Roger Dubuis - Excalibur Sorayama Monobalancier
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Roger Dubuis – Excalibur Sorayama Monobalancier

Roger Dubuis – Excalibur Sorayama Monobalancier

Searching for inspiration in the most unexpected places is in Roger Dubuis’ DNA. This includes uniting with world-famous urban culture artists who share its values to break the rules, showcase radical expertise, and obsess daily over the design of the future.

Roger Dubuis - Excalibur Sorayama Monobalancier

Roger Dubuis – Excalibur Sorayama Monobalancier

Continuing on a journey to create boundary-breaking masterpieces, Roger Dubuis is proud to introduce the third timepiece from its Urban Culture Tribe with the Excalibur Sorayama Monobalancier (MB).

Pioneer in his art, the world-famous Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama has been inspiring his peers for decades. By inventing his super-realist feminine “Sexy Robots”, he broke conventions and shook traditions. His talent has been rewarded by multiple awards and his genius led him to work with the biggest names across high fashion, technology, and music. Knowing he chooses to pursue opportunities that force him to push the boundaries of his art, Roger Dubuis invited him to the Manufacture to take on the creative challenge: to reinterpret the Maison’s astral signature.

Embracing this opportunity to infuse his realistic and expressive signature design, the innovative artist co-created a timepiece that merges one radical world with another. Hyper performing, hyper inspiring, and hyper hypnotic, the result is modern art for the wrist.


Never one to shy away from a challenge, Roger Dubuis made the decision to recraft and reshape its own work of art – the Excalibur Monobalancier – earlier this year. Clean cut lines on both case and movement create a heightened sense of depth, while the signature star now levitates freely above the barrel. An evolution that not only raises the timepiece to an even higher standard, but also makes it an exciting and versatile canvas for Sorayama to express himself.

Reinterpreting the Excalibur MB with hyper expressivity and sophistication, the artist chose to be provocative by breaking the Maison’s design codes. Curvy lines and a full shine finish blur the sharp design and contrasted finishes Roger Dubuis usually signs its masterpieces with. Sorayama borrowed further cues from his own iconic creations by echoing his 3D sculptures within the polished titanium finish. This striking aesthetics required the Maison’s hyper-skilled watchmakers to develop unusual processes to replicate the desired shiny effect. A first for the Maison and highly challenging task especially when it came to polish fully the titanium case and bracelet. Determined to bring even more play with light to the timepiece, Sorayama also reimagined Roger Dubuis’ micro-rotor to create a hypnotising moiré optical illusion triggered by the natural fluid movements of the wearer’s wrist. This captivating and endless rippling effect – another first for both the artist and Maison – required months of in-house prototyping seeking for the right combination of materials, decorations and finishes. The final execution associates an extremely precise and optimal distance between each line of the stamped décor, with a traditional three-hour long guilloché technique on specific parts of the micro-rotor and an innovative assembly process placing a stamped sapphire dial above the reimagined micro-rotor.

As described by Sorayama, the result is the optimal harmony of two artists coming together: “The Excalibur Sorayama MB is a perfect blend of two worlds, with Roger Dubuis’ and my signature both recognisable at first sight. I’m thrilled we were able to bring such a hyper expressive timepiece to life. By pushing our limits, we’ve created a distinctive moiré and a singular masterpiece.”


As artistically inspiring as technically impressive, the Excalibur Sorayama MB houses an automatic calibre recently enhanced with a series of mechanical and aesthetic improvements.

Motivated by a desire for hyper performance, Roger Dubuis’ engineers increased the power reserve of the RD720SQ to 72 hours. They also optimised the micro-rotor to minimise vibrations and doubled the balance wheel inertia to improve stability and make it less sensitive to shocks. Better efficiency and energy transmission was further increased through the use of a new lube and by optimising the shape of the escapement wheel, pairing it with adjustable pallet-stones, and constructing both elements from diamond-coated silicon.

Such high standards of horological mastery and craftsmanship are rewarded with the Poinçon de Genève; one of the most exclusive stamps of certification in watchmaking today.

The hyper sophisticated masterpiece is also the first Roger Dubuis titanium grade 5 bracelet to feature its Quick Release System for ease and versatility. Housed in a 42 mm case crafted from titanium grade 5 as well, this exclusive artwork is limited to just 28 pieces and at first available in Japan only.

Together with its friends, the Maison shows what happens when rules are rejected and creativity is unleashed. In bringing a visionary artist together with incredible watchmakers, Roger Dubuis proves once again it is unquestionably the most exciting way to experience Hyper Horology™.

