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Bentley Residences Miami espectacular experiencia de lujo!

Bentley Residences Miami espectacular experiencia de lujo!

  • Más de 20 000 pies cuadrados de servicios en tres niveles, exquisitamente diseñados por Bentley, con muebles de la colección Bentley Home
  • Impresionante lobby de tres pisos con vista al mar
  • Lobby Bar y restaurante con ventanas de piso a techo de 33 pies de altura que optimizan las vistas al océano
  • Restaurante abierto para desayuno, almuerzo y cena con fuerte énfasis en comidas en la suite
  • Lounge y Whisky Bar en el entrepiso inspirado en la icónica parrilla matricial de los autos Bentley
  • Comedor Privado para 16 personas en entrepiso
  • Sala de cine con lujosos asientos para 14 personas diseñada para imitar el interior de un automóvil Bentley
  • Elegante Cigar Lounge con mesa de billar y TV de pantalla grande
  • Terraza frente al mar con paisajes exuberantes con piscina climatizada estilo centro turístico, spa y servicio de alimentos y bebidas junto a la piscina
  • Salón de belleza frente al mar con estaciones de peluquería, manicura y pedicura
  • Amenidades exclusivas en la playa, que incluyen servicio de alimentos y bebidas, asistentes de playa, tumbonas y sombrillas
  • Sala de juegos con simuladores de golf y carreras y estaciones de realidad virtual
  • Kid’s Club con juegos infantiles y actividades programadas
  • Gimnasio interior de última generación, que incluye una terraza al aire libre equipada con equipos de gimnasia
  • Estudio de yoga al aire libre con vista al mar
  • Vestuarios de hombres y mujeres con casilleros, duchas, vapor y sauna
  • Spa de bienestar transformador que ofrece relajación al aire libre para antes y después de los tratamientos
  • Amplio spa de revitalización con salas de tratamiento individuales y para parejas
  • Spa dedicado para mascotas para el aseo
  • servicio de aparcacoches las 24 horas
  • Seguridad 24 horas y servicio de conserjería multilingüe


The Jills Zeder Group: Nº1 Luxury Property Specialists in real Trends 2021 Rankings
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The Jills Zeder Group: Nº1 Luxury Property Specialists Miami in real Trends 2021 Rankings

The Jills Zeder Group: Nº1 Luxury Property Specialists Miami in real Trends 2021 Rankings

In real estate, there are numerous firms and agencies claiming to be number one in their market. But only a few can back their claims with recognition from trusted industry authorities – and The Jills Zeder Group in Miami is one of them.

Ranked by RealTrends as the #1 Real Estate Team for 2021, The Jills Zeder Group, Coldwell Banker Luxury Property Specialists has firmly established themselves among the top Realtors not only in the Miami area, but also throughout Florida and the entire United States.

Get to Know The Jills Zeder Group

The Jills Zeder Group is the combination of two of the most powerful real estate brokerage teams in South Florida – The JILLS® and The Zeder Team. Realizing they’re driven by the same goals and business ethics, the teams joined forces in March, 2019, and quickly went on to create real estate history.

The team’s logo features three palm trees, symbolizing the three families that make up the core of this regional powerhouse. The JILLS® Team is represented by Jill Hertzberg and her children Danny Hertzberg and Hillary Hertzberg, as well as by Jill Eber and her sister Felise Eber. The Zeder Team is led by Judy Zeder and her children Nathan Zeder and Kara Zeder Rosen.

Together, this formidable group has 150 years of collective experience and $2 billions of dollars in sales just in 2021. Prior to their merger, their combined sales totaled $6 billion, some of which were achieved through their collaborative work on high-profile luxury sales.

The group specializes in upscale real estate throughout Miami-Dade County, representing buyers and sellers in the sale of multimillion dollar estates, high-end condominiums, and stunning waterfront properties.

Their affiliation with the Coldwell Banker Realty offices in Miami Beach and Coral Gables gives them access to a wide range of regional, national, and international clients across 43 countries, as well as to cutting edge resources and technology.

