Seductive Curved Sofas For A Modern Living Room Design

Curved sofas, for a modern living room, are among the main tendencies in the interior design world this year. This specific model stands out, without a doubt. We selected the most beautiful…
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Refreshing Pools: Dive Into These 11 Modern Architecture Designs

Summer is nearly over, but as long as the warm weather remains, the urge of running to a swimming pool has never been more appealing and Inspiration and Ideas brings…
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TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph Calibre Heuer 02

Mientras el relojero de lujo celebra su 160 aniversario, el icónico TAG Heuer Carrera, cronógrafo de carreras original, se relanza con una gama de cronógrafos deportivos que devuelven la colección a sus raíces. TAG Heuer da un paso adelante…
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Modern Art Inspiration For You! Enhancing Fauna Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Present in fashion, furniture design, jewelry, these not so tiny creatures are a major inspiration to designers when creating their contemporary design pieces. Bugs might often be associated with disgusting creatures, but in the modern art world, they have a strong impact that makes our eyes flutter!

A New Contemporary House In Durban Is Surrounded By A Coastal Forest

A New Contemporary House In Durban Is Surrounded By A Coastal Forest Bloc Architects has designed a new contemporary house that’s surrounded by South Africa’s coastal forests. The house seeks to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor…