment and its main purpose is to maintain the water balance of green areas.

The project which aims to minimize intervention in the ecological balance by determined means aims not to use fossil fuels at any stage by methods such as rainwater accumulation, vawtau modules, rotational movement it performs around itself.

image © Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio

Just as the water necessity required by the hotel can be met with gray water the water needed will be obtained by purification from the sea. It will also treat the waste water it will produce and thus will not harm the environment. In terms of other wastes occurring it is aimed to develop waste separation units in order to maintain efficiency and to use them as fertilizer in the landscape for the recycling of substances such as food waste.

Access to the floating hotel takes 3 different forms. The first of these access routes will be through a 140-degree floating pier, the other will be through boats that will provide access from the sea to the hotel, and finally by helicopter and drone to the helipad located on the floating pier using the airway.

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Lujo modernista de mediados de siglo en este nuevo hotel de Ibiza

Lujo modernista de mediados de siglo en este nuevo hotel de Ibiza

Con su próxima apertura la temporada de verano 2021, el Hotel Riomar Ibiza, miembro del grupo Marriott dentro de su colección de hoteles independientes Tribute Portfolio, se ha transformado en un destino de lifestyle centrado en el equilibrio entre bienestar, turismo eco-friendly, gastronomía y el ya conocido estilo de vida isleño.

El hotel, que pasa de 2 a 4 estrellas superior, dispone de 116 habitaciones incluyendo 4 suites completamente renovadas y de estética minimalista y contemporánea. Un esquema mono-tono se intercala con acentos de rojos tierra quemada, inspirados en la tierra rica en hierro de la isla de Ibiza. La mitad de dichas habitaciones tienen vistas a la bahía de Santa Eulalia, con vistas despejadas al mar Mediterráneo, mientras que las otras habitaciones ofrecen vistas al patrimonio rural de Ibiza, incluido el histórico Puig de Missa, que data del siglo XVI. En la zona de entrada, los huéspedes son recibidos en el Ocean Brasserie & Bar, que ocupa el salón principal del lobby.

Aquí, todo un ventanal de cristal se abre a una terraza cubierta para una cena informal con vistas a la playa. La terraza de la piscina cuenta con tumbonas y “cabañas” de diseño personalizado mirando a nuestro “Secret Garden”. Un refugio verde para siestas aisladas con un escenario central preparado para noches de música en acústico, nuestras “Sunset Sessions”. Tanto el jardín secreto como el restaurante contarán con grandes marcas tanto en su gestión como en su ejecución para ofrecer así tanto a huéspedes como a locales, el mejor equilibrio entre tradición gastronómica y vanguardia culinaria.

Con los orígenes del hotel en mente como uno de los primeros hoteles en Santa Eulalia, originalmente inaugurado en 1968 y sentando un precedente para el boom turístico de Ibiza, el nuevo diseño adopta las características inherentes del Modernismo de mediados del siglo XX. Líneas sencillas, balcones empotrados e interiores en capas.

El gusto por la nostalgia y las cualidades de la atemporalidad fueron los principios fundamentales del equipo de diseño. Los colgantes Louis Poulsen PH5 cuelgan sobre las cabinas de recepción de diseño personalizado, el Togo de Michel Ducaroy para Ligne Roset se ubica junto a asientos de diseño personalizado acompañados de mesas auxiliares Woud, alfombras de yute a medida de Naturtex, trabajos de arcilla hechos a mano por Atelier Vierkant y un mural de azulejo pintado a mano de 6 metros de ancho corona la pared del lobby

“La importancia del Hotel Riomar es que es anterior a la mayor parte de la ciudad que lo rodea. Santa Eulalia es muy consciente del desarrollo, por lo que a la hora de comenzar el proyecto había que tener en cuenta lo que teníamos y lo que podíamos hacer con la propiedad. Nuestra ambición es fasear el proyecto durante varias temporadas, revelando lentamente nuestra visión general de la experiencia que el hotel debe ofrecer”. – Sichi Bon, director creativo del proyecto.