The group is also affiliated with the International Luxury Alliance and Hamptons International – London, expanding their reach to ultra high net worth individuals from anywhere in the world.

Unifying their varied strengths, the two generations of experts in The Jills Zeder team provide unparalleled service to match the needs and preferences of their highly discriminating clientele.

The #1 Real Estate Team in the United States in RealTrends’ 2021 Rankings

For 2021, The Jills Zeder Group was ranked the number one large real estate team in sales volume by RealTrends, as featured in Wall Street Journal. This means that, in 2020, among real estate teams in the country with 11 to 20 sales professionals, The Jills Zeder Group achieved the highest sales volume.

The team leads an elite list of what RealTrends describes as “the top one-tenth of one percent of more than 1.4 million licensed Realtors nationwide.” The Jills Zeder Group leads the top 250 real estate teams in the United States, with their closed sales volume of $1,236,209,506 and closed transaction sides (buying or selling) of 214.6 in 2020.

In addition, RealTrends data show that The Jills Zeder Group was the first non-team owned brokerage to have achieved sales of over $1 billion in just one year, an achievement the group was able to accomplish just a few months after the merger.

What it Means to Stakeholders

Coldwell Banker president and CEO called the group’s accomplishment “a testament to the team’s expertise, professionalism, and constant dedication to serve their clients as their trusted advisors.”

Buying or selling a luxury property in Miami-Dade County often involves multimillion dollar transactions. With so much at stake, you want to make sure you’re represented only by proven and tested professionals.

It’s important to have the guidance of experts who will see to it that your interests are protected, no matter which side of the transaction you’re in. Your Realtor should be someone who has the capability to guide you and steer the transaction toward a seamless and worry-free closing.

The Jills Zeder Group’s track record, both collectively and separately, speaks volumes about their performance, earning them the trust and confidence of high net worth individuals from around the world.

Their #1 ranking from RealTrends serves as a seal of confidence, affirming the group’s expertise, abilities, and commitment to achieving their clients’ goals.

What is RealTrends?

RealTrends is an independent and privately held communications, publication, and consulting firm specializing in residential real estate. They provide a range of services to the residential real estate industry, including valuations, M&A, and technology and marketing. In addition to realtors and brokers, their consulting clients include mortgage providers, title companies, tech service providers, and other professionals and companies involved in the real estate business.

Stakeholders in the industry look to RealTrends for updated market reports and analyses, which the organization bases on the financial data provided by hundreds of RealTrends Association Network members.

RealTrends also conducts surveys and studies to get the latest pulse of the market and uncover current industry trends. These reports are accessed through RealTrends’ monthly newsletter and other publications.

The organization also stages Gathering of Eagles, an annual event where leading real estate professionals can get the latest information and insights about the industry. RealTrends Association members also get access to association president Steve Murray’s podcasts, webinars, and one-on-one consultations.

The RealTrends Ranking Programs

RealTrends has several ranking programs designed for specific segments of the real estate industry. These include:

  • The RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand RankingsIn this program, RealTrends, in collaboration with Tom Ferry International, invites individuals and teams to submit their production information. RealTrends will then verify the data and rank the entries accordingly.The Thousand team rankings program is broken down into four categories:
    • Small – for teams with 2 to 5 licensed agents
    • Medium – for teams with 6 to 10 licensed agents
    • Large – for teams with 11 to 20 licensed agents
    • Mega – for teams with 21 or more licensed agents

    For the RealTrends 2021 rankings, The Jills Zeder Group topped the Large Team category with sales volume of over $1.2 billion.

