The 2023 MasterCraft XStar S Piranha Limited Edition model is stacked with luxury premium
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The 2023 MasterCraft XStar S Piranha Limited Edition model is stacked with luxury premium

The 2023 MasterCraft XStar S Piranha Limited Edition model is stacked with luxury premium


The 2023 MasterCraft XStar S Piranha Limited Edition model is stacked with premium features and upgrades to turn heads and turn up for the best time on the water.

With a limited run of 25 units and Ilmor’s SUPERCHARGED 6.2L engine, the XStar S Piranha Limited Edition is the most powerful and most exclusive towboat in the world.


With 630 horsepower and 665 lb-ft of torque, the all-new Ilmor SUPERCHARGED 6.2L is the world’s most powerful towboat engine. Pair that power with MasterCraft’s patented SurfStar system for an unmatched behind-the-wheel and behind-the-boat experience.


The XStar S Piranha Limited Edition will have an extremely limited run of 25 models. Each model will be flanked with a plaque designating which number of the 25 it is. Additionally, the purple flake gelcoat is an exclusive color to the Piranha edition ensuring your boat is one of the rarest and most luxurious wake boats on the water.


We held nothing back when designing the XStar S Piranha Limited Edition. Enjoy premium features like our patented Z8 tower with Hydro-Lock Technology, intuitive stern thruster, CoolFeel jet black upholstery and exclusive purple stitching with RGB accent lighting… just to name a few.


With 630 horsepower and 665 lb-ft of torque, the all-new Ilmor SUPERCHARGED 6.2L is the world’s most powerful towboat engine. Found exclusively in a MasterCraft including all 25 of the XStar S Piranha Limited Edition models.

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Sunseeker HAWK 38 – Thrill of the Chase

Sunseeker HAWK 38 – Thrill of the Chase


Never one to rest on their laurels and following several years of speculation, Sunseeker announces the forthcoming launch of a brand new high performance day boat – the Hawk 38. Sunseeker has returned to its performance roots to deliver an exciting and dynamic stepped hull in conjunction with Fabio Buzzi Design, winner of 43 World Speed Records and 55 World Championships!

Whilst the incredible design, features and equipment delivers ultimate day-boat appeal, its searing performance will ensure it’s always first to the best anchorage or beach restaurant. With a choice of paint finishes and upholstery, it will also make the ultimate superyacht chase boat; no two boats are ever likely to be the same.

Drawing on the company’s racing heritage, the new high performance model will be capable of a leisurely 70mph (62kts) ‘out of the box’ with standard twin Mercury 400R outboards mated to Mercury Racing Digital Zero Effort throttles. The hull has been optimised to take advantage of the latest outboard engine technology giving not only performance benefits but also low cost maintenance for clients.

Sunseeker has always dominated this area and will continue to do so with this technologically advanced cutting-edge new model.

ESLORA 11.85 M 38’ 11”
MANGA 3.01 M 9’ 9”
PESO 5,000 KG 11,020 LB
New yacht 68' Diable: the new temptation from Riva
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New yacht 68′ Diable: the new temptation from Riva

New yacht Riva 68 ‘Diable

Riva 68 ‘Diable

Riva 68 ‘Diable is the new Riva project with a very high sportiness, innovation and habitability

The new Riva has sporty lines, innovative elements and is called Riva 68 ‘Diable.

The project was born from the pencil of Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta of Officina Italiana Design, in collaboration with the Strategic Product Committee chaired by the engineer Ferrari and the Engineering Directorate of the Ferretti Group.


The greatest strength of this open is its habitability, thanks to the brand new hard top with a linear and clean design in which the technical and technological elements disappear from view, which protects and repairs the central areas and therefore the dining area and main. deck command post.

Its cabin furniture stands out, including two large solariums, one with a chaise-longue facing the sea and the other that can be covered, along with the dinette, thanks to an automatic sliding bimini integrated into the rigid roof.


The design of the lower deck has 3 cabins for 6 guests, which are developed around an open space area where a kitchen and a dining room make the environment versatile and comfortable: main cabin in the central ship, double cabin. with single beds on the left, VIP in the bow. Each has a bathroom.

