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Vacheron Constantin – New Flagship in New York City

Vacheron Constantin – New Flagship in New York City

  • Vacheron Constantin opens North American Flagship in New York City
  • The new two-story Boutique celebrates the long-standing relationship between the Maison and America since 1831
  • Client-first experiences include in-house watchmaker, strap customization, interactive digital archives, rotating exhibition space, and the first ever permanent “Les Collectionneurs” vintage offer.

New York, June 2021 – Vacheron Constantin, the luxury Swiss watchmaking Maison with over two hundred and sixty-five years of expertise, is delighted to announce the opening of its North American Flagship in the heart of New York City, at 28 East 57th Street. The boutique pays tribute to the Maison’s deep roots in the United States and commitment to outstanding client service.

The new Vacheron Constantin Flagship in North America celebrates the relationship between our Maison and America that has existed since 1831. Engaging with the creative spirit of America and its many diverse cultures, Vacheron Constantin is ready to make 28 E 57th Street its new North American home. This Flagship exemplifies Vacheron Constantin’s dedication to excellence and our motto, Do Better if Possible, and That is Always Possible.” – Louis Ferla, Chief Executive Officer, Vacheron Constantin

A 190 year love story with New York

The selection of New York for the location of Vacheron Constantin’s North American Flagship carries powerful symbolism for the Maison. In 1831, Jacques Barthélémi Vacheron wrote a letter stating his intent to expand business to the United States, and in 1832 the company established its first agent in New York. By the twentieth century, Vacheron Constantin timepieces could be found on the wrists of eminent Americans from members of the Rockefeller family, Henry and William James, automobile manufacture James Ward Packard, and actors Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few. Of the many innovative and historically important Vacheron Constantin timepieces, special references inspired by American clients include one of the first large wristwatches for aviators, a series of pocket watches for the U.S. Corps of Engineers during WWI, and just a few years later, the cushion-shaped “American 1921”, a classic yet daring tilted-dial design created for the American market. This iconic timepiece celebrates its 100th Anniversary in 2021 and is the focus of the New York Flagship opening exhibition.

Immersive experience

Located between Madison and Park Avenue, the new Vacheron Constantin Flagship spans over 4,500 square feet and covers two floors. A distinctive glass façade opens directly onto 57th Street and features a sleek brass-toned design in the shape of the Maison’s emblem, the Maltese Cross. The transparent glass invites collectors and visitors into a discovery of the Maison’s creativity and fine craftsmanship in a harmonious old-meets-new environment fitting the spirit of Vacheron Constantin’s contemporary watchmaking.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by an atrium filled with natural light and a double floor height. A striking blue straw marquetry wall with Maltese cross motif creates a focal point that conveys Vacheron Constantin’s dedication to high watchmaking artistry. To the left, an open discovery table welcomes watch collectors and visitors alike to discover beautiful crafts and techniques amongst an assortment of Métiers d’art timepieces.

American 1921 Unique Piece Historique Restoration Restauration Calibre 1921 Making-of 100th anniversary

A large eye-catching screen offers an immersive tour through the history of Vacheron Constantin in the United States via an exclusive interactive experience: the “Chronogram”. Developed in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Chronogram is an innovative tool that uses emerging technologies to digitize Vacheron Constantin’s exceptional body of archives accumulated since 1755, shared with the public for live exploration of the Maison’s heritage.

In-house watchmaker, rotating exhibitions and family-friendly accommodations

A dedicated area within the first floor displays the restoration capabilities of the Maison and rotating exhibitions of historic timepieces from the Vacheron Constantin private heritage collection in Geneva. In a striking design, visitors are met with a sweeping staircase animated with bronze vertical columns inspired by 19th century architecture. As a demonstration of the Maison’s commitment to client-centered service, the second floor opens to an expansive watchmaking bench intended to encourage interaction with an in-house watchmaker as well as a custom strap station presenting both engraving and embossing customization options. A VIP Lounge encourages lingering and a family-friendly bar upstairs is equipped with games and refreshments that truly embody Vacheron Constantin’s dedication to clients.

A window into Vacheron Constantin’s collections

The new Flagship houses the complete Vacheron Constantin timepiece collection from simple to high complications, as well as boutique exclusive models, the first permanent “Les Collectionneurs” vintage watch offering, and a rotating Les Cabinotiers assortment. The newly unveiled American 1921 Pièce Unique re-creation timepiece will also be presented for the occasion of the Flagship opening.

“Les Collectionneurs”

Chosen with patience and talent by the Maison’s heritage department specialists, “Les Collectionneurs” curated collection of vintage Vacheron Constantin watches from the 20th century have been restored and are offered with the same warranty given to contemporary collections. Previously only available at dedicated annual events in Vacheron Constantin boutiques around the world, a rare assortment will be featured in the North American Flagship as the world’s first “Les Collectionneurs” permanent boutique offering.

