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UDESIGN – Welcome to the Garden Villa!

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UDESIGN – Welcome to the Garden Villa!

Do you think you’d like to live in a house surrounded by a high wall? Of course not, because that would spoil the views. But what if you don’t have any views?
Sometimes the most brilliant ideas are the simplest, and the brilliance of this idea is designing the views as an integral part of the villa, capable of being located on any plot that may not actually have any decent views to begin with. Add to that the concept of inside/out living – which blurs the line between the gardens and the house itself – and you have a formula that is quite unique. Welcome to the Garden Villa!

The interior architecture and design has a distinctive Japanese flavour to it, almost Zen-like. Trees, flowers, plants, rocks, sand and architectural elements, all using nature as the vital ingredient, all designed with precision and attention to detail, all put together in many different ways with absolute respect for nature.

We used lighting, furniture, fittings and some elements that may seem playful, but they all form an integral part of the whole. They all have a purpose. The result is what you see: a beautiful villa with it’s own internal, wonderful views.