Roger Dubuis - Excalibur Spider Huracán Monobalancier
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Roger Dubuis – Excalibur Spider Huracán Monobalancier

Roger Dubuis – Excalibur Spider Huracán Monobalancier

Ready, set, go: Roger Dubuis roars across the starting line to reveal the Maison is now the official timing partner of the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The new collaboration is set to whip up pleasure-seeking visitors with a series of unforgettable thrills and emotions.

The hyper watchmaker already boasts two renowned partnerships within the motorsport’s universe, creating adrenaline-charged masterpieces with racing legend Lamborghini Squadra Corse and premium tyre expert Pirelli. Welcoming another partner to the fold with the Goodwood Festival of Speed is a natural next step. In honour of the new collaboration, Roger Dubuis is proud to unveil the Excalibur Spider Huracán Monobalancier (MB). Born to race, the new timepiece boasts an expressive blend of hyper materials and hyper mechanics.


The new Excalibur Spider Huracán MB reflects the DNA of Lamborghini Squadra Corse combined with the horological excellence of the Maison. Powered by an automatic RD630 calibre, the 45-mm diameter Excalibur Spider Huracán channels the same exhilarating performance as its motoring namesake. Strong visual cues are inspired from the Huracán GT3 EVO2, including the honeycomb motif made famous by the supercar, with its hexagonal dashboard paralleled in the shape of the calibre. Built like an engine, the calibre’s twin barrels and 12° tilted balance wheel also represent the movement signature associated with Lamborghini Squadra Corse. When viewed from the back, the skeletonised movement reveals the 360° oscillating rim weight. This reproduces the like-for-like speed effect of a Huracán wheel rim, as well as emulating its design. Finally, a crown inspired by the supercar’s racing nuts is paired with an upper calibre strut-bar bridge design reminiscent of those found on the V10 engine itself. When visionary engineers meet incredible watchmakers, iconic timepieces are born.


Both Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini Squadra Corse compulsively seek out hyper-tech materials to fulfil their obsession with shaping the future. Just as Lamborghini Squadra Corse chooses carbon fibre for its racing cars, Roger Dubuis crafts the new Excalibur Spider Huracán MB case, bezel, and crown from pure white Mineral Composite Fibre (MCF). Exclusively developed in-house, this hyper-tech material illustrates the Maison’s technical mastery. The 100% integrated Manufacture found that engineering silica via a Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) process could produce a material 13% lighter than SMC carbon. Not only does this lightness make it extremely comfortable to wear on the wrist, it also enables the creation of intricate designs thanks to a sturdy structure. Always seeking out the most expressive aesthetics, the pure white MCF is further elevated with embellishments in striking green, intense red and electrifying yellow to honour the design of the Huracán GT3 EVO. The same shades are also found on the white rubber strap, which features green calf leather perforated with tiny holes to reveal the red beneath. Intricate stitching in red adds to the audacious look, while a Quick Release System ensures ultimate versatility. As exclusive as the Festival of Speed Driver’s Club, the Excalibur Spider Huracán MB is reserved for a select tribe only and therefore limited to 88 pieces.

Join us to discover the Maison’s latest roaring creation and explore iconic timepieces at the Roger Dubuis booth at Goodwood Festival of Speed from June 23rd to June 26th. Adrenaline-seekers beware: This is going to be an epic weekend.

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ROGER DUBUIS – Paints Downtown Red


Pasión. Compromiso. Audacia. Los códigos de caballería pueden tener miles de años, pero sus virtudes siguen vivas en la mente de muchos. Por eso la excelencia sigue siendo el objetivo de Roger Dubuis. Sin embargo, la misión final de la Maison es su búsqueda perpetua para desafiar las reglas del juego y, como resultado, representar el futuro de Hyper Horology.

Esta mentalidad se lleva a nuevas alturas para la última evolución de la icónica colección Knights of the Round Table. Estableciendo un nuevo estándar, el reloj está adornado con un dominio artístico excepcional, una artesanía sobresaliente y una creatividad desenfrenada. Infundido con el legado de una leyenda, pero diseñado pensando en el futuro, es una declaración poderosa para el aquí y ahora. Para el usuario moderno que entiende cómo la fuerza del pasado crea poder en el presente y más allá. Pero esta historia de artesanía legendaria no se puede contar a cualquiera. Es un privilegio reservado a unos pocos. Los que saben. ¿Te atreves a descubrirlo? Tome asiento en la mesa.


La amenaza es real. La batalla está en marcha. En las misteriosas profundidades de un lugar olvidado, doce valientes caballeros se preparan para defender su reino contra el poder de la fuerza gravitacional. El suelo se está fracturando, la tierra rota comienza a resquebrajarse. Sintiendo el peligro, los caballeros se posicionan contra este enemigo invisible. ¿Triunfarán?