Les Cabinotiers

Les Cabinotiers, Vacheron Constantin’s approach to single-piece editions, showcases the Maison’s amazing wealth of creative and engineering talent. The department of Les Cabinotiers combines excellence and dedication with a group of master watchmaking professionals who use their wide-ranging scientific knowledge in the latest technical breakthroughs and 18th century watchmaking crafts to perpetuate Vacheron Constantin’s tradition of innovation. Creating both bespoke timepieces on demand from clients as well as timepieces conceived by Vacheron Constantin master watchmakers, Les Cabinotiers translate dreams into reality in mechanical and artistic terms and consistently push the boundaries of what is possible in watchmaking today.

A One of a Kind American 1921

To mark the 100th anniversary of the American 1921 watch, Vacheron Constantin has delved into its archives and its horological expertise to offer a faithful reproduction of the American 1921 original timepiece, emblematic of an era. Stemming from an impressive technical feat and epic human saga pushing the limits of fine craftsmanship, the creation of the American 1921 Pièce Unique watch mobilizes the remarkable expertise of the Maison’s Restoration workshop and Heritage department for an entire year. This approach might be a first in the watch industry, reflecting Vacheron Constantin’s commitment to the conservation, transmission and continuous enrichment of its heritage and skills.

Inspiration from American Art

In homage to great American art, display windows on 57th Street and the boutique’s first floor exhibition area will be fully encompassed during the opening by a dream-like bronze city including a car and track installation inspired by the masterpiece, Metropolis II (2010), by American artist Chris Burden (1946-2015). From his action-based works in the 1970s that focused on his own body and the relationship of the viewer to it, to the technical feats of his later sculptures that intervened in spaces, artist Chris Burden consistently challenged limitations. By doing so, he reflected on the surreal realities of contemporary life and invited the viewer to join in these contemplations. Vacheron Constantin and Chris Burden’s work share a commitment to craft, and an exploration of the beauty found in scientific exploration. The installation on view pays tribute to a cosmopolitan love of movement and “the idea of a city”. This is the Chris Burden Estate’s historic first ever brand collaboration.

Boutique Address:
Vacheron Constantin
28 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022

Monday – Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: 12 to 6pm

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Interior Design Project Brings Nature Inside This New York Apartment

Downtown Manhattan, Stad Architecture created a lush green landscape interior design project inside this minimal apartment. The owners wanted to bring a bit of nature into the city that never sleeps.



The Chelsea Pied-à-Terre Apartment is for a couple who permanently reside in Vancouver, British Columbia. Prior to the renovation, the old layout had a narrow kitchen isolated from the living area. The client’s ask for a nice working kitchen, so the designers enlarged, opened, and redesign the kitchen’s layout to take advantage of the living room’s daylight

The clients also challenged the designer’s team “to incorporate a landscape feature (recalling the lush natural landscape from southwestern Canada) to help relieve downtown Manhattan’s concrete landscape.” After much deliberation, they considered ‘landscape’ as a custom hand-painted wall covering.

Interior Design Project Brings Nature Inside This New York Apartment green design ideas inspirations11 Using the client’s desire as inspiration, “the custom wall covering is analogous to the canopy bed’s use of upholstery as a space-defining ceiling canopy and headboard wall.”

green design ideas inspirations9

green design ideas inspirations10

For the design, they collaborated with Calico Wallpaper, the gold-leafed ceiling creates a luminous sky above the bed while the green field anchors the headboard wall. When privacy is not a concern, this room-sized architectural canopy bed becomes a visual focal point from the open living room.
As needed, two large glass doors close obscuring visual details while still allowing natural light to filter through the apartment’s different spaces.

green design ideas inspirations4

green design ideas inspirations6

Pale oak herringbone flooring was used from the bedroom into the lounge, which features bright white-painted walls. To bring hues of green from the large painting they picked in the same shade modern furniture, including a dark green sofa, a green-colored glass table, and a wood and leather chair.

green design ideas inspirations5

green design ideas inspirations8

Predominantly white finishes were selected to decorate the modern kitchen, including the cabinetry, marble countertops, and terrazzo flooring.

green design ideas inspirations1

green design ideas inspirations2

Source: Dezeen | Photography: David Mitchell

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TAG Heuer launches third generation luxury connected watch in New York
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TAG Heuer launches third generation luxury connected watch in New York

“Your best performance is the one ahead.” This signature elegantly encapsulates the essence of the new TAG Heuer Connected model and the innovative spirit that has inspired the Maison since its founding.

TAG Heuer pioneered the luxury connected watch segment in 2015 with the creation of its first timepiece in partnership with Intel and Google. “Initially, production of this new watch was set to be a trial,” Jade Ferreol explains. The trial quickly proved a success, spawning the design of a second version in 2017. In the space of six months, the two timepieces emerged as a robust commercial success for the Maison.

© TAG Heuer

To develop the new model recently unveiled in New York, TAG Heuer built out the initial team, forming an inhouse team with an impressive high-tech skillset. “This is the first time that a team counting around 30 software and hardware engineers has come together to work exclusively on a connected watch,” Jade Ferreol notes.

