The Jills Zeder Group: Nº1 Luxury Property Specialists in real Trends 2021 Rankings
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The Jills Zeder Group: Nº1 Luxury Property Specialists Miami in real Trends 2021 Rankings

The Jills Zeder Group: Nº1 Luxury Property Specialists Miami in real Trends 2021 Rankings

In real estate, there are numerous firms and agencies claiming to be number one in their market. But only a few can back their claims with recognition from trusted industry authorities – and The Jills Zeder Group in Miami is one of them.

Ranked by RealTrends as the #1 Real Estate Team for 2021, The Jills Zeder Group, Coldwell Banker Luxury Property Specialists has firmly established themselves among the top Realtors not only in the Miami area, but also throughout Florida and the entire United States.

Get to Know The Jills Zeder Group

The Jills Zeder Group is the combination of two of the most powerful real estate brokerage teams in South Florida – The JILLS® and The Zeder Team. Realizing they’re driven by the same goals and business ethics, the teams joined forces in March, 2019, and quickly went on to create real estate history.

The team’s logo features three palm trees, symbolizing the three families that make up the core of this regional powerhouse. The JILLS® Team is represented by Jill Hertzberg and her children Danny Hertzberg and Hillary Hertzberg, as well as by Jill Eber and her sister Felise Eber. The Zeder Team is led by Judy Zeder and her children Nathan Zeder and Kara Zeder Rosen.

Together, this formidable group has 150 years of collective experience and $2 billions of dollars in sales just in 2021. Prior to their merger, their combined sales totaled $6 billion, some of which were achieved through their collaborative work on high-profile luxury sales.

The group specializes in upscale real estate throughout Miami-Dade County, representing buyers and sellers in the sale of multimillion dollar estates, high-end condominiums, and stunning waterfront properties.

Their affiliation with the Coldwell Banker Realty offices in Miami Beach and Coral Gables gives them access to a wide range of regional, national, and international clients across 43 countries, as well as to cutting edge resources and technology.

The group is also affiliated with the International Luxury Alliance and Hamptons International – London, expanding their reach to ultra high net worth individuals from anywhere in the world.

Unifying their varied strengths, the two generations of experts in The Jills Zeder team provide unparalleled service to match the needs and preferences of their highly discriminating clientele.

The #1 Real Estate Team in the United States in RealTrends’ 2021 Rankings

For 2021, The Jills Zeder Group was ranked the number one large real estate team in sales volume by RealTrends, as featured in Wall Street Journal. This means that, in 2020, among real estate teams in the country with 11 to 20 sales professionals, The Jills Zeder Group achieved the highest sales volume.

The team leads an elite list of what RealTrends describes as “the top one-tenth of one percent of more than 1.4 million licensed Realtors nationwide.” The Jills Zeder Group leads the top 250 real estate teams in the United States, with their closed sales volume of $1,236,209,506 and closed transaction sides (buying or selling) of 214.6 in 2020.

In addition, RealTrends data show that The Jills Zeder Group was the first non-team owned brokerage to have achieved sales of over $1 billion in just one year, an achievement the group was able to accomplish just a few months after the merger.

What it Means to Stakeholders

Coldwell Banker president and CEO called the group’s accomplishment “a testament to the team’s expertise, professionalism, and constant dedication to serve their clients as their trusted advisors.”

Buying or selling a luxury property in Miami-Dade County often involves multimillion dollar transactions. With so much at stake, you want to make sure you’re represented only by proven and tested professionals.

It’s important to have the guidance of experts who will see to it that your interests are protected, no matter which side of the transaction you’re in. Your Realtor should be someone who has the capability to guide you and steer the transaction toward a seamless and worry-free closing.

The Jills Zeder Group’s track record, both collectively and separately, speaks volumes about their performance, earning them the trust and confidence of high net worth individuals from around the world.

Their #1 ranking from RealTrends serves as a seal of confidence, affirming the group’s expertise, abilities, and commitment to achieving their clients’ goals.

What is RealTrends?

RealTrends is an independent and privately held communications, publication, and consulting firm specializing in residential real estate. They provide a range of services to the residential real estate industry, including valuations, M&A, and technology and marketing. In addition to realtors and brokers, their consulting clients include mortgage providers, title companies, tech service providers, and other professionals and companies involved in the real estate business.

Stakeholders in the industry look to RealTrends for updated market reports and analyses, which the organization bases on the financial data provided by hundreds of RealTrends Association Network members.

RealTrends also conducts surveys and studies to get the latest pulse of the market and uncover current industry trends. These reports are accessed through RealTrends’ monthly newsletter and other publications.

The organization also stages Gathering of Eagles, an annual event where leading real estate professionals can get the latest information and insights about the industry. RealTrends Association members also get access to association president Steve Murray’s podcasts, webinars, and one-on-one consultations.

The RealTrends Ranking Programs

RealTrends has several ranking programs designed for specific segments of the real estate industry. These include:

  • The RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand RankingsIn this program, RealTrends, in collaboration with Tom Ferry International, invites individuals and teams to submit their production information. RealTrends will then verify the data and rank the entries accordingly.The Thousand team rankings program is broken down into four categories:
    • Small – for teams with 2 to 5 licensed agents
    • Medium – for teams with 6 to 10 licensed agents
    • Large – for teams with 11 to 20 licensed agents
    • Mega – for teams with 21 or more licensed agents

    For the RealTrends 2021 rankings, The Jills Zeder Group topped the Large Team category with sales volume of over $1.2 billion.

