Pearls of Wisdom

The pearl is the rarest type of beauty – it is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. Deepened through many layers and painstakingly nurtured over time, pearls represent a refined quality that only knowledge and experience can cultivate.

That is why women of wisdom choose pearls.

Rose-Marie Swift
Makeup Artist and Founder of RMS Beauty
Nature is so beautiful,
it’s the most beautiful
of everything in the whole world
Rose-Marie Swift
Hannelore Knuts
Fashion Model, Stylist, Editor-at-Large at 10 Magazine
Staying true to who you are
and open to
who you can become
Hannelore Knuts
Gelila Bekele
Model / Activist / Filmmaker
Doing what feels right and
creating your own narratives
Gelila Bekele
Yoshiko Kris-Webb
Fashion Model, Mom, and Columnist
To me,
being original means being daring.
Yoshiko Kris-Webb
Linda Rodin
Fashion Icon + Founder of RODIN olio lusso
What makes a woman beautiful
is confidence
Linda Rodin
Yoyo Cao
Designer, Exhibit Store
Whatever you see can inspire you.
YoYo Cao
Leila Yavari
Model & Digital Entrepreneur
The importance of carving out
a space for myself
Leila Yavari
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