Introducing Stillness™
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KOHLER Introducing Stillness™ Bathtub


Introducing Stillness™

Transport yourself to a world of decadent serenity. The KOHLER Stillness bath combines water, steam, lighting, and aroma into a relaxing journey for any mood. From the energizing to the spiritual, each indulgent experience is an invitation to escape and celebrate the luxury of pause.

For the latest evolution in bathing, Kohler has unveiled the Stillness. The bathtub uses smart technology called PerfectFill to allow users to fill and drain water while also controlling its temperature with a single voice command.

Want to slip into a bath that’s the absolute perfect temperature? There’s an app for that.

The company also introduced a smart toilet with a remote and touchless bathroom faucet at the electronics conference, which has gone virtual in light of the pandemic.

Inspired by Japan’s Shinrin-yoku (‘forest bathing’), Kohler’s new Stillness Bath is a sensory experience, with full-spectrum lights around the base, fog across the surface of the tub, and essential oils that emit invigorating aromas

Monday kicks off the first day of CES, which usually hosts thousands of tech enthusiasts from around the world in Las Vegas.

However, due to the lingering coronavirus pandemic the in-person conference has been moved entirely online and Kohler is one of the event’s exhibitors.

Kohler’s Stillness Bath is inspired by Shinrin-yoku (‘forest bathing’), which is the Japanese practice of exploring nature to relax and improve well-being.

In the fully-loaded ‘Infinity Experience’ model, water fills from the bottom of the bath and overflows into a cypress wood moat, creating a relaxing soundscape.

As full-spectrum lighting around the base helps set the mood, the surface of the bath is enveloped in fog, ‘immersing the bather in a feeling of deep relaxation,’ according to Kohler.

Bathers can also add essential oils into the tub’s ‘experience tower’ that emit invigorating aromas intended to ‘stimulate the senses and promote focus.’

Kohler is betting consumers stuck at home during lockdown are willing to shell out big bucks for an oasis of tranquility in their house.

Coming this summer, Kohler’s $3,100 Innate Intelligent Toilet includes a heated seat, auto open and close feature, an intuitive remote, and personal bidet functionality.

Other new features have been developed with the pandemic in mind, including a touchless toilet, which flushes with a wave of your hand, and touchless bathroom faucet.

Kohler’s $3,100 Innate Intelligent Toilet includes a heated seat, auto open and close feature, an intuitive remote, and personal bidet functionality

A new ‘wash hand’ command on Kohler Konnect voice-activated kitchen faucets starts running hot water and walks users through a proper handwashing routine.

‘As we grow our leadership in smart home innovation, our products make it possible for consumers to easily enjoy the advantages of touchless and connected experiences, without adding clutter or complexity to their spaces,’ said Kohler CEO David Kohler.

‘We believe there is a delicate balance when it comes to technology in the home – and will continue pioneering opportunities for seamless control in the bathroom and kitchen with an eye toward gracious living and wellbeing.’