El rebranding del hotel evoca también su pasado cercano al minimalismo. El hotel pondrá en marcha un canal de comunicación, titulado The Modernist, una guía de la isla con una perspectiva global, donde trataremos de compartir y esporar todo el contenido de lo que pase en el hotel y sus alrededores.

“Queremos crear un espacio con espíritu y de conexión con la gente, el Hotel Riomar Ibiza está pensado para compartir, disfrutar y conectar a los clientes con la comunidad de la isla” – Alejandro Cainzos, director de Marketing.

“El hotel será un espacio para socilizar, conocerse y disfrutar. Es un hotel que tiene como referente la naturalidad y elegancia de los veranos en las costas mediterráneas de los 50 y 60’s. – Marco Schiralli, director del Hotel Riomar Ibiza.

Los detalles son clave en la marca, Tribute Portfolio. Cada punto de contacto con el hotel se ha tenido en cuenta, desde los amenities personalizados a los materiales corporativos. Esta búsqueda de la calidad también es evidente gracias a un servicio honesto y sincero y detalles que incluyen una cuidada selección de lecturas, una biblioteca de vinilos. Incluso la posibilidad de reservar un tocadiscos portátil para que los huéspedes disfruten de la música en sus habitaciones.

El Hotel Riomar Ibiza abre sus puertas a partir del verano de 2021 como miembro del grupo Marriott dentro de su colección de Tribute Portfolio Hotels. Los beneficios para miembros de Marriott Bonvoy incluyen contactless check-in, mobile key y puntos de fidelización en F&B.

El hotel forma parte del desarrollo de la bahía de Santa Eulalia, que incluye W Ibiza y su Chiringuito Blue, la cocina sana del Ve Café y el elegante restaurante La Llama. Dentro de este desarrollo en la bahía incluyen Apartamentos Marsol con 16 apartamentos de lujo relajado y el restaurante Pecador del chef catalán Nandu Jubany, galardonado con una estrella Michelin.

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Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River.

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River.


Four Seasons returns to Thailand’s capital with an all-new riverside sanctuary designed by Jean-Michel Gathy, featuring a collection of signature dining and bar experiences, an urban wellness centre, light-filled event spaces and expansive outdoor courtyards and terraces

Rising above the majestic Chao Phraya River in the heart of Bangkok’s Creative District is an enclave of tiered buildings, connected at ground level by a series of indoor and outdoor spaces, quiet courtyards and lively restaurants. Art-filled spaces, sophisticated lounges and lush tropical greenery are surrounded by the gentle sounds of water features and inviting open-air terraces.  Welcome to the all-new Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River.

“The much-anticipated return of Four Seasons to Thailand’s capital is nothing short of spectacular,” says Christian Clerc, Four Seasons President, Global Operations. “Guests will be in awe of the exquisite design, the world-class restaurant and bar options, and a state-of-the-art wellness centre. As always, the unparalleled, intuitive service from Four Seasons people will be at the centre of it all. Thanks to our visionary owner-partners at Country Holdings Group Public Company Limited, this magnificent Hotel combines everything that one has come to expect of Four Seasons in Thailand and around the world.”

Located along 200 metres (650 feet) of open riverfront just 40 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport along the famed Charoenkrung Road, the fourth location in the Four Seasons Thailand Collection offers myriad opportunities for locals and international travellers to make connections with each other and the exciting city that surrounds it.  Features include a 299-room hotel, destination restaurants and lounges, stunning event spaces, and an urban wellness centre like no other.  The complex also includes 366 Four Seasons Private Residences, opening in 2021.

General Manager Lubosh Barta, who began his Four Seasons career in Bangkok 16 years ago and was most recently opening General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, sums up the experience: “Like the city of Bangkok, our new Four Seasons is full of surprises, whether it’s the breath-taking river views, the rich design details, the perfect cocktail or a striking piece of art.  We look forward to offering personalised experiences in an environment of safety and trust as we embrace Four Seasons enhanced global healthy and safety program, Lead With Care, with uncompromising Four Seasons service in a truly spectacular setting.”

