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CM Studio Paris’ Co-Founder Jonh Coury Gives Exclusive Interview – Unravelling Magical Interiors


Design Limited Edition had the opportunity and the privilege to talk with the amazing and talented Jonh Coury, the co-founder of CM Studio Paris. Together with Florent Maillard, the interior designers give life to timeless interiors, with a taste of French elegance. We had a chance to discover all the details behind his outstanding work, are you ready to find out?

Jonh Coury and Florent Maillard founders of CM Studio Paris.
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When asked about the studio’s main mission, CM Studio Paris‘s co-founder shared that the goal is “to magnify the life of their customers by designing for them timeless and magical interiors. We want them to feel comfortable in refined environments that will remain perennially fashionable.”

A Paris Apartment On Île De La Cité
A Paris Apartment On Île De La Cité

Currently working on new and exciting projects, in France, the UK, Croatia, Serbia, and so on, Jonh Coury believes in the importance of social networks, rising in recent years, as a way to promote their work, and to keep a relationship with their audience, that goes behind continents, until Brazil!

A Paris Duplex In Le Marais

We believe that people are getting really bored with minimalism and that there is a real new interest for “twisted classicism”! “Nothing is more modern than antiquity” used to say Karl Lagerfeld.

Jonh Coury

Timeless interiors that magnify existence through eclecticism and poetry.

CM Studio Paris

French elegance and refinement are probably the aspects that best characterize CM Studio Paris, and what their clients feel more attracted by. “Most of our customers this year are Foreign customers for whom we are renovating apartments in Paris but also big properties in the French countryside and abroad”.


When it comes to the importance of craftsmanship, and its quality, Jonh Coury believes it gives them a competitive advantage, explaining why foreign customers are starting to approach CM Studio Paris to realize projects outside of France.

A Paris Duplex In Le Marais

The wonder duo keeps standing out with the most ostentatious and bespoke settings in the interior design world. According to the interior designer, in terms of upcoming design trends, maximalism is the way to go. “We believe that Light, shining metals, natural materials, round shaped furniture, and maximalism will be more and more attractive in the years to come. And CM Studio Paris has a role in promoting those trends to a brand new category of customers.”

A Paris Duplex In Le Marais

All images – courtesy of CM Studio Paris

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Interview – Brand Finance Spokesperson Teresa de Lemus,

Interview – Brand Finance Spokesperson Teresa de Lemus,

Managing Director Brand Finance Spain

I started my professional career in Brussels in advertising self-regulatory entities and the media defending the interests of the media, advertisers and regulators against the EU. My entire professional career since then has been aimed at representing business interests in favor of their highest and best benefit. After 15 years I joined Brand Finance due to the technical rigor and the philosophy of humility and customer orientation, an activity that I combine with my three babies and that is only possible thanks to the support and family involvement of my husband.

1. What changes have you noticed during the years at the helm of Brand Finance Spain?
Spain is a very open market, not only to technical knowledge that recognizes and values ​​it, but also to the possibility of doing things differently. I have been particularly interested in these years how marketing and finance departments are receptive to new processes and ways of studying and analyzing data or information as well as using new tools to improve their results if necessary.

2. In Brand Finance you work with top-level companies, Ibex 35 companies and other large Spanish companies. What level of importance do you see that they give to the brand in these companies? Are they convinced of the strategic value of the brand in the business?
Rather, I would almost dare to say it the other way around. They are companies that have reached those levels because they understand the power of the brand and know how to manage it. The brand is the summary of your value proposition, your reputation, your trust. They have it more than clear.

3. What about all those large family businesses that are unknown to the general public but with astronomical turnover figures?
At Brand Finance, it is the type of client that we enjoy the most, since they are the ones that obtain the most attractive results and the shortest term from our advice. They are usually companies with a lot of desire to do things, but bureaucracies and intra-stories make it difficult to carry out many very interesting projects.

4. What do you think will be the keys to branding and marketing in the coming years?
The creativity. Doing things differently will always be the key but there is a false belief in thinking that this is for “daring” or those who “have a nose”. Innovating and being creative does not have to be a leap into the void, but with the appropriate analysis and data, it is necessary to know how to base it on the correct information and properly guide it towards the result with better turnover for the business in the short and long term

5. What advice would you give to the brand managers of Spanish companies?
None. They are the ones who know the business. I can only offer you tools to facilitate your work with the internal and external clients, but beyond that I would not dare.