Simbolizando una escena imaginaria en la que los caballeros se preparan para defenderse de un peligro inminente, cada guerrero se asienta contra un borde rojo sangre transparente desarrollado a partir del precioso cristal de Murano. Esta rareza artesanal también se utiliza para construir la textura oscura y brillante de la esfera negra. Como parte de la gran tradición veneciana, el cristal de Murano desvía la luz de formas singularmente modernas e interesantes.


El evolucionado reloj Knights of the Round Table fusiona una leyenda del pasado con claves de diseño futurista para producir un emblema carismático para el presente. Impulsado por un calibre automático Monobalancier RD821, su nuevo acabado y diseño contemporáneos incluye una caja de corte limpio hecha de un rico y notable oro rosa de 18k 750/1000. Así como los ferozmente valientes caballeros son leales a su juramento del deber, la Maison es leal a la artesanía hiperexpresiva. De hecho, mantener los más altos estándares de excelencia incluyó el acabado a mano de todas las partes de este movimiento de 45 mm con un cuidado meticuloso y de acuerdo con los criterios del Poinçon de Genève; uno de los sellos de certificación más exclusivos de la relojería actual.

Mientras tanto, la corona y su protector tienen la forma intencional de la protección de una espada, diseñada para parecer como si una cuchilla estuviera atascada dentro del reloj, al igual que la espada Excalibur en la piedra por la que Arturo fue coronado rey.

Para aprovechar al máximo los finos detalles del caballero, un nuevo anillo de cristal de zafiro transparente debajo del bisel ofrece una vista completa de sus elaboradas facetas. Ahora, los coleccionistas más exigentes están invitados en secreto a disfrutar de todos los aspectos de sus características con esta vista hiperexclusiva disponible solo para ellos.

En la parte posterior de la caja, el peso oscilante está completamente rediseñado con un acabado circular compuesto por dos capas tejidas de formas piramidales inclinadas que crean la apariencia de una vidriera de castillo. Inspirada en las muescas triangulares alrededor del borde del reloj, esta sofisticada elección de diseño brinda una vista fascinante del peso que se mueve dentro del mosaico. Alrededor de la pantalla, un grabado del famoso juramento pronunciado, según cuenta la leyenda, por todos los caballeros que buscaron defender al Rey Arturo dice: “Alrededor de esta mesa, los caballeros más valientes se reunirán como iguales. Partirán en busca de aventuras, corrigiendo errores, protegiendo a los débiles y humillando a los orgullosos”. Honrando este sentimiento mítico, pero diseñado para marcar las señales del mundo moderno, el usuario puede apoyarse en una leyenda del pasado para darle poder en el presente.

Una correa de piel de becerro negra, la primera de la colección Knights of the Round Table que cuenta con un sistema de liberación rápida, permite una fácil intercambiabilidad, al tiempo que completa la apariencia lujosa de este reloj legendario apto para el guerrero de hoy.

Solo unos pocos privilegiados tienen el honor de llevar un reloj de los Caballeros de la Mesa Redonda de Roger Dubuis; un reloj hiperexpresivo que combina el poder, el mito y el saber hacer del pasado y el mundo moderno. Es por eso que la escasez debe reinar cuando se trata de artesanías como esta. Con una serie limitada de 28 piezas disponibles exclusivamente en las boutiques de Roger Dubuis, ¿te convertirás en uno de los pocos afortunados?

Un secreto desenterrado, una valiente búsqueda emprendida. Pero una leyenda no muere tan fácilmente, y el peligro tampoco. ¿Qué más podría surgir de las profundidades más profundas? Continuará….



El subidón de adrenalina, los latidos del corazón, el conocimiento seguro y cierto de que algo está a punto de suceder: ENTRA EN EL FUTURO DE LA HIPER RELOJERÍA. Impertinente, excesivo, incisivo, intransigente y un poco loco, así es Roger Dubuis. Sólidamente sostenido por una Manufactura integrada, un espíritu innovador, un flagrante desprecio por lo convencional y una audacia incontenible son las piedras angulares de su actitud inconteniblemente audaz; el alma de sus relojes inconformistas e inequívocamente contemporáneos. ¡De eso se trata Roger Dubuis! Ríe, grita, ruge y, sobre todo, crea… para una tribu exclusiva que cree en el valor de vivir a lo grande en todo momento. Inspirándose en otras industrias de vanguardia y diseños innovadores, la sofisticación técnica que supera los límites combinada con una pasión innata por la extravagancia para demostrar, una y otra vez, que Roger Dubuis es, sin duda, la forma más emocionante de experimentar Hyper Horology. .