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok is located within buildings design consulted by Hamiltons International architects.  In describing his vision for the interiors of Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok, lead designer Jean-Michel Gathy of DENNISTON said: “Sometimes dramatic. Sometimes intimate. But always charismatic.” High ceilings and glass walls provide breathing space, while pools and flowing water echo the constant movement of the Chao Phraya River.  Thailand’s natural beauty and the city’s urbane charms come together in every aspect of the interiors, punctuated by an art collection amassed by Gathy himself.  Celebrating the country’s legendary craftsmanship and artistry, a dedicated ART Space in partnership with MOCA Bangkok running from lobby through to the river itself showcases contemporary Thai artists in changing exhibitions.

Destination Dining, World Class Mixology

In developing the food and beverage program at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok, a dream team of experts in cuisines, room design and hospitality innovation came together to create a collection of original dining and drinking concepts, with a star-studded team of chefs, mixologists and sommeliers in the kitchens and behind the bars.  Led by Executive Chef Andrea Accordi – previously of the eight Michelin-starred Four Seasons Hong Kong – along with French Executive Pastry Chef Bruce Trouyet, the team includes specialist culinarians in each restaurant. Philip Bischoff, who was previously lead bartender at the landmark Manhattan Bar in Singapore, now presides over the Hotel’s beverage program.

All outlets are designed by the renowned team at AvroKo, with the exception of the signature Chinese restaurant, designed by Jean-Michel Gathy.  Experiences include:

  • Yu Ting Yuan (御庭院) – Presenting authentic Cantonese cuisine in a high style setting amid lush gardens and a shimmering reflection pond.  To learn more about Yu Ting Yuan and Head Chef Qiu Xiaogui and his highly experienced team, click here.
  • Riva del Fiume Ristorante – Head Chef Enrico Maritan and his culinary team welcome guests with the aromas and flavours of locally and seasonally-inspired Italian dishes served along riverside terraces reminiscent of Italy’s Lake Como.  To learn more about Riva del Fiume Ristorante, click here.
  • Brasserie Palmier – Also on the riverfront, the relaxed vibe of this French Tropics-inspired café sets the tone for enjoying brasserie classics with an emphasis on fish and seafood, including a wine and oyster bar.  To learn more about Brasserie Palmier and Head Chef Nicolas Raynal, click here.
  • BKK Social Club – Evoking the legendary glamour of Buenos Aires with a menu of bespoke cocktails, craft spirits, rare Champagnes and the finest cigars, this newcomer to Asia’s remarkable bar scene is set to make its mark.  To learn more about BKK Social Club and award-winning head bartender Philip Bischoff, click here.
  • The Lounge – Where international visitors mix with local patrons, The Lounge is the setting for impromptu get-togethers and a cosy afternoon tea.
  • Cafe Madeleine – A showcase for Executive Chef Bruce Trouyet and his pastry team, Cafe Madeleine is a neighbourhood pastry shop and café offering both indoor-outdoor seating and takeaway options.

Designer Rooms and Suites

Modern rooms and suites have a warm, residential character with Thai touches, balancing contemporary aesthetics with high tech function and signature Four Seasons comfort.  Each accommodation boasts high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows with river or garden views, and spa-like bathrooms.

Among the accommodations, the Terrace Suites offer the ultimate in spacious luxury with landscaped and furnished terraces large enough to host a private dinner party.  The 450 square metre (4,800 square foot) Presidential Suite may be Bangkok’s finest address, with two-storey windows framing 10th-floor views of the Chao Phraya River, a large open living area with its own bar as well as a catering kitchen, up to three bedrooms and an oversized terrace with private plunge pool.

Let’s Meet at Four Seasons

From intimate gatherings to larger events, Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok offers a host of options for meeting planners, event hosts and wedding parties across more than 3,800 square metres (41,000 square feet), all designed by Jean-Michel Gathy.  Spacious, divisible rooms include adjacent outdoor terraces and gardens with panoramic river views, while the team of expert Four Seasons caterers and event planners are ready to bring each host’s vision to life in a safe setting, with every detail anticipated and executed to perfection.

