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CHOPARD | Happy Diamonds Icons – Heart-themed talismans

CHOPARD | Happy Diamonds Icons – Heart-themed talismans

A bold stroke, a harmonious shape, the symbol of a family. Mischievous and ever-spinning. This is the essence of Chopard jewellery: the heart, stemming from the Maison’s ceaseless quest for perfection. Enhanced by the play of legendary dancing diamonds, it enjoys pride of place in the Happy Diamonds Icons talisman jewellery collection, which welcomes a range of rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings in ethical gold. Creations exuding a truly mesmerising charm.

The Chopard heart and its pleasing proportions

Tender and playful, mischievous and generous, a cult symbol and so very joyful! The heart is a universal motif uniting all those whose generosity and kindness infuse feelings with authentic nobility. Chopard has found the quintessential archetype of this design, representing the ultimate in terms of elaboration and sculptural perfection.

Happy Diamonds Icons embodies the culmination of this quest for perfect shapes and proportions: a series of hearts set or polished in ethical 18-carat rose, white or yellow gold, belonging to a collection that has become an essential part of women’s wardrobes. Between two sapphire crystals, diamonds, alone or in a trio, move freely within this pulsating heart. An eternal dance of diamonds to remember that you love and are loved.

The Happy Diamonds Icons collection consists of a pair of sleeper earrings as well as adorable chip earrings, each with a dancing diamond. Its jewellery repertoire also includes rings, pendants and supple bracelets: slender jewellery that can be daringly stacked, revealing the distinctive signature of the Chopard woman. They are the intimate allies of everyday life, talismans from which one is never parted and are worn like a second skin.  Finally, the bangle stages a close encounter between two hearts, as the three dancing diamonds of the first heart engage in a mischievous pas de deux with the solitary dancing diamond of the second heart. An airy and mesmerising face to face.

Happy Diamonds: Chopard’s bold move

Happy Diamonds were born when Karin Scheufele first laid eyes on the initial sketch of the dancing diamonds and spontaneously exclaimed: “These diamonds are happier when they are free!”. Revelling in their freedom between two sapphire crystals, the diamonds could thus follow their wearer’s every move. Since then, they have become iconic and have never ceased to inspire and accompany the emancipation of women in a liberating and joyful movement, driven by the energy of the Co-President and Artistic Director of the Maison, Caroline Scheufele.