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Medieval Castle In The UK: The Most Romantic Getaway Ever

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Medieval Castle In The UK: The Most Romantic Getaway Ever

With its tower and Mughal folly, the Cornish Castle of Trematon in the Duchy of Cornwall has new owners who are inviting guests to enjoy this romantic getaway in this Medieval Castle

Castle of Trematon. Could the name of a romantic getaway sound more magical? Evolving from the House of Hackney comes the Castle of Trematon: an immersive brand experience set in the house and grounds of the historic Trematon Castle and its wildly beautiful gardens in Cornwall. Read on to explore more about the Castle’s rich history and its extraordinary transformation, courtesy of House of Hackney founders Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle.

The swimming pool of the Medieval Castle has a Mughal folly

Frieda and Javvy foto

When Frieda Gormley and Javvy M. Royle of the exuberant interiors brand, House of Hackney, were told of a miniature Norman Castle available to rent from the ancient Duchy of Cornwall, they knew immediately it was the pastoral outpost they had been longing for. For the ultimate retreat into the wild, the Cabin is available to book until July 2022 via Air Bnb.

Perched atop a prehistoric pagan site, the old gateway between England and the mystical reaches of Cornwall, Trematon was seized by the Normans as a strategic frontier and in 1337 was given to Edward the Black Prince, who, legend has it, only actually spent one night in the gatehouse.

entrace to the castle

Entrance to the Medieval Castle

entrace hall of the castle

The entrance hall

From Plantagenets to pirates, the legend continues to swirl around Trematon as two centuries later, at the behest of Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Drake hid gold and emeralds at the castle, looted from Spanish ships on the South American coast. In 1807, the castellated manor house was built by a follower of Sir John Soane within the handsome castle walls and passed into the hand of the Bulmer family, who erected a Mughal-Esque folly, shipped from India, to overlook the green-blue Regency swimming pool, in a scene worthy of a Mira Nair film.

‘A miniature museum for irreverent British Design is how Gormley describes the interiors. She and her family, including children, little Javvy and Lila, are clearly besotted by the change of lifestyle from urban East London.

bathroom of the medievel castel

A retro-chic bathroom


The colour and the retro style are present in every room of the Medieval Castle.

living area of the medieval castle

As Frieda and Javvy believe in the restorative virtues of colour, the palette for the interiors draws inspiration from the serene natural tones found in the ground’s flowers and foliage – think a myriad of greens, lilacs, yellows, clay-pinks and earthy reds. Even the roof of the house is painted a lichen-green, as both an ode to Cornwall’s native moss and a symbol of the purity of its coastal air.

living area of the medieval castle
living area of the medieval castle

In keeping with the ethos of championing local factories and generations-old techniques, the décor is anchored by timeless yet characterful creations, crafted by artisans – the best the isle has to offer. From the artwork to the lighting, each piece you see is available to buy and take home with you in the House of Hackney .


House of Hackey’s Flora Fantasia pattern fills a guest room

Bedrooms have long-reaching views across the river and castellated four-poster beds by furniture makers Titchmarsh & Goodwin

envolved area

Now, the Castle serves as the gateway to a mythical land dreamt up by its newest guardians: House of Hackney founders Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle. Here lies Trematonia, a “queendom” where Mother Nature reigns supreme…