Franck Muller reveals a new feminine timepiece: The Vanguard™ Rose Skeleton featuring the iconic and timeless characteristics of the brand. The hand drawn roses highlight the concept of nature and a floral universe blooming in a timepiece.

The Vanguard™ Rose Skeleton combines a harmonious design and a smart development. The technicity of the collection resides in the research of making the roses essential for the mechanism with an openwork dial. Here, the flowers are not ornaments placed on the movement, they are cut from the bridges and the bottom plate, connecting the mechanical movements together. They are esthetical decoration essential for the timepiece.

This innovative design is perfectly balanced with a highly feminine openwork dial, showcasing all the complications and the components of the movement. The owner can admire the enameled flowers painted by hand and the entire movement, as the studded balance and the handmade beveling, which gives the watch an aestheticism worthy of the highest watch movements.

The watch, entirely designed and manufactured in-house, has a small manual movement, enjoying a 4-day power reserve. The Vanguard Rose Skeleton embodies the spirit of modern yet refined women. Franck Muller demonstrates all its craftsmanship with this unique feminine masterpiece to give it a sophisticated soul.

The timepiece is available in different color variations, as well as in the famous color dreams version. For diamond lovers, they will be delighted with the 2 or 5 roses set with diamonds, as well as the diamond case.

FRANCK MULLER – The Grand Central Tourbillon

FRANCK MULLER – The Grand Central Tourbillon

The Grand Central is an outstanding new collection, where the Tourbillon is in the spotlight, placed at the center of the timepiece. This beautiful central Tourbillon is housed in a redesigned Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex™ case. One of the complexities of the collection lies in the fact that we had to totally rethink the watch in order to move the Tourbillon from its original position at 6 o’clock to the center of the watch.

The Grand Central Tourbillon

In addition to this attractive and surprising decentering, Franck Muller designers and watchmakers had to find an innovative system to display the time in the center of the watch. Thus, they found an innovative way to place the hour and second hands around the Tourbillon cage, highlighting the beauty of the piece. Extremely rare for a Franck Muller Tourbillon collection, the watch holds a self-winding movement, thanks to an eccentric micro rotor, offering 4 days of power reserve.

FRANCK MULLER - The Grand Central Tourbillon

FRANCK MULLER – The Grand Central Tourbillon

FRANCK MULLER – The Grand Central Tourbillon

Regarding the case, it has been redesigned so that the sapphire crystal goes all the way to the bracelet. The bezel which is separate from the case, allowing two-tone treatments. This design totally changes the aspect of the original Cintrée Curvex™ and fully highlights the beautiful curves of the watch. It also gives full visibility to the dial by limiting the amount of material used on the sides which is technically very difficult to achieve and giving the case a new modern line of life.

The open back allows to admire the pure traditional decorations as the Côte de Genève.

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Bamford Watch Department x Arsham x King Nerd Franck Muller Casablanca

Bamford Watch Department x Arsham x King Nerd

Franck Muller Casablanca

Limited Edition

This unique Franck Muller Casablanca personifies the spirit of collaboration and joint artistry with renowned modern artist Daniel Arsham and expert engraver King Nerd, Johnny Dowell, joining forces with Bamford Watch Department on this limited edition.

The style of the Casablanca blends perfectly with the creative ingenuity of Arsham, King Nerd and Bamford Watch Department. Dynamic, contemporary and classic, it is an enchanting model which has been redesigned with an intricacy of detail.

With a striking Arsham Studio Green dial and seconds hand, the Arsham Studio Monogram repeats throughout the design; from the printed dial to the embossed leather strap and hand engraving by King Nerd on the case of the watch. The caseback has also been engraved with an eroded Arsham Studio ‘A’ along with a CASABLANCA logo inspired by the film of the same name.

“It has been amazing to work with two great friends on the canvas of an iconic watch from a brand which resonates with us all. As always, Daniel Arsham and King Nerd brought something special and unique to the project and I am so proud to work with them on this Franck Muller Casablanca.”

George Bamford, Bamford Watch Department “I have always been inspired by the art world and I was naturally very happy to learn that Daniel Arsham was keen to interpret his art into one of our iconic models, the Casablanca. The result is astonishing and I am delighted with this exciting collaboration with Bamford Watch Department.” Nicholas Rudaz, COO, Franck Muller 5-piece limited edition, housed in a unique outer box which continues the Arsham Studio ‘A’ monogram design. Pricing available on request and available from Bamford Watch Department.

www.bamfordwatchdepartment.com @bamfordwatchdepartment
Daniel Arsham says, “I’ve always liked the Franck Muller Casablanca and this project actually started by asking George if he could make one custom for me. As we were talking about all of the different details on it, things got more and more intricate and complex. I started thinking about ideas for engraving onto the case and how we could work with Johnny and integrate the original design ethos of the dial with the Arsham Studio monogram. We wrapped the Arsham Studio Monogram all the way around the watch, from the dial to the embossed leather strap, into the case itself, with the engraving all done by hand. It’s a project that we’ve been talking about and working on for probably two years now and it is finally complete to share with the world.”