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ROGER DUBUIS – New frosty white excalibur spider huracán has hearts racing

ROGER DUBUIS – New frosty white excalibur spider huracán has hearts racing


Hearts race hard and fast at the sight of the RD630 calibre elevated by CCF, a high-technology material inspired by other ground-breaking industries. Roger Dubuis saw the ingenuity of aerospace’s use of CCF in the production of space rockets and from there went on to develop its own CCF material after months of research and development.

Representing the Maison’s technical prowess and desire to charter new ground, the independent Manufacture found that combining resin with resistant ceramic fibres could produce an entirely new and exceptionally light material twenty per cent lighter than carbon and with a distinctive white marble-effect.

Not only does this lightness make it exceptionally comfortable to wear on the wrist, it also takes design to its epic extremes. Used to create its white case and as embellishment within the movement itself, the new Excalibur Spider Huracán is a veritable feat of innovation and adrenaline in a single timepiece.


The new Excalibur Spider Huracán is the latest creation to emerge from Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini Squadra Corse, a partnership defined by radical performance and razor-sharp aesthetics. Reflecting the DNA of the Italian supercar combined with the horological excellence of the Maison, the CCF-white Excalibur Spider Huracán is built like an engine.

Powered by an automatic RD630 calibre, the 45-mm diameter Excalibur Spider Huracán channels the same exhilarating blend of performance and lightness as its motoring namesake. Taking strong visual cues from which the Lamborghini Huracán is based, the timepiece is imbued with signature racing design codes. With a honeycomb motif made famous by the supercar, the hexagonal dashboard of the Lamborghini Huracán is reflected in the timepiece, the same epicentre paralleled in the shape of the calibre. What’s more, twin barrels and a 12° tilted balance wheel represent the movement signature associated with Lamborghini Squadra Corse. When viewed from the back, the semi-skeletonised movement reveals the 360° oscillating rim weight that reproduces the like-for-like speed effect of a Huracán wheel rim, while emulating the design of the wheel rim too. A crown inspired by the supercar’s racing nuts is paired with an upper calibre strut-bar design bridge reminiscent of those found on the Lamborghini Huracán V10 engine itself. A cryptical date feature enhances its playful allure, while a Quick Release System on the buckle and strap ensures the watch is easily interchangeable. Limited to just 88 pieces, this is no ordinary timepiece. This is a timepiece for those who dare to seek out their next rush.


Imbued with a further technical feat, the Excalibur Spider Huracán glows by night as the Maison’s obsession with light and luminescence shines through with both the upper flange and hands filled with Super-Luminova™. In a shining example that shows Roger Dubuis goes where others do not dare, Super-Luminova™ is also applied to the timepiece’s tilted surfaces, deposited on the strut-bars thanks to an innovative process first used in a Roger Dubuis world-premiere last year. Likewise, a vulcanization process known as SuperBiwiNova® melts Super-Luminova™ directly inside of the watches’ white rubber inlay strap to create a show-stopping finish. A glowing timepiece that plays by no one else’s rules but Roger Dubuis’ own, there’s no telling what could be achieved with the CCF-white and luminescent Excalibur Spider Huracán on the wrist.



Roger Dubuis is not owner of the trademark Super Luminova™

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Excalibur Spider Pirelli

Heart racing, tarmac scorching, the wheels scream into life. When visionary engineers meet incredible watchmakers, iconic timepieces are born.


Excalibur Spider Pirelli

3, 2, 1: Introducing the new Excalibur Spider Pirelli, the first Roger Dubuis fully versatile timepiece fuelled by adrenaline and crafted with winning motorsport tyre rubber.

The latest Roger Dubuis innovation to emerge from an exclusive collaboration with Pirelli, Excalibur Spider Pirelli shows what happens when the finest minds from different industries come together to share their unrivalled know-how, breakthrough research and boundless creativity. Driven by a desire to create adrenaline-charged masterpieces for a fearless tribe, serial innovator Roger Dubuis and motorsport performance pioneer Pirelli present the newest interpretation of the Excalibur Spider collection, which sees iconic calibres heightened by interchangeable straps that features rubber inlays from certified race winning Pirelli tyres.


On the road to victory, a few seconds is crucial. It makes all the difference. Inspired by the renowned motorsport Pit Stop, each element of the new Excalibur Spider Pirelli is interchangeable, from strap to crown and bezel – all with a simple click. A Roger Dubuis world-premiere, not only is this an extremely customisable timepiece, it also features innovative lock technology. With an uncompromising focus on a clicking sensation and sound both reassuring and thrilling, the Quick Release System on the strap and crown is now taken to the next level at the bezel, with a precise position alignment that fixes the clock with one click. A click that tells you it’s time to go. When suddenly you’ve accelerated beyond the limits– ahead of the game.


