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Marcel Wanders – Jeux de Cristal Games Collection for Baccarat 2019

Launched in Paris at Maison Baccarat, the Game-Collection designed in collaboration with Baccarat is a luxurious, elegant interpretation of strategy and honour. As a celebration of timeless quality, this collection is a reinvention of the artifacts of history’s most iconic games brought into the contemporary moment.

Marcel Wanders – Jeux de Cristal Games Collection for Baccarat 2019

The collection includes five games – Backgammon, Checkers, Domino, Chinese Go and Chess – each an ode to both the enduring beauty of competition and the ingenuity, craftsmanship and know-how of the manufacturer’s artisans. Along with the board games themselves, a graphic coin carries a three-flower story – the French fleur de lys, the Dutch tulip, and the flower that was drawn on the first board game ever found, The Game of Ur.

Inspired by the tactics and physical flow of movements, each game features sharp elegant appointments of the appeal for victory and the heroic ways of defeat. Designed with marble and crystal, the set is made from a familiar material combination of Marcel Wanders’ and Baccarat’s longstanding collaboration.

“Our wonderful relationship with Baccarat continues. Their history of crafting crystal with the highest standards inspired us to create this collection that makes an evening of games an event to remember,” said Marcel Wanders.

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