The signature space is the Four Seasons Grand Ballroom at 800 square metres (8,600 square feet) featuring a private entrance, pre-function foyer, soaring ceilings within, and a dedicated outside Ballroom Terrace.  The Ballroom can also be divided in two.

In the residential-style Conservatory, a smaller divisible ballroom offers 425 square metres (4,575 square feet) of space plus a garden terrace.  The unique Conservatory Kitchen hosts up to 200 guests for creative events, or change-of-scenery meeting breaks.  Four additional studios complete the suite of meeting rooms.

Meeting planners and wedding couples may contact meeting.bangkok@fourseasons.com to begin planning.

Coming Soon:  The Urban Wellness Centre at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok

Across more than 2,500 square metres (26,900 square feet) of dedicated space, the Urban Wellness Centre is conceived along three streams of wellness, two floors of innovation and one holistic haven.

“Every aspect of the spa places equal emphasis on the ideas of Mind (spirituality), Body (spa), and Work (fitness),” says Senior Director of Spa Sandie Johannessen.  “With the Palm Courtyard at its centre, it’s a true oasis of wellbeing in the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities, where each guest will find peace, relaxation, renewal and even a bit of indulgence with the skilled guidance of our caring therapists and wellness experts.”

Highlighted by a lavish spa suite with its own private bath and indoor garden, plus eight additional treatment rooms, the spa also includes a spacious consultation area with retail shop, and relaxation lounges.  Additional services are provided at the in-house hair salon, barber shop and nail salon.  The fitness offering encompasses a naturally-lit state-of-the-art gym, a dedicated mind and body studio with regular open and private classes, and a 30 metre (98 foot) lap pool.

Bangkok’s Creative District

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok is in the heart of the city’s most remarkable community.  Along the historic Charoenkrung Road and in myriad small streets and alleyways, the area is undergoing a renaissance as street food vendors are joined by food-forward restaurants, traditional crafts are side by side with bold contemporary art, and tiny stalls selling handcrafted wares sit next to eclectic shops filled with designer goods.

Along Chao Phraya River, Four Seasons guests can head to ICONSIAM, the city’s newest premium shopping mall, with direct access from the Hotel’s river dock.  Or, take a water taxi to wander the river’s canals, floating kitchens, ancient temples and charming fishing piers.

Not sure where to start?  The concierge team at Four Seasons can arrange guided tours on land and water, tailored to each guest’s particular interests.

Be Among the First to Experience the Newest Four Seasons

In celebration of its grand opening, Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok is extending the Staycation at Four Seasons offer through February 15, 2021, including daily breakfast for two, Hotel credit toward food and beverages, and guaranteed early check in and late check out.

Additional packages can also be booked online, or by calling +66 (0)2-032-0888.

About Four Seasons in Thailand

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River joins the brand’s renowned Four Seasons Thailand Collection, including: the coconut palm-fringed beachfront Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui in the south; Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai set amid working rice paddies just outside the northern capital; and Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, an elephant camp set in the jungle along the Mekong River.

Pair two nights in Bangkok with two additional nights at one of hotel’s sister properties with the Thailand by Four Seasons offer, including credits toward food, beverage and spa.

Living at Four Seasons: The new property is also home to 366 Four Seasons Private Residences in a 73-storey tower, opening in 2021.  For inquiries, click here.

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The Mondrian Doha: A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders

Hotel Mondrian Doha, opened in October 2017 in the city’s West Bay Lagoon neighbourhood, brings the up-all-night intensity, energy, and Sunset Strip vibe of the original Hollywood Mondrian to the West Bay Lagoon neighbourhood of Doha, the capital city of Qatar. In collaboration with Marcel Wanders, the interior design project of this luxury hotel is a mesmerizing place that will be indifferent to none.