  • America’s BestThis ranking program recognizes the top individual real estate professionals by state.
  • RealTrends Five HundredStarted 34 years ago, the RealTrends Five Hundred rankings is considered the definitive ranking program for the largest residential real estate brokerage firms. It has several categories, including:
    • 500 By Volume – This ranks the country’s top brokerage firms by closed sales volume per year.
    • Billionaires’ Club – This ranks the top brokerages that closed at least $1 billion worth of transactions for the year
    • Nation’s Best – Includes brokerage firms that closed at least 500 transaction sides for the year but did not rank in the RealTrends Five Hundred category
    • Average Sale – This ranks brokerage firms according to the average sales price closed for the year
    • Independents – This honors the top independent brokerage firms in the country.
    • Top Movers – This recognizes brokerages with the biggest increase in closed sides for the year.
  • The RealTrends Market LeadersAs with the RealTrends Five Hundred rankings, RealTrends Market Leaders ranks the largest residential brokerage firms in the United States, but breaks down the rankings by metropolitan area.
  • RealTrends Website RankingsThis program ranks the top real estate websites in the United States. It includes six categories highlighting the facets that make a website effective:
    • Best Overall
    • Best Design
    • Best Community
    • Best Mobile
    • Best Property Detail
    • Best Video

    In the RealTrends 2021 Website Rankings, The Jills Zeder Group’s website ranked highly in several categories, including #3 in Best Overall, #2 in Best Design, and #1 in Best Mobile.

Why a RealTrends Ranking is Significant

In real estate, recognition from RealTrends is considered a badge of honor and an affirmation of a Realtor’s or real estate team’s ability to produce outstanding results. As an independent and unbiased authority in the industry since 1987, RealTrends’ rankings and awards are considered as benchmarks in defining excellence in the industry.

The organization’s ranking programs are participated in by thousands of real estate professionals and brokerage firms from around the country, who have to meet strict qualifications before their entries can be considered. To be ranked by RealTrends means the Realtor or brokerage has truly made it to the top of the heap.

With its #1 ranking, The Jills Zeder Group has achieved a remarkable milestone that speaks to the team’s expertise, dedication, and hard work.

One of the highlights of RealTrends’ The Thousand program is the publication of the results in the Wall Street Journal, giving it an added layer of significance and prominence. In fact, the program is often casually referred to as the WSJ Real Estate Ranking, although WSJ is not involved in the production of the rankings.

Other Achievements by The Jills Zeder Group

In addition to its #1 Ranking by RealTrends, The Jills Zeder Group has been recognized by other prestigious organizations and publications in 2021.

  • The #1 Team for Coldwell Banker RealtyIn March, 2021, Coldwell Banker Realty named The Jills Zeder Group as the firm’s number one top-performing large firm nationally in 2020, outperforming more than 96,000 Coldwell Banker sales professionals. The group was also named the #1 Coldwell Banker Realty Team, besting more than 45,000 sales professionals, and the #1 Team within Coldwell Banker Florida.The team got the top spot for the second year in a row, coming in on the back of their outstanding sales achievement of over $6 billion for 2020.

    Along with this, the group also earned the Society of Excellence designation, which is given to the top 1% of Coldwell Banker sales agents throughout the country.

  • Variety’s Showbiz Real Estate Elite 2021The iconic entertainment magazine Variety has named Jill Eber, Jill Hertzberg, and Judy Zeber among its Showbiz Real Estate Elite – a designation given to the top performing real estate professionals who count showbiz celebrities and business leaders among their clients.
  • SFBJ’s 2021 Power Brokers in Real Estate
  • South Florida Business Journal - Meet 2021 Power BrokersThe South Florida Business Journal has once again included Jill Eber, Judy Zeder, and Jill Hertzberg in its annual list of residential Power Brokers throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, citing The Jills Zeder Group’s outstanding sales achievement.

In addition, the agents at The Jills Zeder Group have been featured in numerous publications, TV shows, podcasts, and other far reaching venues, where they shared their expert industry insights and formidable market knowledge. You can find them individually or collectively in widely-circulated magazines, newspapers, and TV shows, including The Wall Street Journal, South Florida Business Journal, The Real Deal, Forbes, Modern Luxury, and so much more.

High-Profile Luxury Sales

The Jills Zeder Group also brokered a number of high-profile and record-breaking sales in 2021, further boosting their reputation as the go-to real estate powerhouse in Southern Florida.

These are just a few of their noteworthy accomplishments:

Partner with the #1 Real Estate Team in the United States

Together, merging their traditional expertise and contemporary outlook, The Jills Zeder Group continues to receive the highest rankings and accolades from around the globe, the U.S., Florida, and various cities. The Jills Zeder Group is — quite simply — an intergenerational formula for success.