The three pillars of the third-generation TAG Heuer Connected watch are traditional mechanical details – tapping into its rich heritage of Swiss watchmaking savoir-faire – sports performance (a dedicated app developed inhouse for the first time) and customization, with interchangeable straps and watch faces. It embodies the Maison’s commitment to combining traditional mechanical excellence and digital design, powered by bespoke, state-of-the-art software.

The TAG Heuer Connected watch was designed and engineered with the same passion and attention to detail as our mechanical watches. The Connected watch is not only a beautiful timepiece, it’s a truly immersive experience, now part of a complete TAG Heuer digital ecosystem geared towards performance and sports. The TAG Heuer Connected offers limitless possibilities in terms of future innovation. Thanks to the talent and dedication of our teams, the new Connected is a truly brand-defining product that will lead the way into a new era for TAG Heuer,” says Frédéric Arnault, TAG Heuer’s Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, who has led this ambitious project since its start.

The new TAG Heuer Connected bolsters the Maison’s position in the hotly competitive luxury connected watch segment, offering an elegant and versatile chronograph designed for both everyday life and sports.

CORE Real Estate - Luxury Home
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CORE Real Estate – Luxury Home – 212 West 18th St PENTHOUSE1, New York, NY 10011

Presentamos Penthouse One en Walker Tower, ampliamente considerado como el mejor penthouse del centro. Rara vez hay una casa tan importante disponible: con 5 dormitorios, 5.5 baños y 3 chimeneas de leña en medio de 5.955 pies cuadrados de interiores prístinos y 479 pies cuadrados adicionales de terrazas privadas.

CORE Real Estate – Casa de lujo – 212 West 18th St PENTHOUSE1, Nueva York, NY 10011

En toda la planta superior de Walker Tower, Penthouse One ofrece lujo sin igual y vistas de 360 grados del río Hudson, el World Trade Center y la Estatua de la Libertad en el edificio más importante del centro.


OMEGA Celebrates The New James Bond Watch in New York
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OMEGA celebra el nuevo reloj de James Bond en Nueva York

Con invitados especiales como Daniel Craig, Michael G. Wilson y Barbara Broccoli

OMEGA celebra
El nuevo reloj de James Bond en Nueva York

Como el reloj de confianza del espía favorito del mundo, el relojero suizo OMEGA ha organizado un evento en Nueva York para celebrar su nuevo reloj James Bond. Los invitados fueron recibidos en The Top of the Standard, donde se reveló por primera vez el nuevo Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition. El actor Daniel Craig, así como los productores Michael G. Wilson y Barbara Broccoli hicieron una aparición especial para la ocasión.

James Bond lleva un OMEGA desde GoldenEye en 1995, a elección de Lindy Hemming, la diseñadora de vestuario que trabajó en todas las películas de Bond entre GoldenEye y Casino Royale. Cuando los invitados llegaron al evento en Nueva York, fueron recibidos por una exhibición completa de los exclusivos relojes Seamaster usados por el espía británico durante los últimos 25 años.

Raynald Aeschlimann, presidente y director ejecutivo de OMEGA, dio la bienvenida a todos y presentó el nuevo reloj. Él dijo: “James Bond comparte muchas de las mismas cualidades que OMEGA, desde un estilo exquisito hasta un espíritu aventurero y una precisión exigente. No podemos esperar a que todos vean el nuevo reloj que usará en la pantalla “.

Hablando sobre su participación en el proceso de diseño, Daniel Craig dijo: “Cuando trabajamos con OMEGA, decidimos que un reloj liviano sería clave para un militar como 007. También sugerí algunos toques y colores vintage para darle al reloj una ventaja única. . La pieza final se ve increíble “.

Los productores Michael G. Wilson y Barbara Broccoli dijeron: “La experiencia militar de Bond es una parte fundamental del carácter de 007, por lo que es apropiado que el nuevo diseño de OMEGA refleje tan inteligentemente ese aspecto de su identidad”. Bond y OMEGA han sido sinónimos durante casi un cuarto de siglo, por lo que mientras nos preparamos para lanzar la película número 25 de Bond, es el momento perfecto para lanzar el nuevo reloj Bond “.

El nuevo Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition ha sido construido a propósito con las necesidades de 007 en mente. Hecho a mano de titanio ligero de grado 2, incluye una innovadora pulsera de malla de titanio, así como grabados de estilo militar y una apariencia vintage gracias a su esfera y bisel de aluminio marrón “tropical”. Este reloj no limitado se colocará en la colección actual icónica de OMEGA y estará disponible para los clientes de todo el mundo a partir de febrero.

Entre los muchos invitados en Nueva York había varios rostros familiares, incluidos Paul Wesley, Antoni Porowski y Sean O’Pry. Como sorpresa adicional, la noche inspirada en espías concluyó con un set de DJ de renombre mundial, Honey Dijon.