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The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Luxury design Hotel To Town


Welcome to The Londoner, the luxury design hotel in one of the most famous places in the world. In London, you’ll find a wonderful mix of everything: people, cutures, experiences, places and so on. The Londoner is “an ode to the city and promises to awaken a multitude of impressions in its visitors.

The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town

Yabu Pushelberg was the design firm responsible for the interior design, which aimed to create an intimate and seductive ambience in the lobby, reception and bar of The Londoner.

It’s the first hotel of its kind in London.

Glenn Pushelberg, Co-Founder Of Yabu Pushelberg

Soleil Sofa

The Residence: For The Special Ones

The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town
The Drawing Room

The quintessentially British living room, the Drawing Room has a modern yet classic design with a hand-painted mural by New York creative duo En Viu.

The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town
The Y Bar

The Y Bar is the perfect place to work during the day and have a drink at night. Sound confusing? It’s not – it’s just the perfect and adaptable space, with comic illustrations from Andrew Rae.

The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town
The Whisky Room

What if you could discover the wonders of The Londoner‘s whisky collection through a secret door? Yes – it is as idyllic as it appears to be. And if you want to leave your most precious bottle for your next visit, there’s a safe room too.

Rooms & Suites

The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town
Junior Suite, a lovely studio.
The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town
Corner Suite, a charming oasis.
The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town
Capital Suite, offering a new perspective.
The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town
Signature Suite, a home in the city.
The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town
Tower Penthouse Suite, a two-storey apartment with iconic views.

At The Londoner, guests will find a touch of residential charm mixed with stylish interiors. Each room has been individually designed and you can choose what you like best. The separate bedrooms, objets d’art and great city views are simply impossible to resist.

Bars & Restaurants – It’s difficult to pick one!

The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town
Whitcomb’s | A corner of French Mediterranean, where a bright, artistic environment meets a kitchen of exclusive, seasonal ingredients.
The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town
8 At The Londoner | A decadent rooftop izakaya lounge that reinterprets the informal and traditional Japanese style.
The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town
Joshua’s Tavern | An intimate neighbourhood bar serving gintonicas, draught beer, tasty treats and live unplugged performances.

The Londoner’s restaurants and bars reflect the city’s eclectic gastronomic scene. Elegant Japanese offers modern cuisine with French Mediterranean. Bright and airy spaces for breakfast and brunch contrast with intimate cocktail and champagne bars, while the rooftop terrace provides a spectacular backdrop for people watching and feasting.

The Retreat – To Enjoy and Relax

The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town

If you are looking for the perfect place to relax, you have come to the right place: at The Londoner, you’ll find private poolside cabanas and can enjoy the pool. There is also a beauty salon and a gym: everything is ready to welcome you and make you feel good.

As if all of this weren’t enough, you’re close to Bansky.

The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town

Stay at The Londoner and get tickets to a rare collection of Banksy‘s work on display in a Covent Garden warehouse just steps from the hotel.

Where to find The Londoner:

The Londoner: Yabu Pushelberg Brings The New Boutique Hotel To Town

Located on the southwest corner of Leicester Square, The Londoner hotel is surrounded by exciting options. Rooftop terraces and speakeasies, major exhibitions and intimate galleries. As they say: Welcome to a new lifestyle hotel in the heart of the West End.

All images are sourced from: thelondoner.com

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Vacheron Constantin – New Flagship in New York City

Vacheron Constantin – New Flagship in New York City

  • Vacheron Constantin opens North American Flagship in New York City
  • The new two-story Boutique celebrates the long-standing relationship between the Maison and America since 1831
  • Client-first experiences include in-house watchmaker, strap customization, interactive digital archives, rotating exhibition space, and the first ever permanent “Les Collectionneurs” vintage offer.

New York, June 2021 – Vacheron Constantin, the luxury Swiss watchmaking Maison with over two hundred and sixty-five years of expertise, is delighted to announce the opening of its North American Flagship in the heart of New York City, at 28 East 57th Street. The boutique pays tribute to the Maison’s deep roots in the United States and commitment to outstanding client service.

