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The Swiss luxury watchmaker extends its TAG Heuer Connected digital universe with a new app for an active and healthy lifestyle.

La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland – March 9th 2021: TAG Heuer, the Swiss luxury watch brand that has pioneered the luxury connected watch segment for more than five years, has introduced a new Wellness app that enables users to track their daily activities simply and effectively. From the tiniest steps to the most strenuous workout, they are motivated to be their best selves, while enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle.

An exciting new addition to the TAG Heuer
Connected universe

The exclusive new TAG Heuer Connected watch Wellness feature enables users to stay fit, healthy and connected by tracking their biometrics during all their daily activities. With two daily goals and  one weekly summary, the app motivates them and helps them understand how each effort – no matter how small – benefits their bodies. The release of the Wellness app comes one year after the incredible success of the new TAG Heuer Connected watch and, with its focus on health and fitness, is set introduce the brand’s Connected universe to an even greater audience.

For TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault: “With the Wellness app, we are adding a new pillar to our Connected watch product offering. Within a timeframe of a year, the TAG Heuer Connected has established its status in elegance and sports. It has been embraced by golfers, cyclists, runners and a wide range of other sports buffs. In addition to elegance and performance, our users also expressed a strong interest for tracking their wellness. We value their input; we know how important it is to remain active these days. And we created the TAG Heuer Connected Wellness app for them.”

All the key metrics at a glance

With a quick glance at the TAG Heuer Connected, the wearer can monitor daily activity (number of steps), exercise intensity (time spent each week doing moderate to vigorous exercise), the level of effort perceived by the body (real-time and continuous heart rate monitoring), and the quantified impact of
the exercise (calories burned).

And now with the TAG Heuer Connected mobile application, there is also a brand-new Wellness tab that offers – along with these metrics – information about their evolution over time, which are reliable indicators of the user’s activity level. The Wellness tab’s focus is squarely on marking each user’s steady progress which, in turn, is a motivation to stay active and fit.

Simply set goals and achieve them

Leading health associations encourage the achievement of two daily goals. The first one is to move more, sit less and reach a daily steps target. As counting steps becomes a part of a daily routine,
personal goals can be raised when the time is right. The second is to reach a daily calory-burning target. The more intense the effort, the greater the reward! Again, each user decides on his or her own personal goals and adjusts them according to individual lifestyle and the progress made.

A weekly summary of goals achieved

With the TAG Heuer Wellness app, progress is accurately tracked on a barometer that displays the level of activity during the week. With its detailed overview of minutes spent in fat-burn, cardio and peak zones, users can see at a glance how each active minute benefited their bodies.

TAG Heuer’s Wellness app is designed to motivate its users to make steady, healthy progress by focusing on three easy-to-understand metrics: daily steps, daily calories burned, and active minutes per week. It has introduced these with simple, user-friendly navigation – all the information is conveniently located in one place.

TAG Heuer Connected performance meets refined elegance

The new Wellness app is beautifully presented in the brand’s TAG Heuer Connected digital interface – it’s hard to imagine a more stylish way of keeping fit. The TAG Heuer Connected smartwatches are distinguished by their striking design: with a choice of a titanium or a stainless-steel case and a selection of statement-making dial options, they can be configured to express each wearer’s individual style. The Connected is offered with a stainless-steel bracelet or a comfortable, sporty rubber strap ina rich variety of colours.

TAG Heuer Wellness:
Reinforcing the TAG Heuer Connected digital universe With its visionary TAG Heuer Connected watch, the brand has made a design and technological statement that further solidified its position as leader of the luxury connected watch category. It is a unique combination of the refinement and elegance of a chronograph-inspired watch crafted in the purest luxury watchmaking tradition, with a state-of-the-art, custom-designed digital experience geared towards performance. The TAG Heuer Connected offers wearers a striking and versatile wristwatch that enhances their individual lifestyles, from daily connected services offered from Wear OS by Google*, to immersive sports experiences thanks to the TAG Heuer Sport app. The latter provides detailed tracking for running, cycling, walking, and fitness. Golfers in particular will be drawn to new features that have been introduced recently to help players raise the level of their games with the updated TAG Heuer Golf app.

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TAG Heuer launches third generation luxury connected watch in New York

TAG Heuer launches third generation luxury connected watch in New York

“Your best performance is the one ahead.” This signature elegantly encapsulates the essence of the new TAG Heuer Connected model and the innovative spirit that has inspired the Maison since its founding.

TAG Heuer pioneered the luxury connected watch segment in 2015 with the creation of its first timepiece in partnership with Intel and Google. “Initially, production of this new watch was set to be a trial,” Jade Ferreol explains. The trial quickly proved a success, spawning the design of a second version in 2017. In the space of six months, the two timepieces emerged as a robust commercial success for the Maison.

© TAG Heuer

To develop the new model recently unveiled in New York, TAG Heuer built out the initial team, forming an inhouse team with an impressive high-tech skillset. “This is the first time that a team counting around 30 software and hardware engineers has come together to work exclusively on a connected watch,” Jade Ferreol notes.

The three pillars of the third-generation TAG Heuer Connected watch are traditional mechanical details – tapping into its rich heritage of Swiss watchmaking savoir-faire – sports performance (a dedicated app developed inhouse for the first time) and customization, with interchangeable straps and watch faces. It embodies the Maison’s commitment to combining traditional mechanical excellence and digital design, powered by bespoke, state-of-the-art software.

The TAG Heuer Connected watch was designed and engineered with the same passion and attention to detail as our mechanical watches. The Connected watch is not only a beautiful timepiece, it’s a truly immersive experience, now part of a complete TAG Heuer digital ecosystem geared towards performance and sports. The TAG Heuer Connected offers limitless possibilities in terms of future innovation. Thanks to the talent and dedication of our teams, the new Connected is a truly brand-defining product that will lead the way into a new era for TAG Heuer,” says Frédéric Arnault, TAG Heuer’s Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, who has led this ambitious project since its start.

The new TAG Heuer Connected bolsters the Maison’s position in the hotly competitive luxury connected watch segment, offering an elegant and versatile chronograph designed for both everyday life and sports.


El Garmin Marq 30th Anniversary Signature Set es solo para coleccionistas de relojes smartwatch

Garmin lanza el juego de relojes smartwatch

Edición limitada “MARQ” de $ 10,000 USD

Forjado de nuestro ADN. Auténtico en cada detalle.

Con solo 100 en existencia, y cada uno numerado individualmente, el Signature Set de edición limitada es la colección completa de cinco relojes de herramientas de lujo, presentados exclusivamente con una carta firmada del CEO de Garmin, Cliff Pemble.

relojes smartwatch

relojes smartwatch

El Garmin Marq 30th Anniversary Signature Set es solo para coleccionistas de relojes smart watch

Combinando un diseño hermoso con materiales de vanguardia y tecnología, el lanzamiento de Marq Signature Set de Garmin es una celebración del trigésimo cumpleaños de la marca. El conjunto incluye cinco relojes inteligentes de lujo: el MARQ Driver, el MARQ Aviator, el MARQ Captain, el MARQ Adventurer y el MARQ Athlete. Los relojes cuentan con una pantalla siempre activa, legible a la luz del sol con GPS y funcionalidad de reloj inteligente premium, que incluye almacenamiento de música incorporado, Garmin Pay, notificaciones inteligentes, seguimiento de actividad diaria, así como frecuencia cardíaca basada en la muñeca y pulso basado en la muñeca.

Con su diseño superior y acabados extraordinarios, estos relojes están aquí para defender los estilos de vida revolucionados por la tecnología Garmin.

Todas las funciones inteligentes que deseas ahora están en un reloj de herramientas moderno de lujo exquisito.


Todo empezó hace más de 30 años, cuando dos ingenieros, Gary Burrell y el Dr. Min Kao, tuvieron una visión: convertirse en el líder global en tecnología GPS para los sectores de la aviación, náutico, automovilístico, del deporte y del aire libre. Esa visión se haría realidad con Garmin y sus productos, que ocupan un lugar fundamental en la vida de sus clientes.

Los motoristas pudieron viajar con indicaciones giro a giro. Los pilotos pudieron volar con gran precisión en cualquier condición meteorológica. Los navegantes pudieron seguir sus rutas junto a costas escarpadas. Los atletas y los exploradores podían medir su rendimiento y su progreso con la tecnología GPS y los sensores inalámbricos.


Por primera vez en décadas, la autenticidad y la funcionalidad regresan al segmento de los relojes. Para Garmin, esto supone la brillante culminación de una visión, una fuente de inspiración para nuevas aventuras y una celebración para los pioneros más valientes.

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RELOJES: MODA – Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon

Louis Vuitton es una de las últimas marcas de lujo en sumarse al mundo Android y lo hace a través del nuevo reloj inteligente que la firma ha creado.

Aunque el modelo de Andriod sea muy parecido en marcas como Montblanc, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, Michael Kors o Tag Heuer, los directores creativos han sabido mezclar la filosofía de la marca basada en la elegancia y la sofisticación con las nuevas tecnologías.

Aunque es el primer reloj inteligente que Louis Vuitton ha creado para sus consumidores, el diseño es muy parecido al Tambour original de la marca. Su diferencia más visible es el intercambio del hardware físico para una actualización digital de la plataforma Android Wear 2.0 de Google. También está incorporando lo que han nombrado como “watchfaces” personalizados que principalmente se basan en productos ya exisitentes de Louis Vuitton. La caja y componentes de esta pieza revolucionaria fueron concebidos en París y manufacturados en “La Fabrique du Temps” de la firma. Por lo que hace referencia a la tecnología, esta fue desarrollada en Silicon Valley. La suma de todas estas piezas es un smartwatch que puede usarse en todo el mundo. Y esto es la primera vez que alguien lo consigue.

Una de las cosas que más está sorprendiendo es que el departamento de marketing de la marca ha realizado una campaña que, obviamente presenta el reloj, pero no lo comercializa centrando su atención en el hecho que sea Android si no que prestan un cuidado mucho más especial en la naturaleza del tiempo y como ésta conecta con el viaje de uno mismo. Lo muestran al público como un reloj pensado para viajeros  aventureros. Es por este motivo, que el consumidor si se basa únicamente en la publicidad del producto no sabrá ni cómo funciona, ni que aplicaciones puede ejecutar. Cabe decir, que en la web oficial de la firma, han incorporado diferentes vídeos tutoriales para que, una vez adquirido el producto, puedan entender y hacer servir correctamente el producto. En este campaña hemos podido ver personajes muy conocidos.

Louis Vuitton ha ofrecido ciertos detalles sobre las especificaciones del nuevo Tambour Horizon. Éste cuenta con una pantalla táctil de 390 x 390 AMOLED situado debajo de un cristal de zafiro y también presenta una caja de acero inoxidable de 42 mm.

El Tambour Horizon fue presentado el pasado martes día 11 de Julio en la tienda de Paseo de Gracia que posee la firma en Barcelona. Ayer, miércoles 12 de Julio, antes que la tienda abriera sus puertas por la mañana ya había cola para adquirirlo.