  • America’s BestThis ranking program recognizes the top individual real estate professionals by state.
  • RealTrends Five HundredStarted 34 years ago, the RealTrends Five Hundred rankings is considered the definitive ranking program for the largest residential real estate brokerage firms. It has several categories, including:
    • 500 By Volume – This ranks the country’s top brokerage firms by closed sales volume per year.
    • Billionaires’ Club – This ranks the top brokerages that closed at least $1 billion worth of transactions for the year
    • Nation’s Best – Includes brokerage firms that closed at least 500 transaction sides for the year but did not rank in the RealTrends Five Hundred category
    • Average Sale – This ranks brokerage firms according to the average sales price closed for the year
    • Independents – This honors the top independent brokerage firms in the country.
    • Top Movers – This recognizes brokerages with the biggest increase in closed sides for the year.
  • The RealTrends Market LeadersAs with the RealTrends Five Hundred rankings, RealTrends Market Leaders ranks the largest residential brokerage firms in the United States, but breaks down the rankings by metropolitan area.
  • RealTrends Website RankingsThis program ranks the top real estate websites in the United States. It includes six categories highlighting the facets that make a website effective:
    • Best Overall
    • Best Design
    • Best Community
    • Best Mobile
    • Best Property Detail
    • Best Video

    In the RealTrends 2021 Website Rankings, The Jills Zeder Group’s website ranked highly in several categories, including #3 in Best Overall, #2 in Best Design, and #1 in Best Mobile.

Why a RealTrends Ranking is Significant

In real estate, recognition from RealTrends is considered a badge of honor and an affirmation of a Realtor’s or real estate team’s ability to produce outstanding results. As an independent and unbiased authority in the industry since 1987, RealTrends’ rankings and awards are considered as benchmarks in defining excellence in the industry.

The organization’s ranking programs are participated in by thousands of real estate professionals and brokerage firms from around the country, who have to meet strict qualifications before their entries can be considered. To be ranked by RealTrends means the Realtor or brokerage has truly made it to the top of the heap.

With its #1 ranking, The Jills Zeder Group has achieved a remarkable milestone that speaks to the team’s expertise, dedication, and hard work.

One of the highlights of RealTrends’ The Thousand program is the publication of the results in the Wall Street Journal, giving it an added layer of significance and prominence. In fact, the program is often casually referred to as the WSJ Real Estate Ranking, although WSJ is not involved in the production of the rankings.

Other Achievements by The Jills Zeder Group

In addition to its #1 Ranking by RealTrends, The Jills Zeder Group has been recognized by other prestigious organizations and publications in 2021.

  • The #1 Team for Coldwell Banker RealtyIn March, 2021, Coldwell Banker Realty named The Jills Zeder Group as the firm’s number one top-performing large firm nationally in 2020, outperforming more than 96,000 Coldwell Banker sales professionals. The group was also named the #1 Coldwell Banker Realty Team, besting more than 45,000 sales professionals, and the #1 Team within Coldwell Banker Florida.The team got the top spot for the second year in a row, coming in on the back of their outstanding sales achievement of over $6 billion for 2020.

    Along with this, the group also earned the Society of Excellence designation, which is given to the top 1% of Coldwell Banker sales agents throughout the country.

  • Variety’s Showbiz Real Estate Elite 2021The iconic entertainment magazine Variety has named Jill Eber, Jill Hertzberg, and Judy Zeber among its Showbiz Real Estate Elite – a designation given to the top performing real estate professionals who count showbiz celebrities and business leaders among their clients.
  • SFBJ’s 2021 Power Brokers in Real Estate
  • South Florida Business Journal - Meet 2021 Power BrokersThe South Florida Business Journal has once again included Jill Eber, Judy Zeder, and Jill Hertzberg in its annual list of residential Power Brokers throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, citing The Jills Zeder Group’s outstanding sales achievement.

In addition, the agents at The Jills Zeder Group have been featured in numerous publications, TV shows, podcasts, and other far reaching venues, where they shared their expert industry insights and formidable market knowledge. You can find them individually or collectively in widely-circulated magazines, newspapers, and TV shows, including The Wall Street Journal, South Florida Business Journal, The Real Deal, Forbes, Modern Luxury, and so much more.

High-Profile Luxury Sales

The Jills Zeder Group also brokered a number of high-profile and record-breaking sales in 2021, further boosting their reputation as the go-to real estate powerhouse in Southern Florida.

These are just a few of their noteworthy accomplishments:

Partner with the #1 Real Estate Team in the United States

Together, merging their traditional expertise and contemporary outlook, The Jills Zeder Group continues to receive the highest rankings and accolades from around the globe, the U.S., Florida, and various cities. The Jills Zeder Group is — quite simply — an intergenerational formula for success.