The Mondrian Doha: A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 22
The Mondrian Doha: A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 21
The Mondrian Doha: A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 20 1
The Mondrian Doha: A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 19 1

The Mondrian Doha hotel was designed by local firm South West Architecture for the hospitality company SBE and is shortlisted in the Event Spaces category at the upcoming AHEAD MEA 2018 awards. Recognized as one of the best interior designers in the world, the Dutch Marcel Wanders describes the luxury hotel as an eccentric and theatrical space with a unique design.

The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 18 1
The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 17 1
The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 16 1
The Mondrian Doha: A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 15 1

In addition to 270 rooms and suites with a luxury interior design, modern furniture pieces and extravagant spaces in his distinctive maximalist style, the top interior designer featured eight innovative bars and fine restaurants featuring both regional and international cuisine, an indoor/outdoor rooftop pool bar, ultra-modern meeting and conference venues and a world-class spa. Mondrian Doha, as one of the best hotels in Qatar, offers a variety of stylish and unique options for meetings and special events.

The Mondrian Doha: A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 14 1
The Mondrian Doha: A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 13 1

“For the design of Mondrian Doha and everything we do, the locale is super important,” explains Marcel Wanders. “To create the hotel, we studied the city, we studied the people. We don’t create interiors, we create destinations and Mondrian Doha is a destination in itself that needs to be discovered.”

The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 12 1
The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 11
The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 10

The luxury hotel with a spectacular exclusive design features a 21,528 square feet/2000 square meter Ballroom that can hold up to 1,500 guests for a wedding or special event. This majestic Ballroom also offers a private, panoramic elevator to take the Bride and Groom or VIPs directly to and from the 6,458 square foot/600 square meter Bridal Suite. The marvelous hotel features a large atrium and lobby space filled with giant white lamps and a black helical staircase that has a balustrade with an ornate cut-out pattern, which extends up over four floors.

The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 9
The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 8 1
The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 7 1
The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 6 1

The Mondrian Doha in Qatar is a 5-star destination designed by Marcel Wanders and each space possesses its own identity, allowing guests to form a collection of stories woven with the main theme that runs throughout. Bespoke designs and Marcel Wanders signature style combine to create a truly holistic, sensual and memorable experience.

The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 5 1
The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 4 1
The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 3 1
The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 2
The Mondrian Doha A Luxury Hotel Project by Marcel Wanders 1 1

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An Intimate Island Escape at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

An Intimate Island Escape at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Just steps from the waves, the Studio Beach Villa is wrapped in tropical greenery and magical sea views

Enjoy this festive season with cherished loved ones on the authentic, unspoiled island of Lanai.  With an array of seasonal spa and golf events, special holiday menus, festive décor, kids programming and more, this holiday has something for everyone.

The 90,000 acre (36,000 hectare) Hawaiian paradise is an ideal destination for a holiday escape, offering land, ocean and air activities for small groups and private parties as well as award-winning luxurious accommodations to call home during the season.  The beachfront Four Seasons Resort Lanai features 213 guest rooms in a series of low-rise buildings spread along the Pacific coastline, providing a private residential experience.  The Resort offers outdoor restaurants including NOBU LANAI, spa, golf and tennis, a kid club, beach and pool with spacious seating areas nestled among tropical gardens, a variety of complimentary classes and events and luxury retail boutiques to ensure an exclusive island adventure for guests.

For a serene oasis to welcome in a New Year, Sensei Lanai, A Four Seasons Resort, nestled on 24 acres (10 hectares) encompassing rolling hills, tropical greenery and natural beauty, offers an ideal adults-only setting to commit to personal wellness and help guests learn daily practices to live longer, healthier lives.  Dine at Sensei by Nobu, enjoy a variety of complimentary fitness and wellness classes, luxuriate in private spa hales with a range of therapeutic treatments or delve deeper into paths that align with intentions in one-on-one sessions with a trained team of Sensei Guides and practitioners who hold degrees in their respective fields.

