Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies
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A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies’ watch born to accompany every moment of the modern woman’s life

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

The manufacture is stepping up the allure of its Twenty~4 collection exclusively for women with a fresh interpretation of the original “manchette” or cuff-style quartz model in steel of 1999. It is launching two new versions adorned with white-gold applied Arabic numerals and white-gold applied trapeze-shaped hour markers. Designed as stylish companions to every facet of an active lifestyle, these Twenty~4 references 4910/1200A- 001 with a blue sunburst dial and 4910/1200A-010 with a gray sunburst dial stand out more than ever as paragons of timeless feminine elegance.

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

Since 1839, timepieces for women have always featured prominently in Patek Philippe’s collections – whether as the pocket watches or pendant watches of the nineteenth century or the wristwatches that first emerged in the early twentieth century. Several milestones in the manufacture’s history also relate to watches destined for women, such as the first true wristwatch made in Switzerland, created for a Hungarian countess in 1868, and the Geneva company’s very first striking wristwatch, a five-minute repeater housed in a small platinum case with an integrated chain bracelet in 1916.

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

A new face for the Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

A modern classic

In 1999, Patek Philippe strengthened its privileged links with feminine watch lovers by launching its first collection dedicated exclusively to women. The aim was to meet the demands of the independent active woman who sought a timepiece with an assertive personality able to adapt to her modern lifestyle. A watch of timeless elegance that would complement her fashionable business wear and most elegant evening wear. It would be her ally on every occasion, uniting contemporary design, technical excellence and impeccable craftsmanship.

Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

Conceived, as its name suggested, for every hour of the day and night, at work, at home and during leisure activities, the new Twenty~4 stood out by its original art-deco-inspired “manchette” or cuff design, featuring a cambered rectangular case that followed the contours of a woman’s wrist and a metallic bracelet that felt exceptionally smooth and comfortable.

The first three Twenty~4 models of 1999 (references 4910/10A) were also distinguished by their pairing of steel with diamonds, an association unique at the time, with the precious stones set in two rows highlighting the rectangular shape of the two-tier case. The dials, adorned with the two applied Roman numerals XII and VI and diamond hour-markers, offered a choice of threecolors: “Forever Black”, “Eternal Gray” and “Timeless White”. An elegant modern advertising campaign marked the launch of this new women-only timepiece, with the slogan “Who will you be in the next 24 hours?” shining the spotlight on the watch’s versatility. The creation of the Twenty~4 strengthened women’s perception of Patek Philippe as a brand of direct relevance and appeal to them. It reminded them that the manufacture developed and built not only the most technically innovative and complex timepieces but those most aesthetically striking and refined.

Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

Twenty~4, the Patek Philippe ladies

A great success

Blessed with its strong identity and a design tailor-made to live the lives of modern discerning women, the Twenty~4 quartz “manchette” model was a great success from the start and has established itself in the last two decades as one of the manufacture’s best-sellers. Over the years it has appeared in rose gold and white gold, with other dial colors (brown and blue), in a small format complementing the medium-size models, on satin straps, in dazzling Haute Joaillerie versions (including two endowed with manually wound mechanical movements) and in a yellow-gold model without diamonds on the case. Now seen as epitomizing the classic modern style, the Twenty~4 has represented, for many women, their right of entry into the Patek Philippe universe. It has consolidated the manufacture’s position as a major player in the women’s watch market and paved the way for the expansion of other women’s lines, such as the Calatravas, as well as the complications that are useful in everyday situations (the Annual Calendar, the time-zone watches and the chronographs) and even the grand complications (perpetual calendar, split-seconds chronograph and minute repeater).