FRANCK MULLER | Vanguard Collection

FRANCK MULLER | Vanguard Collection

FRANCK MULLER | Vanguard Collection

Distinguished by a sporty tonneau shape, the Vanguard™ calls in for clean and futuristic aesthetics with a one-of-a kind design. With refined taste, inserts on both sides of the case tastefully match the color on the numerals and strap for utmost elegance and style.

The strap is cleverly integrated inside the case in order to maintain and extend the curved aspect of the timepiece, the resultbeing a stunning timepiece with a unique design.

Reference V 45 S6 SQT (NR)

Case Vanguard case
Stainless Steel
Hand polished
Black inserts on both sides of the case
Width: 44 mm x Length: 53.7 mm x Thickness: 12.7 mm
Sapphire crystal
Water resistant up to 30 meters
Functions Hours, Minutes, Seconds at 6 o’clock
Instructions Winding shaft with 2 positions: 1.Winding. 2.Time setting
Movement MVT FM 1740-VS
Manual winding movement
Power reserve of 7 days
175 components
21 jewels
Width: 37.05 mm. Length: 40.20 mm. Thickness: 6.00mm
Balance wheel frequency set at 18,000 alternations per hour
Two barrels
Skeleton movement
Hand chamfering on the flanks of the main plate and on the bridges
Microblasting and satin finishing on the bridges and on the main plate
Circular brushing on the wheels
Bracelet Hand sewn alligator strap
Buckle Stainless steel folding buckle
Hand polished

FRANCK MULLER - Lady Master Square

FRANCK MULLER – Lady Master Square


Lady Master Square

The Master Square™ collection is all about the geometrical purity and symmetry of the lines giving the collection a perfectly balanced design.

Harmony and grace are the watchwords when it comes to describing the design of the Master Square. Placed under the sign of elegance and refinement, the Master Square features beautiful contours that are showcased on the wrist of ladies with style and personality.

This year, the House of Franck Muller is pleased to present a watch whose geometrical purity of line lends it a perfectly harmonious appearance. Once again the Franck Muller designers have drawn on Art Déco, the rigour of the shape of its case in fact follows the principles of architecture applied at that time.


The same concern for refined elegance is to be found on the dial – white painted Roman numerals adorning the black sun-stamped translucent dial and, vice versa, black painted numerals contrasting with a white background.

Harmony and balance best describe the design of the Master Square.

©Franck Muller Geneve
All rights reserved GFM Watchland SA



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FRANCK MULLER – First Automated Watch Box

FRANCK MULLER – First Automated Watch Box

Franck Muller is delighted to announce the delivery of the very first Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton in a phenomenal box.

The Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton deserved a unique watch box. It took years to develop such an exceptional timepiece and months to build it.

This unique triple axis tourbillon is covered by a 5-year warranty and is delivered with a unique box featuring an automated opening system.



FRANCK MULLER – The Vanguard Crazy Hours™

The Vanguard Crazy Hours™ calls in for youthful and futuristic aesthetics. In its full diamond version, the distinctive shape of the Vanguard tastefully outlines the dial and applied Arabic numbers.

FRANCK MULLER – The Vanguard Crazy Hours™

An aesthetic that lives up to the eccentricity of the complication, with the iconic numbers of the Vanguard collection in pop colors such as orange, yellow, purple or blue. The colourful insert highlights the curve of the watch while the crown gives the final touch to the sporty elegance and robustness of the Vanguard.

FRANCK MULLER - The Vanguard Crazy Hours™

FRANCK MULLER – The Vanguard Crazy Hours™

The Vanguard Crazy Hours™ combines creativity and poetry in its full diamond and colourful version. The complication is all about a jumping hour module and an automatic movement. While the hour hand jumps to point the hour, the minute hand rotates in a traditional 60 minute cycle.

Franck Muller - The Cintrée Curvex Remember

Franck Muller – The Cintrée Curvex Remember

The Remember collection is available for ladies and men. Housed in a Cintrée Curvex case, designed with the sun-stamped guilloché lacquered dial with hologram numbers and applied Arabic numbers.

Franck Muller – The Cintrée Curvex Remember

Franck Muller - The Cintrée Curvex Remember

Franck Muller – The Cintrée Curvex Remember

Once again, Franck Muller takes an uncommon approach to the very notion of time off the beaten track. An invitation to remember, to cultivate the fabulous and precious power of remembrance.
The Master of Complications states with his new collection Remember that no law of physics assures us that time only moves forward in a unidirectional way. A real facelift, this timepiece with its fabulous rejuvenating properties takes us into a world where time flows backwards.