A luxury home in Miami-Dade County is one of the biggest investments you can ever make. Don’t leave the success of such a major undertaking to chance. Partner with The Jills Zeder Group and get peace of mind knowing you’re working with the best of the best.

Call the team today at 305.722.5721 (Coral Gables) or 305.341.7447 (Miami Beach). You may also send an email to cg@jillszeder.com (Coral Gables) or mb@jillszeder.com (Miami Beach), or leave a message here.


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Prodrive revela el simulador más hermoso del mundo



Julio 2022 – Banbury, Reino Unido. Prodrive ha revelado el simulador de carreras que se entregará por primera vez a los clientes a finales de este año.

Creado para ser una pieza escultórica de declaración, la casa de diseño e ingeniería CALLUM ha combinado materiales tradicionales y modernos para diseñar un mueble que ocupará un lugar privilegiado en cualquier hogar o lugar.

El monocasco de carbono esculpido que alberga el asiento del conductor, la pantalla, el volante y la caja de pedales parece flotar debajo de un llamativo dosel de 16 capas de abedul, envuelto en un elegante acabado lacado en negro brillante. No solo es hermoso verlo desde el exterior, sino que envuelve al conductor para brindar una experiencia tan inmersiva que se siente como estar en la cabina de un auto de carreras.

Además de su hermosa forma, el Prodrive Racing Simulator tiene el rendimiento para igualar y ofrece al conductor una experiencia de simulador de primera clase. Con un sistema especialmente diseñado con una tarjeta gráfica GeForce RTX de 12 GB y 16 GB de memoria en el centro, los gráficos fluidos se reproducen en la pantalla curva de 49” con alta frecuencia de actualización. El volante Precision SIM junto con un motor de dirección Simcube permite entradas de conducción precisas, y la caja de pedales mecánicos se ha seleccionado a propósito para completar la experiencia realista.

Una vez que hayan registrado su interés, los clientes serán invitados a la sede central de Prodrive en Banbury, donde  además de recorrer las operaciones de tecnología y deportes de motor de clase mundial de la compañía, podrán probar el simulador de primera mano en su propia sala de exposición. Luego, como parte de la compra, Prodrive entregará e instalará el simulador con los clientes en sus propios hogares.

A medida que más y más dispositivos digitales encuentran lugar en nuestros hogares, el presidente de Prodrive, David Richards, tuvo la idea de crear la llamativa pieza de escultura doméstica. Él dijo:

“Los últimos años han visto una explosión de personas que se dedican a los juegos y los deportes electrónicos. Pero quería algo que combinara tecnología con muebles contemporáneos, algo que estaría orgulloso de tener en exhibición en su hogar como un piano de cola, en lugar de estar escondido. Estoy orgulloso del resultado, es algo que no se vería fuera de lugar en una galería de arte contemporáneo”.

El proyecto comenzó el año pasado, cuando Richards se acercó a CALLUM, que estaba muy involucrado con Prodrive, habiendo ayudado a diseñar los recientes proyectos Hunter Dakar e Hypercar de la compañía, para crear algunos conceptos.

Ian Callum dijo:

“Había una visión muy clara para este proyecto: crear algo técnicamente estimulante y visualmente impactante. En lugar de tomar la ruta funcional y trillada de una estructura similar a un automóvil, optamos por algo más abstracto, contemporáneo y elegante. Este diseño intriga. Sabes que es un simulador, pero luego tienes que mirar de nuevo. La forma amplia y el acabado brillante ‘piano black’ llevan al Racing Simulator a un lugar completamente nuevo: es un mueble que se puede colocar con elegancia en un espacio habitable”.

El Prodrive Racing Simulator ahora está disponible directamente desde Prodrive, con un precio de £ 39,000 sin IVA, aranceles y envío. Para registrar su interés, los compradores potenciales deben visitar prodrive.com/simulator antes de ser invitados a la sede central de Prodrive en Banbury para probar el simulador de primera mano.



Simulador a medida con 12GB

Tarjeta gráfica GeForce RTX y memoria de 16 GB

Software preinstalado

ajuste de carrera


AOC 49” Dual-QHD Resolución 5k curvo

monitor con frecuencia de actualización de 165Hz


Precisión SIM LM Pro con 5 diales giratorios,

12 pulsadores y paletas de fibra de carbono

Motor de dirección

Motor de dirección Simucube 2 PRO

Caja de pedales

​Caja de pedales mecánica, ajustable eléctricamente


Cobra Nogaro Street

Dimensiones (L x Al x An)

Longitud 3,3 m

Altura 1,35 m

Ancho 0,8m (1,25m incl. pantalla)


Auriculares Bowers & Wilkins PX7


£ 39,000 sin IVA, aranceles y envío

Acerca de Prodrive

Prodrive es una de las empresas de tecnología y deportes de motor más grandes y exitosas del mundo. Más de 500 empleados están empleados en su sede de Banbury y sus instalaciones de fabricación de compuestos en Milton Keynes. Si bien la empresa es quizás más conocida por los deportes de motor, hoy en día es solo una parte de una organización que en la última década se ha diversificado para convertirse en una empresa de tecnología que trabaja en una variedad de sectores y brinda una variedad de servicios.

Dentro del Grupo Prodrive, hay cuatro áreas comerciales distintas pero interconectadas: Automovilismo, programas operativos de carrera y rally para fabricantes de vehículos y marcas globales; Tecnología Avanzada, proporcionando tecnología innovadora para los sectores automotriz, aeroespacial, de defensa y marino; Composites, desarrollando componentes compuestos ligeros para los sectores automotriz, aeroespacial y marino; y Brand& desarrollo de ropa y complementos a medida para primeras marcas.


Acerca de Callum

CALLUM es una empresa de diseño e ingeniería que crea productos personalizados y de edición limitada.

CALLUM se centra en el diseño, el estilo de vida y los viajes, asumiendo proyectos que intrigan, emocionan y cuentan una historia. Es una colaboración de personas talentosas con experiencia en marcas de arte, audio, automoción, moda y automovilismo.

Ágil y ágil, CALLUM produce un diseño exquisito respaldado por una ejecución de calidad, con sus instalaciones de Warwick de 30,000 pies cuadrados que albergan la última tecnología para brindar servicios de diseño, creación de prototipos, mecanizado y recorte.

Entre sus miembros fundadores se encuentra el diseñador británico Ian Callum CBE, admirado por su prolífico trabajo automotriz, que incluye Aston Martin Vanquish, Vantage y DB9, Jaguar F-Type, F-PACE, XJ y, más recientemente, World Car of the Year. El galardonado I-PACE, entre otros.


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Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai


Palm Jumeirah, the iconic artificial island in Dubai, is a true showcase of the city’s exclusive lifestyle. Celebrating 20 years, this human-made engineering masterpiece provides luxury experiences in the city to its citizens and visitors alike.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة Palm 807x400 1

From its luxurious hotels, amazing restaurants, and top-notch interior design projects this island will amaze you. Find out more about Palm Jumeirah with Boca do Lobo!


To truly embrace Palm Jumeirah luxury experience, stay on the island. There is no lack of options concerning exclusive hotels to enjoy your stay, They provide you with a full luxury experience, having some of the best places to eat, stunning interior design, breath-taking architecture, and spectacular views of Dubai’s paradise landscape.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة FPJD FIVE Palm Jumeirah Higher Res
Five the Palm

The Five Palm Hotel is one of a kind and a major example of what Palm Jumeirah can offer in terms of hospitality. This luxury hotel provides you with plenty of luxury experiences, ranging from an exclusive beach, top-notch food provided by world-class chefs, amazing spa sessions, and karaoke parties.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة Five The Palm7 1
Five the Palm – Interior Design Project By Bond Interiors

The location of the hotel is, of course, one of its main assets. The 20 years old Palm Jumeirah offers any hotel resident an exclusive view of the landscape. Its interior design is simple and elegant, making you comfortably enjoy this luxury experience while planing the next one on this breathtaking island.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة Al Habtoor city
The St. Regis Dubai, The Palm

The St. Regis hotel is another place where you can experience the splendor of Palm Jumeirah. The hotel connects directly to Nakheel Mall, Palm Monorail station, and Dubai’s latest attraction, The View at The Palm. With its bold and stunning architecture, this exclusive hotel offers a luxury experience fit for kings.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة dxbpx meal resturant 1636 hor feat 1
The St. Regis Dubai, The Palm

St. Regis has 4 restaurants and lounges. Cordelia, the specialty restaurant offers a handcrafted menu inspired by seafood. The hotel caters to both leisure and business travelers. Conveniently located to discover the main attractions, malls, and business districts with easy connectivity to and from Sheikh Zayed Road, it is an ideal starting point to explore all that Dubai has to offer.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة 1648521 v4
One & Only The Palm

If you find yourself looking for a tranquil escape then the One & Only provides the perfect luxury experience for you. Located on a beachfront peninsula on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, this opulent exclusive resort on the Gulf is set in gardens and comprises a manor, mansions, and villas.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة 5a63291c z 1
One & Only The Palm

The exquisite guest rooms, suites, and villas at the resort are designed with a fusion of Moorish and Andalusian architecture, with sophisticated furnishings and state-of-the-art facilities.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة 23b0e4b31e26a9adeb8e882122b0f33d
One & Only The Palm

Palm Jumeirah offers you amazing options regarding where to stay and these exclusive hotels are an important part of what makes this iconic island so successful throughout its 20 years. Providing any visitor the luxury experience that they seek in Dubai, these hotels embrace the city’s lifestyle perfectly and will certainly make you love even more this paradise island.

Soleil Chair news pieces 2 solairchair

Restaurants & Bars

For a full luxury experience, great accommodation is not enough, and the hotels and other venues in Palm Jumeirah provide you with some of the best exclusive restaurants in Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة 6 4 jumeirah zabeel saray restaurant lalezar interior 02 1
Al Nafoorah

Regarding exclusive restaurants, one of Palm Jumeirah’s best luxury experiences is the Al Nafoorah. You can truly embrace middle east cuisine in this amazing venue. This authentic Lebanese restaurant serves classic grilled dishes and mezze in an ornate setting. Its interior design certainly matches the luxurious vibe of Dubai and will make you feel part of the island while tasting the best dishes.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة ibn al bahr club vista mare the palm jumeirah 1
Ibn Al Bahr

Hidden away on a small private beach on the shore of the Palm Jumeirah, Ibn AlBahr is a true gem to be found and an exquisite place to have a meal.
The view of the beach, a table full of exceptional mezze, and grilled fish along with the company of family or friends makes this one of the best luxury experiences you can have in Palm Jumeirah.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة 74bd462dd882fc42e593512566459c4a 1
A Cappella

If you are looking for a more groovy and fun luxury experience, A Cappella offers guests to experience the chefs & mixologists working together in the same space, live, creating an exclusive experience unlike any. Music forms the core at A Cappella, offering a high-octane vibe, elevating the overall experience.

Lamps Boca do Lobo bl lamps 750

Interior Design Projects

Palm Jumeirah embodies Dubai’s spirit of luxury, but also its bold and innovative nature. Offering its visitors not only amazing landscapes but also top-notch interior design. As such, you can find all over the island amazing interior design projects to inspire you and make you feel like living a truly exclusive luxury experience.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة 01 Informal Reception 01 1
One Palm Apartment By Elicyon

Elicyon designed the concept of the interior for the apartments within the prestigious One Palm development at The Palm Jumeirah. Exquisite patterns and metalwork screens make a contemporary reference to mashrabiya screens and form a theme across the apartment, while tone-on-tone interiors to suit the panoramic beach views create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living that creates a remarkable luxury experience.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة Zen FrondN73a01 e1619953590989 1

In Palm Jumeirah you can also be inspired by this amazing interior design project by Zen Interiors. The passion for superior products and professional services makes this company deliver perfect results and luxury experiences in every room. This stunning living room project is a great inspiration for a small but luxurious interior.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة FROND N 4 1

This Private Villa at Palm Jumeirah is designed by XBD and carries an air of sophisticated elegance. Every element is carefully chosen to reflect and give the luxury experience that you seek in its interior design. The choice of a subtle and uncomplicated color scheme is the finishing touch that gives the space its quiet but unwavering confidence.

Palm Jumeirah: 20 Years Of Luxury Experiences in Dubai نخلة الجميرة aerial view of dubai palm jumeirah island united arab emirates 1097789900 b6c44835cb3945f481427a612f2cdd0b 1

Palm Jumeirah is a true grand masterpiece in all of its aspects. Amazing hospitality, stunning views, spectacular architecture, and interior design projects, the best places to eat and have fun, all of this while offering an exquisite luxury experience to its visitors. Celebrate its 20 years by enjoying this iconic island and living it to its full extent.


Powerful VR headsets, software, platform and services geared to enterprise all launched at VIVECON 2021
, , , ,



Powerful VR headsets, software, platform and services geared to enterprise all launched at VIVECON 2021


  • HTC VIVE Pro 2: sharp, precise, immersive. PC VR like nothing else
  • HTC VIVE Focus 3: a new era for business VR. Powerful and versatile All-in-One
  • 5K resolution, 120 degree field of view, and real RGB sub-pixels in both headsets
  • VIVE Pro 2 pre-order from 11 May, on sale from 3 June. VIVE Focus 3 on sale 24 June
  • VIVE Business: a range of new tools designed specifically for businesses of all sizes

VIVECON 2021, 11 May 2021 – HTC VIVE, the global leader in premium virtual reality (VR), today set a new benchmark for business and consumer VR, bringing 5K resolution and a 120-degree field of view as standard to the two new VR headsets announced today at VIVECON 2021, HTC’s global VR conference.

VIVE Pro 2 pushes the boundaries of PC VR for incredible gaming, creating, and experiences, while VIVE Focus 3 redefines business VR with a purpose-built All-in-One with no compromises. HTC also announced VIVE Business, its comprehensive range of tools designed to support businesses of any size to get the most out of VR.

“Today’s launch marks a major milestone in our strategy to create the very best immersive experiences. We have listened to our customers, from well-known global companies to smaller firms and professional users, and have designed these premium headsets from the ground up to meet the challenges they face, adding a professional range of software, platform and services to make implementation as smooth and effective as possible,” said Cher Wang, HTC Chairwoman and CEO. “In line with our mission, we’ve combined the very latest technology with the needs and aspirations of our customers, enabling them to unleash their imagination to improve people’s lives and solve problems for business and society.”

“Furthermore, I am delighted to share this good news at our first global VIVECON event; a clear demonstration of how the virtual world has become mainstream over the last year, enabling people from all over the world to join us without leaving their homes,” continued Cher Wang. “In this new normal, VIVE is playing a greater role in bringing people closer together while creating a more sustainable world.”

VIVE Pro 2 – Sharp, Precise, Immersive

VIVE Pro 2 takes PC VR to the next level, when every pixel and polygon counts, for high-end gaming or creating the impossible.

A stunning 5K resolution display delivers 2.5K to each eye, coupled with a beautifully fluid 120 Hz refresh rate, and fast-switching panel with real RGB sub-pixels, for crystal clear and super smooth animations. Field of view increases to 120 degrees thanks to VIVE Pro 2’s new bespoke dual stacked-lens design. These advances mean minimal motion blur and the ‘screen door effect’ is virtually eliminated, giving people a more natural and immersive experience.

HTC VIVE also worked closely with NVIDIA and AMD to utilise Display Stream Compression, for the first time in a VR headset. Display Stream Compression ensures maximum visual quality and is also backwards compatible with DisplayPort 1.2, so even graphics cards which supported VIVE Pro will see a benefit with VIVE Pro 2.

VIVE Pro 2 has fine-adjustable inter-pupillary distance (IPD), evenly distributed weight balance, adjustable head strap, and a quick-adjustable sizing dial. Perfect for finding your personal preferences, and also sharing the experience with others. VIVE Pro 2 has 3D spatial sound with Hi-Res Audio Certified headphones, and supports third party headphones.

All VIVE SteamVR ecosystem accessories will work with VIVE Pro 2 – VIVE Trackers of any generation, the new VIVE Facial Tracker, and more. VIVE Pro 2 will slot into an existing SteamVR setup – whether it’s Base Station 1.0 or Base Station 2.0, VIVE Wireless Adapter, VIVE controllers, or even controllers and gloves like Valve’s Index ‘knuckle’ controllers.

For upgraders, VIVE Pro 2 in the headset-only version is available for pre-order from 6pm BST on 11 May. As a special thank you for loyal users, VIVE is running a special promotion during the pre-order period, offering a discount for those who want to upgrade – making the VIVE Pro 2 headset available for £659 / $749 / €739.

The full-kit VIVE Pro 2, which includes Base Station 2.0 and VIVE Controllers, is available from August, for £1299 / $1399 / €1399. Read more about VIVE Pro 2 here: vive.com/vive-pro2

VIVE Focus 3 – A New Era for Business VR

The new All-In-One VIVE Focus 3 is the ultimate solution for business VR, combining outstanding visuals with a smarter ergonomic design, superior audio and next level inside-out tracking and controllers.

VIVE Focus 3 has 5K resolution with class-leading dual 2.5K displays, a smooth 90Hz refresh rate and an ultra-wide 120-degree field of view, for exceptional immersion. The fast-switching display panel uses real RGB subpixels, practically eliminating the screen door effect. The new visuals mean fine details like writing and overall fidelity are dramatically clearer, allowing for software design and user interaction to be more natural.

VIVE Focus 3 delivers superior comfort, with a new strap design, balanced weight distribution, and an intelligently designed curved battery pack which is swappable. VIVE Focus 3’s battery pack can be changed in seconds, allowing you to keep going on a non-stop day. Quick charge gives you 50% battery from just 30 minutes of charging, and an L.E.D indicator lets you know how much power you have left.

Durable and lightweight, the magnesium alloy frame of VIVE Focus 3 is 20% lighter and 500% stronger than traditional plastics. VIVE Focus 3 has a wide range and fine-adjustable Inter Pupillary Distance range, as well as a quick-release button and easily removable magnetic front and rear face gaskets – so it’s quick and effortless to swap in replacements or clean them – especially important on days when there are lots of different users.

VIVE Focus 3 has new open-back speakers featuring a pair of dual drivers, delivering immersive and true-to-life audio. They are contact-free which means users can still maintain environmental awareness while staying immersed in VR. For peace of mind in VR meetings, a special audio privacy setting dramatically reduces the risk of sound being overheard by people nearby.

VIVE Focus 3 uses an AI powered inside-out tracking algorithm for precise tracking, with privacy at the forefront as all tracking data is stored in an encrypted format on the headset. The redesigned controllers are easy and intuitive to use – one of the lightest 6dof controllers on the market that last for 15 hours on a single charge. Hand tracking support will be released in the future.

Powering VIVE Focus 3 is a specially optimised Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform, combined with a copper heat pipe and cooling fan, so that it’s always cool under pressure. Featuring the all-new VIVE Reality System 2.0 which delivers a more streamlined and professional environment, VIVE Focus 3 will be on sale from 24 June, for £1060 / $1300 / €1180 (includes 24 month VIVE Business Warranty and Services, excludes VAT). Read more about the VIVE Focus 3 here: vive.com/vive-focus3

VIVE Business
VIVE Business is a complete suite of software and services, supporting the needs of businesses looking to get the best out of XR. No matter the organisation’s size, VIVE Business is scalable and secure, making life easier for deployment, maintenance, remote support, training needs, and much more.

The VIVE Business Device Management System is a simple and intuitive MDM and is ISO certified, allowing IT to quickly and easily see the status of each VIVE Focus 3 on the network, remotely install new business apps, update software, and more. VIVE Focus 3 is designed to work with Android Enterprise MDM, so it can also slot into pre-existing MDM solutions already active in your environment.

Building on the success of the consumer VIVEPORT store, the VIVE Business AppStore is a curated collection of apps and tools, covering diverse areas like training, communication, visualisation, and more. It’s simple to pick an app off-the-shelf, or even get in touch with the creator to tailor it for specific needs.