Excalibur Spider Pirelli


The Excalibur Spider Pirelli is an adrenaline-charged mechanical masterpiece. With a calibre that includes Roger Dubuis’ first automatic skeleton, the transparent view of its self-winding movement is held directly on the inimitable Roger Dubuis star. It also features a micro-rotor, one reduced to its strict essence at 11 o’clock, turning seamlessly with that of the wrist. The perfect balance of weight to wind the RD820SQ is further achieved through the use of innovative materials, such as DLC Titanium, both lighter and more luxurious than stainless steel. As notorious for avant-garde aesthetics as for traditional craftsmanship, Roger Dubuis’ Excalibur Automatic Skeleton is a signature of the Maison.

Of the hundreds of hours of manufacturing time for this 45mm timepiece, as much of a third of this time is devoted specifically to the prestigious Poinçon de Genève, with each and every component carefully finished by hand at the Roger Dubuis Manufacture in Geneva. Equipped with a 60-hour power reserve, this impressive feat of mechanical engineering is just a further example of the horological boldness of the Maison.


Just like in motorsports, it takes a team effort to make it easier, faster and simpler than ever before to switch gears and customise a timepiece. Now with three additional kits in red, white or blue – the iconic Pirelli colour codes – the Excalibur Spider Pirelli transforms from full black to a pop of bold colour in a click.

Petrolheads take note! Available in a limited run of just 88 kits per colourway, these are timepieces crafted from race-winning tyres for the wrists of life’s winners. Brimming with racing design codes, the inner design of the strap displays the recognisable Pirelli CinturatoTM Intermediate pattern and the additional colour kits are thicker than the base bezel to mirror the look and feel of the distinctive Pirelli tyres, those that squeal on their way to the finish line.


What if a click was all the impetus needed to trigger change? A provocative sound resonating with the craziest minds, pushing them to act? Effortlessly interchangeable, this is a click that changes the game entirely, one that empowers those who hear it to experience the world exactly the way they want. Epitomising its larger than life attitude, Roger Dubuis believes wearing a strap made of Pirelli winning tyres is what will get troublemakers beyond the finishing line. So heat up the engine and get ready to live life in the fast lane. Ready to feel the thrill?


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Roger Dubuis has consistently demonstrated a penchant for impertinence and extravagance. Sustained by an integrated manufacture, a flagrant disregard for convention is the backbone of its bold attitude. A true innovator, the luxury watchmaker is driven by an irrepressible willingness to come up with high-impact ideas, boundary-pushing technologies and unmistakable out-of-the-box designs. Living by the motto NO RULES, OUR GAME, the Maison proves once again it is the most exciting way to experience Hyper Horology with the launch of the new Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon.


Extravagant, determined and disruptive, the bold and bright are the ones that stand out. Just like any star should. But a star doesn’t just appear. It takes dedication. Innovation. Craftsmanship. Only then can an icon ascend…Introducing the Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon: a star restyled for the new world.

To mark the launch of the inimitable skeleton design reinterpreted with a contemporary touch, Roger Dubuis is set to celebrate modern art in all its shapes. Taking form in Hyper Horology with the Maison’s most recent interpretation of the Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon, this icon of watchmaking is brought to a whole new level; a masterpiece that cannot be ignored, just like its wearer.

Finding kinship with those disruptive souls who dare to make a difference, the Maison partners with the URBAN ART TRIBE, world-famous urban culture artists that reflect Roger Dubuis’ values: break the rules, showcase radical expertise and obsess daily over the design of the future.


Roger Dubuis continues shaking up the world of haute horlogerie with the launch of the new Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon. Enhanced with meticulous care, the timepiece is reinterpreted with sophistication and flair using modern and technical materials.

A contemporary masterpiece for the wrist, the new design showcases clean cut lines on both case and movement. Creating the impression of a thinner look and feel, while heightening the sense of transparency and depth, the calibre is rebuilt from bottom to top in an architectural feat that sees the Roger Dubuis star now levitate freely above the barrel. A strong visual identity is created with a signature two-line pattern – seen between the notch on the crown and bezel, the star’s arms, the tourbillon’s cage, the hour’s marking on the flange, the hands – all of which cleverly appear as though they will meet but never do. This dynamic aesthetic is amplified by the Poinçon de Genève, the most demanding signature in fine watchmaking and one that requires the manual decoration of each and every component of the watch, as well as unexpected and antinomic decorations in modern haute horlogerie, such as circular-brushed top surfaces and polished angles that demonstrate Roger Dubuis’ visionary approach.

