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The TRITON 3300/6 is a leisure-focused derivation of the venerable TRITON 3300/3 MKII design.

Building upon the industry’s most successful series-production platform, the TRITON 3300/6 is the first submersible to feature the world’s largest spherical acrylic pressure hull. Six passengers will experience a level of space and comfort never before found in a submersible capable of diving to any depth, let alone 1,000 meters / 3,300 feet.

For the ultimate in comfort, the TRITON 3300/6 can be configured to accommodate four passengers.

The TRITON 3300/6’s streamlined design brings an elegant aesthetic to a configuration that has been tightly optimised for deployment from a superyacht. Uniquely for a 1,000 meter-rated submersible, it can be deployed using standard tender lifting arrangements – greatly reducing the handling head-height typically required from such a capable submersible.