ARCHITECTURE: A prefabricated house convinces by its sustainability through energy efficiency. The “Wooden House” is representative as a model for an ecological construction.

A prefabricated house convinces by its sustainability through energy efficiency. The “Wooden House” is representative as a model for an ecological construction.

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Built in a sustainable way and very close to nature: architect Pablo Serrano from DOM Arquitectura intends to carry out a pioneering work with his house-apartment in a construction.

The prefabricated houses enjoy a good reception thanks to its sustainability, efficiency and above all for its low price. For this reason, the architect Pablo Serrano (DOM Arquitectura) opted in his “Casa de Madera” project for the construction in the form of prefabricated houses.

This project represents for Serrano a pioneering work, since the prefabricated construction is not very widespread in Spain. It was created modern apartments – Loft on the slopes of Sant Cugat (Barcelona) that represent a model of energy efficiency and ecological construction in prefabrication.

the main material is the warm wood especially for its excellent thermal property. Serrano uses fir wood for the facade and red pine for the interior; all the wood used comes from the Catalan Pyrenees

The construction materials come from the immediate environment to cut transport distances. In addition, all materials can be recycled. A minimum of construction rune was created to decrease the expenditure of resources and keep the ecological impact to a minimum. Also the alignment of the house and the final positioning have been carefully studied.

The ultimate goal was to get the most out of the environmental conditions, to interfere minimally in the natural environment and to keep the energy consumption as low as possible by optimizing the thermal characteristics to the maximum. During the winter the sun warms the house through the long south facade with its large windows.

In the hot summers the adjoining trees provide the necessary shade. With the windows, a natural transverse ventilation is provided at the same time. The fireplace, which separates the living room with the office, serves as an additional source of heat. In short: in summer the rooms are pleasantly cool and airy and pleasantly warm in the winter. An installation of thermal solar panels also provides hot water.

The furniture has been selected above all for its sustainability. The design is durable and timeless like the Scola washbasin from Duravit, a design from the 60s. The simple bathroom where the wood dominates brings a feeling of warmth in the modern prefabricated house.

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