The new Vacheron Constantin Flagship in North America celebrates the relationship between our Maison and America that has existed since 1831. Engaging with the creative spirit of America and its many diverse cultures, Vacheron Constantin is ready to make 28 E 57th Street its new North American home. This Flagship exemplifies Vacheron Constantin’s dedication to excellence and our motto, Do Better if Possible, and That is Always Possible.” – Louis Ferla, Chief Executive Officer, Vacheron Constantin

A 190 year love story with New York

The selection of New York for the location of Vacheron Constantin’s North American Flagship carries powerful symbolism for the Maison. In 1831, Jacques Barthélémi Vacheron wrote a letter stating his intent to expand business to the United States, and in 1832 the company established its first agent in New York. By the twentieth century, Vacheron Constantin timepieces could be found on the wrists of eminent Americans from members of the Rockefeller family, Henry and William James, automobile manufacture James Ward Packard, and actors Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few. Of the many innovative and historically important Vacheron Constantin timepieces, special references inspired by American clients include one of the first large wristwatches for aviators, a series of pocket watches for the U.S. Corps of Engineers during WWI, and just a few years later, the cushion-shaped “American 1921”, a classic yet daring tilted-dial design created for the American market. This iconic timepiece celebrates its 100th Anniversary in 2021 and is the focus of the New York Flagship opening exhibition.

Immersive experience

Located between Madison and Park Avenue, the new Vacheron Constantin Flagship spans over 4,500 square feet and covers two floors. A distinctive glass façade opens directly onto 57th Street and features a sleek brass-toned design in the shape of the Maison’s emblem, the Maltese Cross. The transparent glass invites collectors and visitors into a discovery of the Maison’s creativity and fine craftsmanship in a harmonious old-meets-new environment fitting the spirit of Vacheron Constantin’s contemporary watchmaking.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by an atrium filled with natural light and a double floor height. A striking blue straw marquetry wall with Maltese cross motif creates a focal point that conveys Vacheron Constantin’s dedication to high watchmaking artistry. To the left, an open discovery table welcomes watch collectors and visitors alike to discover beautiful crafts and techniques amongst an assortment of Métiers d’art timepieces.

American 1921 Unique Piece Historique Restoration Restauration Calibre 1921 Making-of 100th anniversary

A large eye-catching screen offers an immersive tour through the history of Vacheron Constantin in the United States via an exclusive interactive experience: the “Chronogram”. Developed in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Chronogram is an innovative tool that uses emerging technologies to digitize Vacheron Constantin’s exceptional body of archives accumulated since 1755, shared with the public for live exploration of the Maison’s heritage.

In-house watchmaker, rotating exhibitions and family-friendly accommodations

A dedicated area within the first floor displays the restoration capabilities of the Maison and rotating exhibitions of historic timepieces from the Vacheron Constantin private heritage collection in Geneva. In a striking design, visitors are met with a sweeping staircase animated with bronze vertical columns inspired by 19th century architecture. As a demonstration of the Maison’s commitment to client-centered service, the second floor opens to an expansive watchmaking bench intended to encourage interaction with an in-house watchmaker as well as a custom strap station presenting both engraving and embossing customization options. A VIP Lounge encourages lingering and a family-friendly bar upstairs is equipped with games and refreshments that truly embody Vacheron Constantin’s dedication to clients.

A window into Vacheron Constantin’s collections

The new Flagship houses the complete Vacheron Constantin timepiece collection from simple to high complications, as well as boutique exclusive models, the first permanent “Les Collectionneurs” vintage watch offering, and a rotating Les Cabinotiers assortment. The newly unveiled American 1921 Pièce Unique re-creation timepiece will also be presented for the occasion of the Flagship opening.