Always keeping the wearer in mind, the new RD512SQ calibre is stunning in its technical prowess. Now with a titanium lower tourbillon cage – twice lighter than stainless steel – and a mirror-polished Cobalt Chrome upper tourbillon cage, the weight of the piece is reduced to optimum effect. All of which allows the power reserve to be radically optimised to 72 hours, providing the option of leaving the watch unworn over weekends without the worry of resetting come Monday. Proving no detail goes unconsidered, non-magnetic material is used inside the tourbillon to better serve the wearers and improve their experience.

Comfort is key, which is why a range of entirely new strap sizes have become available. With 5 sizes from 0 to 4, finding the perfect strap ensures the buckle is always centred on the wrist, as a Quick Release System offers ultimate flexibility. Underscored by rarity, the 42mm case is only available in eighty-eight pieces per colourway: Dark Grey DLC Titanium, Cobalt Chrome CarTech Micro-Melt BioDur CCMTM and the new EON GOLD, a pink gold shade that remains more stable thanks to non-tarnish technology. Reimagined for a contemporary era, an icon ascends in the shape of the Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon.


Showcasing the Maison’s obsession with art, light and luminescence, in addition to our icons comes the Excalibur Glow Me Up, a world-premiere for Roger Dubuis limited to just eight timepieces.

By day, the new Single Flying Tourbillon calibre is elegantly adorned with 60 baguette-cut diamonds on the bezel. By night, it’s a complete different version that comes to life through this vibrant timepiece with luminescent and dazzling diamonds, an achievement made possible thanks to an intricate two-part process. The first involves filling the grooves that hold the stones in place with Super-Luminova, a singular way to make the diamonds appear luminescent without altering them. Secondly, an additional patent enables Super-Luminova to be applied on the angles of the movement, as well as to the iconic star-shaped bridge.Because at Roger Dubuis less is never more.


Roger Dubuis is a destination for the avant-garde. Committed to non-conformity, the Maison stands with those who choose to blaze their own trail. To show what happens when rules are rejected and creativity is unleashed, Roger Dubuis partners with the URBAN ART TRIBE, composed of three urban culture creatives – tattoo artist Dr. Woo, graffiti artist Gully and mixed-media artist Liu Wei. Rulebreakers in their own fields, they too shape the future by refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer. Brought together to unite a wider community of daring minds, Roger Dubuis and the URBAN ART TRIBE hope to encourage people to challenge the way things are, just as the Maison does when it comes to Hyper Horology, and Dr. Woo and Gully do in their industries.

A leading name among an influential elite who see tattoos, art and fashion as an indissociable whole, Dr. Woo’s singular approach to needle style has shifted the paradigm for tattoos, taking them from subculture to broad popular appeal. Of the partnership he says: “I’ve taken this path because I don’t know where it leads, and that is exactly why I’m here – to seek the unknown and go out of my comfort zone. Tattooing and watchmaking have that in common: the same attention to detail, a dot vs. a tiny component, assembled perfectly for you to see the bigger picture.”

Gully, a well-known graffiti artist, chooses to work exclusively in his own atelier to maintain his anonymity. He uses a wide variety of mixed techniques and materials and explains his artistic concept as one based on conscious appropriation. Telling visual stories of children appearing in splendid settings, he reveals their enchantment with art and particularly with the paintings of the great masters. Speaking to the concept of the tribe, he comments: “Two worlds, a crossing path. I feel driven by the same energy and insatiable envy to come up with something we have never seen before. It comes as a bombshell, provokes surprise, and arouses interest. Bringing different worlds together is my trademark, so I can’t wait to show you the Gully x Roger Dubuis mixture.”

Generously opening the doors to their respective workshops, Dr. Woo and Gully will begin their long-term partnerships with Roger Dubuis by first sharing their creative processes at work. Initially set to reinterpret the brand’s iconic astral signature, they will continue to co-create the future of Hyper Horology alongside the Maison.


From April 7 to 13th, Roger Dubuis turns this year’s Watches&Wonders edition into an interactive journey for its guests to dive into the realms of the Maison’s creative process and beyond. Come and celebrate contemporary art in all its shapes, from Hyper Horology to tattoo art, graffiti and beyond.

Excalibur Diabolus in Machina by Roger Dubuis
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Excalibur Diabolus in Machina by Roger Dubuis

Excalibur Diabolus in Machina by Roger Dubuis

A symphony of organised chaos

Roger Dubuis has consistently demonstrated its penchant for excess and extravagance. An inclination matched by a fearless determination to challenge the rules through a resolutely expressive and contemporary approach. This serial innovator mindset results from visionary engineers and incredible watchmakers combining radical expertise. It is nourished by a daily obsession for designing and creating the future of Haute Horlogerie. Serving aesthetics through technical skills, reinventing tradition by unleashing creativity to push all boundaries, Roger Dubuis proudly introduces a fresh interpretation of its minute repeater. An experience reserved for a tribe of passionate connoisseurs.

In 2021, Roger Dubuis once again demonstrates its uncompromising approach to watchmaking with the launch of a de-structured reinterpretation of an impertinent and irreverent creative mindset: the Excalibur Diabolus in Machina. This example of Roger Dubuis’ tireless obsession with challenges features a gutsy combination of complications mastered by few watchmakers: a minute repeater, alongside the Geneva Maison’s signature flying tourbillon, as well as a double micro-rotor automatic system. Proudly chiming the tritone, the “Diabolus in Musica” chord outlawed in medieval religious music, the Excalibur Diabolus in Machina features two other functions: a tone playback disc indicator and an “all or nothing” safety device. Available in pink gold or DLC-coated titanium, this feisty and highly contemporary model offers vivid confirmation that the devil is truly in the details. Successfully combining technical prowess with daring aesthetics, the Excalibur Diabolus in Machina is a vivid example of Roger Dubuis being the most exciting way to experience Hyper Horology.

Disruptive design meets diabolical watchmaking expertise

When you wish upon a star, incredible things start to happen. In this case, Roger Dubuis deliberately defies its own codes. In the Excalibur Diabolus Machina, the historical Excalibur dials, consisting of Roman numerals and stars, have completely imploded into the movement, giving birth to offbeat, yet fully balanced architecture. This disruptive design creates harmony between opposites by merging rigorous geometry with chaos creating an even more complex but far more exciting watchmaking feat, not a single element is positioned on the same level.

Time triad

This aesthetic sophistication is matched by impressive technical prowess. Invented as a means of telling the time at night before the advent of electric lighting, the minute repeater is considered one of the most challenging horological complications. It is the only one requiring the watchmaker to make so many manual adjustments throughout the assembly process so as ensure the ideal chime. It is also the only one that calls for genuine musical talent on the part of its maker who tunes it with great finesse and craftsmanship, much like a musical instrument. This intricate auditory complication is an integral part of the legacy of the brand’s founder Mr. Roger Dubuis and it is entirely natural for his heirs to offer a version honouring this heritage while giving it a resolutely contemporary and mischievous twist.

The Excalibur Diabolus in Machina demonstrates its devilish expertise with a pushpiece that activates a chime. The information on each cam is mechanically read off by the Minute Repeater’s main feeler-spindle system, which passes it on to the racks enabling the hammers to strike the gongs. The latter sounds a low pitch for the hours, a high pitch for the minutes, and two tones for the quarter hours, allowing the wearer to check the time at will.

Consisting of three tones, or six semitones, the tritone – also known as the triad or the flatted fifth – an unsettling interval that does not conform to listeners’ expectations. It thus provides an audible echo of Roger Dubuis’ disruptive approach to all things horological. This distinctive dissonance was referred to in medieval times as “the devil’s chord” or diabolus in musica and strictly prohibited in religious compositions. It has nonetheless continued to play a crucial role in complex melodic harmony, notably appearing in Camille Saint-Saëns’ symphonic poem Danse Macabre and in the signature tune of the Black Sabbath metal band. Cleverly shaking up the world of minute repeaters, Roger Dubuis has chosen the sound of the tritone as the chime of its Minute Repeater in the Diabolus in Machina. Pressing the minute repeater button between 9 and 10 o’clock activates the dissonant tonality – tuned to C and G flat – resounding through noble materials and providing a fascinating listening experience.

Visual intrigue and enhanced safety

Various key technical advances featured in the Excalibur Diabolus in Machina include the Tone Playback Disc Indicator at 11 o’clock. Activating the Minute Repeater sets off the rotation of this disc – merged with a Roman numeral and bearing the words Hours, Quarters and Minutes. The result is a visually striking depiction of the time intervals being chimed.

An additional functional indicator further simplifies usage by showing whether the watch is in “manual winding” or “time setting” position. As well as enhancing the design through its artful integration at 4 o’clock, it plays a useful safety role in avoiding potential damage by warning the wearer not to adjust the watch while the Minute Repeater is chiming.

Bearing a name that reflects its importance in a minute repeater mechanism, the “all or nothing” mechanism offers additional security by ensuring the minute repeater can be activated only once the pusher has been pressed all the way in. This eliminates the risk of harming the mechanism by inadvertent triggering, as well as facilitating comprehension of the chime by avoiding any partial and potentially confusing indications of time.

Striking a chord

The intricate complexities of this model are naturally heightened by Roger Dubuis’ typically bold decision to combine this fresh approach to the minute repeater with its signature flying tourbillon. Each of these two horological complications involves its own technical challenges and associating them within the same model is the kind of endeavour reserved for the most skilled and experienced master-watchmakers.

