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TRAVEL: This year’s Art is now presented at the ICEHOTEL – Welcome to the cold

Enter a frozen jungle of Monstera plants, sleep soundly and safely with a giant mountain gorilla by your side or dive into the land of dreams within a cloud. These are some of the creations that await the guests of this winter at ICEHOTEL.

The complete ICEHOTEL was inaugurated on December 15 on the river bank in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. With a total of 35 exclusive designer and luxury suites, ice bar, ice ceremony room and ice gallery, guests are welcome to experience an unforgettable night on ice and snow.

We created version 28 of ICEHOTEL this year and I think we have managed to refine Torne River better than ever. The art is exceptional, with great variation, and we expect to receive guests from all over the world, says Arne Bergh, creative director of ICEHOTEL.

36 artists from 17 different countries have created 15 totally unique art suites, a magnificent main hall and a special ice ceremony hall. Everything, including the work of art, can only be experienced at ICEHOTEL during the winter in Jukkasjärvi. When the winter season ends, everything melts and returns to the Torne River as part of a perfect cycle. The permanent part of ICEHOTEL will remain, with ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL and 20 ice and snow suites; three of which are completely new art suites.

Artists from all corners of the world

Among the seasonal suites, guests can descend into an underground mine with elements of crystalline ice, created by the British brothers Hugh and Howard Miller. The daughter of gardener and jewelry designer Nina Kauppi, raised in a greenhouse, along with her partner Johan Kauppi created a formidable jungle of monstera plants. And Alem Teklu from Ethiopia, together with Anne Karin Krogevoll from Norway, made a suite inspired by the boat trip by the Mediterranean sea, with the name of “Daily Travelers” .suites.

Accompanying, the new suites of the whole year are the luxury suite “34 meters” where the artists Dave Ruane and Luca Roncoroni have sculpted a labyrinth of an ice wall of 34 meters. The labyrinth leads to the heart of the suite, the bed. Lena Kriström and Nina Hedman have in the luxury suite “The invisible invincible” created a group of women marching, 2.5 meters high, invincible and everything but invisible. And the German artist Franziska Agrawal has created the artistic suite “Danger: Thin Ice” (Danger: Thin Ice) in which the guests enter a bridge and cross the ice to get to the bed.

How ICEHOTEL was created

Mongolia, Ecuador, Argentina, the United States, England, Ethiopia and Sweden are some of the countries represented at this year’s art symposium in Jukkasjärvi. Some of the artists have visited ICEHOTEL before, while others have never seen or experienced snow. What they all have in common is that they have been selected by the ICEHOTEL jury and have been invited to participate in the creation of this year. As a helping hand, the artists have had the artistic support of ICEHOTEL and the lighting team at their side, sharing their knowledge and experience on the creation of ice and snow. Work with ICEHOTEL # 28 began in March of last year, when thousands of huge blocks of ice were harvested on the Torne River. The natural ice of the Torne River has been transformed into art at this year’s ICEHOTEL. Art that is as powerful as the nature that surrounds everything

News of this season

In addition to a night between the art of ice and snow, ICEHOTEL visitors can try activities such as an excursion to the Northern Lights by snowmobile, a half-day tour with dog sledding, ice sculptures, arctic yoga, Jukkasjärvi Sauna Ritual and wild dinner. There is also an opportunity to enjoy the award-winning food at the ICEHOTEL restaurant and the Old Homestead in Jukkasjärvi.

New this year

Chef’s table at The Veranda, ICEHOTEL restaurant. The chef awarded the Michelin guide, Alexander Meier, presents a twelve-course menu that focuses on local products with an unforgettable “twist”. Fir sprouts, blueberry and sea buckthorn are some of the flavors found on the menu. Give the ICEHOTEL experience an icy icing on the cake with a bouquet of ice on the table or an ice message delivered to the hotel room. Ice Ceremony Hall. Love blooms at ICEHOTEL and the new thing this year is that the old ice church becomes an ice ceremony room for weddings, engagements, vows or events. ICEHOTEL # 28 can be experienced between December 15, 2017 and April 15, 2018. After that, the permanent part of the hotel offers ice and snow experiences throughout the year, thanks to solar energy.





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