“Les Collectionneurs”

Chosen with patience and talent by the Maison’s heritage department specialists, “Les Collectionneurs” curated collection of vintage Vacheron Constantin watches from the 20th century have been restored and are offered with the same warranty given to contemporary collections. Previously only available at dedicated annual events in Vacheron Constantin boutiques around the world, a rare assortment will be featured in the North American Flagship as the world’s first “Les Collectionneurs” permanent boutique offering.

Les Cabinotiers

Les Cabinotiers, Vacheron Constantin’s approach to single-piece editions, showcases the Maison’s amazing wealth of creative and engineering talent. The department of Les Cabinotiers combines excellence and dedication with a group of master watchmaking professionals who use their wide-ranging scientific knowledge in the latest technical breakthroughs and 18th century watchmaking crafts to perpetuate Vacheron Constantin’s tradition of innovation. Creating both bespoke timepieces on demand from clients as well as timepieces conceived by Vacheron Constantin master watchmakers, Les Cabinotiers translate dreams into reality in mechanical and artistic terms and consistently push the boundaries of what is possible in watchmaking today.

A One of a Kind American 1921

To mark the 100th anniversary of the American 1921 watch, Vacheron Constantin has delved into its archives and its horological expertise to offer a faithful reproduction of the American 1921 original timepiece, emblematic of an era. Stemming from an impressive technical feat and epic human saga pushing the limits of fine craftsmanship, the creation of the American 1921 Pièce Unique watch mobilizes the remarkable expertise of the Maison’s Restoration workshop and Heritage department for an entire year. This approach might be a first in the watch industry, reflecting Vacheron Constantin’s commitment to the conservation, transmission and continuous enrichment of its heritage and skills.

Inspiration from American Art

In homage to great American art, display windows on 57th Street and the boutique’s first floor exhibition area will be fully encompassed during the opening by a dream-like bronze city including a car and track installation inspired by the masterpiece, Metropolis II (2010), by American artist Chris Burden (1946-2015). From his action-based works in the 1970s that focused on his own body and the relationship of the viewer to it, to the technical feats of his later sculptures that intervened in spaces, artist Chris Burden consistently challenged limitations. By doing so, he reflected on the surreal realities of contemporary life and invited the viewer to join in these contemplations. Vacheron Constantin and Chris Burden’s work share a commitment to craft, and an exploration of the beauty found in scientific exploration. The installation on view pays tribute to a cosmopolitan love of movement and “the idea of a city”. This is the Chris Burden Estate’s historic first ever brand collaboration.

Boutique Address:
Vacheron Constantin
28 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022

Monday – Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: 12 to 6pm

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HUBLOT LOVES TOKYO! Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot celebrates its 40th anniversary with another Big Bang!

Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot celebrates its 40th anniversary with another Big Bang! After Place Vendome in Paris, Rue du Rhône in Geneva, 5Th Avenue in New York City, New Bond Street in London, Heritage in Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui district, now comes Chuo-dori Street in Tokyo for the brand world’s biggest Flagship Boutique.


In 2020, Hublot is turning 40! During this anniversary year Hublot has a reason to celebrate, as on May 26, its largest flagship store, the Hublot Boutique Ginza, will open. After Place Vendome in Paris, Rue  du Rhône in Geneva, 5Th Avenue in New York City, New Bond Street in London, Heritage in Hong Kong, now comes Chuo-dori Street in Tokyo.The swiss luxury watchmaker is now present on an iconic location on Chuo-dori Street. The new boutique, also called the “Hublot tower” thanks to its 56-meter-high dynamic façade, will offer Hublot a stylish, luxurious and open space. The Hublot Boutique Ginza perfectly expresses The Art of Fusion, the brand concept focused on the blending of materials and ideas. Across three floors, customers will be immersed in the world of Hublot. Visitors will find the whole collection displayed on the ground floor, the VIP experience room on the second floor and the exhibition area on the third floor.

