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Hennessey Announces Venom F5 Hypercar is Sold Out

Hennessey Announces Venom F5 Hypercar is Sold Out

Monterey Car Week buyers snap-up remaining Venom F5 models

  • Two production vehicles on display at The Quail and Pebble Beach Concours help secure final sales of the 300+ mph hypercar
  • “Selling out is just the beginning of the F5 journey,” says Founder and CEO John Hennessey
  • Sales allocation for each of the 24 bespoke $2.1M hypercars from Hennessey Performance is now complete
Sealy, Texas – High-performance vehicle specialist Hennessey Special Vehicles has announced it has sold all its Venom F5 hypercars. The Texas-based company showed a pair of Venom F5 customer cars at Monterey Car week where orders were confirmed for the remaining models of the 24-vehicle run.

The F5 pair were shown at The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering, the Pebble Beach Concours and McCall’s Motorworks Revival at the week-long celebration of all things automotive in California. Tens of thousands of fans joined Hennessey customers in admiring the ‘performance follows function’ form of the F5 along with its luxurious, driver-focused interior.

John Hennessey, company founder and CEO: “Showing two of the latest F5 models at The Quail and Pebble Beach alongside the likes of Bugatti, Lamborghini and Koenigsegg was an honor for the whole Hennessey team. The fact that we secured orders from customers who saw the cars at the events is testament to the quality our team has achieved… and we’re yet to reach the vehicle’s full potential!”

Hennessey’s $2.1M twin-turbocharged, 6.6-liter V8 hypercar boasts 1,817 hp and 1,193 lb-ft of torque making it the most powerful hypercar ever made. Hennessey’s team focused on quality of workmanship, and simplicity of design and engineering to deliver a hypercar without peers.

With the show season drawing to a close, the engineering team may return to final validation testing on roads and racing circuits. The final phase of testing will see the team refine the car’s full-power acceleration, high-speed stability and braking. Once the engineering team signs-off this final development phase, Hennessey has its sights set on a top speed surpassing 311 mph (500 kph).

John Hennessey: “Selling out is just the beginning of the F5 journey for us, our customers and our fans. Production has already begun, with customer deliveries starting this year and continuing through 2023. That’s not all, as we’ve saved a few more surprises for the F5, including the Track Pack enhancements, plus something else that’s literally out of this world!”

America’s Hypercar

Hennessey Venom F5

The Venom F5 is an all-new hypercar designed and built from the ground up with one goal in mind: To be the absolute fastest road car on earth.

Hennessey and team have developed a completely new design, chassis and carbon fiber body focused on aerodynamics to achieve the lowest possible drag. The exterior of the F5 is shaped by aerodynamics and inspired by the pursuit of speed. The entire car exudes determination, purpose and drama from every direction with sculpted aerodynamic ducting and sharp, powerful lines to give the car a real sense of speed and intent, even while stationary.

“Our customers love speed, so we’re fired-up to push the boundaries of what’s possible to attempt the world’s fastest production car record, but the Venom F5 is about more than just speed and power. This car will handle superbly, quality is exceptional, there are more than 3,000 bespoke parts, materials are exquisite, everything is a fitting tribute to 30 years of the Hennessey brand.”

The rear-wheel drive F5 produces 1,817 hp and weighs a mere 1,360 kg (2,998 lb). These facts combine to deliver a power-to-weight ratio of 1.34 hp-per-kg (1,298 hp-per-ton) – well in excess of any road car on sale today. As a key strength of the F5, its tremendous power and lightweight construction help to shape the extreme, visceral and untameable nature of the F5 as an unstoppable force in the hypercar world.

The F5 is powered by a rear-mid-mounted 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that generates 1,817 hp at 8,000 rpm. This power, 277 hp/liter, in a car that weighs just 1,360 kg (2,998 lb) generates a power-to-weight ratio of 1.34 hp/kg (1,298 hp/ton) – the highest of any road car.

Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies
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A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies’ watch born to accompany every moment of the modern woman’s life

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

The manufacture is stepping up the allure of its Twenty~4 collection exclusively for women with a fresh interpretation of the original “manchette” or cuff-style quartz model in steel of 1999. It is launching two new versions adorned with white-gold applied Arabic numerals and white-gold applied trapeze-shaped hour markers. Designed as stylish companions to every facet of an active lifestyle, these Twenty~4 references 4910/1200A- 001 with a blue sunburst dial and 4910/1200A-010 with a gray sunburst dial stand out more than ever as paragons of timeless feminine elegance.

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

Since 1839, timepieces for women have always featured prominently in Patek Philippe’s collections – whether as the pocket watches or pendant watches of the nineteenth century or the wristwatches that first emerged in the early twentieth century. Several milestones in the manufacture’s history also relate to watches destined for women, such as the first true wristwatch made in Switzerland, created for a Hungarian countess in 1868, and the Geneva company’s very first striking wristwatch, a five-minute repeater housed in a small platinum case with an integrated chain bracelet in 1916.

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

A modern classic

In 1999, Patek Philippe strengthened its privileged links with feminine watch lovers by launching its first collection dedicated exclusively to women. The aim was to meet the demands of the independent active woman who sought a timepiece with an assertive personality able to adapt to her modern lifestyle. A watch of timeless elegance that would complement her fashionable business wear and most elegant evening wear. It would be her ally on every occasion, uniting contemporary design, technical excellence and impeccable craftsmanship.

Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

Conceived, as its name suggested, for every hour of the day and night, at work, at home and during leisure activities, the new Twenty~4 stood out by its original art-deco-inspired “manchette” or cuff design, featuring a cambered rectangular case that followed the contours of a woman’s wrist and a metallic bracelet that felt exceptionally smooth and comfortable.

The first three Twenty~4 models of 1999 (references 4910/10A) were also distinguished by their pairing of steel with diamonds, an association unique at the time, with the precious stones set in two rows highlighting the rectangular shape of the two-tier case. The dials, adorned with the two applied Roman numerals XII and VI and diamond hour-markers, offered a choice of threecolors: “Forever Black”, “Eternal Gray” and “Timeless White”. An elegant modern advertising campaign marked the launch of this new women-only timepiece, with the slogan “Who will you be in the next 24 hours?” shining the spotlight on the watch’s versatility. The creation of the Twenty~4 strengthened women’s perception of Patek Philippe as a brand of direct relevance and appeal to them. It reminded them that the manufacture developed and built not only the most technically innovative and complex timepieces but those most aesthetically striking and refined.

Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

A great success

Blessed with its strong identity and a design tailor-made to live the lives of modern discerning women, the Twenty~4 quartz “manchette” model was a great success from the start and has established itself in the last two decades as one of the manufacture’s best-sellers. Over the years it has appeared in rose gold and white gold, with other dial colors (brown and blue), in a small format complementing the medium-size models, on satin straps, in dazzling Haute Joaillerie versions (including two endowed with manually wound mechanical movements) and in a yellow-gold model without diamonds on the case. Now seen as epitomizing the classic modern style, the Twenty~4 has represented, for many women, their right of entry into the Patek Philippe universe. It has consolidated the manufacture’s position as a major player in the women’s watch market and paved the way for the expansion of other women’s lines, such as the Calatravas, as well as the complications that are useful in everyday situations (the Annual Calendar, the time-zone watches and the chronographs) and even the grand complications (perpetual calendar, split-seconds chronograph and minute repeater).

The time of the Twenty~4 Automatic

In 2018, Patek Philippe responded to women’s increasing interest in mechanical watches by launching the Twenty~4 Automatic. While its bracelet retains the same exclusive design, with the broad, gently cambered central links framed by delicate two-tier outer links, this Reference 7300, endowed with a caliber 324 S C self-winding movement, stands out from the quartz-driven “manchette” model by its round case, its bezel lit with a double row of diamonds in a “dentelle” (lacework) setting, and the applied Arabic numerals on the dial, these last providing a distinctly contemporary note. This model is available in steel and in rose gold, with a choice of dial colors, and in a jewelry version with gem-set crown, lugs and bracelet. Patek Philippe also produces an Haute Joaillerie model in rose gold, paved throughout with diamonds, showcasing the “random” or “snow” setting. The launch of this new incarnation of timeless feminine elegance was accompanied by an advertising campaign that excited widespread interest. It gave center stage to a “Twenty~4 woman”: independent, sure of her taste and making her own way in the world.

