THE SOKUDO – The latest builds in the M.H.C. Collection are here!

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The latest builds in the M.H.C. Collection are here! Edition 014

THE SOKUDO. Personally this build was one of the more challenging of the collection, I wanted it to be something extremely pure and unique and something that hasn’t been seen before… which as we all know is a very challenging task in a highly saturated market. We decided to try something a bit different with these builds…entering into the wild world of motorcycles. I have always been fascinated with the design of motorcycles, the raw form/function simplicity has always captivated me.

When I approached Carlos about us potentially doing motorcycles for our next builds he was equally excited so we jumped right in and began building. It was somewhat new creative/design territory for us both. I have designs a few bikes in the past (for a particular franchise I can speak of once its out 03.04.22) and another for Lost Boy but I wanted to try something a bit different with this one.

The more I get into crafting a world/elements in CGI the further I want to push my abilities and shape/form language. Not only am I interested in how things look but also how they could potentially function. These are all just concepts but its so fun to think about how these things could all come together and actually be a workable prototype at some point. That is why I put the Tesla logo on this build as its an EV concept and actually owning and driving a Tesla of my own I know how incredibly powerful the future of the electric vehicles really is. Big thank you to @andreas_ezelius for his amazing Ducati model that we purchased and pulled apart to use bits and pieces for our builds this really helped accelerate the process. Also a massive thank you to @colorsponge

for constantly pushing me and motivating me and for being there to support when the project has its ups and downs (there were many on this build). Over the next few weeks I will be discussing other parts and aspects to The Sokudo but for now here are a few renders 🙂