We are honored to celebrate the opening of our new flagship Boutique in Tokyo. In only 40 years, Hublot has seen many firsts and many successes, and today is again another milestone for our Maison. We have long had presence on the most prestigious streets in the world’s metropolises and from today in Japan too, our number one market. The “Hublot Tower” is a symbol of the fusion of modernity and tradition that we ardently pursue and uphold in all our actions.” -Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot

The 56-meter high dynamic façade is the most idiosyncratic and artistic façade of the brand’s boutiques. The laminated glass panels scattered with mirrored pieces exhibits different sights: it reflects sunlight to create a beautiful glitter during the daytime, and at nighttime a luxurious glow appears to emanate from within.

The interior of the boutique, boasting the brand’s largest retail space at 330 square meters, reflects one of the important elements of Hublot’s watchmaking—its unique use of materials. The spacious boutique expresses on three floors the contemporary style so dear to Hublot: leather chairs, ebony tables, floors of marble or carpet, and an impressive staircase with sides made of zigzag laser-cut mirrored stainless steel.

Another highlight of the boutique is the crystal chandelier installed on the vaulted ceiling reaching more than 9 metres high, which can be rarely found in Japan. The entrance hall is full of a sense of openness and welcomes customers.

Each floor of Hublot Boutique Ginza expresses the fusion of quality materials and contemporary, luxurious beauty by boldly displayed pop artworks depicting Hublot timepieces and movements on the walls, stretching from floor to ceiling.

Hublot Boutique Ginza Overview
            Opening:                                                                     May 26, 2020
            Address:                                                                      5-9, Ginza 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
            Telephone:                                                                  03-3538-5055
            Business hours:                                                          11:00 – 20:00
            Total store space                                                         330 m2
            Floors                                                                            3
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HUBLOT celebra la apertura de su primera boutique aspen y lanzamiento de la edición especial rockies

Hublot celebra la apertura de su primera boutique Aspen y el lanzamiento de la Edición Especial Rockies

Enero de 2020 [Aspen, CO] – Hoy, el relojero suizo de lujo Hublot celebró la apertura de su primera boutique de resort de montaña en los Estados Unidos en Aspen y el lanzamiento de las Rockies Spirit of Big Bang Special Edition. La celebración organizó una ceremonia de inauguración, cóctel y cena junto a un amigo de la marca, medallista de oro olímpico y campeón mundial, Bode Miller.


VIP y miembros de los medios de comunicación disfrutaron de un día lleno de acción frente al incomparable paisaje de Aspen, golpeando las laderas de Aspen Snowmass mientras mantenían el tiempo con los relojes Hublot en exhibición en todo el complejo. La velada comenzó con una ceremonia oficial de inauguración presentada por Jean-Francois Sberro, presidente de Hublot North America, que fluyó en una recepción de cóctel donde los invitados examinaron las últimas novedades de Hublot y se mezclaron con Bode Miller. Toda la atención se dirigió a Jean-Francois Sberro cuando el cristal blanco brumoso de las vitrinas principales se desvaneció para revelar el Espíritu de Big Bang Rockies. Para culminar el día de las celebraciones, los invitados cenaron en el legendario Club Caribou exclusivo para miembros, brindando por la creciente presencia de Hublot en Aspen.
Para mantenerse actualizado, siga: @Hublot

Hublot ha desarrollado relaciones sólidas con los principales destinos de esquí de todo el mundo, por lo que estamos orgullosos de abrir la primera boutique de resorts de montaña de América del Norte en la icónica ciudad de Aspen. Esperamos desarrollar nuestra relación con esta increíble ciudad y estamos agradecidos por el continuo apoyo de Bode Miller.
Jean-Francois Sberro