New Twenty~4 references 4910/1200A-001 & 4910/1200A-010

Patek Philippe is continuing the renewal of its Twenty~4 collection by reinterpreting the original model, the medium-size (25.1 x 30 mm) quartz “manchette” watch in steel. It is issuing two new versions in which the Roman numerals give way to the white-gold applied Arabic numerals 12 and 6 and the diamond hour markers are replaced by applied trapeze-shaped hour markers, also in white gold. This new face constitutes the first major change to the Twenty~4 of 1999 – and an aesthetic evolution in step with the design of the Twenty~4 Automatic. The two new references feature a dial decorated with a blue sunburst (4910/1200A-001) or with a gray sunburst enriched by a gradation to black at the periphery (4910/1200A-010). Their white-gold applied numerals and hour markers and white-gold baton-style hands all have a luminous coating ensuring excellent legibility in the dark. The fine grooved rays of the sunburst emanating from the center of the dial play with the light, lending a refined but dynamic touch.

The distinctive shape of the two-tier rectangular case is underlined by two rows of 18 Top Wesselton Pure diamonds (approx. 0.42 ct) set with textbook precision. A Calatrava Cross, emblem of the Patek Philippe manufacture, embellishes the crown. The supple, comfortable bracelet, fitted with a fold-over clasp, is a jewel in its own right. Each component is manually finished and fully polished. The Patek Philippe caliber E15 quartz movement is made with the same devotion to fine workmanship as the manufacture’s mechanical movements. The new references 4910/1200A-001 and 4910/1200A-010 with Arabic numerals replace the previous references 4910/10A-001, 4910/10A-010, 4910/10A-011 and 4910/10A-012 with Roman numerals.

“Rituals of my Life”

The launch of these two new Twenty~4 models is accompanied by a digital communication campaign addressing modern women sure of their taste, with an affinity for beauty and fine design. They are independent women, living life to the full, with a range of interests. Patek Philippe chose as central theme “Rituals of my Life”: the precious personal moments that punctuate the modern woman’s life – such as the finishing touches before an evening out; a pause for a moment’s serenity at sunrise; or the luxury of taking time for herself by reading a book or performing the movements that bring her physical and mental wellbeing. Essential, intimate moments that are part of a woman’s life today and that some choose to feature as scenes to be shared with friends on the social media. The slogan “Begin your own tradition” underlines the link with the famous Patek Philippe “Generations” campaign by inviting the Twenty~4 woman to begin a long-term relationship with a brand that shares her values. The images and videos work together with a film describing the creative philosophy behind the Twenty~4 collection: a model of timeless design that has become a modern classic and the gold standard for the “manchette” watch. All of which is set to strengthen Patek Philippe’s increasing success in the ladies’ watch segment and in the hearts of women for whom style and beauty must pass the test of time.

For more information about the new Twenty~4, please visit:

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• El fabricante danés de hipercoches presenta la última Versión del modelo TSR-S doble sobrealimentado de 1177 CV
• Primer ejemplo en presentar las últimas innovaciones en fibra de carbono de Zenvo, incluyendo ruedas de fibra de carbono completamente fragmentadas y diseño de tejido a medida para secciones de cuerpo de fibra de carbono expuestas
• El desarrollo constante dentro de Zenvo también ha visto la creación de una caja de cambios híbrida, aumentando las capacidades de transmisión para futuros modelos
• El último TSR-S debía ser presentado en el Salón Internacional del Automóvil de Ginebra, pero Zenvo ahora organizará un evento de medios privados en su sede de Dinamarca
• Zenvo fabrica a mano cinco automóviles al año desde su fábrica en Præstø, Dinamarca, con cada automóvil fabricado según las especificaciones exactas del cliente.

Zenvo ha revelado hoy su última comisión TSR-S junto con otros desarrollos del fabricante danés de hipercoches.



