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New Buick Electra Concept Revealed

New Buick Electra Concept Revealed

We reported on the world debut of the all-new Buick Electra Concept, a fully electric crossover with a Gran Turismo design that previews Buick’s future generation of zero-emissions vehicles.

The Buick Electra Concept was designed and developed by GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) in Shanghai, which has created all the latest Buick concept vehicles such as the 2018 Enspire Concept and the 2019 GL8 Avenir Concept. Its name pays homage to the brand’s iconic flagship that was introduced 60 years ago, as a reinterpretation of Buick’s future all-electric era based on GM’s BEV3 platform and Ultium battery system.

“Buick’s innovative thinking and imagination of future intelligent mobility have reached the next level with the Electra,” said Executive Vice President of SAIC-GM, Sam Basile, in an official press release. “I am confident that the styling and technology innovations reflected on the Electra will ultimately help reset consumers’ expectations, just as all previous Buick concepts have done,” he added.

The new images paint a clearer picture of the Buick Electra Concept’s advanced design, which introduces the brand’s new “potential energy” philosophy for its future EV lineup. Inspired by a space capsule, the Electra Concept’s bodywork is uniquely proportioned by reinterpreting the shape of the pillars, with a massive glass surface extending from the middle of the hood to the tailgate.

As such, the organic integration of art and technology gives the Electra Concept a sleek, dynamic and futuristic appearance both inside and out. Its sculptural design is adorned with 3D-effect Matrix LEDs and striking butterfly doors. Meanwhile, the lack of traditional A and B pillars and the efficient packaging of the electric architecture results in a spacious cabin highlighted by the huge floating curved screen.

The next-generation electric powertrain in the Buick Electra Concept consists of two Ultium Drive motors that deliver a combined output of 583 horsepower (435 kW) and a drive range estimated at more than 412 miles on a single charge. In addition, the concept features an industry-leading wireless battery management system that reduces the number of cables in the Ultium battery by 90 percent.

Although it was designed at PATAC, the Buick Electra Concept was actually jointly conceived by a global team from China and the United States. SAIC-GM executives made it clear that the concept will not only serve as inspiration for future Buick EVs for the Chinese market, but will influence the design of upcoming global EVs as well – starting with a midsize crossover scheduled to arrive in 2024.