El Spirit of Big Bang Special Edition Rockies, limitado a 25 piezas, presenta una caja de cerámica blanca y correas de goma con forro azul, que ofrece otra versión elegante del exclusivo Art of Fusion de la marca. Diseñada para el esquiador serio y elegante, la cerámica de alta tecnología (dióxido de circonio con sinterización a alta temperatura) proporciona una carcasa dura y sólida resistente a los arañazos y al envejecimiento, pero más ligera que el acero. Deportivas y sofisticadas, las correas de goma de marca registrada agregan otro elemento de función y estilo. Equipado con los colores por excelencia de la temporada de esquí, blanco como la nieve contra el cielo azul claro, el más nuevo Spirit of Big Bang alberga el movimiento cronógrafo automático HUB4700 dentro de la icónica caja de lona de 42 mm.
Hublot Aspen, la primera boutique de resort de montaña de la marca en América del Norte, operará durante el invierno con una selección completa de relojes además de la edición especial exclusiva Spirit of Big Bang Rockies. Con un bar y un salón con horario comercial nocturno, ¡la boutique es perfecta para después! Ubicado en el corazón del West End, el bullicio encantador y vibrante de la ciudad rodeada por las Montañas Rocosas crea el telón de fondo perfecto para Hublot.

La boutique de temporada respalda la posición de Hublot como el cronometrador oficial de Aspen Snowmass, uno de los destinos de esquí más prestigiosos de América del Norte, donde Hublot refuerza la cultura de la montaña estrechamente vinculada a la herencia suiza de la marca. Además de esta asociación, Hublot ha desarrollado relaciones sólidas con las principales estaciones de esquí de lujo de todo el mundo, incluido Courchevel 1850 en los Alpes franceses y Zermatt, donde Hublot abrió una boutique de estilo chalet en ambas aldeas, lanzó ediciones limitadas exclusivas y firmó asociaciones con actores y lugares icónicos afiliados a ambos resorts. Aspen Snowmass Resort se unió a la cartera de Hublot compartiendo la misma ambición de ser “primero, único y diferente” y celebrar la cultura del esquí.

Fundada en Suiza en 1980, HUBLOT se define por su innovación, que comenzó con la combinación muy original de oro y caucho. Este “Art of Fusion” surge de la imaginación de su visionario presidente, Jean-Claude Biver, y ha sido impulsado por el CEO Ricardo Guadalupe desde 2012.
El lanzamiento del icónico Big Bang, galardonado con múltiples premios, en 2005 allanó el camino para nuevas colecciones emblemáticas (Classic Fusion, Spirit of Big Bang), con complicaciones que van desde lo simple a lo altamente sofisticado, estableciendo el extraordinario ADN de los suizos. casa relojera y asegurando su impresionante crecimiento.
Deseoso de preservar su experiencia tradicional y de vanguardia, y guiado por su filosofía de “Ser el primero, diferente y único”, el relojero suizo está constantemente por delante de la curva, a través de sus innovaciones en materiales (Magic Gold resistente a los arañazos, cerámica en colores vibrantes, zafiro) y la creación de movimientos de manufactura (Unico, Meca-10, Tourbillon).
HUBLOT está totalmente comprometido a crear una marca de alta relojería con un futuro visionario: un futuro que se fusiona con los eventos clave de nuestro tiempo (FIFA World CupTM, UEFA Champions League, UEFA EUROTM y Ferrari) y los mejores embajadores que nuestra era tiene para ofrecer. (Kylian Mbappé, Usain Bolt, Pelé).
Descubra el universo HUBLOT en nuestra red de boutiques ubicadas en ciudades clave de todo el mundo: Ginebra, París, Londres, Nueva York, Hong Kong, Dubai, Tokio, Singapur, y en HUBLOT.com

Limitado a 25 piezas.
Cerámica blanca microblasted y pulida
Diámetro: 42 mm
Espesor: 14.10 mm
Resistencia al agua: 10 ATM (100m)
Zafiro de cerámica y cristal microblasted blanco
“EDICIÓN ESPECIAL xx / 25” grabado
Cerámica blanca microblasted y pulida
Cristal de zafiro con luz blanca luminiscente
HUB4700: movimiento de cronógrafo automático de fabricación
Frecuencia: 5Hz (36 000 A / h)
Reserva de energía: aprox. 50 horas
Núm. De componentes: 278
Joyas: 31
Correas de goma con revestimiento azul estructurado
Cierre desplegable de hebilla de titanio
26’700 USD

HUBLOT: www.hublot.com