The new Riva 68 ‘Diablese will launch during the summer of 2021.


Total length: 20.67 m

Manga: 5,29 m


2 X MAN V12 potencia 1550 mhp / 1140 kW a 2300 rpm STD

2 X MAN V12 potencia 1650 mhp / 1213 kW a 2300 rpm OPT

Speed :

Maximum = 37 knots (1550 mhp) / 40 knots (1650 mhp)

Cruise = 33 knots (1550 mhp) / 34 knots (1650 mhp)

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Oceanco unveils its vision for future demands by reflecting across industries, with the ultimate goal of zero impact on the environment.

Oceanco NXT brings together a cohort of luminaries in the yachting, technology and design worlds to marry innovation and sustainability in an authentic and meaningful way that will transform how we spend time on superyachts.

At the dawn of a new decade, Oceanco is making a commitment to the future through a pioneering collaborative initiative, Oceanco NXT.

In lieu of the customary concepts that are annually released in the industry to spark interest from potential buyers, Oceanco – which has a reputation for delivering pioneering superyachts – has chosen to address the most pressing and challenging questions that we face in the yachting industry today.


Although the exterior and interior styling of superyachts has progressed significantly over time, we still witness similar technical formats and standards that are deeply rooted in general proportions, form and gross tonnage. These standards have been so far developed and fine-tuned over time that they are hardly being challenged anymore, and the result is a stagnation in innovation. Oceanco NXT delves deeper and broader than simply reducing the burning of fossil fuels to propel and operate the yacht; it considers how yacht Owners can experience life on the water in the future, in the most sustainable, enjoyable and rewarding ways possible.

It takes a visionary yacht builder alongside nonconformist Owners to forge such new pathways in the industry. Oceanco has been challenging the status quo since its inception – setting the benchmark in terms of establishing trends. In 2013 Oceanco completed the world’s first Passenger Yacht Code vessel, Equanimity; and in 2016 it delivered 86m Aquijo, the world’s largest ketch. In 2017, Oceanco delivered 110m Jubilee, the largest yacht built in the Netherlands; and recently it delivered 106.7m Black Pearl, the world’s largest most ecological sailing yacht. Challenges and solutions from these superyachts gave rise to Oceanco’s ground-breaking LIFE design, debuted onboard the 109m Bravo Eugenia, which features extended length while using an optimized hybrid propulsion system to improve fuel efficiency by 30 per cent and minimize space allocated to technical equipment, through a single level engine room.


The physical representation of NXT has been conceived by world-renowned designer Giles Taylor, Global Vice President of Design at FAW Group, whose vision for co-creating the future of yachting has been sculpted in white onyx. This will be complemented by the expertise brought by TANK, an architecture and interior design studio that is celebrated for its contemporary approach to re-creating spaces. Technical Propulsion and Energy Architecture input for the Oceanco NXT ideology is provided by Lateral Naval Architects, a longstanding partner of Oceanco with a respected portfolio of projects to its name. And a broad spectrum of industry expertise is being brought into NXT through Oceanco Co-Maker Unlimited, Oceanco’s collective collaboration strategy to optimize the way yachts are designed and built. Each of these stakeholders has a crucial role to play in upholding the Oceanco NXT promise to strive for meaningful innovation in how we create sustainable yachting that meet the needs of future Owners.

“Oceanco NXT represents our commitment and fundamental believe that the best way to set new benchmarks is to co-create them with experts from a wide array of industries – not just yachting. In creating Oceanco NXT, we seek partners who share a common ambition to innovate and forge a sustainable pathway for tomorrow’s yachts. We are invested in an outcome where the future is zero. From Giles Taylor’s understanding of future Owners’ lifestyle needs and Lateral’s technical innovations towards achieving zero emissions to TANK’s contemporary vision for the use of our living spaces and Oceanco’s collaboration vision with Co-makers, we invite you to our unified goal: to create the most exciting superyachts we can, for future generations.

Through Oceanco NXT, tomorrow can start today,”

comments Marcel Onkenhout, CEO of Oceanco.

