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BELMOND Unveils new open-air experiences – Three Island in Bloom – Mallorca, Madeira and Sicily

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BELMOND Unveils new open-air experiences three Island in Bloom Mallorca, Madeira and Sicily

Belmond introduces new open-air experiences to celebrate the reopening of its ‘Islands in Bloom’. Lapped by the Atlantic and surrounded by the Mediterranean sea – Mallorca, Madeira and Sicily offer the perfect locations for diving into the ‘Big Blue’ or an immersion into the natural world. Re-opening this month, Reid’s Palace, a Belmond hotel, Madeira, Grand Hotel Timeo, a Belmond hotel, Taormina and Villa Sant’Andrea, a Belmond hotel, Taormina Mare and La Residencia, a Belmond hotel, Mallorca offer new experiences inspired by the vivid colours, captivating flavours and secret charms of island life.

From a hike overlooking the glittering Mediterranean; to walks at first light above the clouds, discovering an artistic spirit inspired by nature and sailing with dolphins – the new open air experiences are designed to connect with the healing power of nature and to take time to inhale the perfumed scent of these botanical islands eternally in bloom.

Reid’s Palace introduces a sailing experience designed to create a sense of calm and total escapism. Sailing on a private yacht to Madeira’s uninhabited Desertas Islands, a wildlife haven surrounded by crystalline waters where whales and dolphins can be spotted dancing between the waves.

The unrivalled beauty of the Sicilian coastline is dotted with fishing villages where tradition and craftsmanship are passed on from generation to generation. This summer, guests staying at Villa Sant’Andrea have exclusive access to a private boat tour to the charming town of Acitrezza, where the Giovanni Rodolico, fourth-generation master boat-builder shares the secrets of his craft that have existed since 1908.

Cala Deia, Mallorca offers one of the most magical sea views if this Mediterrenean Island – guests staying at La Residencia have the opportunity to frame the blue views, with a painting masterclass in front of the ocean – capturing the magical light sparkling off the sea before stepping aboard the hotel’s private boat and fueling the artistic spirit from a different point of view.

Set in the balmy climate of the ‘island of eternal spring’, sub-tropical gardens envelope Reid’s Palace and overflow with exotic blooms all year round. Guests can join the hotel’s floral expert for a private workshop, learning the island secrets to cultivating botanicals from the famous ‘Bird of Paradise’, sweet smelling Lavender and Honeysuckle to vast Creeping Fig, Bananas and Pomegranate.

Those looking to uncover their more artistic side in nature can visit Sa Bassa Blanca, Mallorca, surrounded by woodland on the north coast, the contemporary Museum is the vision of artist Yannick Vu and Ben Jakober – guests of La Residencia can enjoy a private behind-the-scenes gallery tour of their most famous works, followed by a beautiful picnic set in the fragrant flower gardens with breathtaking sea views.

For early risers looking to capture the magic of first light, Reid’s Palace takes guests on a hike above the clouds at Pico do Arieiro, Madeira’s third highest peak. Surrounded by pine forests and birdsong, a private butler serves a breakfast of fresh pastries, succulent fruits and champagne. Or guests can hike the wild peninsula of Sao Lourenco for panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean.

At Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano known for its surreal lunar landscapes, Grand Hotel Timeo has created a unique wine tasting experience to sample the Etna sparkling wine infused with aromas sweet strawberries, pistachio and prickly pear. The expedition concludes at a traditional winery on the north slope of Etna for lunch and wine tasting set among sun-splashed vineyards.

Food of the land is celebrated with exquisite al fresco dining experiences, including picture-perfect picnics and big-sky dinner experiences celebrating seasonal, local produce.

For an added level of privacy and indulgence, guests are welcomed to step onto their balcony or patio for an intimate dinner as the sun sets. Whether the taste is for sustainable soul food, Michelin starred cuisine or simply a heaped and steaming bowl of fresh pasta – guests have a front row seat for an elaborate gastronomic experience in the comfort of their room.

For more information or to book, please visit belmond.com/islands-in-bloom