6. We have witnessed how, during the crisis, companies that have opted for branding and communication have better resisted the impact. Do you think it is because they already had a strong brand or other actions they have launched? What advantages does having a strong brand bring to a company?
The strong brand has to not only come but stay. We all know examples of brands that have known how to reinvent themselves and take advantage of their brand to diversify and others that did not see it coming. For that you have to watch 3 fronts a lot: What you have, with whom you compete and who buys you.

7. If we look at Spain, there are few brands that we can consider truly global. What do you think it is due to and what is the recipe to increase the internationalization of our brands? What brands do you see with the greatest potential to internationalize?
Spanish brands, for ease of language, have always tended to go to Latin America, which does not have to be the most appropriate. In both expansion and diversification decisions, many variables must be taken into account, as well as short and long returns. Try to risk as little as possible.

8. What are the great challenges that a brand and its managers currently face?
At Brand Finance we work every day to “unite the Marketing and Finance departments”, that is our motto and the substance of everything we do. Providing the tools to the brands so that these two areas speak the same language is essential to grow the brand and the business. At this time, more than ever if possible, it is essential that these areas have accurate information to properly establish strategies in a context of uncertainty.

9. In the current context where there are so many sectors affected, which do you think will be the Spanish brands that will benefit the most and why? Do you have any forecast for 2021?
In general, in all contexts, the more information available to decide, the better. At Brand Finance we are continuously studying the brand and the parameters that comprise it. We have recently obtained a finding of how two variables (familiarity and consideration) impact market share. These results, published in our BrandBeta report, are one more example of how information can give you light. Not only know what market share you can aspire to obtain but also to anticipate and correct it in time if you are not on track.

10. Before finishing, would you like something else?
Monitoring and measurement tools like ours where we value and evaluate the brand not only help to make decisions but also facilitate the argumentation and defense of a job well done, of the decisions taken and above all, of knowing what to correct as and when if something it is not working as it should.

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Desde sorpresas fértiles y juegos mentales hasta aberraciones discretas: el humor es un elemento esencial de creatividad para Philippe Starck y revela por qué …


¿Qué es el humor para ti?

El humor es el mejor ejemplo diario de relatividad y uno de los síntomas más bellos de la inteligencia humana. Estamos aquí para la inteligencia, por inteligencia y humor es la crema de la cosecha de inteligencia. Es sobre todo algo que hace posible poner todo en la relatividad, casi una relatividad de Einstein. Y como no existe nada, podemos burlarnos de todo. Eso explica mi posición en la vida: una elegancia que consiste en tratar las cosas livianas con seriedad y las cosas serias con ligereza.

¿Qué tan importante es el humor en tu trabajo?

Para mí, una creación sin humor no es humana. La palabra “hermosa” no significa nada. Solo la consistencia cuenta. Un objeto, por ejemplo, diseño o no, es sobre todo un objeto que reúne todos los parámetros de la inteligencia humana, reconciliando los opuestos. La falta de humor es la definición de vulgaridad. Tomar las cosas demasiado en serio es el pináculo de la vulgaridad. Al final, solo soy un niño soñador, con toda la alegría y la gravedad de un niño. Acepto plenamente la rebelión, la subversión y el humor de los mismos. En realidad, no hay trabajo en mi vida, solo hay juego, curiosidad, generosidad y visión.

¿De dónde viene este apego al humor?

Es cierto que ver a alguien caer de bruces, sin lastimarse, por supuesto, una maceta o cualquier cosa que le caiga a alguien, alguien tropezando … me hace aullar de risa. Me ahogo, lloro, no puedo ver nada. Estoy en un estado de angustia absoluta gracias a una risa verdaderamente estructural. Es totalmente estúpido, me da vergüenza, no puedo explicarlo, ya que en general me gustan mucho las personas, las respeto apasionadamente, pero tal vez sea eso, solo necesito dejarlo ir, relajarme, no puedo evitarlo. , es animal, se podría decir.

¿Qué te hace reír a carcajadas?

Es cierto que ver a alguien caer de bruces, sin lastimarse, por supuesto, una maceta o cualquier cosa que le caiga a alguien, alguien tropezando … me hace gritar de risa. Me ahogo, lloro, no puedo ver nada. Estoy en un estado de angustia absoluta gracias a una risa verdaderamente estructural. Es totalmente estúpido, me da vergüenza, no puedo explicarlo, ya que en general me gustan mucho las personas, las respeto apasionadamente, pero tal vez sea eso, solo necesito dejarlo ir, relajarme, no puedo evitarlo. , es animal, se podría decir.

“El humor es absolutamente vital. Es un punto de vista, una perspectiva que nos permite hacer y desbloquear cualquier cosa. Nos permite ver todo bajo una luz diferente. Nos permite poner todo en la relatividad “.