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Pantheone Audio’s Eggshaped I Speaker Is Part Sculpture

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Designed with the belief that everything you own should be exquisite. Our philosophy blends sound, form and function at its purist to deliver the highest audio engineering standards.

Inspired By Our Appreciation

Of Music & Art

Innovative Design
The structure of the Pantheone I is based on a unique and fully-moulded resin cabinet. This high density material ensures there are no junction part lines. The product’s innovative curved shape
and surface, provides an exceptional rigidity and robustness, which helps to enhance the internal acoustic wave management.
Pantheone Audio’s Eggshaped I Speaker Is Part Sculpture
The exceptional sound quality is achieved with state of the art accoustic engineering. Featuring powerful built-in woofers connected by a long-throw voice coil, with very high excursion capability. Two woofers are loaded in a bass reflex chamber with curved port tubes and placed in a diametriclly opposed configuration, in order to cancel mechanical vibrations and enhance the listening experience.

360° Sumptuous Sound

The cabinets symmetrical design, naturally offers stereo sound filling the room at 360 degree, with two tweeters and hifi mid range driver on each side.