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Interior Design Project Brings Nature Inside This New York Apartment

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Downtown Manhattan, Stad Architecture created a lush green landscape interior design project inside this minimal apartment. The owners wanted to bring a bit of nature into the city that never sleeps.



The Chelsea Pied-à-Terre Apartment is for a couple who permanently reside in Vancouver, British Columbia. Prior to the renovation, the old layout had a narrow kitchen isolated from the living area. The client’s ask for a nice working kitchen, so the designers enlarged, opened, and redesign the kitchen’s layout to take advantage of the living room’s daylight

The clients also challenged the designer’s team “to incorporate a landscape feature (recalling the lush natural landscape from southwestern Canada) to help relieve downtown Manhattan’s concrete landscape.” After much deliberation, they considered ‘landscape’ as a custom hand-painted wall covering.

Interior Design Project Brings Nature Inside This New York Apartment green design ideas inspirations11 Using the client’s desire as inspiration, “the custom wall covering is analogous to the canopy bed’s use of upholstery as a space-defining ceiling canopy and headboard wall.”

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For the design, they collaborated with Calico Wallpaper, the gold-leafed ceiling creates a luminous sky above the bed while the green field anchors the headboard wall. When privacy is not a concern, this room-sized architectural canopy bed becomes a visual focal point from the open living room.
As needed, two large glass doors close obscuring visual details while still allowing natural light to filter through the apartment’s different spaces.

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Pale oak herringbone flooring was used from the bedroom into the lounge, which features bright white-painted walls. To bring hues of green from the large painting they picked in the same shade modern furniture, including a dark green sofa, a green-colored glass table, and a wood and leather chair.

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Predominantly white finishes were selected to decorate the modern kitchen, including the cabinetry, marble countertops, and terrazzo flooring.

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Source: Dezeen | Photography: David Mitchell

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