To ensure that aficionados enjoy every last bit of the ride, this Hallmark of Geneva-certified series powered by Calibre RD 107 is housed in an imposing 45 mm pink gold or DLC titanium-coated case and fitted with a calf leather strap designed for maximum comfort. Boldly living up to its provocative and irreverent name, the Excalibur Diabolus in Machina strikes an unmistakable chord in the hearts and minds of a tribe passionate about Roger Dubuis’ reinvention of the Hyper Horology game.

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Roger Dubuis -Legendary craftsmanship – Knights of the Round Table

Roger Dubuis

Legendary craftsmanship

Knights of the Round Table

Roger Dubuis has consistently demonstrated its penchant for excess and extravagance. An inclination matched by a fearless determination to challenge the rules through a resolutely expressive and contemporary approach. This serial innovator mindset results from visionary engineers and incredible watchmakers combining radical expertise. It is nourished by a daily obsession for designing and creating the future of Haute Horlogerie. Serving aesthetics through technical skills, reinventing tradition by unleashing creativity to push all boundaries, Roger Dubuis proudly introduces the latest interpretation of its iconic Knights of the Round Table collection, reserved for an exclusive tribe. A select group of individuals who truly feel the pleasure of blending Haute Horlogerie with artistic crafts.

Epitomising exceptional technical skill dedicated to standout design, this new interpretation of Roger Dubuis’ iconic Knights of the Round Table collection celebrates the mighty legend of King Arthur. Featuring unprecedented design expressed through highly disruptive materials, this new model offers a stunning combination of contemporary craftsmanship and technical savoir-faire. Powered by Calibre RD821 and fitted with a vintage grey red-stitched calf leather strap, the new Excalibur Knights of the Round Table collection is a daring demonstration of the Maison’s exceptional expertise, passion for challenges and obsession with reinventing iconic legends. It sets an incredible stage for the fabled knights micro-sculpted by hand, while reinventing the ancient art of Damascus steel through a Damascus titanium alloy worked in a technically and aesthetically innovative manner.

Disruptive innovation

Damascus steel, today the most commonly used name for patterned welded steel, was historically prepared with steel sheets with various degrees of hardness and is said to have been developed by the Hittites during the first millennium. Used ever since to produce the swords, daggers and blades, its combination of hard and soft steel serves to leverage the intrinsic qualities of these two varieties. Impelled by its inherent drive to take on new challenges, Roger Dubuis opted for Damascus titanium to create an unparalleled aesthetic as well as an incredibly airy feel on the wrist. Twice as light as steel yet 30% more resistant, this material is totally biocompatible. Starting from a block of Damascus titanium, the case and bezel are machined and then dipped in an acid bath designed to reveal the inimitable pattern that is the perfect symbol for contemporary knights. This exclusive treatment, combined with the Haute Horlogerie decorative techniques applied to the 45 mm case of this model, represents a novel approach for Roger Dubuis.

So as to preserve the singular allure of the raised Damascus motif, the Maison’s watchmakers opted for a variety of refined techniques. Well-accustomed to performing movement decorations meeting the rigorous Hallmark of Geneva criteria, they opted to implement them here on the watch exterior. These subtle finishing touches notably include delicate straight-graining creating an appealing matt finish on the case sides; brushing that enhances the smooth look and touch of the curving lugs; as well as extremely precise hand-chamfering using a variety of files. The result is a series of straight and flat angles such as no machine could ever hope to achieve. The aesthetic effect powerfully demonstrates an ability to leverage the talent of the Roger Dubuis watchmakers in order to overcome all difficulties in their tireless pursuit of beauty.

A shining array of manual skills

The adventure continues with a 3D dial featuring an outstanding display of craftsmanship skills including a stunning combination of dark grey enamel, white gold and Murano glass. The dial structure is composed of white gold and dark grey enamel, creating the perfect stage-setting for the crafted Knights of the Round Table. Cast in pink gold and just 7mm high, each knight is meticulously micro-sculpted, engraved and finished by hand. They represent striking examples of Low Poly Art, a singular technique in which polygonal facets are used to create sculptures or painting. Swords at the ready, each represents an hour, while the case-back is engraved with their famous oath of allegiance to King Arthur: “Around this table, the bravest knights will gather as equals. They will set forth in search of adventure, righting wrongs, protecting the weak and humbling the proud”.

Fully engaged in its own quest to share pleasure, madness and freedom with a chosen tribe of connoisseurs, Roger Dubuis provides another stunning demonstration of its uncompromising technical mastery allied with legendary craftsmanship.