Franck Muller – The Cintrée Curvex Remember

The collection Remember thus offers a new reading, presenting the hour figures in the opposite clockwise direction. Historically, the hands have always moved in chronological order from 1 to 12, rotating from left to right at the top of the dial and from right to left at the bottom, following the direction of movement of the shadow projected on the horizontal sundial in the northern hemisphere.

Thanks to a self-winding mechanism, the hour, minute and second hands will follow an unconventional rotation, making a circle in a “counter-clockwise” direction. A poetic complication
that invites us to take our time, as if we could extend our most beautiful moments to infinity.

Amazing, disconcerting and elegant, the collection Remember is available in 18k rose or white gold or stainless steel. Its dial, entirely set with diamonds or stamped guilloche with sun pattern,
finished with 20 layers of lacquer and the emblematic hologram numerals of the House, will seduce the wrists of women and men.

A timepiece that perpetuates the Franck Muller tradition while establishing a new philosophy that invites each aficionado of Haute Horlogerie to proclaim their independence from the established
order of time.

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Franck Muller Vanguard Rising Sun

El Vanguard ™ Skeleton Swiss Limited Edition, enriquece la colección con un nuevo y llamativo cuerpo rojo esqueleto. Rindiendo homenaje a Suiza, los colores que adornan esta colección recuerdan el blanco puro y el rojo intenso de la bandera suiza. Esta edición limitada de solo 50 relojes ofrece una vista fascinante del movimiento que es un tesoro mecánico totalmente elaborado internamente.

Franck Muller Vanguard Sol naciente

Los puentes abiertos arquitectónicos y geométricos han sido así diseñados para acentuar la arquitectura moderna del reloj y permitir que los amantes de los relojes admiren el mecanismo en su totalidad. Los puentes, biselados a mano a la perfección, exhiben un contador de segundos sutil y elegante a las 6 en punto.

La edición limitada Vanguard ™ Skeleton Swiss está alojada en una caja de titanio Vanguard ™ pulida a mano, con revestimiento de esmalte blanco. Cuenta con una correa de aligátor blanca con puntadas rojas en el lateral que complementan a la perfección los hipnóticos puentes de aluminio anodizado rojo del movimiento.

Precio: 35’800 CHF sin impuestos

Esta edición limitada ya está disponible en nuestra emblemática flagship store de Ginebra (con posibilidad de envío a todo el mundo)



Hoy, Franck Muller presenta el Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton, que ofrece un espectáculo técnico excepcional y emociones que solo se pueden encontrar en Franck Muller.

Con un impresionante movimiento de esqueleto, este reloj revela elegantes puentes negros calados e indicadores rojos de aluminio que permiten observar uno de los mecanismos más bellos de toda la relojería.


Este tourbillon de triple eje corrige la fuerza de gravedad en todas las posiciones, a diferencia de un tourbillon clásico que solo lo compensa cuando el reloj de pulsera está en posición vertical. Este complejo sistema de carruajes es una maravilla técnica y es el resultado de una de las creaciones más complejas de la alta relojería.

Dominando la mitad inferior del movimiento, el extraordinario tourbillon de triple eje gira lentamente a través de los ciclos de una hora, ocho minutos y 60 segundos de sus respectivos tres carros. Este mecanismo altamente complejo hace del Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton una maravilla de precisión y, sobre todo, una obra maestra de la micromecánica.

La potencia fluye desde el tren de engranajes a través de los tres vagones para activar la rueda de equilibrio cinco veces por segundo. Como el Revolution 3 tiene tres vagones, el tren de engranajes tiene una resistencia significativa a superar. Con el fin de proporcionar una abundancia de energía para impulsar este tourbillon de triple eje, el movimiento recibió 10 días de reserva de energía. Además, hay dos indicaciones retrógradas a las 4 y 8 en punto para la progresión del carro de ocho minutos y el carro de 60 segundos.

Ubicado por primera vez en una caja Vanguard, este reloj presenta una cúpula de zafiro única en la parte delantera y trasera del reloj, lo que permite resaltar aún más el magnífico tourbillon de triple eje.

La funda Vanguard, hecha de titanio de grado 2, está tratada con un revestimiento de PVD negro. La correa, hecha de Alcantara® rojo, toma sin esfuerzo la forma de la muñeca y complementa perfectamente las decoraciones rojas en el movimiento y la funda Vanguard

Totalmente diseñado y fabricado internamente, el diseño futurista del Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton es un tesoro mecánico que muestra los excepcionales conocimientos que fabrica Franck Muller.

El nuevo Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton viene con la garantía de tourbillon de 5 años de Franck Muller y se entrega en una caja muy especial con un sistema de apertura automatizado.