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Bellwether Industries – The Private Urban Aircraft for Intracity Travel

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Bellwether Industries – The Private Urban Aircraft for Intracity Travel

Everyone has the right to fly

What is a volar?

   “Volar” is what we define as a new category of transportation, a UAM aircraft for private use. Our volar will explore all options of intracity travel and the future life style.

To live in harmony with human and the city, we believe that a volar must fullfill the following requirements. 

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Vertical take-off & landing

20210915 [BR] Website Materials_volar 5.png

Compact Profile

20210915 [BR] Website Materials_volar 7.png

City Compatibility

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Hidden Propulsion System

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Environmentally Friendly

The revolution is inevitable

    The revolution of transportation is inevitable.

Only by breaking through the existing transportation system can we maximise the efficiency of
our living environment and enter into a new 3-dimensional lifestyle.

Born for the city with

 City compatibility to realise intracity travel

– User-centric design to provide an invaluable user experience

Private use to address the public’s true needs

A volar will redefine the way you think about time

    Our volar solution is designed for
Anyone to fly from Anywhere to Any point at Any time, breaking the limit to provide one-call-away transportation and to realise the true meaning of urban air mobility