Este ejemplo del modelo V8 TSR-S de doble turboalimentado de 1177bhp, la variante legal de la calle del auto de seguimiento TSR, ha recibido numerosos toques a medida y es el primer automóvil en recibir ruedas de fibra de carbono completamente fragmentadas diseñadas, desarrolladas y construidas internamente por Zenvo, así como diseños de tejido individuales dentro de las secciones del cuerpo de fibra de carbono expuestas.

Siguiendo los ideales de diseño daneses de innovación y creatividad, el patrón geométrico de fibra de carbono visible dentro de la franja central teñida de azul es una evolución adicional de la tecnología de fibra de carbono y las opciones de personalización líderes en su clase de Zenvo, como los gráficos de fibra de carbono a medida ‘marca de agua’ presentados en TSR anteriores -S modelos.



Esta técnica también se ha utilizado en las vainas laterales de fibra de carbono expuestas, con el logotipo de Zenvo estampado dentro del material en un patrón de espiga opuesto. Estos nuevos patrones de tejido, que se pueden adaptar a las especificaciones del cliente, se forman dentro de la fibra de carbono y los artesanos de Zenvo los colocan a mano.

También lo son las nuevas ruedas de carbono fragmentadas, con cada fragmento cortado a mano y estratificado por expertos para crear el acabado especial y pesar unos 15 kilogramos menos que las variantes de aluminio.

Al igual que con todo el trabajo de fibra de carbono en Zenvo, desde los paneles del cuerpo hasta las alfombrillas, estos componentes se crean internamente utilizando una combinación de tecnología de vanguardia y artesanía humana con innumerables opciones de personalización. Cada rueda toma dos técnicos aproximadamente una semana para crear. Todo el carbón visible en el automóvil puede teñirse de color, incluidas las ruedas, y los clientes pueden especificar secciones individuales en diferentes acabados de carbono.

También se dio a conocer hoy el último desarrollo de transmisión de Zenvo , una variante híbrida de la caja de cambios secuencial de 7 velocidades con engranajes helicoidales para perros que se ha convertido en una marca registrada de la marca.

Esta caja de cambios ofrece al conductor dos modos cambiables, Road y Race, controlados por un tablero de aluminio táctil en el volante. En su configuración de Carretera, los cambios son asistidos electrónicamente para eliminar la dureza habitual de una “caja de perro” tradicional, mientras que el modo Carrera permite cambios mecánicos excepcionalmente rápidos y directos que generalmente solo se ofrecen en autos de carrera completos. El último desarrollo de esta innovadora caja de cambios es la adición de un módulo híbrido que produce un aumento de potencia, un mayor control de tracción e incluso la adición de una octava marcha hacia adelante con el motor eléctrico que proporciona la transmisión inversa.

Zenvo se está desarrollando constantemente, y esta caja de cambios es la última innovación diseñada y en desarrollo completamente interno que aumentará la usabilidad y el rendimiento de los modelos actuales y futuros.

El TSR-S es el modelo insignia de Zenvo, que combina la capacidad de marcha en carretera del TS1 GT con el rendimiento derivado de la pista del TSR y está propulsado por un V8 de avión plano de doble turboalimentado de 1177 CV. Se alcanzan 0-62 mph en 2.8 segundos y 0-124 mph en solo 6.8 segundos, ayudado por una construcción de fibra de carbono súper liviana y una aerodinámica excepcional que incluye el alerón trasero Centripedal patentado de Zenvo que reacciona a las entradas de la dirección para crear altos niveles de carga aerodinámica en las curvas.

El TSR-S tiene un precio de € 1,45 millones y la producción de Zenvo se limita a cinco automóviles por año, ofreciendo una exclusividad sin igual en un sector de hipercoches.

Originalmente destinado para el Salón Internacional del Automóvil de Ginebra 2020, Zenvo ahora mostrará estos desarrollos durante un evento de medios privados en su sede en Præstø, Dinamarca y en otros lugares del mundo. Las partes interesadas deben comunicarse con jb @ zenvoautomotive para obtener más información.