Check the online activity calendar for up-to-date listings for special events, many complimentary, during the holidays including:


Test skills in a “Hit the Green” competition at Manele Golf Course, relax with family and friends après golf at Jingle Bell Rock ‘N Range or finish holiday gift buying at the Manele Golf Shop Social.  Even non-golfers can take a swing with Merry, Merry Mini-Manele, a complimentary 6 hole, par-3 course right on the practice facility.

Spa and Wellness

Holiday treatments on the menu at Hawanwana Spa include a Festive Blossom Experience or Island Vitality Reiki along with special gifts for spa-goers. No- and low-touch treatments are also available. Spa events include Aerial Yoga (for families too), YoMassage Self Care class and Yoga and Meditation on the Greens.  Join in a selection of complimentary classes such as beach yoga, meditation, tai chi or enjoy private sessions upon request.

Love Lanai Cultural Programs

Join the Lanai Cultural Advisors for complimentary Hoolauna and Talk Story sessions and learn Hawaiian history, how to play the ukulele, leaf weaving, hula and more.  A nightly pu blowing ceremony will mark the end of the day and welcome a new evening.

Keiki (Kids)

Kids of all ages won’t be bored with the choices this season – a Keiki Garden Party, s’mores, ornament decorating are just some of the fun activities on offer.  The complimentary Kids For All Seasons program, daily for kids 5-12, also has nightly parties with themes such as Movie Night Under the Stars, Gooey Hands Slime Night, Pirates Land on Lanai and Dance & Glow; parties include dinner, gifts and more.

Air, Sea and Land Activities

Experience our unmatched diversity of activities outside the Resort: horseback riding, guided Polaris UTV tours, hiking and biking on land.  Or rent a 4×4 jeep to explore the distinctive landscapes of the island, visit the charming plantation town of Lanai City or beachcomb some of Hawaii’s most pristine sands. Take to the air for helicopter journeys around Lanai and Maui Nui or day trips to Oahu and the Big Island.  Dive into the blue sea with snorkel and sunset sails or private charters – keep an eye out for whale sightings!


Grab a racquet and head to the Resort’s Tennis Garden, featuring two outdoor Plexipave hard courts and one Har-Tru Clay Court.  Book court time, private lessons or relax after a game with Bubbles and Doubles, combining private tennis lessons with massages to soothe tired muscles.

Spectacular Events

  • Festive Holiday Dining options at NOBU LANAI, ONE FORTY and Malibu Farm
  • Special Christmas Sensei by Nobu menu at Sensei Lanai
  • Gather at the Luau Gardens for lunch from the Resort’s Kau Kau Tin Food Truck
  • Live music nightly
  • New Year’s Eve midnight fireworks show
  • Kids can ring in the New Year with their own festive party

Contact +1 808 565 2587, exp.lanai@fourseasons.com or visit your travel professional for festive activity reservations.

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One&Only Resorts launches the exclusive One&Only Heritage Collection by Jay Ahr – a limited edition of custom-designed vintage Louis Vuitton Keepalls. The bespoke bags are inspired by the art of travel and draw on the natural beauty and rich culture of each location of One&Only.




Sourced from the 10 global resort destinations, each bag from The One&Only Heritage Collection by Jay Ahr has been hand-picked and transformed with the highest quality embroidery. The bespoke designs are inspired by the local heritage, celebrating each destination. Only two bags have been designed for each resort, each completely distinct in design, and are exclusively available for purchase from One&Only.

In celebration of the art of travel, we have launched the exclusive One&Only Heritage Collection by Jay Ahr – a limited edition range of custom-designed vintage Louis Vuitton Keepalls. Reflecting the natural beauty and rich culture of each One&Only resort location, every bespoke bag is timeless in style and showcases distinctive craftmanship.


Sourced from ten of our global resort destinations, each treasured bag has been hand-picked and transformed with the highest quality embroidery that Jay Ahr is renowned for. The bespoke designs are inspired by the local heritage, celebrating each destination, while every authentic Louis Vuitton Keepall is traced to its provenance.

Through this innovative, sustainable design process, it is re-born to tell a new compelling story.


Just two Louis Vuitton Keepalls have been designed for each resort, each completely unique, and exclusively available for purchase at the One&Only boutiques in each resort. They can also be purchased by contacting us by email at neoboutique@oneandonlyresorts.com.

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Null Stern Hotel, originalidad y exclusividad en una habitación de cero estrellas

Null Stern Hotel

Te gusta contemplar las estrellas? ¿Qué te parecería hacerlo tumbado en una cama desde la que también pudieras disfrutar de unas maravillosas vistas de los Alpes suizos? Pues bien, ahora podrás hacerlo gracias al Null Stern Hotel, un original alojamiento que permite dormir al aire libre a casi 2.000 metros de altura. ¡Sí! ¡Sí! ¡Tal y como lo estás leyendo!

¿Te gustaría descubrir más detalles sobre este original hotel de los Alpes? ¡Pues ya sabes lo que tienes que hacer! ¡No te pierdas nada de lo que te contamos a continuación!

Null Stern Hotel, originalidad y exclusividad en una habitación sin paredes

Sin techo ni paredes

Como te decíamos, hoy vamos a hablarte de uno de los hoteles más originales que se pueden encontrar en el planeta. Se trata del Null Stern, un hotel ubicado a 1.970 metros de altura en el valle de Safien, al este de Suiza. Como podrás comprobar tú mismo, no se parece en nada a un hotel convencional, y ya no solo porque está compuesto de una única habitación (de hecho, para hacer sus necesidades los clientes deben andar unos 10 minutos), sino porque no dispone de techos ni paredes. Sin duda, éste es uno de sus principales atractivos, ya que durante el día se pueden contemplar unas vistas fantásticas de los Alpes, mientras que por la noche el cielo se llena de estrellas.

Null Stern Hotel

El cliente en el centro de la experiencia

Aunque la única habitación del hotel no dispone ni de techo ni de paredes, sí que cuenta con el mobiliario necesario para dormir a pierna suelta. Así, está compuesto por una cama con cabezal, dos mesitas de noche con sus respectivas lámparas y un par de taburetes. Eso sí, como podrás comprobar tú mismo echándole un vistazo a nuestra galería, todas estas piezas están situadas sobre un suelo de lo más convencional. Según cuentan los dueños del hotel, su objetivo es poner al cliente en el centro de la experiencia. Por otro lado, pretenden focalizarse en lo intangible, reduciendo lo demás al mínimo.

Servicio de camarero

Tal y como explican desde el hotel, ofrecen los servicios de un camarero uniformado que sirve el desayuno por las mañanas. Se trata de un desayuno típico de la zona, compuesto por un sándwich de embutido y un café. Además, la cena también es servida en la misma cama. La comida se prepara en la cabaña en la que vive el camarero, que también es lugar en el que se sitúa el cuarto de baño al que debe ir el cliente. Como habrás podido imaginar, debido a las condiciones climatológicas de la zona el hotel solo está abierto de primavera a otoño. Eso sí, los creadores advierten de que las reservas pueden ser anuladas por culpa del mal tiempo.

No es su primer proyecto fuera de lo convencional

Los creadores de este original hotel son los hermanos Frank y Patrik Riklin y su socio Daniel Charbonnier, que se han basado en el concepto “la única estrella eres tú”. Eso sí, no se trata del único proyecto extraño que han llevado a cabo.

Hace unos años también fundaron un hotel ubicado en un antiguo búnker nuclear situado en Teufen, Suiza, que calificaron como “el primer hotel cero estrellas del mundo”. En ambos casos, su objetivo era romper con lo convencional. ¿Te gustaría pasar una noche en este curioso hotel? Pues debes saber que el precio por noche es de unos 250 francos suizos (unos 228 euros). ya que las reservas para esta temporada ya están completas. A continuación te dejamos con nuestra galería, donde encontrarás más imágenes de este sorprendente hotel situado en los Alpes suizos.