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Luxury Watch – HYT Soonow Instant Rainbow

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This is HYT’s Soonow Instant Rainbow, a piece that represents a point between two beats.

HYT is that brand that little by little everyone is getting to know, you know that they have a quite original way of expressing time, since they do it through liquids.

Luxury Watch – HYT Soonow Instant Rainbow

Integrating the HYT-patented fluidic module, this multi-color watch displays time and light with its intrinsic magic, just as a ray of light interacts with a drop of water to create a rainbow. Its design is based on the truth that both are in constant motion. His message is that both should always be appreciated and never repressed. Yellow and blue, two of the three primary colors, trace the paths of past and future time respectively.

Luxury Watch - HYT Soonow Instant Rainbow

Luxury Watch – HYT Soonow Instant Rainbow

Soonow Instant Rainbow Sphere

This is not the only reason why HYT is on everyone’s lips right now. This happens because they are in a very sweet moment that we could call a creative peak. It has been possible due to a few years of uninterrupted work and much trial and error.

The Soonow is a piece that comes from the evolution of a series of works and collections, which has led this brand to tackle a defined design. All this is based on several years of work that has led them to get their own very interesting concept.

Three-quarter view of HYT’s Soonow Instant Rainbow

HYT presents the Soonow Instant Rainbow, what is this watch about?
In itself the Soonow by HYT is a piece full of symbolism, since it represents that moment in which the future meets the past, which is nothing other than the present. What Soonow wants to tell us is that this now can be potentially lasting, it can be there forever, because it makes that moment become constant.

On this statement HYT establishes an analogy with the Soonow Instant Rainbow, because in the same way that it is impossible to stop or preserve a fragment of time, neither is it possible to program or decide the duration of a rainbow. The only thing we can really do is enjoy those rainbows while they stay with us.

The complete HYT Soonow Instant Rainbow

This is why HYT’s Soonow Instant Rainbow adopts this multi-color aesthetic, where it establishes that simple analogy in which time and rainbow are in constant motion. In this way, it has in its sphere a representation of the past and the future, through the colors blue and yellow, the rainbow is the fusion of these two concepts.

These concepts are adorned by 668 sapphires, amethysts and tsavorites, in 14 different color variations, on the violet anodized titanium dial, with 313 yellow gold pegs. All of this makes him that amazing three-dimensional object that he really is and that really impresses.

HYT’s Soonow Instant Rainbow offers indications first in your eye sockets: on the right it presents the power reserve in a gradient, while in the left socket it has an interesting second indicator.

HYT Soonow Instant Rainbow front view

The silhouette of the skull is nothing more than a glass capillary tube that offers, at that meeting point between two non-miscible liquids, the time indication: that meeting of the past and the future. All the contours filled with Superluminova® accompany it.

The stainless steel case has a diameter of 48mm, this piece should impose on the wrist. In addition, due to its capsule concept, this box makes this watch immensely eye-catching. The strap is black rubber with a black DLC coated titanium folding clasp.

The manual winding caliber is manufactured, offers 65 hours of power reserve and its frequency is 4hz / 28,800alt. This limited edition of 8 units is priced at € 105,000.