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EV-1 Electric Motorcycle

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EV-1 Electric Motorcycle

EV-1 Electric Motorcycle – An electric motorcycle with enhanced battery architecture built with local and renewable materials

This Solution delivers a zero tailpipe emission motorbike using local and sustainable materials. Newron has developed an exoskeleton chassis with integrated batteries to reduce the overall weight and thus reduce costs and energy consumption.

The motorcycle is equipped with composite wooden and linen fibre parts sourced locally: 80% of the parts come from Europe. The EV-1 has an exclusive design, outstanding performance and offers tailor-made services for the customer. This Solution delivers an environmentally sustainable alternative to mainstream motorbikes without compromising cost or style.

Key features

  • Zero tailpipe emissions from operation
  • Uses 50% recycled and local materials, 80% of the motorcycle can be recycled
  • 85% lower CO2 emissions over product lifetime compared to mainstream alternative
  • 0.7 € of electricity to travel 100km


  • Payback time is less than 8 years
  • Allows a €3,000 savings over product lifetime compared to mainstream alternative