*20 October 2020

A round table conversation will take place on 20 October 2020 at 4pm with cross-industry innovation as an approach. Project NXT cannot be defined as a single project, it is a movement. With this initial kick-off we strive to inspire more pioneers. Pioneers with the ambition to create the most exciting superyachts we can for future generations. Pioneers which are determined to achieve zero impact.


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Evo Yachts launches the new R6 Open in Cannes

Evo Yachts, the brand owned by the Blu Emme Yachts shipyard, participates in the Cannes Yachting Festival 2020 with a world premiere: Evo R6 Open.

Born from the pen of designer Valerio Rivellini, the new 18-meter is the open version of Evo R6, the successful flagship of the R range, introduced last year also in Cannes, from which it incorporates the elegance of the design and the flexibility of the spaces.

Evo Yachts launches the new R6 Open in Cannes

Evo Yachts launches the new R6 Open in Cannes

Compared to the classic version, the new Open is distinguished by a steel Roll-Bar, instead of the T-Top, consisting of a suspended wing that acts as a link between the two uprights. The result is a design with sporty and streamlined lines, which gives an idea of ​​lightness. The search for lightness is evident even in the small details, such as the choice not to place the antennas above the aileron, but to ‘raise them’ so as to make them an integral element in the structure design

A retractable awning guarantees shade both on the driving seat and in the front cockpit, equipped with a large dining area, illuminated at night by the courtesy lights on the Roll-Bar, which create suggestive plays of light. Three more are added to this outdoor area: from the large sundeck at the bow, with a sofa in front of the island sundeck of the beach lounge, to the stern beach where the modular platform ensures a variety of uses.

As with all models in the Evo Yachts range, the beach lounge is the most characteristic area of ​​the boat, thanks to the “XTension” side panels, the shipyard’s trademark, which, opening laterally in a few seconds, increase the space available to the 40 %. The width of the central sundeck is such as to allow a 2.85 meter tender to be housed under it.

The layout of Evo R6 Open is an invitation to conviviality and relaxation in an immersive experience with the surrounding environment. Although it is a pure open, however, all the comforts and the ample heights below deck are guaranteed: in addition to the dinette there is space for the owner’s cabin, the two doubles for guests aft, and 2 bathrooms.

With dual engine options, 2 x Volvo Penta IPS 800 or 950, Evo R6 Open ensures a maximum speed of 35 knots and 280 miles of range.

Evo Yachts sarà al Cannes Yachting Festival (8-13 settembre 2020) 

Stand – QSP147

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Gresham Yacht Design & Superyacht -THOR EXPLORE

Thor Explore is a 100-metre exploration motoryacht that breaks from the norm by beginning the design process from the interior and working outwards. The internal spaces directly inform the exterior styling, which encompasses large nautilus windows.

Organic shapes feature throughout the vessel and complement the prominent double-height windows in the grand saloon on the main deck. Discover more about this project through our detailed video.

Gresham Yacht Design & Superyacht -THOR EXPLORE

Thor Explore is, first and foremost, an explorer yacht, she should see a 7,000-nautical-mile range. Similarly, she has an ice-classed hull and complies with SOLAS regulations, carrying up to 36 guests. On a related note, Thor Explore draws some inspiration from OceanXplorer, a conversion project featuring styling and interior design by the studio. Whether a client wishes to conduct ocean research the way the owners of OceanXplorer will or pursue purely personal voyages of curiosity, the yacht additionally has a certified helideck and heli hangar.

Making the journey all the more enjoyable, Thor Explore has strikingly large, nautilus-like ports to each side. They’re two decks high, too, bringing Arctic and tropic vistas into better view. Speaking of views, the floor between the two decks is glass, with purposely exposed structural beams for aesthetic effect. This lends an enormous amount of light in and appreciation of the surroundings. Even with the glass capable of turning opaque, it still brightens the ambience of the sunken seating area or “mission control” space, for planning the day’s adventures.

Of course, since Thor Explore is a proper yacht, she can carry a mini armada of watertoys. Possibilities include a 41-foot (21.5-meter) custom tender, a hydrofoiling speedboat, plenty of PWCs, and a personal submarine. Request a dedicated dive boat, too, since the megayacht has space reserved as a dive center. Regardless,

Gresham Yacht Design greshamyachtdesign.com