A luxury home in Miami-Dade County is one of the biggest investments you can ever make. Don’t leave the success of such a major undertaking to chance. Partner with The Jills Zeder Group and get peace of mind knowing you’re working with the best of the best.

Call the team today at 305.722.5721 (Coral Gables) or 305.341.7447 (Miami Beach). You may also send an email to cg@jillszeder.com (Coral Gables) or mb@jillszeder.com (Miami Beach), or leave a message here.


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Eventos de Diseño para emocionarse hasta fin de año

Cuando se trata de eventos de diseño, este es un año muy atípico, por lo que la mayoría de las exposiciones se desviarán hacia el formulario en línea y mostrarán sus hermosas piezas de diseño de lujo en varias plataformas que, de alguna manera, brindan una alternativa a tiempos tan inciertos. Hoy, Inspiration and Ideas le ofrece una cantidad de eventos de diseño que, hasta fin de año, prosperarán, ya sea en línea o en la actualidad, con todas las precauciones de seguridad tomadas para que aún pueda disfrutar de todas las maravillas del mobiliario de lujo y el diseño moderno.


Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year

9 de noviembre – 14 de noviembre (evento virtual)

Adaptándose a las nuevas realidades y los cambios actuales, las ediciones de este año de Downtown Design presentarán a diseñadores y creativos que investigan temas relacionados con la localidad, el trabajo colectivo, la imaginación del futuro y el intercambio de espacios públicos bajo restricciones físicas y de movilidad.

Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 2 1


Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 3

Por primera vez en sus 42 años de historia, uno de los eventos de diseño más conocidos, Decorex, está adoptando un formato totalmente virtual que implica 3 días de trabajo en red, inspiración y especificaciones en línea. Del 17 al 19 de noviembre de 2020, la asistencia a Decorex Virtual es gratuita.

17 – 19 de noviembre (evento virtual)

Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 4


Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 5


El Salón Náutico Internacional de Fort Lauderdale avanza según lo planeado. La salud y seguridad del personal, los expositores y los visitantes de FLIBS es de suma importancia y, como tal, seguirá los estándares AllSecure de toda la industria creados e implementados por Informa en coordinación con los socios de la asociación. El 61 ° Salón Náutico Internacional anual de Fort Lauderdale se llevará a cabo del 28 de octubre al 1 de noviembre de 2020.

28 de octubre – 1 de noviembre

Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 6

Inspiration Christmas Boca do Lobo banner blogs Inspiration christmas


Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 8 1

Durante 15 años, Sleep & Eat ha sido el destino para que la comunidad del diseño hotelero se conecte. Con su regreso por primera vez en un formato totalmente virtual, del 17 al 19 de noviembre, Sleep & Eat Virtual unirá una vez más a la industria del diseño de hotelería para videoconferencias, redes de velocidad, intercambio de conocimientos e inspiración.

17 – November 19 (Virtual event)


Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 9

Este diciembre, Design Miami se enorgullece de lanzar su nuevo programa Podium, un concepto de exhibición de ventas que presenta diseño coleccionable de las principales galerías de arte y estudios de diseño independientes, comisariado por el director curatorial Aric Chen.

November 27 – December 6 (Live Event)
Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 10


Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 11
Faye Toogood [British, b. 1977]
Maquette 259 / Canvas and Foam Seat, Rust (Prototype), 2020
Primed, washed canvas, upholstery foam, fabric paint
27.5 x 70.75 x 53 inches
70 x 180 x 135 cm
Edition of 8

El 5 de noviembre, Friedman Bendaabrirá una amplia exposición de arte llamada What Would Have Been. Inmediatamente después de un ciclo tumultuoso y sin precedentes de eventos de diseño global, la galería de arte compartirá un tesoro de diseño moderno de más de 30 estudios llenos de artistas modernos originalmente destinados a exposiciones en galerías, ferias y museos en los cinco continentes.