The time of the Twenty~4 Automatic

In 2018, Patek Philippe responded to women’s increasing interest in mechanical watches by launching the Twenty~4 Automatic. While its bracelet retains the same exclusive design, with the broad, gently cambered central links framed by delicate two-tier outer links, this Reference 7300, endowed with a caliber 324 S C self-winding movement, stands out from the quartz-driven “manchette” model by its round case, its bezel lit with a double row of diamonds in a “dentelle” (lacework) setting, and the applied Arabic numerals on the dial, these last providing a distinctly contemporary note. This model is available in steel and in rose gold, with a choice of dial colors, and in a jewelry version with gem-set crown, lugs and bracelet. Patek Philippe also produces an Haute Joaillerie model in rose gold, paved throughout with diamonds, showcasing the “random” or “snow” setting. The launch of this new incarnation of timeless feminine elegance was accompanied by an advertising campaign that excited widespread interest. It gave center stage to a “Twenty~4 woman”: independent, sure of her taste and making her own way in the world.

New Twenty~4 references 4910/1200A-001 & 4910/1200A-010

Patek Philippe is continuing the renewal of its Twenty~4 collection by reinterpreting the original model, the medium-size (25.1 x 30 mm) quartz “manchette” watch in steel. It is issuing two new versions in which the Roman numerals give way to the white-gold applied Arabic numerals 12 and 6 and the diamond hour markers are replaced by applied trapeze-shaped hour markers, also in white gold. This new face constitutes the first major change to the Twenty~4 of 1999 – and an aesthetic evolution in step with the design of the Twenty~4 Automatic. The two new references feature a dial decorated with a blue sunburst (4910/1200A-001) or with a gray sunburst enriched by a gradation to black at the periphery (4910/1200A-010). Their white-gold applied numerals and hour markers and white-gold baton-style hands all have a luminous coating ensuring excellent legibility in the dark. The fine grooved rays of the sunburst emanating from the center of the dial play with the light, lending a refined but dynamic touch.

The distinctive shape of the two-tier rectangular case is underlined by two rows of 18 Top Wesselton Pure diamonds (approx. 0.42 ct) set with textbook precision. A Calatrava Cross, emblem of the Patek Philippe manufacture, embellishes the crown. The supple, comfortable bracelet, fitted with a fold-over clasp, is a jewel in its own right. Each component is manually finished and fully polished. The Patek Philippe caliber E15 quartz movement is made with the same devotion to fine workmanship as the manufacture’s mechanical movements. The new references 4910/1200A-001 and 4910/1200A-010 with Arabic numerals replace the previous references 4910/10A-001, 4910/10A-010, 4910/10A-011 and 4910/10A-012 with Roman numerals.

“Rituals of my Life”

The launch of these two new Twenty~4 models is accompanied by a digital communication campaign addressing modern women sure of their taste, with an affinity for beauty and fine design. They are independent women, living life to the full, with a range of interests. Patek Philippe chose as central theme “Rituals of my Life”: the precious personal moments that punctuate the modern woman’s life – such as the finishing touches before an evening out; a pause for a moment’s serenity at sunrise; or the luxury of taking time for herself by reading a book or performing the movements that bring her physical and mental wellbeing. Essential, intimate moments that are part of a woman’s life today and that some choose to feature as scenes to be shared with friends on the social media. The slogan “Begin your own tradition” underlines the link with the famous Patek Philippe “Generations” campaign by inviting the Twenty~4 woman to begin a long-term relationship with a brand that shares her values. The images and videos work together with a film describing the creative philosophy behind the Twenty~4 collection: a model of timeless design that has become a modern classic and the gold standard for the “manchette” watch. All of which is set to strengthen Patek Philippe’s increasing success in the ladies’ watch segment and in the hearts of women for whom style and beauty must pass the test of time.

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Cuatro damas líderes se unen a OMEGA en Shanghai para el lanzamiento de la nueva Constelación “Manhattan”

Cuatro damas líderes se unen a OMEGA en Shanghai para el lanzamiento de la nueva Constelación “Manhattan”

Una noche inolvidable con Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, Alessandra Ambrosio y Liu Shishi.

Fue una noche de verdadera calidad de estrella, ya que OMEGA lanzó su nueva colección Constellation “Manhattan” en un evento especial en Shanghai. Alojado en el deslumbrante Expo I – Pabellón de la ciudad, las celebraciones introdujeron un cambio de imagen completo para los icónicos relojes Constellation y también llevaron al escenario a cuatro de las mujeres más inspiradoras de OMEGA.

Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, Alessandra Ambrosio y Liu Shishi llegaron como las glamorosas invitadas de honor de la noche, cada una representando la belleza, la sofisticación y la excelencia por las que la colección Constellation es conocida.

Junto a los cuatro embajadores de OMEGA estaba Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of OMEGA quien dijo: “La Constelación siempre ha sido admirada por las mujeres de todo el mundo. No importa el país, ha atraído a mujeres de todos los orígenes y estilos. Para celebrar ese espíritu, hemos tenido la suerte de no tener uno, sino cuatro de nuestros amigos más cercanos aquí juntos. Tener a Nicole, Cindy, Shishi y Alessandra en un solo evento muestra cuánto amor hay por la Constelación ”.

La colección Constellation ha sido durante mucho tiempo el símbolo de OMEGA de precisión y elegancia inigualables en la relojería. Fue el diseño “Manhattan” en 1982 que introdujo el aspecto moderno y la nueva colección de hoy ha mejorado muchas de las características más famosas. Se pondrán a disposición de los clientes más de 100 modelos nuevos, cada uno de ellos con actualizaciones sutiles que incluyen bordes biselados para un aspecto femenino refinado, biseles delgados y las icónicas “garras”, que ahora se ajustan más cómodamente al estuche. También se han creado más colores de esfera y tamaños de caja, incluidos relojes en 25 mm, 28 mm y 29 mm.

Al entrar en el lugar, fue claro para los invitados ver la inspiración de la noche, con un exquisito telón de fondo blanco y dorado que reflejaba el horizonte de “Manhattan”. Entre las muchas formas y texturas, los nuevos relojes estaban en exhibición y listos para un primer plano.

Cindy Crawford tiene una conexión muy singular con la Constelación, ya que fue parte del rediseño de la colección en 1995. Hablando en Shanghai, dijo: “Ahora he visto esta colección evolucionar en las últimas décadas y siempre estoy impresionado por Nuevos diseños de OMEGA. Es un reloj tan clásico, pero estos nuevos modelos demuestran cuán relevante sigue siendo hoy en día “.

Alessandra Ambrosio, una de las supermodelos más reconocidas del mundo, dijo: “Me encanta la moda que es atemporal. La constelación es el ejemplo perfecto. Tiene historia y estilo, y es un reloj que nunca pierde su encanto. Esa es la señal de un diseño realmente grandioso “.

Nicole Kidman es otra fan de los relojes que conoce muy bien OMEGA y Constellation. En declaraciones a los invitados, dijo: “Conozco a OMEGA desde hace mucho tiempo y son una marca que se preocupa por la calidad y el avance de sus productos. Podemos ver eso claramente en la Constelación. Estos relojes están hechos especialmente para mujeres y han sido capaces de adaptarse y cambiar de la manera más sutil y elegante “.

La actriz china, Liu Shishi, una de las embajadoras más nuevas de OMEGA, dijo: “Es un honor dar la bienvenida a todos aquí en mi país de origen. Es un privilegio estar en Shanghai y compartir el escenario con mujeres tan grandiosas “.

La velada especial concluyó con una actuación musical del pianista Stephen Ridley y la revelación de la nueva campaña publicitaria Constellation de OMEGA. Las imágenes, tomadas por el reconocido fotógrafo Damon Baker, presentan a Cindy, Nicole, Alessandra y Liu Shishi, todas juntas en un poderoso y hermoso retrato.

Para la noche, Cindy, Nicole, Alessandra y Shishi usaron un modelo de la nueva Colección de Joyas Constellation “Manhattan”. Estos relojes de 28 mm se distinguen por sus diales hechos de ópalo blanco australiano. Las horas están marcadas por 12 índices de rubí con corte baguette, que combinan maravillosamente con los vestidos rojos que usan los embajadores de OMEGA.