VIVE Business Training is perfect to support training sessions of any size. The training leader can observe the progress of each trainee, via an Android device, highlighting the next steps needed and talking the trainee through it, even in a class size of hundreds. VIVE Business Streaming supports connecting VIVE Focus 3 to a PC via a cable, with fully wireless streaming support coming in the future. VIVE Business will see new tools and features added in the future, delivering a continuously updated powerful suite of business solutions.

VIVE gives control back to businesses. Organisations can choose to take up VIVE Business services, or they can simply pay a one-off cost for VIVE Focus 3 and integrate it into their existing setup, with no recurring fees and the ability to use their hardware as they choose to.

Meet in VR with realistic avatars to discuss business, host presentations, examine 3D models, teach a class, and more with VIVE Sync. Originally built as an internal communications tool to support collaboration on product design, VIVE Sync was launched in Beta in June 2020. Now, having been used in almost 100 countries around the world, VIVE Sync is launching in Pro and Enterprise versions, offering different new environments, tools, and ways to interact. Bring everyday files into VR, from Microsoft PowerPoint presentations through to 3D formats. VIVE Sync is perfect for groups of up to 30 people, and for larger groups, VIVE’s XR Suite offers a range of different scenarios. Read more about VIVE XR Suite here: enterprise.vive.com/solutions/xr-suite

About HTC
HTC VIVE is the premier virtual reality (VR) platform and ecosystem that creates true-to-life VR experiences for businesses and consumers. The VIVE ecosystem is built around premium VR hardware, software, and content. The VIVE business encompasses best-in-class XR hardware; VIVEPORT platform and app store; VIVE Enterprise Solutions for business customers; VIVE X, a US$100M VR business accelerator; and VIVE ARTS for cultural initiatives. For more information, please visit www.vive.com.

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Oculus for Business ya está operativo para todo el mundo

Oculus for Business ya está operativo para todo el mundo

Facebook  anuncia el lanzamiento en abierto de Oculus for Business, que hasta ahora estaba disponible sólo para socios seleccionados. Se trata de un programa enfocado a empresas que incluye un dispositivo Oculus Quest (128GB) junto a un paquete de softwares especializados y asistencia personalizada al precio de 1.000 dólares.

El primer pago cubre el primer año del programa junto con todas las bonificaciones mencionadas y una garantía extendida de 24 meses. Posteriormente, el coste pasa a ser de 180 dólares por visor al año.

Al contrario que el paquete disponible para el resto de usuarios de 500 dólares, Oculus for Business incluye una interesante función que permite a las empresas manejar una flota de visores, pudiendo administrar software, actualizaciones y monitorizar el estado de cada uno independientemente.

Desde Facebook aseguran una gran compatibilidad con software de empresa como MobileIron VMware Workspace ONE. También funciona con un programa independiente que ofrece más de 400 soluciones VR para distintos campos profesionales, así como una herramienta para crear software a la carta en función de los planes de la empresa.

Oculus for Business

¿Qué es el nuevo Oculus for Business?

Oculus for Business es un nuevo paquete de software diseñado para facilitar la configuración y la administración de implementaciones de realidad virtual a gran escala. Cuenta con asistencia y seguridad para empresas, además de una nueva experiencia de usuario optimizada para las empresas.

¿En qué se diferencia de lo que habéis hecho antes?

Apostamos por la realidad virtual empresarial, añadimos nuevo hardware con Oculus Quest y, por primera vez, incluimos un paquete de software dedicado. Creemos que esto ayudará a las empresas a usar la realidad virtual y avanzar más rápido para incorporarla en sus equipos.

¿Cuáles son las primeras funciones que vais a lanzar?

Con Oculus for Business nos centramos en unas pocas áreas clave:

  • Herramientas para ayudar a configurar y administrar dispositivos de forma masiva.
  • Capacidad de crear una experiencia de usuario empresarial personalizada.
  • Asistencia y seguridad para empresas.

¿Qué conlleva vuestro programa piloto?

Recomendamos a los clientes y desarrolladores que se pongan en contacto desde www.oculus.com/business para indicar que les interesa.


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Centro Vip en el aeropuerto de Amsterdam Schiphol – Marcel Wanders

Centro vip en el aeropuerto de Amsterdam Schiphol –Marcel Wanders


Interior Design

Marcel Wanders

Haz de la belleza tu destino. En el centro VIP en el aeropuerto de Amsterdam Schiphol, los viajeros ahora pueden relajarse o hacer negocios en medio de la herencia holandesa y el diseño contemporáneo. En un espacio ofrecido entre viajes, la lujosa experiencia del salón presenta múltiples habitaciones que ofrecen un estado de ánimo diferente y presentan elementos de diseño y arte de diferentes épocas holandesas.

Desde patrones tradicionales hasta motivos del siglo XVII hasta diseños icónicos contemporáneos, los espacios públicos y privados en el centro VIP del aeropuerto de Amsterdam Schiphol envuelven a los visitantes con un sabor holandés y cautivan los sentidos.

Las habitaciones diseñadas para negocios están equipadas con tecnología de alta gama, mientras que los espacios más apartados están diseñados para ayudar a las personas a relajarse y participar con un diseño inesperado. Llegar es como retroceder en el tiempo para ser cautivado por obras maestras holandesas y obras icónicas, en un escape pausado donde cada habitación cuenta su propia historia.

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BUSINESS: ASSET – Quiero empezar con una pregunta, ¿Tenemos visibilidad de lo que va a pasar mañana?

BUSINESS: ASSET – Quiero empezar con una pregunta, ¿Tenemos visibilidad de lo que va a pasar mañana?

El mundo vive un momento verdaderamente convulso en el que se mezclan crisis regionales que alcanzan nivel global, como en Corea, gobiernos populistas, auge de los extremismos, inestabilidad generada por el Yihadismo o factores climáticos y ambientales que afectan a la economía.

Hemos de aceptar que el entorno y mercados donde desarrollamos nuestra profesión son ya de forma constante volátiles, inciertos, complejos y ambiguos, es lo que se denomina entorno VUCA y sobre el cual las grandes corporaciones ya están desarrollando sus estrategias. Es curioso que las mismas iniciales pueden dar pie a conceptos que debemos buscar de forma prioritaria en el ejercicio de nuestras responsabilidades, precisamente las que hemos puesto en la portada de la revista.
En España vivimos y percibimos este nuevo entorno que no nos permite eliminar el temor a otra recaída profunda. El Premio Nobel Daniel Kahneman ya analizó la importancia de la psicología en la marcha de la economía, y por eso la disparidad de mensajes difundidos por diversos institutos y analistas de prestigio genera incertidumbre.
En pocas semanas hemos visto como los informes de JP Morgan recomendando la venta de deuda española, de Goldman Sachs afirmando que la continuidad de la recuperación española depende de la actitud de los bancos o del Círculo de Empresarios mostrando su inquietud por la ralentización de la inversión exterior en España, generan incertidumbre sobre la continuidad de nuestra recuperación.

Al mismo tiempo y de forma contraria a estas opiniones con nubarrones, tenemos la realidad del segundo trimestre de 2017 donde nuestra economía vuelve a liderar el crecimiento en la UE, con un avance del 3,5% anual del PIB muy por delante de la media de la zona Euro, que avanza un punto por detrás y ya superamos el PIB per cápita más elevado de antes de la crisis.
El prestigioso grupo de economistas Arcano Research afirma, en un su último análisis, que España seguirá liderando el crecimiento de las grandes economías europeas de la mano de un turismo que notará poco los efectos del terrible atentado del 17 de agosto en Barcelona, de la recuperación del consumo interno, la activación del mercado inmobiliario y el mantenimiento del dinamismo de la exportación de mercancías.A un entorno “VUCA” lleno de contradicciones y que hace difícil tener una visibilidad más allá de casi el día a día, hay que añadir la velocidad cada vez mayor en la evolución del ser humano, en especial en el aspecto tecnológico y su actual impacto, con la transformación digital de la sociedad y la que ya se está iniciando con la robotización a gran escala de procesos aplicando inteligencia artificial.
Posiblemente esta evolución tecnológica de la sociedad sea hoy en día el principal motor de crecimiento económico actual a nivel global, a pesar de que estemos dentro de un entorno que nos dé la sensación de fragilidad o incluso de poder quebrarse por distintos puntos.
Solo hay que ver cuáles eran las corporaciones globales con mayor capitalización hace 10 años y cuáles son ahora, o si comparamos las marcas más valoradas hoy en día con las de hace 10 o 15 años. Las más importantes hoy en día son organizaciones que basan su negocio en la digitalización.
Como directivos financieros somos parte implicada directamente y en cierta medida debemos ser impulsores de los cambios que ya están sucediendo y que posiblemente sucederán en mayor medida en el futuro en las organizaciones empresariales, adoptando políticas y estrategias de negocio para escenarios complejos y atacar procesos de transformación profundos.
Estos cambios fruto de esta Era Digital han sido los protagonistas del evento de referencia del año para los financieros. En la Jornada Anual de la Asociación Española de Financieros de Empresa, ASSET, de la mano de reconocidos expertos, hemos analizado cómo afecta a los departamentos financieros la nueva revolución digital a través de paneles monográficos sobre Fintech, Ciberseguridad y los nuevos retos para la dirección financiera.
En ASSET estamos convencidos que los que hoy en día tenemos esta responsabilidad en la gestión financiera debemos dar un paso al frente, aportando la sabiduría que nos da la experiencia de tener responsabilidad. Es un reto, y por lo tanto motivante, aunque tengamos un entorno que nos pueda provocar incertidumbre o incluso desasosiego.
No quiero dejar pasar la importancia, y que hoy en día aún tiene que ser mayor, de provocar que la incorporación de las nuevas generaciones sea lo más enriquecedora posible para las organizaciones empresariales en las que estamos. Vienen con el ADN preparado para esta nueva era. Provoquemos su aportación fresca y gestionémosla con nuestras capacidades para convertirlas en realidad. Mañana tendrán posiciones de responsabilidad, contribuyamos a que lo hagan con excelencia. ASSET está comprometida con el desarrollo de los nuevos profesionales, por eso estamos llegando a acuerdos con las principales universidades del país, para fomentar su incorporación como profesionales de las finanzas y posibles futuros directivos. Son el mañana de ASSET.

Luis Calaf , Secretario General de ASSET