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UDESIGN – Welcome to the Garden Villa!

UDESIGN – Welcome to the Garden Villa!

Do you think you’d like to live in a house surrounded by a high wall? Of course not, because that would spoil the views. But what if you don’t have any views?
Sometimes the most brilliant ideas are the simplest, and the brilliance of this idea is designing the views as an integral part of the villa, capable of being located on any plot that may not actually have any decent views to begin with. Add to that the concept of inside/out living – which blurs the line between the gardens and the house itself – and you have a formula that is quite unique. Welcome to the Garden Villa!

The interior architecture and design has a distinctive Japanese flavour to it, almost Zen-like. Trees, flowers, plants, rocks, sand and architectural elements, all using nature as the vital ingredient, all designed with precision and attention to detail, all put together in many different ways with absolute respect for nature.

We used lighting, furniture, fittings and some elements that may seem playful, but they all form an integral part of the whole. They all have a purpose. The result is what you see: a beautiful villa with it’s own internal, wonderful views.

Palace in Saudi Arabia
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UDesign – Luxury architecture and interior design – Palace in Saudi Arabia

UDesign – Luxury architecture and interior design – Palace in Saudi Arabia

The lure of Marbella, the exclusive enclave on Spain’s Costa del Sol, continues to hold sway. Perhaps being based in the region has given interior design studio UDesign an understanding of creating luxury homes for the international elite who decide to nest here. If architecture and interior design is to be truly defined as an art form, this is it, the stunning new palace in Saudi Arabia.

If architecture and interior design is to be truly defined as an art form, this is it – our stunning new palace in Saudi Arabia. Our goal was to create a large-scale private residence that would have elements of a luxury hotel, an art gallery and a family home. A place that was functional and comfortable at the same time, ideal for family living and for entertaining.

If you thought you’ve seen all this before, don’t worry: you have. Or at least, something like it, because it is based on the traditional Spanish cortijo, that wonderful architectural tradition dating from Moorish times, where all social life centred on the courtyard, and where water formed an essential part of the whole. And if you’ve been to the Alhambra Palace in Granada, this might also give you a déjà-vu moment.

The design is all about light and greenery and natural raw materials. Huge tall spaces still have a family-home feel to them, impressive mosaic columns, different bodies of water and creative lighting, so that all spaces are as beautiful by night as by day. We also designed with a forever mindset. You might change the furniture in years to come, but nothing here will ever go out of fashion.

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UDesign – Design luxury home – VILLA NURAYA


Design luxury home

Some houses are so unlike anything we’ve seen before, so extraordinarily beautiful, that they could, with a forgivable amount of hyperbole, be called works of art.

The beauty starts at the entrance, naturally, but this is really a kind of hors d’oeuvre to the full-course interior. We walk inside from a garden to a garden, which is to say, the garden is also inside the house, on both sides as one walks through the main entrance. The delightful difficulty here is not knowing exactly where the garden ends and the interior begins, because we designed it true to our concept of warm-weather residential architecture: inside/outside design. One is never quite sure exactly which is which. We also designed it wide and long, so more rooms enjoy the views, and this is one of the key aspects of this symmetrical, largely transparent property.

This luxury home was designed for someone who loves both entertaining and simply being with family and friends. It was also designed for an art lover, somebody who can appreciate the immense effort and creativity that has gone into every detail of the house and everything in it.