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Rivians new R1t Electric Pickup has a mobile kitchen ideal for camping

Rivians new R1t Electric Pickup has a mobile kitchen ideal for camping

A truck built for whatever you call a road. Your electric adventure awaits.

one of the Rivian R1T’s most novel features is the Gear Tunnel, which provides outside-accessible storage between the rear seats and the bed. The Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak package turns it into a meal-making area. Included are a two-burner induction cooktop, 4-gallon water tank, pump, collapsible sink and spray faucet, and a full cookware set from Snow Peak. The modular three-piece design is upgradeable in the future, and can also easily be removed and stored when the Tunnel is needed for other applications.

Now the roasted carnita is going to be assembled with the new complement of the first electric truck of Rivian, la R1T.

It is a modular accessory that includes everything you need to prepare a meal for friends and loved ones on the next camping trip.

Package Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak de la R1T de Rivian

The exotic package Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak The Rivian R1T actually includes three accessories: the Camp Kitchen kitchen set, the Snow Peak utensil set and the Rivian Gear Tunnel Shuttle.

Altogether, it is basically a mobile kitchen that is stored in the Tunnel Shuttle of the truck. Includes a induction stove with two 1,440 watt burners and a folding sink four gallon with a differential pressure pump.

Photos: Rivian