November 5 – December 12
Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 12
Jonathan Trayte [British, b. 1980]
The Dream (Chandelier), 2020
Polished bronze, frosted glass, light fittings
167 x 25 x 100 cm (variable)


Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 13

La exposición grupal de primavera de la David Gill Gallery presenta piezas clave de diseño y arte moderno y contemporáneo. Obras de Dame Zaha Hadid, Sir David Chipperfield, Fredrikson Stallard, Mattia Bonetti, Lena Peters, Sebastian Brajkovic, Francis Sultana, Barnaby Barford, Garouste & Bonetti, Campana Brothers, Michele Oka Doner, Sebastian ErraZuriz, Milena Muzquiz y más.

16 Mar – 31 Dec 2020
Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 14


Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 15

La nueva exposición de Gallery FUMI refleja suavemente esta nueva posición, con su interior reconfigurado como un espacio doméstico contemplativo. “Todos hemos pasado por cambios significativos este año”, dicen los cofundadores de FUMI, Sam Pratt y Valerio Capo, “y estamos dando muchas cosas menos por sentado, incluidas hermosas obras de diseño que están aquí para enriquecer nuestro mundo.

17 September – 31 December 2020
Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year Design Events To Be Excited For Until The End Of The Year 16

Inspiration Christmas Boca do Lobo banner blogs Inspiration christmas


¡Los mejores diseñadores de interiores de Miami guía parte 1!


Entra en nuestro moderno mundo de la decoración interior. Hoy vamos a hablar de los mejores diseñadores de interiores de Miami. Dividiremos este tema en dos artículos separados. Conozca más sobre estos importantes e impactantes diseñadores de interiores de Miami. Pepe Calderin Design Pepe Calderin Design Pepe Calderin Design es una firma de diseño de interiores con sede en Miami y Nueva York, que cuenta con el servicio completo de espacios residenciales y comerciales de alta gama. Comparten más de 20 años de experiencia en el mundo del diseño de interiores, expandiéndose cada vez más, a nivel internacional.

Miami Interior Designers!

¡Los mejores diseñadores de interiores de Miami!

Esta galardonada empresa comparte un concepto sobre la frescura, la energía, la esencia visionaria y moderna. En cada proyecto que desarrollan, se aseguran de ofrecer los entornos más excéntricos y exquisitos, sin ningún límite impuesto. Beasley & Henley

Diseño de interiores

Miami Interior Designers!

Desde diseñadores de interiores, detalladores de interiores, hasta gerentes de proyectos, esta firma de diseño de interiores de servicio completo fue creada por un equipo de increíbles expertos y profesionales. Siempre brindando un servicio personalizado al cliente, su enfoque comparte un concepto en proyectos exquisitos y modernos, con los muebles más increíbles.

Miami Interior Designers!

Logrando la excelencia del diseño, Troy Beasley y Stephanie Henley se comprometen a ofrecer algunos de los mejores trabajos de los mejores diseñadores de interiores modernos. Y eligieron a Miami como su lienzo. Michel Wolk Design

Miami Interior Designers!

Desde 1971, Michael Wolk Design Associates ha contribuido al mundo del diseño de interiores con una firma de diseño de servicio completo, que comparte divisiones de interiores, gráficos, productos y muebles. Sus diseños innovadores se han creado en los Estados Unidos, Europa, América Latina y el Caribe.

Miami Interior Designers!

Esta increíble empresa se enfoca en unir las fuerzas de un equipo creativo de diseñadores talentosos y técnicos altamente calificados para cada proyecto, logrando la máxima excelencia. La innovación y los entornos modernos son todo lo que esta empresa está buscando cuando buscan crear todos los entornos. ¡Esperamos que haya disfrutado nuestro artículo de la Parte 1 sobre los principales diseñadores de interiores de Miami!


Si te gustó nuestro artículo sobre Rajiv Saini, ahora puedes visitar nuestros tableros de Pinterest para obtener más inspiración. Obtenga más ideas para sus proyectos y encuentre opciones de muebles y luces funcionales, elegantes y de gran tamaño. ¡Asegúrese de download nuestros ‘Consejos de diseño de interiores para una casa bien iluminada’!


mas sobre los mejores diseñadores de interiores franceses